Dick Shaped Penis Cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India Bachelorette Party Ideas FAQ

Penis Cakes in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India for All Girls Bachelorette Party Celebration Ideas with Dick Shaped Cock Cakes

Dick Cakes in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India are one of the most celebrated cakes in the girls pre-wedding HEN parties. These are a sub-set of bachelor party cake. The ideas of male anatomy penis cakes is to enjoy male anatomy and all naughtiness of adulthood and youth for the partying girls who do dirty partying at this pre-wedding celebration moment before they are going to get married and assume family and wife responsibilities. This day girls get together and perform all odd stuff during this all men naughty party. A huge cock cake is the centre of this party. There can be cakes such as double-dick cake or one piece male organ cake or man's private part cake. These male private organ cakes are in life like size and structure so that the party girls may enjoy them eating during this kinky adults party of all females. 

HEN Nights Bachelorette Party Idea with a Penis Cake for Bride to be
A Bachelorette Party of Girls Penis Cake

Let us know the details of these modern bachelorette parties' prick cake in India:

1. Which cake is most celebrated in bachelorette party of adult girls in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India other than a Bachelorette cake?

Other than bachelorette cakes there is double-dick cake which is most celebrated by parting men or boys in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India. 

Just as boys celebrate with breast cake, so do men with bachelorette party cake or simply bachelorette cakes.

Girls enjoy these while watching a male stripper performance in full wild mode.

All Girls Bachelorette Party Cake
The Male Factor Huge Organ Cake

2.  Why choose bachelorette party cake for bachelorette parties of females in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

As bachelorette party cakes are centre of attraction of male private organ and girls love it all the times, it creates a kinky celebrating environment for all girls parties in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India.

Huge Penis Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas Image
Cock Lovers Bachelorette Party Cake


3. Do boys also celebrate their private or personal parties in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India with a penis shaped bachelorette cake?

Yes, boys in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, India also celebrate their private parties with a bachelorette party cake where they treat it as a part of masculinity and masculine celebrations and pleasure for enjoyment. Some of these may be gay also and LGBT enthusiasts. 
This is as these are a part of adult products online  which  are in trend in modern advanced adult females.

Penis Shaped Bachelorette Party Cake Image
Male Naughty Organ Shaped Bachelorette Party Cake

4. Do gay men also like bachelorette cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

Yes, almost all gay men in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, India like bachelorette cake as they love cocks being gays which is a a part of their sexual attraction and observation. 

A Double Dick Cake Idea
A BBC Cake

5. What is the delivery availability of bachelorette party cake in third world countries like India?

Many service providers deliver bachelorette cake in third world countries like Brazil, China and India. But China still lags much behind in this, even behind Philippines.

Naughty Girls Parties Bachelorette Party Cake Photo
Bachelorette Cake with Dick and cum

Bachelorette party cakes are in vogue in the entire Asian-continent, specially due to sexual revolution in India and nearby countries in the recent era along with globalization. 

Some venues of celebration may also provide this purchasing service or making it availability to their partying clients.

A Bachelorette Party Cake Photo
Boob Fucking Dick Inside Bachelorette Cake

Such venues also play strip tease for boys and girls many a times. 

Bachelorette Party Cake
Bachelorette Girls Cake

6. What is the general size or weight of a bachelorette cake?

A bachelorette cake is mostly measured in Kg weight and generally they are not in preparation or being served for less than 2 Kg. This is, as this is the minimum weight to make them real life-size and make it firm as it should ideally be for true fun.

Bachelorette Party cake for bride to be
Bachelorette Party Cake for the Bride

7. Where can I find the best bachelorette cake images?

You can find the best bachelorette cake images on sites selling penis cakes or on image sharing sites.

This sellers mostly use to display their sales inventory or production in their bakeries.

Image of a multi dick cake
Huge Dick Cake for Ladies HEN Parties

8. Regarding Penis Cake, does size matter?

Yes, size matters in male dick cake as females have no satisfaction and they want it more and more. So for most women, barring very few exceptions, size definitely matters. 

Even for male party celebrators size definitely matters. The minimal should be as life-size only.

Image of an Erect Penis Cake
Peek a boo cake

9. Do old women like penis cake ideas?

Definitely all age group of women like penis cake ideas. 

As they say women never get old from heart, hence, there is no age for women to deny penis shaped cakes. They love them at all ages, sometimes much more than youngsters.

Huge Penis cake image
Dick in Underwear Cake for Ladies

10. Which material is used to make cock cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

Mostly cock cake bakers in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India use sweet fondant material and cream to prepare them. 

Lousy edible material spoils the fun, hence mostly fondant based cakes are in use for male anatomy cakes.

