What are Smart Phone Features and Characteristics?

What is a smartphone? (Characteristics and Feature)

Meaning of Smartphone: In today's advanced technology, smartphones have become a necessity of life. I believe that many netizens are like editors. They will bring their mobile phones wherever they go. Even if there is no phone or text message, they will play games, go to vvfit.com or WhatsApp. Even swipe on Tinder, so what is a smartphone? Now the editor will discuss the science with you in detail.

Features and Characteristics of Smart Phones

Smartphones and Personal Computer

Smartphone (smartphone) is simply a mobile phone with an open and independent operating system. 
In addition to the phone's calling function, users can also install software, games and other third-party service providers' programs. 

Like a personal computer, a smart phone has an independent operating system and an independent running space.
 Users can install programs provided by third-party service providers such as software, games, navigation, etc., and can implement wireless network access through mobile communication networks. The general term for such a mobile phone.

The range of smartphones has been covered all over the world. Because smartphones have three characteristics: 
i. Excellent operating system, free installation of various software
ii. Full-screen full-touch operation
iii. Keyboard phones completely ended in the far previous years.

At present, most mobile phone manufacturers in the world have smart phone products

The best phones are:
  1. Finland's Nokia, American Apple
  2. Canadian RIM (Blackberry)
  3. American Motorola
  4.  Chinese Taiwan HTC (htc) 

Among them, the four major brands of Apple, Samsung, Nokia and HTC are the most widely known in the world.
While China’s Lenovo Lenovo, Huawei HUAWEI, Xiaomi Mi, BBK (VIVO), ZTE ZTE, Coolpad Coolpad, Meizu MEIZU, OPPER OPPO, Gionee GIONEE, and Tianyu (Tianyu) K-Touch top ten brands have attracted much attention in China.

Smartphone is a mobile phone with a corresponding open operating system installed in the mobile phone, and there were about 450 million by the end of 2008. 

What are the commonly used operating systems in Smart Phones?

 Symbian, Windows Mobile, iOS, Linux (including Android, Maemo, MeeGo and WebOS), Palm OS and BlackBerry OS. 
The application software between them is incompatible with each other. Because third-party software can be installed, smart phones have rich functions.

What are the Major Characteristics of Smart Phones?

1. Have the ability to access the Internet wirelessly, that is, CDMA 1X or 3G networks that need to support GPRS or CDMA networks under the GSM network.

2. Has the functions of PDA, including PIM (Personal Information Management), schedule memo, task scheduling, multimedia applications, browsing the web.

3. With an open operating system, you can install more applications, so that the functions of the smartphone can be infinitely expanded.

4. Humanized, the machine function can be expanded according to individual needs.

5. Powerful function, strong expansion performance, and more third-party software support.

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