Should I Watch Indian Bollywood Movie Robot 2.0?


Bollywood Robot 2.0: No singing and dancing, no overtime,  an Indian movie to watch

When it comes to the impression of Indian movies, the first one is that the way they dance is awkward. The second is that the duration of the movie is usually very long. The Indian film broke these two "Indian film" goals. This is an Indian film with no singing and dancing performances and lasting no more than two hours.

However, although the audience's perception of this movie is very different from that of Indian movies, he still continues the brain-opening function of India and is full of "curry flavor".


1. The Robot 2.0 Movie Theme is open

Compared with the style of domestic film and television works, which has always been a remake of classic film and television dramas, the innovation of India in the film theme can be said to be unique, and even open-minded. Although their film and television works are not necessarily excellent, at least they dare to try innovation.


"Bollywood Robot 2.0: The Return of Rebirth"

 The film tells that a large number of birds died of radiation in India due to excessive radiation from mobile phones. 

In this environment, "bird lovers" have launched a series of retaliatory actions against interest groups such as mobile phone manufacturers through suicide and the symbiosis of souls with birds.

Although the topic of mobile phone radiation should have attracted the attention of the society long ago, this movie uses mobile phones to avenge bird lovers and put this issue before the public in the form of film and television works. 

This has made many viewers unconsciously engender the idea of ​​"put down their phones and pay more attention to their relatives" when watching movies.


The mind-opening theme can only be said to be full of Indian curry temperament. After all, it is difficult for ordinary people to think of revenge through mobile phones to reveal such social topics in reality.


2. The plan is open to the brain

In addition to the theme of the brain opening, the movie "Bollywood Robot 2.0" also highlights the characteristics of the Indian brain opening in the scene. 

The various special effects in the film make countless viewers feel the symbolic movements of India.

In the first half of the film, the mobile phone in a city in India suddenly turned on the airplane mode, and all the mobile phones flew into the sky in an instant, and then mysteriously disappeared.

 In this scene, the audience can take a look at the real "mobile phone flight mode" for the first time.


A bit shocking Scene in the Robot 2.0 Film

Secondly, as a robot, Seven Brothers incarnates countless Seven Brothers at the end of the film, which once again shows us the so-called "many and powerful".

 Although the scene seemed "a bit shocking", it is undeniable that facing the dense scenes of these seven brothers, the laughter of many people is still puzzling.


Poster of Indian Bollywood Movie Robot 2.0
Robot 2.0 Film Poster

At the end of the film, Zidi and Dr. Environmental became two giants fighting on the football field. Although some people suspected trying to keep up with Hollywood commercial films, the scene was full of Indian joy, not seniors, but a wave Powerful cottage style.

3. Postscript of the Robot 2.0 Cinematic Movie

Although "Bollywood Robot 2.0: Rebirth Return" is full of Indian "curry flavor", it is undeniable that the intention of this film is particularly novel. He unfolded in this way. 

People can pay attention to the radiation of mobile phones and reflect The distance between family and friendship brought about by the disappearance of all mobile phones.


Second Half of the Bollywood Movie Robot 2.0

However, in the second half of the film, it can be said to be a flaw. When the seven brothers appear on a pigeon in the climax, the film is more and more nonsense in the direction. 

At the moment of the decisive battle, the seven brothers used the hearts of bird lovers to kidnap the birds, which completely worsened the film’s “environmental protection” behavior.



In any case, this movie is still a good movie, which can be used to observe and reflect on the relationship between people and mobile phones.

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