Landscape Design Major Studying in the US


Analysis of Landscape Design Majors Studying in the United States

Landscape design, also known as landscape architecture, is an art of planning and management of land, and the American landscape design profession is at the top of the education industry. In the annual American art study abroad, the number of American landscape design professions is not inferior. Majored in American architectural design.


Landscape Design Majors Studying in America



Table of Content

1. Introduction to American Landscape Architecture


2. Employment prospects for landscape architecture professionals in the United States


3. U.S. landscape design professional application requirements and suggestions


4. Analysis of key universities in the United States for landscape architecture



Introduction to American Landscape Architecture

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) defines landscape design as the art and science of landscape analysis, planning, design, management, protection and restoration. The landscape design graduate courses in the United States focus on almost all aspects, and of course they vary from school to school.


Generally speaking, landscape design (also called landscape architecture) refers to the overall consideration and design of surrounding environmental elements in the process of architectural design or planning and design, including natural elements and artificial elements. 

It makes the building (group) have a corresponding relationship with the natural environment, makes it more convenient and comfortable to use, and improves its overall artistic value.


Landscape design is everywhere in the city. When people see the reinforced concrete urban landscape, in the suburbs, people can see the natural landscape with beautiful mountains and rivers or the cultural landscape with a bit of history. Modern landscape architects seek to achieve the goal of beautification under the premise of not destroying the natural environment. 

They need not only the ability to design and solve problems, but also the knowledge of plants and analysis of their different climates, The composition of different elements under the soil, the design of the drainage system in different periods of sunshine, etc.


Postgraduate work often takes place outdoors, and students learn about various environments such as botanical gardens, playgrounds, cemeteries and squares. Classroom learning theory, history, applied ecology and construction technology, everything that professionals need to learn.


Degree setting

1. Master's degree in professional career-oriented landscape design


Professional Degree (MLA I): The academic system is 3 years. If the applicant's professional background is a non-landscape design or related major, the school generally encourages students to apply for a 3-year landscape design major. The first year is used to lay the foundation.


Post-Professional Degree (MLA II): The length of schooling is 2 years. If the applicant's professional background is landscape design and the curriculum is roughly the same as the major, you can directly apply for the 2-year course.


2. Master's degree in theoretical research-oriented landscape design

Master of Science (MS): The schooling system is one year, suitable for applicants who want to study and research landscape design related theory in the future


Employment prospects for landscape architecture professionals in the United States

The scope of landscape architects to solve problems is very broad. It includes almost all fields involved in architects, urban planners and managers, and is responsible for coordinating the relationship between various elements, integrating them and improving them to achieve human and nature. 

The best balance between. The client range of landscape architects includes almost everything from private owners to regional developers to the federal government. Because of the wide range of knowledge and skills of landscape architects and problem-solving, the demand for landscape architects in the United States and Canada is increasing. 


Nowadays, people's attention to the environment is not only to meet the needs of life, but to pay more attention to environmental construction in the ecological sense and sustainable urban construction. 

Therefore, in the future social development, landscape design will assume more important responsibilities with its ability to solve this problem.


Image for Landscape Design Majors Studying in the United States

The future development of landscape design mainly presents the following trends: the focus on the countryside attracts landscape architects to the protection of agricultural land, the revival of small towns, the protection of agricultural landscapes, and the development and protection of energy.

 Land restoration will become an important area for landscape architects. 

The development of computer technology will open up new areas of computer design and at the same time open the way for a wider range of landscape design, such as the national ecological protection plan, regional landscape planning, etc. 

The indoor and outdoor environment design and pedestrian street design undertaken by Landscape Design are applied in the commercial development plan. 

The names of landscape design companies appear in the various signs of commercial development in the United States. Many people seek professional skills and services in landscape design. 

The landscape design major will cooperate more extensively with other majors, whether in the urban or rural areas, all majors are required to blend and develop together to create an ecological city.


Occupational scope:    

  • City planning
  • Residential area planning
  • Urban park design
  • City square and pedestrian street design
  • Waterfront design
  • Planning and design of campuses, social institutions and corporate parks
  • Tourism and recreation area design
  • Design and management of national parks
  • Landscape and regional planning and natural landscape reconstruction
  • Cemetery design



U.S. landscape design professional application conditions and suggestions

Hardware score

Architecture (landscape design) majors require applicants to have a TOEFL score of about 90, and most of the prestigious schools require a score of 100 or more, but there are special cases, such as Cornell University, whose TOEFL requirement is only 77. 

At the same time, most schools Applicants are required to have a GPA score of 3.0 (4.0 full score) or higher. Most prestigious schools require more than 3.3. 

Some schools have higher requirements, such as the University of Texas at Austin. The average GPA of applicants is as high as 3.7, and the GPA is average. Applicants can consider the University of Colorado Denver, etc., whose GPA requirement is only 2.5.


Soft background

Most of the undergraduate majors of architecture (landscape design) majors are architectural design, urban planning, landscape design and other majors.



Students applying for architecture (landscape design) majors need to provide portfolios. Although each school has special requirements for portfolios, in general, the school focuses on the actual professional quality, that is, the quality of the work.

 Normally, the school will require applicants to submit 15-25 pieces of works. Students should carefully organize these works and make them into a more gorgeous collection, and write a paragraph of explanatory text for each work.


Analysis of Key Colleges of Landscape Architecture in the United States

1.Harvard University

Harvard University (Harvard University), located in Cambridge, Boston, Massachusetts, is a world-renowned private research university and a member of the famous Ivy League. 

There are 8 presidents of the United States of America, 157 Nobel Prize winners, 18 Fields Medal winners, and 14 Turing Prize winners.

 They have worked or studied here and have a high academic status and a wide range of Its influence is recognized as one of the top higher education institutions in the world today.


The Master of Landscape at Harvard University has four branches: 

1) Master in Landscape Architecture I

 2) Master in Landscape Architecture II

 3) Master in Landscape Architecture I AP

 4) Master of Landscape Architecture in Urban Design

2. Cornell University

Cornell University (Cornell University) is a world-renowned research comprehensive private university located in New York, USA. He is also a member of the famous Ivy League. More than 40 teachers and students have won the Nobel Prize.


Cornell University Landscape Architecture: The purpose of the Master of Landscape Architecture Degree is to teach the theoretical foundation of the landscape architecture field, while establishing the necessary skills to face this challenging profession.

 This project includes design studio courses, technical courses and computer software application skills, as well as intensive research in students' personal areas of interest. Master of Professional Studies in Landscape Architecture is a degree that is interested in improving students' career choices by pursuing timely and innovative topics related to planning, design, and management of nature and the built environment. 

It is suitable for those who pursue their own career choices within a certain period of time, and Improve innovation in planning, design or natural environment management and construction.

 This project course is completed within one year, and the course includes the problem solving and independent research of participating teachers/projects.


3. University of Georgia

The University of Georgia was founded in 1785 and has a long history. The first president and a member of the school board participated in the drafting and signing of the US Declaration of Independence. 

As the birthplace of public higher education in the United States, the University of Georgia is also the first public university in the United States, consisting of 14 colleges and 1 research institute.



Master of Landscape Architecture According to the education and professional background of the students, it usually takes one to three years to complete the project. Students with a three-year academic system have added some solid liberal arts and art courses, while students with a design degree need two or one year to complete the degree.


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