Blind Dates by Foreigners and Indians


Blind Dating Among Foreign and Indian People

India, I hate you, I will never, never come again. This book is called "Enlightenment (Hindu Pilgrimage)", it is a travel literature, it is Sara's record during 1999 to 2001 in India, including life, love and faith.

I think this book attracts me from these two aspects, one is travel literature, and the other is the world of women.

The preface of the recommendation describes Sarah’s "Comprehensive Enlightenment": "Her perception is of a stranger, but her expression is very Indian."

I think this is the best interpretation of travel literature.

Travel literature is literature that reflects travel life. There is another special feature of Sarah's "Comprehensive Enlightenment", that is, I think Sarah personally defined her life in India from 1999 to 2001 not only as travel, but also as life, a process of finding faith.

So in her writing, not only the Indian wedding, but also herself in the Indian wedding. She attended the wedding of Mulchand’s daughter. As a white, she was noble and was swarmed to the forefront; she attended Simi’s wedding and received Simi’s mother’s toe ring; she witnessed Padma’s finding The husband’s process, but she also knew about Padma’s mother’s funeral...

So, for India, Sarah is a stranger, but from her writing, we seem to be able to see India. I mean, although I have never been to India, in the process of reading, I But it seems to be able to be in India. I think this is one of the charms of Sarah's "Enlightenment".

Sarah described women of all social classes: their dreams, happiness, resistance, obedience, wisdom, despair, sadness, narrow-mindedness, tolerance and most importantly, their love, love for family, love for life, for others Love.

International Dating by Indians

The second charm point-the world of women, is actually inseparable from the first charm point-travel literature. Because this is what Sara felt when she lived in India under international dating by Indian men and women.

Those faceless Indian women are the victims of the "sorry to burn their wives", The hospital is a holy place, but it is not for Indian women, they will be raped here; when Sara is sick, the doctor said, "You must be in Die while performing duties." But Sarah was puzzled by this duty. The doctor said, "No job? No husband? No children? You are not a filial daughter?"

Padma was on the blind date, "with a smile on her face." It’s like she’s applying for a life-long slave job.” Sara was REJECTED when she applied for a visa, but when Jonathan came, she was successful. “In this country, there are only people with a hand In India, a woman who loses her husband loses her status. People say to a woman who loses her husband: "Your husband must not love you, so he left you so early."

Sara is a woman, so in India, where the status of women is very low, almost all of Sara's contacts are women. We may have glimpsed a corner of the low status of Indian women in "Toilet Hero", but in Sarah's pen, you can see almost everything. In real life, there are not so many heroes, more is life.

You will not live in peace when you return to India this time. You will dance with death and be reborn here. Fate is impermanent, and you will also change like a chameleon. You will meet many people to show you the way, and you will travel all over the land of gods in India and find faith.

When the astrologer enumerated the achievements of India without shame, all Sarah thought was the restlessness after coming. However, later, she would feel for the first time that she might like this country. It was at a party selected by Razu, because "the scene here is the same as when I was studying", and I think it was also because it was a party for young people. Later, she will feel: Health and wealth will not bring me peace of mind, body and soul.

Time and time again, she finally found her faith, and she realized her faith during her pilgrimage to India.

I realized that no matter how many sexy lovers you have, no matter how much money you make, no matter what you make a living, no matter how handsome you look, what really matters is how you live.

Also, the child in her belly.

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