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Bombshell Movie Facts and Review

"Bombshell" seems to be running account of Fox sexual assault scandal, but the character layout is very meaningful.
On the Oscar nomination list every year, movies that reflect contemporary American society and politics are indispensable. Because the time is too short, these movies can only be glimpses and capture fur, because their shallowness is destined to be difficult to win the Oscar award.

Bombshell movie image scene

For example, the previous "Vice President" was nominated for eight Academy Awards, and eventually won only one award for best makeup and hair design.

This year's "Burning News" is almost in destiny with "Vice President". In the end "Bombshell" also won the best makeup and hair design award.

This result is a bit ironic. Originally, "Bombshell", like "Vice President", aimed at American political hotspots at close range. Its aggressive sharpness can make people feel the smell of gunpowder on the screen. For example, in "Explosive News", the US President Trump appeared as a chicken belly, a woman who despised women, and a lunatic lunatic.

In "Vice President", he also represented the then US President George W. Bush as an almost idiot. The epidemiological meaning of this type of current affairs film is quite strong, but in the end, this type of film can only get an award for superficial makeup and hair design. We don’t know if it is a tribute to such a film that dare to face the powerful rapids Attitude is still ridiculing that their arrogance can only be superficial and avoid the ostriches who act lightly.

The main event of the "Bombshell" was the sexual assault scandal of Roger Ayers, the top Fox News executive in 2016, one of the three major US cable television networks. This kind of movie is too close to the time of the incident. The parties are all there. The true inside story is difficult to be fully exposed, and the people involved in all aspects will pay attention to their image in the movie for their own interests. Therefore, a movie involves With so many sensitive characters, it is destined to follow thin ice and be careful, not only to describe the event, but not to express it too deeply.

In many scenes, the movie can only provide a phenomenon that can only be understood, but not the essence of this phenomenon. Make in-depth analysis, so the whole movie will inevitably be dazzling and dazzling, but it will still be full of fog, but it is difficult to know the truth. Therefore, this type of film can be said to be "Dojo in the shell of a spiral shell", and the difficulty is quite large.

Nonetheless, in its rushing rushing narrative, "Bombshell" ambush a profound layout, so that we can see that the film strives to lift the most critical turning point to highlight the secrets of war.

1. The main point of the "Bombshell" has chosen Somegen, which is not the fuse of the sex scandal. For what purpose?

It can be said that the film and television works that represent the same event have won the favor of American film and television. Before the release of "Bombshell", in 2019, there was also a TV drama "The Loudest Voice" which showed the same theme.

This episode uses Roger Ayers as the main line, showing how he was kicked off by "Microsoft National Cable Radio and TV Company", one of the three major cable news networks, and then switched to the Fox News Channel that has not yet been launched. , Kushiro Lanwei, one-handedly contributed to the Fox News Channel from scratch, from the last to become the leading brother of the three major cable news networks. This seven-episode episode spans twenty years.

However, in this episode of Roger Ayers's sexual scandal, he only used the fuser Gretchen as the protagonist and described how Gretchen pushed Liangshan after being fired. The cause and effect of the incomparable Fox News executive.

In this episode, Meghan's image was only heard, no one was seen, and she was not portrayed at all.

"Bombshell" just chose Megan's perspective, why did he adopt such a character layout?

This is exactly the cleverness of the structural setting of "Bombshell".

Gretchen sued Roger Ayers for sexual assault, which has an important cause. She was troubled by Roger Ayers everywhere on the TV station. In the end, the contract expired and she was automatically fired. When she was forced to death, She had to fight desperately, and with the spirit of not taking the emperor down, she challenged Roger Ayers to a lifeline.

Although Meghan had a history of being invaded by Roger Ayers ten years ago, but she was subtly resolved by her, but later Roger Ayers was still good to her. Generally speaking, she still upheld her. What she did on the Fox News station was also rumored, and should belong to the vested interests. Therefore, from her position and perspective, there is no need for her to jump out and set down her boss Roger Ayers.

