How to Exercise Muscles with Bare Hands?

How to use Bare Hands to Exercise Muscles?

Freehand fitness has now become a new trend in our fitness. Many friends choose to do freehand fitness at home due to time constraints. This is also a way for us to exercise. All our muscle building does not necessarily have to be done in the gym or on fitness equipment. We can also complete the muscle building action without these equipment.



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What we are talking to you today is how to use freehand fitness at home to help you build good muscles. See which of the following actions do you like, and see how many you can stick to.


1. Pass the crunch

The meaning of transmission is to use our arms and legs to transmit something while doing the crunch, so as to achieve the purpose of our crunch. For this thing, you can choose a pillow of the right size.

If you have a yoga ball at home, then you use a yoga ball to do this action is the best.


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When we pass, we need to lift our legs and upper back at the same time, which makes the training of our abdominal muscles even more difficult. Remember to use your abs the whole time, and slow down the movement, as this will test your abdominal muscles even more.


2. Knee crunch

After completing the last crunch, you can rest for a few seconds before we do this crunch. When we do this abdominal crunch, first of all we have to know what is knee touch, which means that we need to complete an action that touches the knee while doing the abdominal crunch.


As shown to us in the picture, before doing this movement, we need to bend our knees slightly, then lift our knees and touch the knees with the elbows in the opposite direction to complete the crunches , also slow down your speed and feel the tension in your belly.


3. Narrow push-ups

The push-ups we usually do are wide-spaced push-ups. This narrow-spaced push-up can exercise our chest muscles more effectively. Narrow distance means that the distance between our hands should be narrow, try to make the hands close together, and then complete the push-up action.


This action tests our chest muscles more than the wide push-up. If you choose to increase muscle, then you have to be a little harder on yourself.


4. Single-leg squats

After training your upper body muscles, let's train your lower body muscles. We all know the squat movement, the essentials of our squat movement is to keep the back straight, do not bend. When we do this single-leg squat, we will test our leg strength even more.


As the picture shows us, while doing a squat, you need to lift one of your legs away from the ground. In this way, your body weight will be pressed against one of your legs, which will effectively exercise your leg muscles. If your stable center of gravity is not very good, you can do this against the wall.


5. Glute bridge

After exercising the legs, we naturally have to exercise our buttocks and buttocks, so everyone should not forget this classic glute bridge action. As you've done with glute bridges in the past, when we do this glute bridge, do a contraction at your peak and feel the tension in your glutes.

There are also some other freehand training movements for muscle training. If you have better suggestions, you can share them with us and stick to these exercises. I believe you will gain a lot.



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