Medical Software Development Cycle Process


Medical Software Development Cycle Process

Platform Integration

A software company has to realize a full-featured integration, the same software portal, and displays different software functions according to user rights control. These software are useful for medial or dental clinics and hospitals. There is no interface problem between the function modules. Such as: HIS and LIS interfaces, HIS and EMR interfaces, HIS and PACS interfaces. 

Based on years of work experience, our company has realized the standardization of third-party interfaces (medical insurance, rural cooperatives, industrial injuries, etc.). 

Engineers only need to re-package third-party interfaces for the main program to call based on third-party interface documents. Design and modify the main program.


Process Parameterization

    Medical software process is complex, and although the general direction is the same, there are very few different medical institutions with the same process details. Therefore, the software system established by the standardized process completely is difficult to be fully applied in the actual use of the hospital. 

Infographics showing Medical Software Development Cycle Process

Products that promote a standardized process actually require the hospital to fully adapt to the software, rather than software that works 100% for the hospital. 

Now Medical Software System companies and this field of interest has many years of experience in the medical field (software architects' experience in more than 100 medical institutions in 15 years), and established a medical software workflow framework to adapt to most of the current US and global market. 

The medical institution process provides more than 1000 parameters to control the actual operating path of the medical institution.


Operational Humanization

Medical Software is a set of products that have been ground out from the hospital. The design of the software fully respects the manual habits and ways of thinking of the staff. 

Special respect for the problems raised by the customer during the software implementation process regarding the complexity of the operation and the user experience. Even when two users feedback the same question. 

The software company will reflect:

1.   Whether there is a problem with our product design?

2.   Why the user’s ideas and our software Inconsistent expression?

Their goal is to establish a medical information system that is easy to understand and even need no training.


Product Intelligence Based on the manual process of the hospital. These days Medical Software industry has added many intelligent algorithms to solve the pain points in the treatment process. 

For example, the problem of disposal and material fee collection, our company's products can intelligently collect the disposal fee and material fee through the doctor's prescription calculation, which is 100% accurate, without manual intervention. 

For example, intravenous infusion can automatically detect whether the group of drugs need to be protected from light, whether it needs anti-tumor, whether it needs to increase the infusion set, whether it needs skin deduction, whether it is for the change group, and so on.


Simplified Deployment

    At the beginning of the design, VVFIT Medical Software has considered software deployment and post-upgrade issues. Their company has packaged the installation package for software server installation, upgrade and client installation. 

Users only need to click the "Next" button to complete the software deployment and upgrade. Software upgrades are not allowed to reinstall the client software. End users only need to restart the program to complete the client software upgrade.


Unified Source Code

Now medical software industry has reached a high degree of productization, and all customers use the same version of software to control business processes and software functions through authorization codes and highly parameterized. It is not like a source folder of a customer in a certain company on the market. 

The customer needs new development and needs to be re-multiplexed. The companies’ products, one customer feedback problem (or new demand), other users upgrade simultaneously. 

All engineer code needs and is transmitted to the company version server, and the chief engineer is responsible for testing the compilation and release. The customer experience will not be degraded due to differences in the technical level of the engineers.


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