Party Girls playing with a big dick cake
Horny Party Girl riding her guy's dick in cake

11. What is the price of Penis cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

Price in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India of big penis cake starts around USD 54 or INR 3,300 for a piece weighing 2 Kg. So, it approximates to 1,600/Kg.

Ladies Party Penis Cake for Bride to be and Bride's Maid
Male Private Organ Cake

12. What is the counterpart of this bachelorette party of girls playing with big dick cakes?

The counterpart of an all females bachelorette party is an all male bachelors party which is based on the concept of why should girls have all the fun. 

There they use boobs shaped cakes for groom-to-be and his party boys.

Thus during these women empowerment and girl power times its a must for girls so girls are more into adult partying in the modern times.

A Bachelorette Party Penis Cake Photo
Horny Girls Penis Cake with Cum

13. Are Dick Cakes Popular in USA UK Canada Australia?

Yes, dick cakes are very popular in almost all English speaking countries like Brazil, United States of America, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and also in the European Union or EU like France, Denmark and Italian regions. Italian Breast Cakes are very popular.

Women's Party Dick Cake for Blowjob Party
Male Private Organ Cake

14. What is the ideal price of a male organ cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

Male down there private part Cock Cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India is as the same price as normal big cock cakes or willy cake, which is as follows:


Cake Weight in Kg.





Product Price

US$ 50,


US$ 65,


US$ 80,


US$ 110,


Generally Prices Include VAT


All Girls Party thick penis cake image
A thick penis cake

15. Where can I buy Cock Cake from for a bachelorette girls' party in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

A cock shaped cake or a male anatomy private part cake is very popular in bachelorette parties of adult women. You can buy these male cock cakes in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India from online bakery operators or can seek a local adult cakes bakery, online or offline. 
You may need to compare the price-rates which is easily possible doing online. 
It is a very good idea for a females party or a lady's pre-wedding HEN party.
You can also observe them as a good gift for the bride to be, while her last HEN Night Out.

A huge cock cake image
Erect cock for girls' deep throat fun

Q 16. What is Lund Cake?

Ans 16. Lund Cake is a frost cake. Bakers use ingredients like cream, butter, powdered sugar, spices, milk, vanila, and permissible food colors.

 It has human skin shade of colors or color. 

These life like male anattomy cakes are very popular among young boys and girls. Lund cake price is also similar to that of an ordinary cake.

Bakery guys can give them hap-penis shape on topper and make them cake for women's parties. 

This is as penis cake ideas can always be girly and naughty, just you need to have deep wish and will.

Sometimes, you need to dig deep to see the human skin tone shades as in a rainbow while the topper may be plain as in fig. below.

Penile Cake Picture
Picture Image of Dick Shaped Cake

Q 17. What is a multi penis cake?

Ans 17. A multi penis cake is a cake where the cake topper shown several penises.

Girls also call it as multi-dick cake. These multi penis cakes are also in cup shapes, where females call them multi-dick cupcakes.


A Multi Dick Cake for Adult Girls Party
A Multi-Penis Cake

Q 18. Do Delhi Girls celebrate bachelorette party with a penis cake?

Ans 18. Yes, all modern Delhi and NCR resident girls celebrate their bachelorette party with a male anatomy penis cake.

Online Delivery packet of a penis cake
Penis Cake delivery packet

All Girls Party Dick Shaped Cakes
An Erect Dick Bachelorette Cake

5 Top Bachelorette Cake Ideas in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India

1. Design for Bachelorette Cake Smash

HEN Night Out Cake
Cake for Naughty Girls Parties

2. Idea for a HEN Parties Cake

A Penis Shaped Cake

3. Phallus-Shaped Cake for Females 

A Naughty Party Girl Cake
A Naughty Girls Cake

4. Male Thing Cake For All Females Parties

Horny Girls' Naughty Party Cake
A Naughty Girls Party Cake

5. Kinky Party Girls Cake Design

Cum on Penis Cake for bachelorette Party
Penis cake with Cum

5 Top Penis Cake Images

1. Girls Yank Him to Cum Cake

Big Naughty Dick Cake
Guy Comes on Pussy, Dick Cake

2. Male Anatomy Pleasure Cake for Female

Very Big Double Dick Cake
Masculine Pleasure Cake for Your Feminity

3. Dick Fun Cake for Dirty Party Girls

Bride and Girls Taste the Penis Cake
Penis Taste Cake for Bride

4. Ladies Kitty Party Cake

Image of a Dick Cake
Female Desires Dick Cake

5. Tasty Dick and Cum Cake

A Multi Penis Cake
Huge Penis Cake


During the modern times there is a lot of development going on and modern class elite women have all the facilities to get all fun.

Thus, the elite adult girls in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, India celebrate their power and competence with elite status symbol enjoyments which involves a bachelorette party dick cake which is mostly a boobs cake at their pre-wedding bride to be fun parties.

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