22 Cuckold Lifestyle India, Cuck Bull Hot Wife n Cuckoldry FAQ

Cuckold Lifestyle in India, Cucks, Bulls and Hotwife in Cuckoldry Encyclopedia

Cuckoldry is a lifestyle between couple who are mostly wife and husband or in a relationship with each other under any understanding but the husband wants the hot-wife or woman to enjoy a powerful man called bull while he watches. This concept is now getting very popular in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Africa and world over. Now India is at the top in this lifestyle though everything apparently taboo is hidden in the country. Sometimes in the beginning husbands try male strippers as bulls. Many people attribute it to women empowerment while others claim that it is not women-hood to engage into cuckoldry as the nature of woman is not as such. They give rebuttal that what will happen if nature of anything is changed by manipulation? They frown over fake women empowerment activities and call it a matter between wise and foolish men and not between men and women, where wise men gain by fooling women and making them go against their own men by making them feel that women are exploited. They say what will happen if fire stops heating or burning, if ice stops cooling, if water stops being liquid and oxygen stops being air, and then what id a women stops menstrual bleeding saying she wont as men also don't and sews her opening. Their idea is random partner for sex for abuse is trait of men and not of women while women need passion and love more and couple love cannot be with multiple people. Thus, the claim says that sex abusers tactfully destroy women by brainwashing them while they pay no heed to their own women like mother and sister. In candle light march they hold candle for others' women, now see what they hold? But cuckold lifestyle is growing with leaps and bounds these days.

Enjoying cuckoldry in India, a cuck hubby with hotwife and bull

21 Cuckold and Bull FAQ

Following are the 21 frequently asked questions on the concept of cuckoldry or cuckold lifestyle involving hotwife, cucks and bulls:

Q 1. What does cuckoldry mean?

Ans. Meaning of cuckoldryCuckoldry is a lifestyle between couple who are mostly wife and husband or in a relationship with each other under any understanding but the husband wants the hotwife or woman to enjoy a powerful man called bull while he watches.


If the wife does the same thing with her man and another woman then we call her as cuckqueen. You can also define it as cuckold lifestyle.


Showing Cucks and Bulls

Q 2. Who is a cuckold?

Ans. Meaning of cuckold: Cuckold is a man who enjoys watching his wife enjoying other men who are sexually strong and have a bigger dick. To them size matters the most, then comes muscles. 

A woman who enjoys his man being with another woman is called cuckqueen.

In biology discipline, a cuckold is one who takes care of a biological child of other man born to his wife.

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Showing Cucks and bullsi n the USA

Q 3. Who is a hot-wife in cuckoldry?

Ans. Meaning of Hotwife: Hotwife is the wife of a man who has decided that he will enjoy her wife enjoying sexual activities with other men. 

He may be involved in the acts or may simply send her women to the other man and enjoy listening stories of the acts she had with the other man. 

Some men ask their wives to make a boyfriend and enjoy the romance they have together by directly viewing or listening to the stories. 

The word wife entails any sort  of female partner a man has, she may be a girlfriend (f buddy) or even a paramour (wife of other man) in relationship with him but he makes her go to other men also so that he enjoys cuckoldry.

Cuck and Bull with Hot wife

Q 4. Who is a bull in cuckoldry?

Ans. Bull is another man who a hot wife enjoys adult activities with. The most prominent feature this man is a big cock which the cuck likes the hotwife enjoying in all weird ways.

A cuckold husband

Q 5. How does the concept of cuckoldry arises?

Ans. The concept of cuckoldry arises as the cuck thinks that wife is hot and he should see the maximum her body can enjoy and he watches it. 

Thus, he wants a big penis man to use and abuse her so that she also gets to use her whole body fully along with using the other man. 

Also, as the hotwife is of the cuckold husband so there is a sense of belonging so the man also feels that he used the bull's assets and utilized the body fully.

Showing image of Cuckold Husbands and wives

Q 6. Where can I get a hot bull for my wife?

Ans. You may get a hot bull from online fora like chat rooms or ad listing sites but they may be risky. 

You may get a good bull form gigolo or male escort site who are well known and have some presence and authority or goodwill.

Cuckold Lifestyle

Q 7. How much do male escort bulls charge?

Ans. Male escort bulls may charge about $150 or INR 10000 for a session till a full night. 

Extraordinary bulls may charge somewhat higher.

Husband enjoying cuckoldry

Q 8. What adult stuff I can use between my wife and the bull?

Ans. You may use a vibrator, dildo, pussy pump, butt plug, etc. You can get these easily form any adult shop online. 

There are a variety of such products listed which you may choose from. You may also consult the bull with the use of such products.

Hot wife with a bull

Q 9. How to convince my wife for cuckoldry?

Ans. The way to convince your wife for being with a bull for cuckoldry is very easy. You may show her such porn and eventually she will agree, just as you agreed yourself for such lifestyle. The same will work for her. While showing her such porn deprive her from sex so that she agrees for the other man herself. 

Many Indian women may show hypocrisy and fuss in the beginning but like it later. But you to keep them comfortable with your behaviour.

Even Arabic women love it later.

You can tell her you have some health problems so other man is a necessity.

A cuckold man begging his wife and bull

Q 10. Do bulls blackmail cucks?

Ans. No one knows other men. Bulls may do so but it is never heard. men exploit women in relationships but bulls are never heard of doing this. 

However, as you do not know what other man will do you may try professional escort who has all professionalism and there are lesser chances of this possibility.

In India and Brazil like countries blackmail among independent bulls is quiet common, hence bulls from agencies only are reliable.

