Which Christmas Cakes Most famous in the World?


12 World-famous Christmas Cakes

When it comes to Christmas cake, the first thing that comes to mind is Stollen, but is it really only Stollen? NO! Every country in the world has unique cakes to welcome Christmas, let Xiaobian take you to see it. Some sites selling such cakes are luckonluck.com, buyqg.com, buyyv.com, etc. at reasonable prices.

Christmas cake Ideas


Below are the 12 most popular cakes in the world:

No. 1 France: Wood Cake

In France, every Christmas, a cake like a tree trunk will appear in the cake shop - the wood cake. Why are Christmas cakes shaped like firewood? It is said to be a legend from Lithuania: if the firewood left over from the previous year is turned into ashes, the ashes can ward off evil spirits.

So, in the week before Christmas, the longest stick of wood will be burned, and it will be burned on Christmas day.

On Christmas Eve, the French will rush back to their hometown for reunion no matter where they are working. Just like the Chinese people keep the New Year's Eve, there is a custom of family reunion vigil.

When staying until midnight, the whole family usually gathers in front of the fireplace to eat wood cakes, accompanied by coffee or black tea. On the one hand, it drives away the cold, and on the other hand, it also connects the family members.


No. 2 Italy: Panettone

"Panetoni" was founded in Milan, an important fashion town in northern Italy. The Milanese call it "Panetun", which originally means "big bread".

When stirring, mix orange peel, lemon peel, raisins, cream, egg yolk, etc. into flour and water, and mix well.

In addition, add sour old noodles for long-term low-temperature fermentation, so that the fruit flavor and dough can be fully integrated, and the baked "Pan" Nidoni" is fruity and mouth-watering.


No. 3 Germany: Weihnachtsstollen / Stollen

Stollen, the most classic Christmas bread in Germany, looks like the scarf when Jesus was born.

People share Stollen to commemorate Jesus. Traditional stolon is generally made 2 weeks in advance, and the flavor of the bread changes over time.

Sugar and oil keep the bread's moisture and make the tissue moist and delicate.

The flavors of various dried fruits slowly seep into the fusion, and the longer the time, the stronger the flavor.

A long stolon can be eaten from Christmas to Easter (April), stored in the freezer, and can even be stored for up to a year.


No. 4 United Kingdom: Christmas

Christmas cake is the fruit cake eaten at Christmas in the UK, Ireland and many Commonwealth countries. Usually a pound cake with a lot of dried fruit is used as a base, and the surface is decorated with icing, cream, Christmas decorations, etc. The words "Merry Christmas" are often sprinkled with chocolate or jam on the top of the cake, and special Christmas candles are placed around it.

The candles are small and colorful, and are blown out by the host, and then everyone shares the cake. People sometimes put three beans in the cake to represent the three oriental sages in the biblical story.

Whoever eats the beans becomes the "three kings", which is very interesting.


No. 5 Scotland: Whisky Dundee

The Scots combined local specialities with English Christmas cakes to create the Whiskey Dunkin' Cake.

Compared with Christmas cakes, its organization is lighter and softer, not as heavy and solid as Christmas cakes; the surface decoration also uses dried fruits instead of cream, just like the Scottish people are simple, but they really love life.


No.6 Japan: Kurisumasu Keki

Cakes in Japan are always fine, replacing heavy-oil pound cakes with delicate, soft sponge cakes, topped with thick whipped cream and red strawberries, and topped with a lovable chocolate Santa Claus.

This cake must be eaten on Christmas Eve, before Christmas. Because kurisumasu keki not only means Christmas.

In Japanese slang, it also refers to an unmarried woman. Once she is 25 years old and not married, it is like a cake left after Christmas, and it is not "fresh".


No. 7 Sweden: Kringla

Inspired by German lye bread, Swedish Knots are made with almond flour and sliced ​​almonds. Unlike the Danish knot, this small cake in Sweden does not contain nuts and raisins. The biggest feature is that it puts a lot of butter.


No. 8 Greece: Christopsomo

The crisscross decoration on top of the loaf symbolizes the Christian cross, the most devout of all Christmas loaves.

When making this bread, the baker has to cross his chest with his hands and pray devoutly.

Dried fruits, nuts and spices are added to the bread for a rich aroma.




No. 9 Hungary: Bejgli

Like the French, the Hungarians also love cake rolls. Although there is no surface decoration, there is a delicious walnut and poppy seed filling.

If you don't have enough for Christmas, you can also eat it at Easter.



No. 10 Poland: Piernik

Unlike other European countries who eat nuts or fruit cakes, Poles eat gingerbread cookies topped with chocolate at Christmas.

This gingerbread can be traced back to the Middle Ages, and in the Torun Museum in Poland, there are still baking molds from the Middle Ages.


No. 11 Iceland: Vinetarta

Icelanders are the only ones who have the guts to eat cakes with lots of plum jam. Vinetarta, layered with cake and plum jam, is Iceland's most traditional cake for Christmas.


No. 12 Spain: Roscon De Reyes / King Cake

It's actually a Spanish King's Day cake, but it has a strong festive character, so we put it in a Christmas cake too.

As its name suggests, the king cake is usually made in the shape of a crown with a little Jesus doll inside, and whoever eats the doll is the king of the party, but the bad thing is that you also take it to February 2 to the church on the day.




There above cakes are famous in their countries and as regards cakes these countries are famous for their respective cakes. Foodie people can have a taste to each of them to taste these tasty dessert or bakery food.

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