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Bumblebee Movie Story and Characters

Bumblebee is a polysemous word with several meanings as:

    ▪ Characters in Transformers

    ▪ U.S. movie directed by Travis Knight in 2018

    ▪ Chevrolet model nickname

    ▪ Bumblebee mobile phone

    ▪ U.S. Twin-engine supersonic shipborne fighter

    ▪ Online games "QQ Speed" B-class racing

    ▪ Superheroes under the American DC Comics

    ▪ Novel and interesting puzzle casual games

    ▪ Bundesliga club Dortmund nickname

    ▪ Animal

    ▪ Mobile games with the same name

    ▪ Honda motorcycle models

    ▪ Operations of Russian Rimsky Kosakoff

    ▪ Henan Bumblebee Animation Media Company

    ▪ The role of the mobile game "Blue Line" and its derivative works

    ▪ Peter Handek writing novels

    ▪ Characters of the game "Empty Knight" and "Empty Knight: Song of the Silk". Some sites may give more information about the movie which you may use to search and read more at 123anime


    Bumblebee (character in Transformers)

Bumblebee (Bumblebee) is an anime / manga / movie "Transformers", the popular character, can be transformed into Volkswagen Beetle / Chevrolet Camaro sports car.

In 1984, it was named Bumblebee by Marvel editor Bob Budiansky, and debuted in the first episode of Yuan Zu comic "The Transformers" in September 1984. Related comics, animations and live-action movies are all played by the host.

Name:    Bumblebee

Other names:    Goldfly

Dubbing:    Dan Gilvezan (G1)

Debut works:    "Transformers" series

Sex:    Male

Advantage:    Strong sense of responsibility

Deficiency:    Indecision, indecision and unwillingness


Role is born

One of Transformers' first twenty-plus toy products. In 1984, Hasbro acquired from TAKARA and sought Marvel to promote it.

Marvel editor Bob Budiansky named it and gave it personality settings. At this time, the Transformers really have life. * Previously only toy models.

In the Yuanzu comics that were subsequently launched, Bumblebee also appeared as the main character. According to the settings given in the comics, Hasbro launched three episodes of promotional animation.

* The first episode of the manga first appeared as a toy image in 1984, and the second episode was modified to match the animation design.

After the focus of the comics shifted to the British branch, screenwriter Simon Furman further perfected the role setting.

Position. Main functions

One of the four Autobot Officers directly under Optimus Prime. (* The other three are ambulance, police car, jazz.)

This setting is described in Simon's book The Ultimate Guide. And it is still used in Yuanzu derivative works (such as DW, IDW and live-action movies).

The original Yuanzu comics have not yet been set up, and they have not specified the positions of most of the characters, but from the relevant plots, it can be seen that the Bumblebee has always belonged to the car senior.

Bumblebee is responsible for espionage (strategic reconnaissance) and works as spy, communication, and intelligence command.

Optimus Prime calls him the best operatives and master of stealth.

Role file

* Quote from Yuanzu Character Card.

Divided into two versions, the bumblebee part is external state, and the golden flying insect part is related to the spiritual level.

The Goldbug in Yuanzu’s comics is just a self-proclaimed replacement of the shell, not an upgrade in the normal sense, so it is still regarded as the same person as the bumblebee. At the same time, the character is an important main character of Yuanzu.

* The ancestor in the late Yuanzu restored it to a bumblebee.

Bumblebee version

Main function: Espionage

First appearance: Episode 1 of "Transformers"

Motto:-The more impossible, the more dangerous.

Information is power. (Classic version)

Bumblebee is the little brother of the Autobots. He is small, enthusiastic, and sometimes likes to say something saucy. But all his playful remarks are obviously because he admires the large body-especially Optimus Prime and police cars.

As a messenger and spy, he played a very important role: because he didn't seem threatening, he could go to places that other transportation did not dare. At the same time, his relatively small size sometimes allows him to use paths that others cannot.

