Could your CEO be a Humanoid Robot?


Your next CEO could be a Humanoid Robot

Chinese mobile game company NetDragon has appointed an artificial intelligence-powered virtual human as general manager of the humanoid robot Tang Yu. NetDragon is one of the most well-known online game developers in China. NetDragon Network Software has also made several acquisitions in the community and education sectors, including through its partnership with the University of North Texas to establish the UNT-NetDragon Digital Research Center. In this manner it can be seen that in future there will be many CEOs who are humanoids.


A Humanoid Robot

Virtual CEO Ms. Tang Yu started her position at the company's main subsidiary, Fujian NetDragon Network Software. Tang Yu creates an open, interactive and highly transparent management model. Tang Yu will streamline the process, improve the quality of work tasks, and increase the speed of execution. So far, no details have been disclosed about the humanoid robot. The robot will become an executive at the company, which is worth nearly $10 billion.


Humanoid robot Tang Yu


China's NetDragon has named a female robot CEO:

According to NetDragon, Tang Yu will support decision-making in the company's daily operations and provide a more effective risk management system. The move will pioneer the use of artificial intelligence to transform business management, taking operational efficiency to a new level. It doesn't make much sense to consider today's technology without artificial intelligence.


Looking forward to the future, NetDragon will continue to expand on the basis of the algorithm behind NetDragon CEO Tang Yu, build an open, interactive and highly transparent management model, and gradually transform into a work community based on Metaverse. 

Chinese companies were quick to capture the potential of the Metaverse. The global Metaverse market is expected to be worth $280 billion by 2025, with players such as Microsoft and Meta investing in it.


NetDragon founder Dr. Dejian Liu sees AI as the future of business management, and the appointment of the humanoid robot Ms. Tang Yu represents their commitment to truly embrace the use of AI to transform the way they operate. business and ultimately drive its future strategic growth. She will also serve as a real-time data hub and analytics tool for the board and enable more effective risk management systems. 

Dr. Liu further stated that the humanoid robot will serve as a real-time data center and decision analysis tool for the organization.


NetDragon Launched China's First Virtual CEO: Digital Human Executive Tang Yu Appointed

After the company's research and decision, Tang Yu is now appointed as the rotating CEO of NetDragon, responsible for organizational management affairs and strategy execution.

Through the construction of a metaverse organization, the organization model will be continuously optimized, management efficiency will be improved, and talent strategy will be deepened.


Tang Yu, as the company's first digital executive, started to work for NetDragon on September 6, 2017. He used to be the vice president of NetDragon. He was deeply involved in the company's AI+ management, Metaverse organizational strategic planning and projects. Give full play to your strengths and create success together.

The above appointments are effective from August 25, 2022.


NetDragon Websoft CEO Tang Yu's responsibilities also include providing employees with a fair working environment. NetDragon Websoft's use of artificial intelligence is very new and could lead to unprecedented levels of production and efficiency. 

Tang Yu is expected to play a key role in talent development, ensuring a fair and efficient workplace for all employees. In addition, NetDragon said the AI ​​will play an important role in risk management.


NetDragon appoints the first virtual human CEO in China

The Metaverse Era is truly amazing.

NetDragon recently announced that its subsidiary, Fujian NetDragon Computer Network Information Technology Co., Ltd., appointed Tang Yu, the first virtual digital executive, as the rotating CEO, which is the first time in China.


NetDragon said that Tang Yu's appointment is an important milestone in the company's full implementation of the AI ​​+ management strategy and the establishment of a metaverse organization. He will help the company streamline work processes, improve the quality of work tasks and execution efficiency.

Infographics showing AI ​​+ management

As a real-time big data center and analysis system, Tang Yu will support rational decision-making in daily operations while achieving more effective risk management.


NetDragon appoints the first virtual human CEO in China

Tang Yu said that in the future, he will mainly undertake two responsibilities: one is to speak for the Metaverse organization and disclose the company's strategy and achievements; the other is to continue to help the company implement AI + management" and improve organizational efficiency.


According to the data, Tang Yu is a humanoid AI robot independently developed by NetDragon. He took office on September 6, 2017. He used to be the vice president of NetDragon and was deeply involved in the company's AI+ management, Metaverse organizational strategic planning and projects.

Tang Yu has a high-fidelity robot shape and agile expressions and movements, which make her have a strong affinity in communication.


Infographics on High Fidelity Robot Expressions

In the past two years, Tang Yu has been active in many fields such as culture and education, which has left a deep impression on people.


Besides Tang Yu, NetDragon also has AI assistant Tang Xiaoqing and AI project manager Tang Sheng. The AI ​​team formed by them has approved more than 300,000 forms, issued nearly 500,000 transaction reminders and warnings, completed 1,288 internal rewards and punishments, and sparred employees with knowledge and skills for more than 40,000 people every year.


Regarding the role of virtual human as CEO, some professionals believe that the creation of AI employees based on the company's digital process is a direction worth thinking and trying, but NetDragon's operation is more suspicious of hype.

Some netizens also ridiculed: This is good, the boss is really not a human being


Founded in 1999, NetDragon Network Holdings Limited (Hong Kong Stock Exchange Code 777) is headquartered in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. It ranks among the top 2,000 Forbes Global Enterprises. It has more than 6,000 employees and has twice been awarded "Excellent Employer" by Fortune Magazine.


NetDragon has established, a well-known online game portal in China, and independently developed game development engines such as C3 and S3, as well as games such as "Magic Domain", "Conquer", "Blade of Heroes" and "Oath of the End", and has also built a smartphone service platform. 91 Wireless, sold to Baidu for $1.9 billion in 2013.


In 2021, NetDragon's revenue is 7.035 billion yuan, of which the game business revenue is 3.642 billion yuan.

NetDragon Fujian, where Tang Yu is the rotating CEO, is a subsidiary company whose main business is the operation of online games.

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