What is Kerala Solar Panel Scam?


Solar Panel Scam of Kerala in India

First, you must know that solar panels have become a huge trend these days. The masses all over the world have been able to recognize and understand that energy is one of the pivots on which this world is resting at the moment. This is why solar panels are being propagated everywhere, in every country, every sector and every sphere. The same goes for India which is a rapidly developing country. In fact, Kerala in South India is one of the most progressive and developed states in the country. This is a state which has the highest literacy rate and also the most well-maintained ration between the number of men and number of women there. Keep reading ahead to know that what is the Kerala solar panel scam.

This goes back to the year 2013. This was the time when there was a company that operated by the name of Team Solar. As the name clearly suggests, they were a team that was dedicated to making solar energy to help the Earth go green and expand and propagate sustenance. Or so, was thought by the masses. They made use of 2 women who helped them to create political links. 
In fact, the extent of their deeds was such their easily got the Chief Minister into their trap as well. They followed one trick with everyone that they duper.

This company promised people to make them business partners. Other offers included the installation of solar panel units for them. in return, they obviously took advance payments. Doing this, they were able to give birth to a scam that reached nothing less than 70 lakhs. Talking of the arrests that took place, there were a number of people taken into custody. This included the director of this company as well as people working for the Chief Minister who had not performed their duty well of doing background researches of companies, each time such a proposal is made. 
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Benefits of Solar Panel

 Benefits of Using Solar Panel

There are a number of advantages of using solar panels and most important one of these is that it makes use of the power that is generated by the sun. the sun is a huge storehouse of energy and it is a renewable means. This implies that at least for the next 5 million years, the sun is not going anywhere and will continue to shine above us. 
Other benefits of using solar panels include the fact that it will not only help you cut down on your electricity bill but will also help you to earn extra by saving the surplus generation in the grid.

Mark down of Kerela Solar Panel Scam, Symbol

Now, it is nothing uncommon that people were arrested. But, what shook the nation yet again was the fact that a number of cabinet ministers were also found to be involved. 
Given that Kerala is a state with is so advanced, it was least expected that minsters who had actually played a vital role in the state’s development would be found guilty of corruption and with such demeaning links. 

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