The most important point is that Hornet wants to be accepted and recognized, and this sometimes drives him to take risky actions.

Jinfei insect version

Main functions: Espionage Director

First appearance: "G.I JOE and Transformers" (US version). * "Transformers" Chapter 118 (English Version)

Motto:-If you want to know each other, you will be the prophet.

Although Bumblebee's body was destroyed, his brain module was still intact. For this reason, his original body, a new body with a similar performance, but an upgraded performance, was created. However, Bumblebee resisted playing his original role again. The crisis of death changed him: he was no longer willing to play that cute, playful "little brother".

He no longer enjoys, and no longer accepts the attention paid by other Autobots teammates to the humiliated house he often shows. He became more serious and even gloomy. Some people may say that he is mature. Because he resisted his original self, he also rejected his original name-Bumblebee. He wanted a new identity to match his new body. So he chose the name Goldbug.

He became more confident and confident, and this change was also reflected through his promotion to the Autobot Intelligence Commander. He is still a very charming, friendly and approachable Bo school companion, but when he works, he shows the explicit pessimism and gloomy intensity that will make others distracted by him.

He no longer acts as he thinks others want him to behave. He is no longer interested in being accepted and recognized by others. He began to realize that what others thought of him was not as important as what he thought of himself. Recently, he usually feels good about himself. And I am very grateful that I can have this choice.

Ability. Weakness

Bumblebee is very energy efficient and can increase his energy utilization to 1.8 times less than his automates. He usually only needs to do a few times and low amount of energy supplement.

His visual acuity is superior to all motorists: in good weather conditions, he can distinguish objects 10 inches * 10 inches (10 inches about 25.4 cm) in size 48 miles (77 kilometers) away. Bumblebee's good adaptability to the underwater environment makes him exceptionally important in seafloor detection and survey missions and maritime rescue operations.

In terms of physical fitness, Bumblebee is the weakest of all Autobot members and the most vulnerable. But his concealment can make up for this deficiency.

Character value

Physical strength




















Due to the irresponsibility of domestic translators, Bumblebee's image has always been seriously misunderstood. The online version of the Golden Flying Bug file is completely wrong-for example, the Autobots ’Espionage Director is translated into a fighter killer leader, and the darker side is translated into thick black.

Bumblebee is not a "scout", nor is it a general service agent. There is no plot to write about his role as a scout and involving scouts. Even in the character archives other than the "Ultimate Guide", only his function has appeared as a spy / spyster.

In addition, the first-generation (G1) animations were targeted at the group, and some of the negative characters of the autobots were deleted, and they did not fully show the accurate characteristics of this character.

Voice actor

G1 Animation: Dan Gilvizan

Live-action movie: Mark Ryan

TFA (08) Animation: Bumper Robinson

The Battle of Cybertron: Johnny Yong

Leadership Certificate and 2015RID: Will Friedle

(Transformers animation)

(Live action movie)

(08 animated version)

(The mystery of returning escorts / challenges of leaders)

Movie Character

In 2002, Hasbro began to plan to put its products on the movie screen. The production team interviewed Simon Furman to investigate and research the first-generation universe and lay the foundation for the final script.

The first live-action movie was officially released in July 2007, and the Bumblebee appeared as the protagonist.

Role file

* Quoted from toy cards, official novels and wikis

Metamorphosis: Chevrolet CHEVROLETCamaro

Inner-page archives of the real novels

Inner-page archives of the real novels

Bumblebee is one of Optimus Prime's most trusted adjutants, the second character of the Bopa, with excellent intelligence spying capabilities.

Although he is not the strongest or most powerful among the Bopaists, the Hornet, with its bottomless abyss-like luck, determination and courage, perfectly surpassed these flaws. He is happy to dedicate his life to protect others and stop the deceptive atrocities.

Bumblebees can best perform their work in dark and secluded places, protecting their goals as an undiscovered guardian. Don't be blinded by his like to keep hidden. Once the battle starts, he will rush forward without any hesitation, and his hands are fully open.

