Photo Cake in Delhi Gurgaon Faridabad Noida Ghaziabad Design Images Price

Photo Cakes in Delhi Design Images Price in Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Ghaziabad, India

These days one of the most popular growing trends in the types of cakes in the Indian market is of photo cakes. Propel want to keep their memories for reference at the time of celebration. This also gives a sense of belonging of the party or the occasion so the people want to post their pics on cakes and such they call such a cake a photo cake. These days all bakeries make photo cake in Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurugram, Sahibabad, Faridabad and all major cities of India. People can send their images or may also ask for image of a popular person, place or thing to be posted on the cake. People have to order these cakes in advance as the bakers need to print the photo on the cake.

A photo cake available in the market at a moderate price

12 Photo Cake FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Following are some frequently asked questions about photo cakes in Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Sahibabad, etc in India:

Q 1. What is photo cake?

Ans. Photo cake is an ordinary cake made of fondant or cream material, The only difference is that there is photo printed on the cake. 

The photo may be of a person related to the party celebration or something related to the person throwing the party. 

Designer photo cake with image

Q 2. Are photo cakes popular among kids?

Ans. Yes photo cakes are popular among little ones as they like to see their image on the cake. 

Also, their parents and siblings take a pic of the cake and preserve it for memories. Thus, it acts for the purpose of celebration as well as keeping memories for a long time. 

People also share the cake image on social media which is a great fun.

Design of a photo cake online

Q 3. Which are some best photo cake sellers in India?

Ans. Best and top 5 photo cake sellers in India (Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Sahibabad, etc) are:

  3. DelhiNCR Bakers
  4. GMB list
  5. Amazon India

A Family Photo Cake in Delhi NCR region

Q 4. What are the prices of photo cakes in Delhi NCR?

Ans. Price of photo cakes in Delhi NCR (Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Sahibabad, etc), India is as follows:


Price of Photo Cake in Delhi and NCR Areas


Photo Cake/Kg Price in INR


700-1700 (cream-fon' dant)


600-1600 (cream-fon' dant)


600-1600 (cream-fon' dant)


700-1700 (cream-fon' dant)


700-1700 (cream-fon' dant)



A designer cake with pictures


Q 5. How can I give my images to the baker for a photo cake?

Ans. You may visit the bakery and give them photo through any secondary storage media or may transfer them via any online apps.

Similarly, if you are making an online order for photo cake delivery or to send photo cake to someone then may either upload the image or may send them via online apps. 

You may also call them and discuss. You can also email the images.

A photo cake showing a girl's face

Q 6. Which is top one stop solution for a photo cake?

Ans. There are many sellers or bakers and possess merits of their own so it is difficult to cite any one. 

Still, meticulously,one stop solution for a photo cake is:

  1. luckonluck through online mode
  2. DelhiNCR bakers through offline mode

A photo cake in Gurugram bakery

Q 7. What are other names of a photo cake?

Ans. You may refer photo cake with the names as:

  1. Pic Cake
  2. Image Cake
  3. Picture Cake
  4. Photograph Cake
  5. Selfie Cake

Almost all bakers and customers use these names only for reference and all understand them.

An image cake in Ghaziabad

 Q 8. How much time it takes to get a photo cake ready?

Ans. If you are buying a photo cake via offline mode then you will get the cake at the counter within 1 hour only if the baker tries to start making the cake right away which rarely happens. Under online mode it will take the same time but you need to spare sometime for the photo cake delivery.

A photo cake in Delhi bakery showcase

Q 9. Which photo cake design is most popular?

Ans. Heart shaped photo cake for couple is the most popular design under the category of photo cakes. 

This cake contains the photo of the couple who love, going to wed or closely attached to each other.

Couples also gift each other such cake on birth date.

A Photo Cake for Couple

Q 10. Which pose should I make to click image for my photo cake?

Ans. There is no specific pose you need to make in order to click a photo that you want to be printed on your cake. The pose you like the best and appears the best in the picture as you can see will definitely appear similarly good on the cake. So, you just need to ensure that you look good in  the image that you give to the baker for photo cake.

A photo cake online for delivery

Q 11. In which file format should I give my photo to the baker for a photo cake?

Ans. You may choose any file format to give to the baker to print the pic on the photo cake. It can be jpeg, gif, webp, png. All these images are good. bakers can easily convert them to their desired format. 

You just need to give them a very clear picture.

A Photo printed cake idea

Q 12. What are some of the best photo cake designs?

Ans. Some best photo printed cake designs that are very popular in the bakers market are as follows:


A photo cake for delivery in Ghaziabad


A designer photo cake


Photo printed Cakes in Noida


Photo Printed Cakes in Faridabad


A cake with picture

Above were the top 5 most in demand photo cake images in the bakery market.

Photo cakes are popular as much as fondant cakes in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad and other good areas of India are popular.


Photo cakes are getting popular day by day as people are habituated to clicking photos and selfies. The same people are customers of photo printed  cakes and want their images on their cakes as well due to natural tendency. Photo cakes are popular in North India like Delhi and NCR regions and also in central India like Lucknow, Kanpur, Patna, Bhopal, Indore, etc, and in South India like Chennai, Hyderabad, Mysore, Mangalore, etc. The image cake price becomes a little higher due to photo print on cake but it is greater fun tan the price and the buyers are happy with it. Price negotiation is a lot common in the purchase of these products so the customers need to understand the trends of the market in order to choose the best seller, though quality is also a factor determining price.

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