3 habits to Change to tackle Alzheimer's Disease


What needs to change in order to be safe from Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's has become the fourth leading health killer of the elderly, second only to cardiovascular disease, cancer and stroke, with more than 10 million patients. 


The human stomach needs detoxification, but did you know the brain actually needs to be detoxified?


Culprit of Alzheimer's-toxin protein

The brain metabolizes some toxic proteins, which damage the brain nerves very seriously, which can lead to a decline in intelligence, memory loss, and language ability.

Therefore, the brain's poor detoxification ability indicates that the risk of Alzheimer's will also be greater.

What are mainly the toxic proteins metabolized by the brain?  

The toxic proteins metabolized by the brain are mainly: Aβ amyloid and Tau protein. These two toxins are irreversible once they are formed, and the deposition over time leads to dementia.


If you have symptoms such as poor memory (can't remember the names of acquaintances, can't remember agreed things, and lose everything), numbness, weakness and other symptoms of fingers and lips need to be vigilant to prevent Alzheimer's disease in advance.


 What are some early symptoms of senile dementia?

Abnormal sleep is also one of the early symptoms of senile dementia. Such as wake up more frequently in the middle of the night, become easier to talk in sleep, sleepwalking, confusion after waking up, etc.


Sleep time is the best for brain detoxification

The latest discovery in 2019: When a person sleeps, the brain's ability to clean up toxins doubles. 

The longer the continuous sleep time, the deeper the sleep, the stronger the brain’s ability to clean up toxins, the faster.


Optimal sleep time for Brain detoxification

Elderly people over 60 years old sleep 5.5-7 hours a day. 

According to data released by the Alzheimer's Association, elderly people whose sleep is restricted to less than 7 hours per night can delay brain aging by 2 years.


Adults between 30 and 60 years old: sleep about 7 hours a day


Young people aged 13-29: sleep about 8 hours a day


Children 4-12 years old: sleep 10-12 hours a day


More than 12 hours may lead to obesity.


Children aged 1 to 3: 12 hours a night, two or three hours during the day


Infants under 1 year old: 16 hours a day


Sleep is an important period for the growth and development of young babies


Normal time to fall asleep within 30 minutes.


The diagnostic criteria for poor sleep: wake up more than 2 times at night and the cumulative time exceeds 40 minutes.



These 3 habits must be changed

Sleep completely and continuously at night and do activities during the day, then it is the best sleep state.


Infographics on comparison between dementia and Alzheimer''s disease
Dementia-Alzheimer's Disease Comparison Chart

Experts remind that the following 3 sleep methods are not the best time to sleep that is conducive to clearing toxic proteins.


1. Get up early in the morning, and then get up in the morning


Can't sleep at night, stay up until dawn, and take a nap during the day, this kind of sleep quality is relatively poor.


2. Sleep late and wake up late


The black and white are reversed, which belongs to the sleep phase delay.


3. Fragmented sleep


Sleep time is always a period of time, discontinuous, and may wake up once every 10-20 minutes. This type of sleep is the worst.


Wushen tea: sleep aid, prevent dementia

According to the viscera corresponding to the individual symptoms and feelings of patients with Alzheimer's disease, experts have given the "Five God Teas" to be Xinshen Tea, Liver Soul Tea, Spleen Yi Tea, Lung Po Tea and Shenzhi Tea.

What each cup of tea does to sleep?

Upset in the heart-Xinshen tea (lotus heart, Ophiopogon japonicus, American ginseng)

Difficulty in falling asleep-liver soul tea (sour date seed, schisandra, albizia flower)

Loss of interest-spleen tea (chen peel, tuckahoe, licorice, rose)

Panic and retreat-Lung Po tea (astragalus, albizia bark, lily or lily)

Easy to forget and forget more-Shenzhi tea (ginseng, rehmannia, dogwood, wolfberry)

Proportion: The proportion of these teas is also very simple. Each medicinal material is 6 grams each, just make tea and drink.


Note: Replace tea for health care, play a synergistic recovery effect during treatment. If you can't judge what the problem is, it is recommended to go to a doctor to analyze the symptoms and follow the doctor's advice.


Sleep and cough health tea

Bring everyone a cup of sleep aid, cough and health tea that you can drink in your daily life.

Ingredients: boil ten grams each of dried longan, wolfberry, and jujube seed, ready to drink.


Efficacy: Jujube seed can help sleep and soothe the nerves; wolfberry can nourish the liver and kidney, moisturize the lungs; longan can nourish qi and blood, soothe the mind

Soak your feet, soothe your nerves and help you sleep.

We don’t soak our feet to sweat profusely. As long as the water temperature is a little higher than the body temperature, the qi and blood will always go to the hot place and the brain will be empty, the gods will not be so active.


Secondly, soaking the feet is to use the feet to absorb the active ingredients inside, and use the skin to absorb it, which may not require much temperature.

So, adding some calming things to the foot bath is perfect. 

People put the famous classic prescription to calm the nerves: Fushen soup. A foot soaking bag that is more suitable for modern people's "Jian Fu Qi Shen" is made. It doesn't bother the spleen and stomach to absorb it, and it calms the spirit before going to bed.


What's in this bag?

Fushen, Yuzhu, Angelica, Pinellia, Chuanxiong, Polygala, Yejiaoteng, Amomum villosum, Jiao Shenqu.


Fushen soup, Fushen soup, Fushen, of course want to make a C debut.


What is the relationship between Fushen and Fuling? 

Poria is a fungus that parasitizes on the roots of pine trees. Poria belongs to the direct family of this fungus, and even has a little pine root.

 Its soothing effect is naturally much larger than the distant Poria lump.

This is Poria, an aura of bacteria that surrounds pine trees.



This is Fu Shen, with the roots of the pine trees in each piece. More aura than Poria, it is for the god of Poria.


This is especially suitable for:

You can’t fall asleep if you have something to do. If there’s a bit of movement, you’ll be awakened. If you fall asleep, you can easily wake up. People with insomnia and dreaminess make the bed well.

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