The "Bombshell" precisely reflects the change of Meghan's position in the face of evil and justice choices, reflecting the awakening and recovery of the conscience of her inner world, and finally made her bravely abandon her hesitation. Indecision, while standing on the side of justice and conscience against sexual harassment.

Therefore, "Bombshell" chose Megan as the main point of view because the character's inner stalemate and warfare when an ordinary person faced a huge choice gathered in her character image, which can better show her kind of confusion and conflict until Finally choose the psychological changes on the side of justice. In this sense, in the selection of characters in the main event, "Bombshell" selected a clue that can help the psychological characterization to highlight, so that the film plot is full of ups and downs, and the characterization also has a sense of depth.

In the first half of the "Bombshell", we can see that Meghan and Trump were fighting because she had criticized Trump's rhetoric for women in TV shows, which caused Trump to be narrow-minded. Take Meghan as an imaginary enemy, ruin her reputation everywhere, and explode Meghan's stink and female privacy on his faithful Twitter, where does it look like a mature politician.

Despite Meghan's rivalry with Trump, Roger Ayers did not wear Meghan's shoes at this time. After all, Meghan's tit-for-tat confrontation is just a conflict that broke out in irrelevant cognition, and this conflict can also bring news ratings to the news station. Therefore, Roger Ayers implicitly supports Meghan's move. of. Later, in the show host, Meghan also intentionally balanced with Trump and did not carry out this confrontation to the end, because after all, Trump became the president of the United States this year. If Meghan wants to mix well, he knows the rich and powerful It cannot be offended.

When Gretchen broke out Roger Ayers' sexual assault scandal, Meghan's initial mentality was a wait-and-see attitude. "Explosive News" showed her inner ambivalence. She admits that Roger Ayers is still good to the employees, and never treats the employees harshly. Generally speaking, they are tolerant of others, and everyone can still get work. The release of self. The point is whether you have to surrender to him. For this woman, to tolerate Roger Ayers' sexual assault on himself.

One consequence that Meghan and most of his peers must also consider in "Bombshell" is that if Roger Ayers is cut out, those members who belong to Roger Ayers' circle will also face rewashing. The danger of the brand and the difficulty of securing the working position at any time are also the common difficulties of the job dilemma facing Meghan.

However, Meghan, who was looking forward to the future, finally chose to stand up and unveil the key curtain of Roger Ayers 'sexual assault. She can be said to be the last straw that caused the dust of Roger Ayers' sexual assault scandal to settle. In the film, we can see that although Gretchen took the lead, she had an unfavorable factor, that is, she only resorted to the law after she was dismissed. Roger Ayers grasped this point and insisted on it. She was sued for retaliation.

And Meghan is a popular anchor under Roger Ayers. She provided key evidence at critical moments, which made Roger Ayers's sexual assault scandal hard. No doubt.

"Bombshell" thus puts Meghan's actions at the height of abandoning personal interests and gains and losses to show her spiritual inner strength. Although not suspected of exorbitant, from the perspective of the structure of the film, the characters in the film are completed. The progressive characterization of the psychology has injected inner turbulence into such a rather bland movie chain.

In the film, Megan explains why she stood up: "If we keep hiding this thing, it will repeat itself."

 The young anchor Kayla in the film accuses Meghan of failing to curb Roger Ayers' sexual assault in a timely manner, which has caused more people to suffer. The meaning is self-evident, that is, "tolerate evil, that is evil The accomplice of Kayla is undoubtedly an important inducement of Megan's thinking transition. Therefore, the existence of the fictional character Kayla in the film is just a non-negligible catalyst for Megan's thinking transformation.

The film is from the two dimensions of internal warfare and external pressure, showing Megan's spiritual change process, thereby completing her self-transcendence, stepping into the ultimate decision that is not incompatible with the evil, and bears the core of the entire film Personality transmutes the force field, and as a result, Megan has become the centerpiece of the film's most deserving tribute and praise.

