Jian Shanlin Yoga Health Club

Jian Shanlin Yoga Health Club

This is the story of a dedicated person who followed their dreams and passion. Jian Shanlin, the founder of Jianshanlin Yoga Health Club, developed a strong interest in yoga during her teenage years that has not prevailed for more than 30 years. Her physical fitness and sensitivity have also improved significantly due to yoga, so she is determined to contribute what she has learned. Yoga came to fulfill the desire to help people's health. So in 1986, a personal studio- Xiaoyuan Yoga was established near the Kaohsiung Cultural Center. At that time, it could be described as a dreary four character. 

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However, with the spirit of persistence and dedication, teacher Shan Lin I went to study abroad and felt the comfortable and spacious environment of the foreign yoga classrooms at that time. From then on, I was determined to work hard to improve the environment for Chinese people to learn yoga and open up a more refined environment. In 1990, she founded Jian Shanlin Women ’s Yoga Tuition Class on Guanghua Road. In terms of the scale at that time, it was the most exquisite compound yoga classroom in China, so no matter what kind of domestic and foreign yoga fellows exchanged, they all visited by name.

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Yoga Class Room in recent Years

In recent years, through media reports, yoga classrooms and tutoring classes have become more popular. Many teachers trained by Teacher Shan Lin have set up yoga classrooms to contribute what they have learned. Teacher Shan Lin feels responsible for playing the role of locomotive, so he decided to introduce more new ones. 
The concept of a modern international yoga course, which is divided into time-sharing sections according to the different needs of students and in different degrees. 
In 2002, the CIS enterprise system was officially introduced and renamed Jianshanlin Yoga Health Club. In 2004, Jianshanlin Yoga Health Club Mingcheng Hall was established to benefit the North Kaohsiung area.
For those who have learned yoga, the Mingcheng Pavilion is in existence for more than two years. 
Although many peers have opened here during this period, it is still the region's premier, most complex and conceptual yoga classroom.

In 2005, in order to serve students in other regions, the Jianshanlin Yoga Health Club Ethnic Hall was established in December. The hall's furnishings, equipment, and quality are known as the best in South Taiwan, and students who have certain requirements for yoga classrooms and the environment are attracted to it. 
The medium-sized company was selected as the employee welfare course and the international famous brand Dior.
In May 2006, due to the enthusiastic response of the trainees, Jianshanlin Yoga Health Club Dale Classroom was established. Since then, Jianshanlin Yoga Health Club is becoming preferable brand for yoga enthusiasts in South Taiwan.

Situation of Teachers in Jian Shanlin Yoga

In addition to the hardware equipment to build the most exquisite and high-quality multi-functional complex in the hall environment, Jian Shanlin Yoga Health Club has avoided the situation of teachers in other yoga classrooms (that is, the embarrassment of being unable to learn and study after entering teaching) Training and requirements are spared. 
All teachers, regardless of senior level, must receive new yoga training every month. I look forward to being in line with international standards and giving students the latest yoga information and knowledge at any time.

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