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 KGF Film Reviews and Ratings in India

KGF Movie Cast: Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, Achyuth Kumar, Anant Nag
KGF Movie Director: Prashanth Neel
KGF Ratings Average: 3 stars


KGF Movie scene

KGF: Chapter 1 

This begins with the Prime Minister of India signing a mandate to end the government of the country's most feared criminal. Of course it's Rocky (Yash). The lord of the criminal world has a humble beginning. He was raised in Mysore by a single mother who died of poverty when he was young. In front of the video, he gives the main character a goal to strive for: to get rich in all the necessary ways. A crazy man on the street tells a seductive child a way to achieve his goal: to be strong.


The child goes by train to the city of dreams. In Mumbai in the 1960s, he subsisted on shoe polishing. He soon made a name for himself after smashing two beer bottles on a police officer's bare head. The news of the city's ambitious new child reached all corners of the city. He called himself Rocky because it was short and easy for others to remember.


The thing is, you don't have enough of it. He defeats all the leading gangsters and takes the world almost under Mumbai from his current boss, who is also Rocky's boss. The employer offered Rocky that he could not refuse. "Kill the elephant I showed you and you can save Mumbai."


Rocky jumped at the menu. He went to Bangalore and literally stumbled upon gold. Today, his thirst for power and wealth has deepened, and he has even declared that he will go to hell to dethrone Satan himself.

A KGF Movie scene


As the story shifted from Mumbai, the story began to disappear. Director Prashanth Neel, who is also the screenwriter of the film, seems to keep the rest of the best pieces for the second part. After a while, the film hits an empty tank. We learn about Rocky's deeds through the words of an experienced journalist played by Anath Nag. And later Prashanth added two more narrators to the Anath Nag account to establish Rocky's legend. The film looks like folklore, you tell mortals just like the film's film assistant, distracted by the story that he forgets the constant bullying he encountered at work.


It's escape fun, Prashanth decides to reach out and give in to that part. He creates one unforgettable moment after another, but without emotional depth. He was even inspired by Baahubali's SS Rajamouli films.


We get a scene where Garuda, one of the many antagonists, reveals his statue. As we move the camera, which shows a tall statue above Garuda's star frame, we recall Baahubali's iconic interval block: The Beginning. And in the next scene, Rocky just draws a cart full of food supplies while the others stand and watch in amazement, as Baahubali's scene draws only from the giant statue of Bhallaladev.


KGF Story 2

Raja Krishnappa Bairya aka Rocky Bhai becomes ruler of the KGF after Garuda is assassinated. But in his decision to rule the world, he saw great enemies in the form of Adheera and Ramik Sen. Did he even get his "world"?


A scene in KGF film

Review of KGF 2: 'KGF: Chapter 1' sets the tone for an elegant gangster franchise - in style and detail. The first part is about building on the intentions and power of Raja Krishnapp Bairya aka Rocky Bhai. The second part could create hype with its promotional content, which gave an insight into the film. Did the film manage to fit into the structure? It worked and gave a much better order and in the end there was also a big surprise for the fans.

The film begins with Vijayendra Ingalagi, son of Ananda Ingalagi, taking on the role of narrator. Rocky has recruited KGF people and is already dreaming of bigger and more dangerous journeys. During this time, he meets Adheera, who is inspired by the Vikings and arouses visceral fear, which wants the return of the KGF. At the same time, he also has to meet the just Prime Minister Ramika Sen, who also wants to take Rocky with him.


The story unfolds at the fast pace of an enthusiastic story about Rocky's journey to the heights. The film, like the first part, presents a dark, pathetic photo in a world style. While the first part needs time to prove who the hero is and will take a long time to establish the same, the second part will move faster and one can meet more characters. Conflicts and conflicts are more interesting this time.


This film also shows Rocky's emotional side with a love story and even a few glimpses of his past life that inspire his ambitions. The love story is also not very based on the story. One of the best shots of the film is the performance of Adheera by Sanjaye Dutt. It's pure screen magic and organically awakens whistles. Raveena Tandon is also well on her way as prime minister. Another interesting addition is Rao Ramesh as a CBI officer. Prakash Raj also provides a good narrator and his baritone delivers an immersive experience.


