What is Thread Lift for Lifting Facial Brows and Neck Skin?


Thread Lift Application : An Attempt To Envisage A Cosmetic  Remedy

What does the word ‘Lift’ denote in this context? It is simply a term used to mean ‘parity restored’. We often come across the term ‘face lift’ which is commonly used in the cosmetic domain that impresses upon the mankind as a veritable turnaround of a human face and overall stature.
Arrows Showing Directions Where threads are placed pulling in which directions whether cog threads or mono threads
Thread Lift Directions

Definition of Thread Lift

The term thread lift also correlates itself with face lift and finds its existence independently in the cosmetic arena. A thread lift is a methodical cosmetic treatment that enables a facial or for that matter a skin revamping wherein temporary sutures are used to liberate the distorted look with a subtle touch combined with clear visibilty. Needless to say that there is no possibilty of cosmetic surgery at all. The cosmetic surgeon simply stitches up the portions of loose facial skin with a view to evening out the skinny lines and layers. It has also different terminology viz., feather lift, gentle lift, lunchtime facelift etc.

Need of this Skin Lifting treatment

As the time passes by, people, irrespective of gender difference, have inclined towards aesthetic procedures that get rid of the ageing alerts. Majority of men and women seek ways and means to slow down the process of ageing. The thread lift is one of the newer options pertaining to the kind of cosmetic therapy or remedy that caters to the minimal and optimum invasive facial application without any hue and cry. This type of therapy is ideally suited for the age group of forty five years and above fifty years and for who have encountered a little sagging of face and lost minimal elasticity of facial contours. Also, there should be no ‘needle phobia’ amongst the candidates who aspire or undergo this sort of therapy.
Prior to and Post Thread Lift Face appearence shown in two pics of the same person's face
Before After Thread Lift

Process to follow for Thread Lift

The treatment by means of thread lift entails permanent sutures beneath the skin without a hint of widespresd scars around the ears. It is an everlasting truth that all of us get older with the passing time and unfortunately find ourselves covered with the coat of ageing. People are self concious of getting older and try desperately to turn back the table. But, time and tide wait for none. 

As regards how the treatment of thread lift or the contour thread lift undergoes, the following narratives sums it all.
Once the affected area is numbed, the surgeon will thread the affected area from six to eighteen barbed sutures through the skin to lift the bits that might have the tendency to droop or sag viz., the jaws, cheek, neck and brow, concentrating on whichever part needs attention and treatment. 

The sutures are made of a material called polypropylene but with a difference i.e., instead of being absolutely plain and smooth, they have tiny cogs tied on them meant to generate suspension and thus, used to lift the area when placed in the skin. As an exception and as per preference of the patients, gold threads are also used woven with a particular type of polyglycol acid to ascertain the same result as the normal thread lift will function. 
Thread Lift Treatment procedure being shown how threads are placed underneath skin for upliftment
Thread Lift Procedure

Advantages of Thread Lifting that you’ll get

Ø Minimally invasive and is non surgical.
Ø Face lift solution with no trace of scar.
Ø Results are more subtle and precise than a classic or usual face lift.
Ø Cost effective than a regular and complete face lift through plastic surgery.
Ø Turn around or down time is significantly less
Ø Reversible and adjustable if results are not favorable and can be traced back to originality within one month and treatment can commence once again from scratches.
Lifted Figure seems always Erect

Disadvantages associated with Thread Lift or Contour Lift

Ø Not long lasting. Reports and testimonials prove that the effects are confined to only three to four months contrary to the advertisement that entails its potency for about two to four years.
Ø Possible infection crops ups with the symptoms of initial bruising, soreness and sensitivity to pain.
Ø Depending upon the result as partial or full and the skill of the surgeon, the patient will be thrown into a lopsided or asymmetrical state, leading to numbness of the affected area.
2 pics of the same woman showing before and after the thread lift treatment on facial skin like mid face and nasolabial folds
Before and After Thread Lifting Procedure

Skin Lift Treatment areas

It can be effectively treated in various portions of human body especially face where it can be used successfully for lifting eyebrows, nasolabial folds, cheeks, double chin, marionette and jaw lines.
Thighs After Thread Lift
Thigh Lift
 In the body, the concerned threads can be used with a view to tightening and firming of loose and hanging skin of arms, abdomen, butt and thighs.
Showing Butts Perfect after Thigh Lift
Thighs and Butt Lift

Silhouette Thread Lift, an added feature

One of the vastly popular kind of thread lift amongst its nomenclature is silhouette thread lift. A silhouette thread lift is an advanced new face lift technique conducive to both and men and women who combat early jowls or mid face drooping. This kind of face lift caters to low cost, time economy, less degree of post opreration sufferings, lower quantum of risk etc. But the results are not long lasting and time proven.
Attractive Facial Features Depicted
Youthful Skin is Attractive

Conclusion on Lifting Skin with Mono Threads and Cog Threads

Everyone wants Youthful Skin. Thread lift is very essential for people over their forties and/or fifties who are not complacent about their facial appearance. This is noticeably applicable for women who are not at ease with their growing age. With a thread lift, one is free from long and arduous major surgery that will need a longer period of recuperation. The other factor will be the cost of surgery. Cosmetic surgery is quite expensive compared to cosmetic therapy.
Thus, thread lift is a great means by which people could take solace from the fact that they will now look younger to a great extent. The process involves minimum fuss and does away with regular plastic surgery.
Plastic and/ or cosmetic surgery is adopted by many but one should take note that it has many accompanying risks as well as huge expenses to add.
Pins That are used to insert and place threads under the skin for lifting it
Pins Used to Insert Threads Under Skin

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 Note: This information is only meant for generic informational purposes should not be treated as professional advice.

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