* During the four-year vacancy period from 3 to 4, the Bumblebee served as the Bo commander.


Transformers 1

The leading actor Sam (Sam) and his father went to buy a used car. Sam saw at a glance the old sports car Camaro that the Hornet turned into, but Sam's father thought the price was too high and refused to buy, so the Hornet made noise and shattered all. The glass of other cars reduced the price of the car owner to $ 4,000 and sold it to Sam and his sons.

Sam used Bumblebee to take the heroine Mikaela home. Halfway Bumblebee began to sing, and then intentionally broke down, as if creating a romantic atmosphere for Sam, but Sam thought it was a broken car. That night, Bumblebee drove out of Sam's house. Sam thought that someone had stolen a car and followed him. He found that the bumblebee was deformed and summoned other motorists.

Sam reported the case. As a result, the police did not believe what he said, but arrested the only person who claimed to be on the scene, Sam.

Story of Bumblebee Review

Sam was released on bail after being disgusted by the police and found that the Hornet came back. After being shocked, he started to escape by bicycle. He was chased by the Hornet and met the first villain in an old warehouse-the roadblock (Mad faction ) a transformed police car, who began to question Sam where his eBay lot 21153 was [the glasses of his great-grandfather carrying AllSpark (Tinder Source) information as soon as the barricade was transformed].

Sam was so scared that he continued to escape, hitting Mikaela halfway, when the bumblebee appeared, loaded with two people and ran away, the two were chased by the barricade, and finally a factory bumblebee transformed and knocked down the barricade and showed himself The identity of the aliens brought them to meet the other four Autobots (Bopai) who came.

Halfway through, Mikaela suspected that Bumblebee's used car transformed into an alien (higher creature) was worn out, so Bumblebee angrily dropped the two and scanned and transformed into a brand new Chevrolet Camaro.

After Hornet went home with Sam to find his glasses, the Sam family was taken away by Secret Agent Sector7. The Autobots (Bopai) rescued them halfway, but the secret agents arrived and Sam and Mikaela fell from the hiding bridge. The Hornet was They were rescued and captured by S7 agents.

The captured bumblebee was transported to the location of AllSpark (Tinder Source) and Megatron (Wild Leader) as a pilot research. Sam came to rescue him and successfully reduced the AllSpark that Megatron was looking for. And bring it into the city to hide.

The Hornet was unable to stand because everyone was hit by Starscream in the legs while making a cover. Mikaela used the trailer to carry the Hornet and cooperated to knock down the noisy of the transformed tank (crazy). After the final victory, the Hornet restored its language function and said that it wanted to stay with Sam.

The second part

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Sam found a piece of AllSpark (fire source) in the clothes he wore during the first war. The pieces burned Sam's hand and burned through the floor and fell into the kitchen, turning a series of appliances into a transformer. Sam called for help.

The Hornet showed up and easily wiped out the home appliance King Kong, but it almost flattened half of the house in Sam's house. After the crisis, Sam told Bumblebee that he was going to college. The school did n’t allow students to drive, so Sam couldn’t bring Bumblebee. The Bumblebee cried but couldn’t speak (inferred from the animated version.

Bumblebee’s speech sound generator was shattered by Starscream (Star Roar) during this operation, so it couldn’t speak again.) Later, due to the fact that the crazy faction began to invade again, the Bopa leader Optimus Prime needed trusted human friends to communicate with humans, so the bumblebee found Sam and drove away a madman disguised as a beauty in a very funny way and brought Sam To Optimus Prime.

Then Sam was found to have AllSpark

The source left the information and was hijacked by the madman. When he was about to be cranied, Hornet followed Optimus Prime to rush into the factory (Optimus Prime walked through the ceiling, and Hornet entered the wall and floor-to-ceiling windows on the other side), attacking Starscream violently, but Since the launch weapon is too weak, it has no effect.