2. Bombshell appears to reproduce the sex scandal, but with a deeper background.

On the front desk of "Bombshell", it was shown how several female anchors had the courage to challenge the winning event of the powerful forces, but in fact, the rich connotation presented by the entire movie, the truth revealed was not so simple.

It is obviously impossible to rely on a few female anchors to bring down Roger Ayers, who has been in business for 20 years and has a deep foundation.

"Bombshell" also explained that there is a more complicated background behind this.

In "Bombshell", we saw that the two sons of Fox's boss Murdoch played a decisive role in pushing down Roger Ayers.

Judging from the limited explanation in the film, Murdoch's two sons have a deep holiday with Roger Ayers. This is mainly because Roger Ayers took the lead in the Fox News and claimed that he founded it by himself. With the achievement of the Fox News Channel, the members of the platform were all collected by him. Therefore, this company has become an independent kingdom that cannot be inserted by the pin and cannot be poured by the water.

The future industry of the Fox Group boss will be passed on to his uncles and offspring, and will naturally pave the way for the inheritance of his sons. In the film, we can see that his two sons are also impatient, impatient, urgent Want to control the power of Fox News, which has always been covered by Roger Ayers.

And it happened that Gretchen sued Roger Ayers for sexual assault. Murdoch's two sons finally found a hole that could tear the news station that had been unable to start before. At this point, Roger Ayers took control. The Empire ’s foundations finally broke through and broke down completely.

The film also shows that Roger Ayers knows that a moral issue is not the ultimate weapon that caused him to die at all. It is precisely the contest of political forces behind him that is the real motive for straightening Huanglong. In the film, Roger Ayers never took the sex scandal as his own, but there must be other reasons behind it: "James Murdoch (one of Fox's boss's sons) may be the driving force behind the scenes, he My wife has always supported Hillary in public. It may be crazy now, and I have reason to speculate that now in the Obama White House, he must be discussing how to kill me. "

Roger Ayers believes that it is the political forces that are behind the scandal and the black hands that led to his scandal. Here, Roger Ayers' standing problem can also be seen.

Over the years, casually flipping through our public relations textbooks, Roger Ayers is a role model for the invincible world, known as "Wizards who use the media to shape their image". His main achievements include participating in Nixon. , Reagan, and Bush ’s image design when they ran for president has always had a clear political standing and a close relationship with the Republican Party. Therefore, he believed that the forces with a Democratic background had defeated him. Among them, Hillary mentioned that he represented the Democratic Party Power, and Obama is basically in the same position as Hillary.

In Roger Ayers's eyes, a small moral issue is not enough to ferment into a big event. Only the wrestling of political forces is the cause of his ups and downs.

With his many years of experience in politics and the news system, his judgment cannot be described as inaccurate. However, it was exactly a worthless moral event, but it became fatal to take down his last straw.

Obviously, political wrestling cannot defeat him. Because politics has a stand, there is no way to judge the pros and cons, the butt determines the head, and different positions have different judgments, but morality is common. Therefore, moral issues are often the simplest and most external in political wrestling. The role of the iron gate bolt in the finalization, the most surface.

But Roger Ayers was not convinced. In the film, we can see that he also expected that Trump, who had just ascended the throne of the president, would give him a chance to rise again, and the film ended in the grand celebration of Trump's coming to power. In contrast, Roger Ayers's demise of stepping down, the two events are intertwined, giving people an endless imagination, because Roger Ayers happens to have a close personal relationship with Trump, and the film also shows that he received special Lampe's phone call showed that he was not willing to step down, still looking for a chance to turn around.

In the TV series "The Loudest Voice", Roger Ayers was counting on Trump to help him back after he was fired. His has completely fallen into arrogance, even fantasizing that Trump will give him a chance to run the exclusive Trump news station, let him take off again, overwhelming the Fox News Network he just fell down, and Yi Xueyi Revenge of the Sword.

