Has Picnic been Spoiled by Web celebrities?


Picnic ruined by internet celebrities

Life needs a sense of ritual, but not just for the sense of ritual. Those cookie-cutter picnic photos are all similar floral skirts, similar poses, it seems that form is more important than content.


Words of the King of Things:


Not wild, how can you call a picnic?


It is said that 2020 is the first year of Chinese picnics.


Because starting from March in Yangchun, the circle of friends began to have picnics one after another until the May Day holiday, which almost reached a climax.


Picnic enjoyment

Open the circle of friends, as long as there are red gingham cloth, rattan baskets, flower skirts, and even if you don’t even need to open the big picture, you can guess it’s a picnic.


Someone joked: "The same China, the same picnic."


If this is the first year of Chinese picnic, it is better to say that this is the first year of Chinese Internet celebrity picnic.


Internet celebrity picnic, beauty is the same

A plaid cloth, a few rattan baskets, wooden plates, sandwiches, desserts, English-labeled wine, flowers, and even balloons, and then there are picnic photos, ukuleles, magazines, English newspapers. It is nothing more than these factors.


If you don’t believe me, search for picnic guides on Xiaohongshu. Most of the styles are similar. Even the props, composition, and color palette have been listed for you when taking pictures. Just follow this template to unlock the same picnic.


Once you search for the word "picnic" on Taobao, you will immediately have "a full set of picnic supplies for the same type of internet celebrity" and "ins wind picnic", place an order with one click, and the same type of picnic for internet celebrities will be in place immediately.


In fact, there is nothing wrong with pursuing beauty, and imitation is not necessarily impossible. 

It’s just that when the Moments of Friends post similar pictures, I just want to ask: Are you tired of aesthetics? Does it have to be like this for a picnic?


What's even more funny is that some people took roast chicken, shrimp, and a bunch of small snacks to a picnic, which looked like an enhanced version of the spring outing in elementary school, but was pushed into the hot search. Netizens laughed that such a picnic was too real.


Seeing this, I really just want to yell: "I can do this kind of picnic too!" Isn’t a picnic just about being in the good weather, basking in the sun, looking at the greenery, and eating your favorite food? 


Why does this become a funny sand sculpture series? Does exquisiteness have nothing to do with big meals?


There is a group on Douban called "Are you exquisite today?"

I thought it was sharing how to live a better everyday life, but when I clicked it, I was sharing my experience of plastic surgery and medical beauty.


Can’t help asking, is our understanding of exquisiteness too simple and crude? Is refinement just a precise aesthetic under human technology? Just as we ask for the beauty of a picnic, is it too single?


Internet celebrity picnic, "beautiful is beautiful, without soul", because it is so beautiful that it is too uniform without thinking.


Just like our time, if you are eager to make it fast, it is better that someone tell me how to do it with one click, and copy and paste it.

Is essence of a picnic the wild?

What is a picnic? Its English name is picnic, which originated in Europe in the 18th century and is a formal royal social event.


At that time, the nobles had to set up tables and chairs outdoors during the picnic, and there would be servants. Later, it gradually became a leisure activity for the general public.


Today, the popular picnic in the circle of friends can be said to be aesthetically derived from the paintings of the Renaissance. Such as "Lunch on the Grass" by Monet. 

In the shade of summer trees, the sun is shining finely, the girls are wearing floral skirts, white linen is covered with delicate food, and champagne is placed.

Everything is beautiful, especially the sunshine passing through the green shade. After so many years, facing the painting, it seems that the temperature of that day can be touched, the joy of that picnic.


Turning to look at the picnic picture of Moments, I am confused: Did everyone go to the same grass? Was the wind hot or cold that day? What fun did you encounter at the picnic that day?

Perhaps this is the biggest problem with Internet celebrity picnics.

The essence of a picnic lies in the wild. It is to feel the sunshine and breeze of nature and the agility of vegetation in the gap of urban life. I want to have a picnic because of our longing for nature and the countryside after living in concrete for a long time.


However, often only see the refined picnic pictures.

The best picnic is to enjoy the moment

When searching for picnic topics on Zhihu, someone asked: "Why don't the Chinese have a picnic?"


The bottom reply was: "Why don't the Chinese have a picnic, it's just a picnic!"


Going to a certain mountain river, burning a few firewood, or building a kiln, roasting chicken, roasting sweet potatoes, roasting corn... is also a proper picnic. But it may be that the photo is not that beautiful.

Therefore, some people may say, why not have a picnic with Internet celebrities? Doesn't life require a sense of ritual? Does it mean that you have to have a picnic?


Yes, life needs a sense of ritual, but not just for the sense of ritual.


Those cookie-cutter picnic photos are all similar floral skirts, similar poses, it seems that form is more important than content.


Lin Huiyin in the Republic of China was also a person who liked picnics. Whenever she is free, she will ride a donkey to picnic in the mountains and ancient temples. She once left a famous picnic photo.


Her picnic is also well-equipped, with plaid cloth, nice snack boxes, glass jugs, and indispensable bamboo baskets.


Lin Huiyin's picnic is also exquisite and beautiful, but it gives a different feeling. Maybe it's because she in the camera is still talking, pouting, and a little bit naughty. This is not a posing photo, but an unintentionally recorded moment during a picnic. This is the reason why it is moving.


In this shot, Lin Huiyin and her companions are talking, enjoying the good weather that day, enjoying the food they prepared, instead of thinking about going back and sending a photo, thinking about going to the sun.

This is the fun of a picnic.

It can be a Western afternoon tea with salad, avocado, fried chicken, grilled skewers, and crayfish. It can be a lattice placemat with net red wind and INS wind, or a folding stool with sports wind.


Regardless of whether it is Chinese style or Internet celebrity style, it should not be the same, and it does not need to be exposed to the sun.


The point of the picnic is for the wild. It is to enjoy the wild fun comfortably in the wild, and soak wild!

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