How can Information or Computer Viruses be Prevented and Controlled?


Information Viruses Should Be Prevented and Controlled

The danger of the new crown virus has been widely known, strict prevention and control measures have been fully implemented, and the spread of the epidemic has been initially curbed. However, the situation of the epidemic is still severe, which is the crucial moment for all people to fight the "epidemic". To win this people's war, we must strictly prevent and control the spread of the new crown virus infection, as well as prevent and control the spread of information viruses.

An important new feature of the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic is that the spread of the epidemic information is faster and it has a greater impact on people's psychological emotions. During the SARS epidemic 17 years ago, the main channels for people to obtain information were traditional media such as radio, television, and newspapers. Now almost everyone has a smartphone.

The Internet is full of attention and discussion about the latest epidemic. In addition to the latest news from mainstream media, various self-media platforms such as public accounts, WeChat groups, friends and Douyin are also tracking the latest epidemic situation and publishing various opinions. Everyone is a press release officer and current political commentator, and can send and receive information and comment on current affairs anytime, anywhere. The outbreak of online information about the new crown pneumonia epidemic is dizzying.

Party and government decision-making measures, the causes of changing epidemic conditions, knowledge methods to prevent infection, touching deeds of white angels, mortal things that have been silently dedicated to the fight against the epidemic, and the spirit of struggle of infected patients. These instant real and temperature information. It is always inspiring and inspiring, giving people courage and confidence, wisdom and strength.

There are also masterpieces of folks on the Internet spurting out, and ordinary people entertain themselves in endless patterns, which also makes people a little more relaxed and happy in the tedious and isolated life.

It is worth noting that among the mass of information coming from the face, there is no lack of miscellaneous information such as epidemic rumors, counterfeiting prevention, incitement to emotions, or the signboards of experts and scholars, or the title of "front-line", "inside information", "new research "Achievements" and other names, making people difficult to distinguish between true and false, unknowingly recruited, as if "information virus", causing panic to the audience and disrupting the epidemic prevention and control.

Information or computer virus

How to effectively prevent and control information virus infection?

Don't believe it. Make more judgments and thoughts on information from FB, Insta, Weibo, WeChat circle of friends, public account, etc., especially for those information that catches the eye, the content is sensational, is counterintuitive and the source is ambiguous. Add a few more question marks to increase alertness.

Don't mess around. Forwarding is easy. With a touch of the touch screen, text and images with a large amount of information can be spread across the river. Turning around without thinking about the false information confirmed will not only endanger the society, but also damage its own image.

Don't be silent, dare to "bright sword". It should be noted that cyberspace is not a clean place, especially when someone on the Internet maliciously speculates on hot and sensitive events, using wrong positions, extreme attitudes, and apparently inciting dissatisfaction with the party's leadership and the socialist system. Distinguish between right and wrong, and don't fall into traps or fall into traps.

The struggle to prevent and control information viruses is also "bringing together on a narrow path to win the brave" and requires a "bright sword spirit." In the face of false and false epidemic information and new prevention measures, functional departments and professionals should promptly release authoritative information to clarify the fog.

Everyone has a responsibility to "scream out loudly on the road" against those who have rumored, vilified the frontline anti-epidemic heroes, maliciously attacked the party's leadership and the socialist system.

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