However, he did not expect that his time and body were too late. He died at the age of 77 after being cut for ten months after being injured at the brain by slipping at home.

Defeating his enemies also includes his age, as well as the two Murdoch sons mentioned above who paid him the bottom of the pot, and the female anchor ’s "group effect" moral allegations are just trivial.

The profound significance of the film lies in how horrible and worthless the position of moral evaluation in historical evaluation is. However, the only reason in history for people to tell is precisely moral evaluation.

This is the most helpless scene in history, and it is also the reason why people call history "a little girl dressed up". Because the complicated history is ultimately written with the most powerless morality, the history dominated and stated by morality is exactly the kind of past reality that we must believe every day.

The deep meaning of "Bombshell" is here, and it also shows a kind of absurdity and absurdity of human reality. It is no exaggeration to say that Roger Ayers is a victim, but this sacrifice is so insubstantial and persuasive. Roger Ayers has countless dimensions, just one of the most insignificant dimensions hit the moral muzzle. In this sense, the Megan and Gretchen in the film are a victory.

Significantly, when the young anchor Kay, who has seen the truth of history and reality, heard Murdoch talk about Roger Ayers' contribution, he quietly carried his own bag and was still immersed in lies retrogradely. Colleagues, looking for a real world in which the peace of mind is set, but can she find it?

Human chasing light can only rely on this fictional character, and run unflinchingly towards the ethereal and ethereal Greek.

Clear Analysis of the Movie


"Bombshell" movie review: the absurdity and hypocrisy behind the powerful empire.


"Bombshell" alias Blast News is an American biographical film released in 2020, directed by Jay Roach, starring Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie, and Nicole Kidman, adapted from 2016 Popular News Real incident of sexual harassment, telling the story of female anchor Gretchen Carlson accusing the then CEO Roger Ayers of sexual harassment, verbally implying that he can be promoted as long as he has sex with him, although Roger faced the woman's allegations at the time, She said that she had created rumors because of the poor ratings of the show, but many victims later revealed the truth one after another, leaving the media godfather to only resign to end.

The absurdity and hypocrisy behind the mighty empire

Perhaps it is because of the previous Hollywood #Metoo incident of Harvey Weinstein, and there have been more recent films about women encountering difficulties or sexual harassment in society, whether it is based on "Sharing People's Secrets" adapted from Wu Kexi's personal acting experience, Or "Jin Zhiying, born in 1982," which caused intense gender opposition in South Korea, which also mentioned that colleagues installed pinhole sneak shots in women's toilets and put the video on the dark side of the workplace, which was circulated in private groups. The same goes for "Bombshell" on the popular news station.

Does Bombshell look good?

As far as I am concerned, the first paragraph of "Blast News" is very good. It started with several characters who broke the fourth wall's self-introduction. Although it may be confusing to many audiences who are not used to this narrative method, This is filled with a lot of dialogue, with rhythmic editing and scene scheduling, completely sucks me into the movie plot, just like I am afraid of accidentally missing key lines, feeling that working in the news station needs to be tense at any time. The competition is fierce, and I don't know when I will be replaced by others. In this environment, it is not so strange that it will trigger subsequent events in the movie.

Interestingly, the main character in the "Bombshell" film "Popular News Channel", which has always favored the conservative Republican camp, and is well-loved by US President Trump. Since the Roger sexual harassment incident in 2016, After deducting this subject matter, there is great room for development, and Hollywood, which is generally inclined to liberals and Democrats, has not given up this great opportunity to kill its opponents. The reason why the film was finished so efficiently, I think there must be ideology and political intentions So we can see those pictures in the first half of the movie.