Actor in KGF movie

The film is owned by filmmaker Prashanth Neel as Yash. Both were able to deliver a sequel that seemed more immersive than the first part. However, Prashanth always claimed that the second part had a larger piece of its original story when they decided to split it into two parts.


For viewers who want to see an action film with style, heavy stunts and dialogues, it's custom. KGF: Chapter 2 cannot appeal to a seemingly awakened public seeking permission or nitpitism about commercial chimneys such as violence. But for those who love such films, there is an important spoiler, because there is a hint of a possible third chapter in the closing credits, so wait until the end.


Performances by Artists:

Yash, who had a huge swag, enlivened us with his style and intense performance. At first, she didn't have time to wear designer clothes. Here, as the richest don, he wears colorful suits and enjoys himself. Streams style in every scene. He gets dialogues that suit his mass personality. His performance was also great.


Sanjay Dutt as Adheera is amazing as his rise continues. Her attractive personality and attitude are very in line with her strong character. But his role is not as effective for the main antagonist.


Raveena Tandon stole the opportunity she had. He looked good and gave a good performance.


Srinidhi Shetty was given a higher role than he had previously offered. Eeswari Rao sensed his presence.


Along with Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon, Prakash Raj is the latest addition to the KGF world, but has not been given a role worth mentioning. Rao Ramesh has a decent role. Technical excellence:

The action sequences are impressive. Anbriv also has episodes of adrenaline this season. Ravi Basrur background enhancement enhances the overall experience. The camera and production design are great. But visual effects are ineffective in some ways. Most important:

  • Yash as Rocky and his swag
  • Dialogue by Prashanthem Neel
  • Rebellion in heroism
  • Dots background
  • Racy script


Disadvantages of KGF to viewers:

The emotional quotient is not strong


KGF Movie Analysis

The first part of the "KGF" ended with the preparation of a settlement platform between Rocky Bhai and Adheera. At first we didn't see Adheera and her face completely. The true story of Rocky's uprising at Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) takes place in the second half, and as we suspect, we can see the battle between Rocky Bhai and Adheera.


Director Prashanth Neel wasted no time in convincing us of the world he had created at KGF. As in the first part, the film begins with a journalist interview with a writer documenting the development of Narachi. In the second part, Ananth Nag ran over his son Prakash Raja to tell the story.


As we have already seen, Rocky's story of the killer who donated the KGF, the center of the second part is his problems with the party's new forces.


When we look at the history of gangster movies, the "rise" of don is always an interesting observation, but his "rule" is not. Prasanth Neel played well in "KGF 2". There were problems with his account, but he kept our interest from start to finish, because the film was full of many uplifting scenes. Heroism rises to the top.


So the drama with Rocky and his new party enemies is not very shocking. Despite the presence of big stars like Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon against Yash, the drama was not inspiring enough.


The four episodes are the main highlight ...


1. After being defeated by Adheera, Rocky withdrew and returned very quickly. It's nice to see a scene of Rocky attacking Adheer in the background down.


2. In order to get a golden biscuit, he set fire to the entire police station with a shocking mass moment (you can also see it in the trailer).


3. Srinidhi's scene informing Yash of her pregnancy


4. Burmese scene by Raveena Tandon


In addition to creating adrenaline sequences, Prashanth writes great dialogues. "Ikkade Talale Maaruthai Keereetalu Kaadu" is a good example of his wise writing. As in the first part, he suddenly cuts the scene and brings the narrator-interviewer scene to continue the story, thus saving a lot of time.


Prashant Neel edited the film on a luxurious scale and received maximum performance from his music director, cinematographer and protagonist.


However, the film has its problems. Yash's entry into the parliamentary hall with his own army is like taking a disproportionate surplus. A last-minute mother-doctor's order is unreasonable. The Eeshwari Rao-anga stage with her son is another forced drama.


Despite these minor problems and unwise sequences, Neel continued to make the film, which was once screened.


Overall Conclusion

Overall, KGF-2 is for the full paisa vasool entertainer. KGF-2 provides entertainment and an immersive experience of mass moments. It is a holiday for the public. The film is like a monkey in the air and fills the hype.

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