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Buddhist Anti-epidemic Procedure

No classes, no work, no feet, Sweden is very "Buddhist" anti-epidemic method, which has been praised by the World Health Organization, but including Germany and Germany's neighboring Switzerland, Sweden's anti-epidemic method is not very cold.


Germany: Swedish mortality rate is too high

Germany made a metaphor for Sweden’s anti-epidemic approach, which is like a “point brake” on a flat tire on a highway-if you step on the brakes, then loosen, and then step on again. If there is no ABS anti-lock brake system, this may be the best way to save a tire with a high-speed tire puncture is that Sweden doesn’t dare to step on the brakes with one foot, nor can it lose, otherwise the loss will be immeasurable. 

But the question is, if you can't puncture on the highway, if you have ABS, why use such a dangerous method? In fact, some experts in Sweden called for the implementation of the German method, which is to increase the control of people in the early stage, reduce new infections, and then gradually relax. 

Of course, the prerequisite for this method is to conduct extensive new coronavirus tests in the early stage. But this method is too late for Sweden, because Sweden has gone too far on the road of Buddhist anti-epidemic.


in Buddhism, Buddhist anti-epidemic metod
Epidemic Viruses

Swedish anti-epidemic very Buddhist

This method is also difficult for the Germans to accept: it sounds good in theory, but it is actually very difficult. For example, for a school, you can’t open a school, close it, and then start a school. In Sweden, classes are not suspended until the 8th grade, only high school students and college students learn through the Internet. 

The neighboring countries of Sweden using the German anti-epidemic method have a much lower mortality rate than Sweden. Sweden has already had 2,669 deaths from the new coronavirus, and 262 deaths per million, compared with 1 million in Germany and Denmark. 82 people died. 

The mortality rate in Sweden has been very high, because in the initial stage of the spread of the epidemic, the virus has begun to wreak havoc in nursing homes and nursing homes.


The Swedes do not compare with Germany and Denmark. Sweden likes to compare with Belgium and the Netherlands. These two countries also follow the German road. However, the mortality rate is higher than Sweden. 

The Netherlands has 290 deaths per million people, and Belgium has 680. However, Germany's "Focus Online" believes that Sweden's statistics are inaccurate. The actual number of deaths may be between 0.8-2.4 million. As for why, listen to what the Swiss media said.


Switzerland: Inaccurate death toll statistics

Switzerland’s New Zurich News also believes that Sweden’s anti-epidemic methods don’t seem to be commendable: Compared with Switzerland, which has a population of 8.5 million and 1,749 deaths, Sweden, with a total population of 10.23 million, also looks terrible. 

It should also be noted that Switzerland’s neighboring country, Italy, was the source of a major European outbreak, and Switzerland’s response time is actually very short. 

In the initial stage of the epidemic in Switzerland, the curve has risen much faster than Sweden. Now the epidemic in Switzerland has been well controlled. Although the Swedish data looks very good, their actual number of people tested is only one-third of that in Switzerland. There are many patients who have not been detected and become potential safety hazards.


Is it really okay to wear a mask without isolation?

Swiss media also disclosed that Sweden did not test all deceased people, which means that only those who had a new coronavirus test before death, and those who had a positive result were considered dead by the new coronavirus, so they concluded with Germany The same-there are more unregistered deaths of new crowns in Switzerland.


Media-The death of a beautiful nurse attracts attention

In fact, the voice of strengthening control in Sweden is not low. The death of a 39-year-old female nurse De Brewer has become the headline of the Swedish media. The Swedish inspection agency has also begun an investigation-De Brewer’s 

The employer, also known as the Karolinska Institute of Medicine, has not done enough to protect the nursing staff. Karolinska Medical School is the largest and best single medical school in the world, and the top ten medical school in the world.


De Brewer worked in the respiratory department of the hospital and took care of 19 new crown patients from the beginning. 

On April 17, she wrote on Facebook: "Pray for me and my colleagues. We feel very ill and have been examined and are waiting for the results." This is her last Facebook post. Four Days later, she was found dead in her apartment. Her husband is in the United States and cannot return to Sweden due to an outbreak.


De Brewer was supposed to have his 40th birthday in May

The hospital has also filed a complaint, saying that it is not the hospital's contempt for the Occupational Safety and Health Law. The actual reason is that the hospital does not have enough equipment to protect medical staff from infection.

 It is unclear which department will be held accountable. The death of Debruer also caused Swedish society to re-examine the new crown for this disease and the current anti-epidemic methods.

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