Optimus Prime rushed into the forest following Megatron, while Bumblebee connected Mikaela and Leo (the student who ran the website with Sam), and went to meet with the Auto People's Force who came to support, but they rushed At that time, I saw Optimus Prime sacrificed.

After Optimus sacrificed, Hornet comforted Sam and told him that he would never leave him. With the help of Agent Simmons, Sam found Jetfire (Skyfire), a pioneer who had already switched to Bopa.

Bumblebee and Sam were sent to Egypt by Jetfire's wormhole. With the help of Skyfire, sam and Mikaela found the tool to resurrect Optimus Prime, and at this time the madmen came to block it. Soon the Hornet arrived, and a mad sweep killed countless sectarians, finally helping Sam successfully resurrect Optimus Prime.

The resurrected Optimus Prime cleanly defeated the villain's fallen King Kong. The bumblebee also used his dexterous abilities to eliminate the violent (crazy) transformation of the forklift, and killed the robot dogs that attacked neatly, protecting everyone and performing very well.

Part Three

Transformers 3: When the moon is dark

In "Transformers 3", the bumblebee followed its usual lively and cute image, and the shape changed slightly after the car was transformed into a more handsome. The performance is also better, such as transforming in the air and cleverly catching Sam.

In the fight against the predators, he was prevented from being hit hard in the air and changed back to Camaro quickly. In the third part, when the Bumblebee is about to be shot by Sonic.

The bumblebee to be sacrificed shed tears, and the scene was really worrying.

At the moment of crisis, the mad mothership fell, distracting the madman who was about to shoot the bumblebee. The bumblebee took the opportunity to resist, and after a fight, he killed the sound wave through the chest. Fully demonstrate his outstanding fighting skills.

At the end of the film, Bopa Autobots and humans fought side by side and won. The Hornet took out a few gears and gave them to the protagonist as a ring, hummed the wedding march in his mouth, and encouraged Sam to marry his girlfriend immediately.

This naughty move swept the entire film. The departure of the autos such as Tin Tin brought the audience Haze, draw a perfect ending to the film.

Part Four

Bumblebee (live action movie)

Transformers 4: Extinction Rebirth

The story takes place four years after the final decisive battle in the previous Chicago, the Bo and the sect suddenly disappeared from the earth, and humans have also begun to regenerate in the ruins of the broken walls. But the real situation is that some extremists in humans believe that the existence of Autobots poses a threat to humanity, and a tomb wind group is formed to break down Autobots individually.

The human KSI company solved the metal "genome" of the Autobots and developed a new technology that they are actually unable to control. With the support of this technology, KSI created a product "sting" that has the same appearance and ability as the bumblebee, annoying the bumblebee, and kicked it to the ground behind it.

The guidance of the memory preserved in the construction of the new "Company Product" Megatron without the knowledge of the name was named Jingbaotian.

At the same time, the earth was also threatened by an ancient and powerful transformer, the confinement (also the largest villain in Part IV), in critical condition.

In the latter part of the film, Optimus tamed and persuaded the mechanical dinosaur to join Bopa and came to China to help. Among them, Strafe and Bumblebee partnered to kill the stinger, and the head was thrown to the dart as food. Made a huge contribution to the final victory.

In the fourth part, compared to the severely abused leader Optimus Prime, who suffered many injuries, the bumblebee, who was only slightly injured in the battle, is the favorite of the screenwriter and director.

Although the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro model incarnation of the Hornet was not "modern" at the beginning of the game, the later transformation into the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro concept model is still cool and attractive.

Czech: Čmelák

French: Bourdon, Coccinelle

Hebrew: דבור

Hungarian: Űrdongó, Dongó, Aranybogár

Italian: Maggiolino, Wagenbot, Saetta

Polish: Trzmiel

Portuguese: Moscardo, Furão

Russian: Шершень

Ukrainian: Джміль

Transformers 08

Transformers 2008 animation series.

One of the eye-catching characters in this game is not the same as the role positioning in G1. The role in the team is more like the positioning of the live-action movie version. The vehicle type is Officer Fan Song's patrol car.

