American Study in Vehicle Engineering


Analysis of American Studying in Vehicle Engineering

The American automobile manufacturing center is Detroit. Detroit is located on the banks of the Detroit River in southeastern Michigan, across the river from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It is the world's largest automotive industry center and is known as the Auto Capital of the World. The headquarters of General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Automobiles are all located here. The production of steel, instruments, plastics, glass, tires, engines and other parts related to the automobile manufacturing industry is also quite developed.


Table of Content


1. Introduction to American Vehicle Engineering


2. Employment prospects for U.S. vehicle engineering


3. U.S. vehicle engineering professional application requirements and suggestions


4. Analysis of key universities in the United States for vehicle engineering



Introduction to American Vehicle Engineering

Automotive Engineering (Automotive Engineering), which should be accurately called automotive engineering, is an engineering discipline whose research objects are cars, motorcycles, trucks, and trains. 

The content of this major includes the design, manufacturing and research and development of machinery, electronics, electrical, software and safety engineering with vehicles as the core. Traditionally, vehicle engineering is generally divided into three sub-fields: body, chassis and engine.

 The body mainly includes compartment design, safety considerations, tires, air conditioning system and electronic system design and distribution; the chassis mainly designs the power transmission and mechanical and electronic control systems of the car; the engine mainly studies the power and engine of the car.


In China, vehicle engineering and automotive engineering are generally not distinguished, and may be more commonly used. But in a strict sense, automotive engineering is only a sub-discipline of vehicle engineering: the English of vehicle engineering should be "Vehicle Engineering", which includes automotive engineering (Automotive Engineering), aerospace engineering (Aerospace Engineering), and marine engineering (Marine Engineering). Engineering, specifically refers to the broad engineering disciplines of shipbuilding.


Automotive engineering in the United States

Automotive engineering in the United States is not very common in American universities, and the scientific research level is relatively superior in the Great Lakes and some schools in California. 

Generally, there is no department of vehicle engineering in the United States, most of which are attached to the department of machinery, transportation engineering or power machinery.


Employment prospects of U.S. vehicle engineering

The automotive engineering major of American universities mainly trains students to have a solid grasp of the basic knowledge of vehicle engineering and senior engineering and technical personnel who are engaged in vehicle research, design, manufacturing, testing, experiment, development, and application research after graduation. 

The automotive engineering majors of American universities mainly offer courses in mechanics, mechanical design, fluid mechanics, mechatronics engineering, etc.

Some American universities also have related laboratories to help students master practical knowledge. Graduates can work in major U.S. auto companies such as Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors, and can also work in auto sales companies, and they can also work in car repairs.

Image of American Vehicle Engineering students
Children preparing for vehicle engineering since shildhood


The employment range is wide and the salary is relatively high. Especially in the American automobile city Detroit and the Great Lakes region, the automobile manufacturing industry is developed, and there is an urgent need for high-level automotive engineering professionals.


Employment field for Vehicle Engineering

Generally speaking, the employment direction of vehicle engineering graduates is quite wide, and the employment prospects are still considerable. 

They can be engaged in automobile body design, automobile engineer, automobile general layout design, automobile chassis design, automobile electrical design, etc., and they can also go to various Kind of automobile OEM or design company.


U.S. vehicle engineering professional application requirements and suggestions

Hardware scores: Generally, the top 50 schools in the United States recommend to achieve as much as possible: GPA: 3.5+, T: 100+, GRE: 320+3.


With excellent hardware, software is equally important: Rich extracurricular activities and experiences reflect your comprehensive literacy ability.


Good scientific research ability: The situation is like through my own scientific research and internship experience, I actively communicated with professors in my sophomore and third years, and participated in experimental projects. If I can publish papers, I will be more competitive.


Analysis of Key Universities in the U.S. Vehicle Engineering

1. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) is a well-known public university in Michigan, USA. 

Founded in 1817, it is one of the oldest universities in the United States and enjoys a high reputation worldwide. Its alumni include 1 US President, 22 Nobel Prize winners, 8 NASA astronauts, 18 Pulitzer Prize winners, etc.


The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, is one of the nation’s leading automotive engineering majors. 

The school not only has an automotive research institute for the development of power control systems for military and commercial vehicles, but also an automotive laboratory, the Automotive Lab, whose research interests include internal combustion engine combustion, emission control, fuel efficiency, and vehicle mixing.

 Power and electronic product design, vehicle aerodynamics and other fields. The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor has an Automotive Research Institute (ARC) that has project cooperation with the University of Iowa, Wayne State University, University of Wisconsin, Clemson University, University of Tennessee and other schools. 

The American vehicle engineering major lies in development Power control systems for military and commercial vehicles. But in contrast, another Automotive Lab (Automotive Lab) is more suitable for Chinese students to apply for American vehicle engineering.

 It has 12 engine laboratories, covering a wide range of fields, including internal combustion engine combustion, emission control, fuel efficiency, Automotive hybrid and electronic product design, aerodynamics of vehicle engineering, etc.

 The American Vehicle Engineering major of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor has an important influence on the American automobile industry. If you can study there, you will develop well after returning to your country.


2. University of Detroit

The University of Detroit Mercy (University of Detroit Mercy) was founded in 1877 and is located in Detroit, a major industrial and commercial city. It is a well-known university in Michigan and one of the earliest American universities accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education.


The University of Detroit has very close ties with the industry. Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and other three major automobile companies have established their latest model research rooms and experimental plants in the university, and these companies provide a large amount of sponsorship to the school every year.

 In addition, there are several relatively high-ranking schools with automotive engineering majors, including the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Wisconsin-Madison near the Great Lakes, and UIUC (University of Illinois), a well-known university in the Midwest.



3. University of California, Berkeley

The University of California-Berkeley (University of California-Berkeley) is the top public research university in the United States and the most prestigious and top public university in the world. 

The University of California, Berkeley is the oldest university of California and one of the founding members of the Association of American Universities.


The University of California at Berkeley has two automotive engine laboratories with a long history. Their American vehicle engineering major has two directions: one is related to combustion analysis, focusing on homogeneous compression ignition, diesel fuel research and air quality, combustion field parameters laser diagnosis technology.

The other is related to automobile power and control, comparison. The prominent project is driverless cars. Berkeley does not emphasize the hardware and degree background of American vehicle engineering applicants. The most important thing the school values ​​is the applicant's research experience, followed by students with a master's degree.





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