Cake in Lucknow, Bakery, Price, Delivery and Cakes Design

Cakes in Lucknow, Bakeries, Price, Delivery, Cake Designs

Luckow is one of the developed cities in India as well as of Uttar Pradesh. This is a metro city and hence the people like to taste good quality food items like cakes. This city is also popular for its bakeries and bakery items like cakes and pastries. All quality types of cakes in Lucknow are available at reasonable price rates and bakers have almost all sorts of cake designs. Most of the cake shops in Lucknow also provide Home delivery of bakery edibles. Lucknow has always been known for its bakers and quality cakes and in almost all parties cakes are quiet common be it birthdays, weddings or any similar occasion or event.

A Cake design in Lucknow

What is Cake Home Delivery in lucknow?

Bakers in Lucknow provide all varieties of cakes according to different flavours, occasions, designs, and budgets. 

All of their cakes are distinctly price on the basis of ingredients and complexity of the cakes design. Half or one kg cakes, eggless cakes, drawing cakes, shape cakes, photo cakes, 5-star cakes, birthday party cakes, anniversary cakes, wedding cakes, kids birthday cakes, 2 or 3 tier cakes are available in Lucknow.  

A cake idea in Lucknow

Be it a birthday, anniversary, new year cake, Pineapple, Fruit cake, Caramel chocolate, Choco Vanilla, Christmas, mother’s day cake, father’s day cake and many more occasions, we have cake for every occasion. 

In Lucknow bakeries flavours are plenty to choose from including chocolate cake, Black Forest Cake, Vanilla Cakes, Mango Maharaja Cakes, Fruit Cakes, Kiwi Layered Cakes, Strawberry Cakes, Blueberry Cakes, Black Currant Cakes, etc. and available in different designs like photo cake, shape cake, drawing cake, etc.  

Designer Cake in Lucknow
You can find regular cakes in exciting flavours and varieties such as the Black Forest, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Blueberry, etc. Strawberry and Irish Coffee, etc., is made from fresh cream, bread, and other quality ingredients. 

These regular cakes are ideal for order during birthday celebrations. So, Bakeries offers the same-day delivery option, and it is now easy to order birthday cakes even on the day of the occasion.


How to find Best Cake Shop in Lucknow?

Any celebratory occasion is said to be incomplete without a creamy and delicious party cakes. There are establishments,ordinarily, cake shop, bakeries and patisseries that showcase an arresting display of cake and bakery items. 

A birthday party cake design in Lucknow bakery

If you are wondering 'Which are the cake shop showcase range of cakes near me?', find one from an extensive list of Cake Shops in Lucknow by simply scrolling up the page. 

Bakeries and patisseries provide a wide variety of cakes in different shapes, colors, textures, themes and by using an assortment of decorations and ingredients. For a baby shower or for wedding anniversary party celebrations, cakes can be tweaked to suit the preferences and requirements of the customer. 

Cake shops also offer delivery service to deliver the cake to the recipient on the date and time of your choosing. 

Most cake shops, bakeries and patisseries offer an elaborate collection of cakes that span a wide range of flavours, ranging from Choco Truffle to Strawberry. 

Cakes come in an extensive array of designs that may vary in terms of colours, textures and shape ideas.


Where to get Customized Cakes in Lucknow?

Be it someone’s birthday, anniversary, wedding or other special day, the celebrations are incomplete without a tasty cake everyone can indulge in. There are numerous cake shops or bakeries in Lucknow that offer tasty baked delights. 

The bakers also offer customized cakes, ice cream cake, wedding cake, fondant cakes, eggless cake, tiered cake, etc. You can easily look for the best cakes shop online to find a vast variety of cakes, pastries and other delicious bakery items.


What do Cake Shops in Lucknow Charge?

Type of Cake

Approximate Cost

Chocolate Cake

Rs. 350 onwards

Ice Cream Cake

Rs. 600 onwards

Customised Cake

Rs. 1,000 onwards

Red Velvet Cake

Rs. 700 onwards

Fondant Cake

Rs. 1700/Kg onwards



Where Bomb Cake in Lucknow are available?

Bomb cakes are popular because of the surprise element, as you do not know what is inside until the bomb opens up. This unique type cake is an entertainer for kids and adults alike.

We all are aware of the wave that Bomb cake has created amongst everyone. This cake has always attracted a huge crowd and the trend is full with Bomb cake lovers. 

Lucknow bakeries present a cake range that is based on Bomb cake. If you are looking for app for online bomb cake delivery you may login to luckonluck.

An idea of a good quality cake

You can order a Bomb themed cake and amaze everyone with your selection of cake. Bakeries in Lucknow always try to keep you on point when it comes to cakes and that is why we bring variation in your cake category with time. 

Since Bomb is trending and has a huge fan following, you should order a Bomb cake online from cake sellers websites to make it a fun celebration.


What is Bomb Cake?

You might have come across Bomb Cake in Lucknow when scrolling through cake selling websites and their social media accounts. An edible bomb opens up to reveal a cake inside. Bomb Cake in Lucknow are trending across the area. They have become quite a greatcraze. 

