How to do SEO of a Site?

How to Optimize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of a web site?

SEO optimization is divided into SEO on-site optimization and SEO off-site optimization. This article puts forward some suggestions on SEO on-site optimization.


Search Engine Optimization infographics

Generally speaking, the main areas of site optimization are:

1. The three tags (title, keywords, and description) are the title, keywords, and description of the website. 

Whether there are reasonable steps in the three tags of the keywords to be optimized is the most important point of SEO in-site optimization.


2. Three navigations (main navigation, secondary navigation, breadcrumb navigation), clear navigation can not only improve the user's experience in the site, but also better guide the search engine spiders to crawl the pages in the site, the whole site is optimized for SEO.

 The idea will be clearly reflected in the navigation.


3. url (dynamic or static, second-level domain name, sub-directory), url is also an important foothold for SEO optimization, and a good design can also increase the density of keywords.


4. Analysis of the site structure, a good site structure in line with the search engine's crawler preferences is conducive to SEO optimization. 

The website structure analysis includes: eliminating the bad design of the website structure, realizing the tree-like directory structure, website navigation and link optimization.


5. In-site keyword density control, there is no definite value for this. It depends on the industry. 

What we need to do in SEO optimization is to be higher than other websites, but it cannot be too crowded to be K.


6. Create a site map SiteMap, according to your own site structure, make a site map to make your website more friendly to search engines. 

Allow search engines to access all pages and sections on the entire site through SiteMap.

The above is the detailed content of how to optimize the SEO station. 

How much does it take to update the content of the website every day?

When many SEOs are doing optimization, they are at a loss as to how much to update the article. 

You see a lot of SEO articles saying that the website must be updated frequently, preferably once a day. In fact, the author wants to correct it here. 

Everyone's misconception, the article, does need to be updated, but not all industries and all websites have to update a large number of articles every day, so how should we determine the degree of update of this article?


1. Refer to the top 10 websites in the same industry

Refer to the update frequency of direct competitors, the number of times, and see how many competitors update each day.


Take a chestnut:

Update competitors every day on average 10 daily updates, then you can also fluctuate up and down according to this value.


2. Determined with reference to the industry


Referencing an industry is not the same as referring to competitors in the same industry.

Another chestnut:

Assuming that your website is an SEO blog, then according to the entire industry, it is unlikely that bloggers will update 5 or 6 articles a day, normally only one article a few days, so now you actually say one article a day past. 

The website will be different, and will require a larger amount.


 How to increase traffic and conversions?

Ways to increase traffic and conversions:


1. First of all, you must know the user group of your website and gain user attention.


The premise for a website to gain traffic is user attention. No matter what the content of the website is, if there is no website attention, even if the website keyword ranks high, it will be useless in the end.


2. Maintain the target keyword ranking of the website.


3. Focus on maintenance of key columns and pages.


4. Mining long-tail keywords, formulating a list of long-tail keywords, and using long-tail keywords to bring volume is the best way. 

The weight of the big site itself is high, so that editors with good literary talent can write about the content of long-tail words, so it is easy to rank long-tail words, and then it is easy to increase traffic.


5. Introduce traffic. According to today's current affairs hot news, do some time-sensitive topics to introduce traffic. 

You can also use social platforms such as fitcj and lawjc to introduce traffic.


6. The external chain must continue to do so, and the platform must choose a site with a higher degree of relevance and weight. 

Like some of Google's own products, don't do too much, as long as you can add links, you can bring a lot of traffic, as well as 360, interactive, vvfit and other products.

Summary: For large sites, traffic still comes from a large number of long-tail keywords, and then insist on making some external links with good content.



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