A hot bull for a hot wife

Q 11. What are the features of a good bull?

Ans. A good bull can be a bull that the cuckold likes as its a part of cuckold lifestyle. 

So, a good bull would be with a big tool and more muscles and preferably with allow profile so that the husband may feel someone inferior is destroying him and enjoys it.

In India and Brazil it is hard to find good bulls unless you hire form some reputable agency.

A horny cuckold man

Q 12. Is cuckoldry legal?

Ans. Cuckoldry is legal in all countries as it is right of the participants to do whatever they want. It is basic fundamental right. Besides, no one can know and have no locus to make claims on it if all agree.

Thong of a wife of a cuckold husband

Q 13. What are the signs that I want to be a cuckold?

Ans. Some of the signs that you want to be a cuckold are:

  1. You feel your wife is not fully used
  2. You feel that she needs to be used thoroughly
  3. Have a feeling that your wife is hot
  4. You are obsessed with big size of men tools and want them see inside your wife
  5. You are obsessed with more muscles in other men and come to think of your wife seeing them

A cuckold seeking bull for his wife

Q 14. How many cuckolds are there in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia?

Ans. USA UK Canada and Australia have almost the same rate or percentage of cuckolds. It is so much secret that people do not know that their neighbour is a cuckold. 

It is almost impossible to find it out so there must be many cuckold couples near you who you believe to be very innocent. That is why the couples you see as cuckold seem to be innocent if you do not know their intentions and activities. And their own neighbours and relatives must have the same notion about them. The percentage could be like 2% of all couples. 

If you add those willing but still hesitant and have not done it, but will do on little encouragement then this would be like at least 20%.

Dress of a bull seeking a hotwife

Q 15. How many cuckolds are there in India and South Africa?

Ans. The percentage of cuckold in India and South Africa is now almost the same as in their western counterparts. 

This has 2 segments:

i. In the civic areas the percent is the same as in the western counterparts

ii. In rural areas the percentage is the same as some rural areas have much higher rate of cuckolds and some have almost nil, but in rural areas husband is unwilling but his wife has flings so technically he is a cuckold. The percentage could be like at least 2% of all the couples.

You may not believe your neighbor or even parents doing this but you can see so many of yours like in chat rooms for the purpose and connected on safest of networks like vvfit.com

Wife showing middle finger to her cuckold husband

Q 16. What is it like being a cuckold?

Ans. Being a cuckold opens a new universe for you. You feel entirely different. The encounter between you and your wife can be more exciting than you think and more arousing to yourself and to your wife as well, though she will  get accustomed to it and open up gradually. 

Later, she will enjoy more an open up for more experimentation. She will become more frank with you and you will feel more closeness with her. Even the thoughts of encounter will make you extremely wild that you would never have imagines otherwise. 

You feel good hormones will be maximum and you will be full of pleasure. It will be very arousing and even a slight thought of bull and your hot wife will make you feel great heat on your ears, more than any intoxication and more than any thrill, fun and pleasure. For all this you just need to come out of your shell.

A chastity cage for a cuckold

Q 17. Which is the wildest known fantasy of a cuckold?

Ans. The wildest known fantasy of a cuckold is using a chastity cage while his wife enjoys the big bull. The more the bull defiles his wife the more the cuck gets chilling thrill.

Cuckold with a chastity cage

Q 18. Do wives fall in love with the bull?

Ans. Wives might fall in love with the bull but this is not so common as the entire matter is planned and she is well aware and prepared and she is with her husband and starts loving him more as after she enjoys with the bull her husband massages her and experiences everything she had with the bull discussing with her and being with her and feeling everything with her. 

Also, as women love all this passion, thus here bull becomes a passion creator between the couple.

Cuckold's hot wife with chastity cage key

Q 19. Can I have multiple bulls for my wife? 

Ans. Of course you can have multiple bulls for your wife but fewer women like it. 

Women may like it more at later stages of cuckoldry when they are used to it. 

Fewer high class bulls also agree to it so you may need to make a lot of effort to find all good quality bulls or may end up with inferior bulls.

A hot wife enjoying cuckoldry with a bull

Q 20. What matters the most in cuckoldry?

Ans. What matters the most in cuckoldry is size.

Size of bull's tool

Q 21. Who among the couple makes choice in selecting the bull?

Ans. Mostly it is the cuckold who selects the bull for his wife. This is as cuckoldry is for fun of the husband which may later become pleasure for wife as well but the concept is for men and men go for it. 

Women cannot ask a husband to be a cuck.

Image of a hot wife

Q 22. Does cuckold also enjoy acts with the wife and bull?

Ans. Some bulls like enjoying sexual acts with bull along with their wives and  also take a feminine role like fellatio and licking the wife organs after the bull has ejaculated, but some need just hot viewing.

Wife enjoying cuckoldry

Husband enjoying cuckoldry


Cuck and bull lifestyle is now very common these days in almost al countries like India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Africa and so on, and all are bound to get covered with it. Some people though do not believe that they will get involved into it but the same has been with every cultural change. Earlier girls never wanted boyfriends themselves and started crying even if a guy proposes her to be his girlfriend while now all want it. Thus, cuckoldry has a very bright future specially in the countries like India and Brazil which like experimenting, and its brings spark back in the dull life of couple who grow bore and has so many physical and mental health benefits. Also, as there is no cheating in cuckold lifestyle and all know about what is happening and agree to it it keeps away cheating and mistrust in life.

A cuckqueen in cuckoldry

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