Bakers offers Bomb Cake in Lucknow in various flavors like red velvet, vanilla, butterscotch, truffle, blueberry, black currant, pineapple, fruit and black forest. You can also have layered cake inside the bomb shape. 

These cakes can be customized to be kept inside the edible bomb shell. You may pick your favorite cake from a wide assortment to make the occasion even more better.


Online cake delivery in lucknow luckonluck

Are you a Cake lover in Lucknow? Then you must be well aware of that feeling that one gets on receiving a cake that is based on your favorite theme from bakeries in Lucknow. Here are some themed cakes for all the cake lovers out there. 

If you happen to don’t know what cake type you want, let the bakers know you that it is a trend of celebrating birthdays that is loved universally by many people. All sorts of merchandise are sold in the right theme.

A cake design by bakers in Lucknow

So, to keep our customers on trend, bakeries too have brought you a range of different themed cakes. 

You may order this version for yourself at any event to amuse your guests with trendy cakes, or if you happen to know someone is a great cake addict, then you can send this version to them to bring a smile on their face.  

The younger generation is more attracted to this than adults, you can order the right cake for your kid, nephew, or any younger person in your family.

A theme cake is any day better than any ordinary cake, so experiment with the selection of cakes and give a break to the older version of cakes that you have been already trying for years.

Just heighten any celebration with your smart selection of cake that will make you favorite amongst the lot. You can order for something like this to surprise your friends and family on their special day



 luckonluck Lucknow

Cake from luckonluck in Lucknow have a uniqueness to them in terms of the novelty factor. They surprise both the recipient as well as the others present at the occasion. This makes their cakes very desirable. They also make for very good posts on social media for this cause.

There are also chocolate Bomb Cake in Lucknow. These come with a hard outer ball of chocolate. Within this lies decadent brownies with assorted goodies. 

If you pour some warm chocolate sauce on the cake the hard outer layer melts to reveal the cake inside. These milk, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla cakes usually have chocolate cakes or brownies inside them. 

The chocolate sauce oozes into the bomb when it opens. So, a taste based dessert makes for the ideal surprise. You can also add some mousse to the cake that is inside for a decadent play with textures.

A themed cake in Lucknow

Messages on the cake can be customized both on the cake as well as the bomb, with different messages for each. For example, the message on the outside could have an anniversary date, and the one on the cake could have a romantic message for an anniversary cake. 

In the case of a birthday cake, the cake form luckonluck could have a message that says happy birthday and a lovely message on the cake itself. 

A cake for a promotion can carry ‘Congratulations’ on the outside and a more detailed message on the cake. The cake with quotes options are endless.


Rasmalai Cake in Lucknow

As a fusion cake in Lucknow bakeries’ menu, the Rasmalai Cake is a special recommendation form bakers. Super light, moist and packed with flavour, the cake is loaded with tasty Rasmalai chunks that truly take this cake to the next level. 

The perfect cake to have in your high tea gathering and special events, the Rasmalai cakes exude elegance and sophistication in every bite you take.


Mini Cake in Lucknow

Mini cakes are baked under the oversight of skilled bakers which is why we deliver the cakes with their wonderful look and mouth-watery flavors too. 

Mini cake for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Engagements, and other such common moments are made unusual with delicious cakes. For all such moments and much more, Bakeries in Lucknow take to you cakes in different flavors such as chocolate cake, butterscotch, and vanilla amongst others. 

You may send mini cakes to Lucknow or any other fate of your choice with our express delivery option.

A designer cake in Lucknow

Do not miss the chance to taste more cakes as bakeries n Lucknow are giving good cake gives that will add more fun to your parties. 

Be it black forest or truffle, red velvet or pineapple- these incredible cake offers are accessible in birthday cakes, designer cakes, and combo cakes & chocolates. 

Bakeries in Lucknow areas also provide discounts and offers but it keeps on changing on a timely purpose and one needs to survey the current offers before placing an order.



Q1. Do cake shops in Lucknow provide home delivery?

Yes, almost all cake shops provide home delivery service.


Q2. Do cake shops near me provide vegan cake?

Although vegan cakes are increasing in popularity, they are, however, not as widely available. It is recommendable inquiring with the cake shops.


Q3. Do cake shops provide birthday candles and party accessories also?

Some bakers or cake shops do provide party accessories while others do not. It is always best to check with the relevant cake shop or visit the outlet nearby.


Q4. Do cake shops nearby provide eggless cake?

Yes, almost all cake shops provide eggless cakes in Lucknow.


Q5. Can I sample the cake before buying?

Yes, most cake shops in Lucknow allow their potential customers to sample cakes before purchase.

A fotball cake for kids in Lucknow



 All types of cakes are available in Lucknow. Customers need ot choose the relevant cake type on the basis of their requirements like occasion/event, price and taste of the party people etc. Buyers may make comparison of cakes online then place their order as online we can get all bakeries cake at one place for comparison.


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