The personality is very active, so it is not compatible with police cars and ambulances. Some childish.

Trainers at the same time as the partition for elite troops.

The weapon is a sting that can paralyze each other. Attacking with the magnetic force of the ambulance can create a burst of EMP that temporarily paralyzes metal enemies (such as robots belonging to Decepticons).

Bumblebee is the youngest member of the team, and is also the focus of many people-especially the ambulance.

It is not his fault to do it first. You know, especially when you can penetrate the enemy line at the highest speed, or use the energy spike to accurately shoot the opponent, so why not talk nonsense. The Hornet was not afraid, not even Megatron.

Leader's Testimony / Leadership Challenge

The animated works launched in 2010 and the sequel in 2015 continued the plots of WOC and FOC.

Bumblebee was one of the last batch of Transformers born before the dormant dormancy. He was originally a scout under Jingtian's choice, and later transferred to Optimus Prime due to a subordinate mission.

Bee is a young soldier who is still in training, but his bravery and optimism make Optimus Prime appreciate it. In the official prequel novel of the leader's certificate, he mentioned that the titanium master believed that the bumblebee and Optimus Prime were young.

Olain Parkes is very similar. During the Battle of the Altar of Peace, the Hornet was unfortunately captured and cruelly tortured. The sound generator was smashed by Megatron. From then on, it could only rely on electronic sounds to speak.

The battle of the Altar of Peace made the Bumblebee mature and stable. After that, he followed Optimus Prime to the earth and formed a partnership with the human youth Raphael (nicknamed Rafi) to participate in the battle against the Decepticons.

In the battle for the ultimate lock created by the Shockwave, Hornet was killed by Megatron and resurrected by Cybertron matter (synthetic super-energy body), restored the sound generator and pierced Megatron with the Star Sword. Tinder.

After returning to Cybertron, when Optimus Prime left to search for the source of fire, Tongtianxiao was seriously injured and the universe emperor came to the trouble, the Hornet took the command mission and showed its excellent leadership potential.

In the first season of the 2015 Leader's Testimonial Sequel (Leadership Challenge), the Hornet will assume the responsibility of the leader under Optimus Prime's guidance.

This is a story that happened after Optimus Prime returned to the fire source for many years. The Hornet was guided by Optimus Prime to the earth, and his team hunted the fleeing Decepticons with horizontal guns, iron fists, steel cables, and drift.

Compared with the predecessor (TFP), the body of the hornet has changed a lot. There is no powerful weapon in the predecessor, only a pistol and deceptive hunting device. It is more agile, and the enemy is steel pliers.

Animated Character

As a promotional advertisement for toys, the designer adjusted the Bumblebee's model to become the image in the animation.

The Bumblebee was very active in Transformers (G1 animation), and the Autobots ranked third in appearance rate. Its popularity is no less than that of leaders.

He often accompanies the human character Spike and becomes his friend. In the animation, the two of them always act together to support Bopa.

He is one of the very few characters in the Transformers movie that has not been killed. However, he rarely saw him in Transformers 2010, and it is difficult to see him playing with Spike. It wasn't until the Transformers: The Rebirth that it appeared again.

(* The bumblebee that appeared in the rebirth chapter is not a screenwriter BUG, ​​but conforms to the recovery plot in the Marvel Yuanzu comic.)

In the 96th episode of the animated version, it was transformed into "Golden Flying Bug".

Role file

* Referenced from DW's version role card.

Deformation form: Volkswagen Beetle car, Cybertron is a flying saucer-like suspended land vehicle.

The following is excerpted from the archive record of Bopa Commander Optimus Prime

Hornet envy other Bopa warriors. Limited by physical conditions, he always felt that he lacked ability, so he always could not wait to show his courage. Bumblebee sometimes makes some seemingly brave and risky moves in order to leave a memorable impression on everyone, especially to his two idols: The police car, and me-his commander (acknowledge This really makes me happy and embarrassed).