"Bombshell" has both mass and Trump

The first paragraph of "Blast News" focused on the anchor Meghan Kelly played by Charlize Theron and Trump, who was not yet elected president, through two people because of a debate and tweets from Trump. Complaints and grievances started, in addition to presenting the media positioning of popular news and the attacks of irrational supporters on the Internet, even with several female anchors working on conservative television stations, their hearts were still different from politics and other social issues. The phenomenon of stance, cleverly connects Trump, who advocates "white male supremacy," and has publicly made discriminatory comments on women and other ethnic groups, to connect with Roger Ayers, the founder of popular journalism following the sexual harassment. Strengthen the core theme of the entire "Bombshell" film.

Perhaps the overall performance of "Bombshell" cannot be called perfect, but it cannot be denied that it is still a very important movie. Watching the film, Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie In the media behemoth of the public, three roles in different positions, including experienced and mature anchors, distressed hosts, and show assistants with dreams, have suffered different levels of sexual harassment in the workplace because of their female status. How can we not pay more attention to these unfair incidents that are most likely to happen to us, but we have never noticed them, or even used to them?

Core themes of Bombshell

Roger Ayers in this popular building he built, even if he has done so many disgusting behaviors, everyone is afraid to speak up, and treats him as a respectable and desirable object, because he makes every year The $ 1.5 billion gain will not only make you famous, superior, and make a fortune, but also the reason why this old fat white man can have such absolute power. "You can go upstairs if you blow it." Disobedience is freezing or getting out of the way. If you have any dissatisfaction to complain or tell, no matter what the final outcome is, it will always disappear in this industry. This is where women are. Cruel reality in society.

However, the most terrible thing is not that men in the organization are occupied by men, but that people must compete with each other in order to live and dream, and are forced to cater to the unreasonable requirements of others, to cross their own background to stand out and lose. The courage to stand up and defend your rights. I think the fundamental core of "Blast News" is this. Through the three characters who seem to be irrelevant at first, but only talk about the same thing from different angles, they gradually intertwine and extend as the story progresses. In the end, it's not just male oppression, it's more about the consciousness of women themselves. Even if nobody seems to be standing with you, you still need to try to change and face the subject.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bombshell

In the film, the scene where the three main characters go up the stairs with an elevator is really interesting. At this time, Nicole Kidman was fired because he refused to provide "service"; Margot Robbie wanted to realize himself. The dream officially entered the tiger's mouth, and although Charlize Theron stood behind the two to see it all from a third-party perspective, but at the same time, because of the awakening of past memories in deep hearts, he fell into the question of whether to resolve his conflict with Trump Or, to take the risk to respond to Gretchen Carlson's allegations and to achieve the dilemma of achieving social justice, it is a very direct response to the phenomenon that the entire film of The Explosion News wants to describe.

I like "Blasting News" to shape and present the three characters, but it is exactly the same. In the second half of the story, when the character's inner contradiction should create a strong plot tension, it suddenly lost the original strong style of the movie. The magic of explaining three unrelated characters smoothly is so disappointing. Except that Margot Robbie had told his colleagues the truth over the phone after being aggrieved, and was questioned by Charlize Theron when he recalled several wonderful acting performances of sexual harassment, there were few highlights. "Blasting News" seems to say a lot, but in the end it lacks the most critical "burst point". I think it is a pity that these problems appear in such a promising work.

"Bombshell" film review conclusions

In general, the "Blast News" started from the story of how Trump reached the throne of the president. Through the dark side of the workplace within popular news, he struggled with high-level power. Let us see many problems in the United States, a country that symbolizes freedom Contrast this with the current real situation in Taiwan. The similarity on both sides can't help but be terrifying, and once again prove that the movie is not just a "historical event", but to give the audience a mirror and warning for the future.

There is no doubt that "Explosion News" is definitely the boldest and most direct after "Vice President". The few adaptations that dare to avoid citing the names of real people even after the person died just two years ago, not only made me admire these filmmakers, directors, The bravery of the actors, the bloody phenomenon of workplace sexual harassment in the film, may be just like the title "Bombshell", or it may be widely circulated because of the successful blockbuster movie or good performance in the award season. Nowadays, "#Metoo" "The era has reignited an" explosive "craze that made women bravely expose the truth.

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