NVIDIA Graphics Cards. COVID-19 virus epidemic is good for it


COVID-19 virus epidemic is good for NVIDIA graphics cards

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 Sina Finance's "Fund Live Room" invited fund managers to interpret the market on the line.

At present, COVID-19 new crown virus has spread to more than 180 countries around the world, and its global economic impact has surpassed the financial crisis in 2008, and many production and consumption have to stop. However, analysts are optimistic about NVIDIA's GPU chips, thinking that this virus epidemic will benefit NVIDIA.

Needham analyst Rajvindra Gill raised NVIDIA's target share price to $ 249 yesterday, up 17%, and upgraded its rating from hold to buy.

He believes that the epidemic of COVID-19 new crown virus will drive the demand for NVIDIA graphics cards, because GPU-based accelerator cards can accelerate the analysis of the human genome.

In addition, Rajvindra Gill also believes that the epidemic will accelerate the development of global AI technology, and NVIDIA's GPU is expected to be a key factor in driving this change.

According to Rajvindra Gill, GPUs for medical applications will gradually become popular with the popularity of COVID-19.

NVIDIA Graphics card simulation

Although this may sound uncomfortable, GPU-based supercomputing does play a role in combating the COVID-19 virus

NVIDIA also mentioned recently that the team of Professor Wei Dongqing of Shanghai Jiaotong University used 5 DGX-2 AI supercomputers developed by NVIDIA to find antiviral drugs, and the screening efficiency was improved from 2 months to 2 days. And the number of papers published is more than ten times as before.

NVIDIA said that with the help of ultra-high-performance computing resources and advanced medical research deep learning software, the team's drug research process has been greatly accelerated. The simulation calculations that originally took 1 to 2 months can now be completed. It's done in 1-2 days.


Not only has the work efficiency been greatly improved, NVIDIA also emphasizes that the speed of publishing scientific research results has changed. In the past, Professor Wei published four or five papers every three years, with a maximum of 10 papers.

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