DW English original file card

Bumblebees are often severely accused, especially SCUD, who likes to accuse bumblebees most of their faults. Although most people can't help laughing when they hear the harsh sarcasm of Scud, they still admire Bumblebee's skill and his playful character in their hearts.

Bumblebee always misinterprets other people's goodwill help as hypocrisy, which makes him more determined to strictly demand himself to face reality. Nonetheless, people still have full confidence in Bumblebee's ability and potential.

Animation appearance

Episode 1 Day One

Episode 5 All Attack

Episode 6 Divide and Conquer

Episode 10 War Robot Dinosaur

Episode 11 The Disaster of the Top (Part 1)

Episode 15 Robot Insect

Episode 16 The War of Two Heroes

Episode 51 Optimus Prime's Trophy

Episode 5 Female Autobot

Episode 60 Car Grand Prix

Episode 61 Cosmic Rust

Episode 6 Starscream Mutiny

Transformers movie

Episode 80 Ghost

Episode 94 Optimus Prime Resurrection (Part 1)

Episode 95 Optimus Prime Resurrection (Part 2

What is Aadhar Project for Social Security Benefits?

The Unique Identification project (also known as the Aadhar project) implemented in India completed the demographic and biometric data collection of more than 500 million people earlier this week. It is also the largest in the world today, a biometrics project.


The Aadhar plan has been implemented for many years and has been accompanied by criticism from privacy and security protection groups. This project's progress this week has made the outside world full of concerns about the methods of capturing, storing and managing data, and the participation of the American company MongoDB.


MongoDB is a NoSQL database-based startup that last year received an investment from In-Q-Tel, which is inextricably linked to the CIA. In-Q-Tel is an independent non-profit venture capital organization supported by the CIA and other US intelligence agencies.


Aadhaar Data Leakage

In the past few days, multiple Indian media have quoted their own political parties and activists as questioning whether sensitive data in the Aadhar project has been leaked. This project is currently sponsored by Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani ) leadership. Some reports also linked this controversy to MongoDB.


PRISM Plan of US National Security Agency (NSA)

Governments around the world have raised concerns about the "Prism" plan implemented by the US National Security Agency (NSA). Anything that is incompatible with US government intelligence agencies is enough to cause uproar.

In addition, as India will hold general elections next year, political-related arguments have reached an unprecedented level in history.


The timing of the above accusations may not be worse, at least for the ambitious identification project Aadhar:

A bill related to the project is currently being approved by the Indian Parliament. Once passed, it will become a complete Constitutional institutions.

A journalist visited the Aadhar office in Bangalore, India sometime ago. According to an official interviewed by me, the truth of the whole thing also surfaced:

Although some people accused the contract of including clauses for sharing data with MongoDB.

In fact Aadhar only used MongoDB's open source code does not involve sensitive data. This trip to Bangalore also gave journalist the opportunity to learn about the operating mechanism of the larger biometric database on the planet and how to deal with security and privacy concerns.


In addition, the Unique Identification Authority of India (hereinafter referred to as UIDAI) also refuted the Aadhar project's allegation of sharing Indian citizen data with US intelligence agencies.

What does Aadhar mean for India?

If you want to understand the reasons for the implementation of the Aadhar plan and what this project means for a country like India, let’s first understand the relevant background.

More than 500 million people in India do not have an official identification (ID), which has caused a series of problems, such as their inability to obtain government assistance, open bank accounts, apply for loans, obtain driver's licenses, and so on.

The Aadhar project is currently entering the data of Indian citizens at a rate of 1 million people per day. It is expected that approximately 1.2 billion people will be entered by the end of next year, thus becoming the largest biometric database on Earth.


The greater advantage of having a 12-digit Aadhar number is that the government can link bank accounts to the poor and directly transfer cash proceeds and other subsidies to their bank accounts. Currently, India has nearly 40 million bank accounts connected to Aadhar data.


Social Security Adhaar

Statistics from the market research agency CLSA show that the Indian government has specially arranged subsidies and other benefits amounting to US $ 250 billion for its poor people, of which more than 40% will be embezzled by relevant personnel in the next few years.

The Aadhar project will eliminate the intermediate link in the process of subsidizing the poor, and will directly hit cash into the bank accounts of people who need government subsidies, thereby curbing corruption.


However, some think tanks and activists have always expressed concerns about the privacy issues of the Aadhar project and even questioned the effectiveness of the entire project, including the Centre for Internet & Society in Bangalore.

Enter the world's largest biometric database

Journalists have tried many times to meet with Aadhar project officials to understand the project’s security issues, progress, and their reactions to MongoDB data sharing disputes.


On Friday, they finally agreed to meet a journalist at the Aadhar project headquarters in the southern suburbs of Bangalore. Intel and Cisco India headquarters are also located in the area.

From the outside, the Aadhar Technology Center, which stores the data of all citizens in India (currently totaling 5PB), does not look like a government building at all, but it misleads people into thinking that it is a nearby Intel or Cisco office building.

In the Aadhar project headquarters, when the journalist walked into a room with more than a dozen TV screens in a central location, he saw several young engineers in their early twenties sitting in excitement. They were continually tapping on the computer keyboard numbers or letters, the activity of querying data packets that store information, the entire scene looked like an advanced control center.


These data packets (each with a capacity of about 5MB) are displayed on the TV screen. This process starts from their loading in 30,000 entry centers across India and undergoes at least three verifications of information.

The verification process includes double verification of each personal file to ensure that the same person will not have more than two Aadhar numbers.


Therefore, every time a new personal file is created, a "de-duplication" check must be performed on all existing files. This number has now exceeded 500 million.


Former Intel engineer Srikanth Nadhamuni (Srikanth Nadhamuni) helped develop the Aadhar technology platform in September 2010 and he is currently the head of Khosla Lab in Bangalore.

Nadhamny told me that these data packets have been processed through 2048-bit encrypted storage. Once someone tries to access the data without authorization, they can all destroy themselves.

How to deal with MongoDB dispute

Why did Aadhar cooperate with MongoDB from the beginning? Will this cooperation continue? Sudhir Narayana, assistant director general of the Aadhar Technology Center, told me that MongoDB is just one of the many products initially selected by the Aadhar project to handle database searches.

Others include MySQL, Hadoop and HBase. Unlike MySQL, which can only store demographic data, MongoDB can also store image data.


However, after realizing that MongoDB could not process millions of data packets, Aadhar gradually transferred most of the related database work to the MySQL platform. At present, they are already using "database sharding" (database sharing) technology:

Store data packets on different machines to ensure that the system will not suddenly crash when the amount of data increases.


This approach helped the Aadhar project reduce its dependence on MongoDB, while switching to the MySQL platform to store most of the data. Ashok Dalwai, deputy director general of Aadhar Technology Center, told me that MongoDB cannot access any biometric data.

"We believe that the use of open source technology can avoid the situation of completely relying on a certain manufacturer, but this does not mean that we will make a slight compromise in security," Darvay said.


After journalists got in touch with MongoDB, the company spokesperson gave this statement link to let us understand its relationship with In-Q-Tel.


More importantly, Indian UIDAI started using the company ’s open source software long before MongoDB received funding from In-Q-Tel. As Crunchbase data shows, MongoDB received a total of $ 7.7 million in venture capital from three companies including Red Hat, Intel Ventures, and In-Q-Tel in 2012.

What is the future prospect of the Aadhar project?

The officials said that despite the controversy surrounding this project, Aadhar is still moving towards the goal of entering data for more than 1.2 billion Indian citizens in 2014. This effort will eventually create a database of 15PB.



Currently, the Aadhar project is entering personal identification information at a rate of 1 million people per day. Narayana told me that he believes that the entry speed will increase to about 2 million people per day starting next year, thus achieving the goal of entering the remaining 700 million people into the database more quickly.

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