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The US CDC recognizes that the new coronavirus comes from the US, is it true? Is the United States finally telling the truth?

In the past two days, many friends saw a picture on the Internet, which said that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed that the first case of coronavirus came from the United States. is this real?


This is a fake news, which is a translation error. Everyone carefully read the English in the picture. The text reads: "CDC confirms the first US coronavirus case of "unknown" origin". The true meaning of this sentence is: CDC (United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) confirmed that the first case of new coronary pneumonia in the United States whose source cannot be determined. It is not that the new coronavirus comes from the United States.


In fact, what this news is saying is that the United States has found a patient whose source of infection could not be found. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that a patient with new coronavirus diagnosed on February 26, local time, has not left the United States recently, and has not been in contact with any confirmed cases.

It is planned to be the first patient with new coronavirus whose cause cannot be determined in the United States. 

According to an official from the center, the patient is from northern California, and officials are currently tracking all the people who have been in contact with the patient.


Therefore, this is a complete translation error. I don't know if someone deliberately or accidentally.

Where did coronavirus originate?

Academician Zhong Nanshan said that the virus may not originate from China.


On February 27, Zhong Nanshan, an expert of the Chinese Health Commission, said at an official press conference in Guangzhou, “There are some situations abroad. This epidemic first appeared in China, not necessarily in China.”


Zhang Wenhong, head of the Shanghai Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Clinical Group and Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Huashan Hospital of Fudan University, said recently that he did not agree with the argument that the new coronavirus came from a foreign country.

On February 28th, Zhang Wenhong said in an interview that Wuhan was the first city in China where this new infectious disease appeared. If it is spread from abroad to China, it should be the disease at the same time in several cities, not one after another. .


Regarding the origin of the virus, regarding patient zero, we need to rely on evidence to speak


If you want to know where the virus comes from and where it originated, you can judge from two aspects:


First of all, we can investigate when and where the virus first appeared, and which place appeared first, then this place is the origin of the virus.


Of course, in the vast crowd, patient zero may be difficult to find. If you can't find it, there are other ways.


We can also use genetic analysis to find the evolution of the virus to find out where the virus is from the ancestors and where the virus is from the grandfather, son, or grandson, so that we can also find the origin of the virus.


Taiwan expert: According to a paper, it can be concluded that the source of the new coronavirus is the United States?

A few days ago, in a Taiwanese TV program, some experts pointed out that according to genetic analysis, the new crown virus was divided into 5 families, and it was found that there were 5 in the United States and only 1 in China. Because the virus in the United States is more comprehensive, "the United States is the source."


In fact, Taiwanese experts derive it based on a document from the mainland, but this document does not reach such a conclusion. Taiwanese experts are over-interpretation.

Researchers have collected the genome data of 93 novel coronavirus samples from 12 countries on four continents shared in the GISAID EpiFluTM database (as of February 12) in various fields around the world, and traced the source of infection through the analysis of the whole genome data. Diffusion path.


The study found that the 93 samples received contained 58 haplotypes, which can be summarized into five groups, including 3 ancient super-spreader haplotypes (H1, H3 and H13) and 2 new super-spreader haplotypes (H56 and mv2).

Based on this, the virus in Guangdong may have three sources, and the virus in Chongqing and Taiwan have two sources. Australia, France, Japan and the United States, which have a large number of samples, have at least two sources of patient infection, especially the United States includes five sources.

Coronavirus from USA

The traceability of the virus samples of the "old" haplotypes H13 and H38 was a patient from Shenzhen (the first case in Guangdong) and a patient from Washington State (the first case in the United States). 

Their travel records indicate that they were all infected during their visit to relatives in Wuhan from the end of December 2019 to the beginning of January 2020.

The H13 and H38 haplotypes were not detected in the existing Wuhan samples, possibly because the existing samples were mainly collected from several designated hospitals, and the sample collection time was limited to December 24, 2019 and January 5, 2020.


The conclusion of this paper is this: the new coronavirus in the South China Seafood Market was introduced from other places and spread rapidly in the market and spread outside the market.


In other words, through genetic analysis of the virus, scientists found that the first patients in Shenzhen and the United States had an earlier virus origin, earlier than the patients in the South China Seafood Market. That is to say, the South China Seafood Market is not viral. 

The birthplace, but it cannot be said that the United States is the birthplace of the new coronavirus.


Therefore, at present, we have not found the origin of the new coronavirus. We still need more evidence. We hope that scientists can do more research and find the origin of the virus as soon as possible. This will help to study and understand the virus. The mode of transmission of the virus, the intermediate host, the law of transmission, etc., are more helpful for disease prevention and control.


Complicated issues need to try to correlate the dynamic and complex multi-domain factual evidence, discern and construct [complete facts] in order to approach the essence. However, all the abnormal facts that have subverted cognition now point to the United States without any surprise. Give one or two:


The 2001 American anthrax mail incident (Dr. Bruce Ivans, the highest honorary award of the Department of Defense, died before he was arrested) successfully led to the birth of the first biodefense law in the United States on June 12, 2002. 

Since then, the three presidents have continuously issued numerous Legal documents and financial allocations vigorously promote the construction of biological defense, in the name of "defense", continue to increase investment in research and development of second-generation biological weapon technology;


The United States is actively deploying biological laboratories around the world, especially in non-biological weapons contracting states.

 December 6, 19, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 

"In the past 20 years, the United States has exclusively blocked the verification mechanism of the Biological Weapons Convention".

June 11, 2015 Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The U.S. and Georgian authorities deliberately conceal the real activities and direction of the U.S. Army agencies, that is, research on high-risk infectious diseases;


CBS on July 16, 19: "The U.S. House of Representatives requires investigations into whether Lyme disease, which infects 400,000 Americans each year, is caused by the leakage of biological weapons"; the only laboratory in the world that holds live samples of variola virus "U.S. Germany" "Fort Tricker" had an emergency shutdown accident on August 6, 2019.


On October 3, 19, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: "The cumulative number of cases of severe lung disease ("white lung disease") of unknown etiology reached 1,080, spread across 48 U.S. states and one overseas territory, which was 805 more than the cumulative number as of last week. The number of cases has increased significantly; the total number of deaths has increased to 18."

The United States has a rare influenza outbreak in history, and some cases have similar clinical features to the new coronavirus.


On October 18, 19, the Johns Hopkins Medical Center, the largest medical center in the United States, hosted an anti-coronavirus rehearsal named "EVENT 201" in New York. Participants included Avril Haynes, the former deputy director of the CIA. .


CCTV News on August 30, 19: "NGOs such as the National Foundation for Democracy funded by the U.S. government are inciting color revolutions around the world".

It can be seen that the U.S. was fully anti-China at that time and had no choice but to do anything. Motivation conditions (for example, Ishii Shiro, Busat plan), criminal record (for example, Needham report).


05 are all important nodes of the Belt and Road Initiative

Iran is the bridgehead for the southern route of China’s One Belt One Road into the Middle East. The China-Shia Railway from China through Tehran to the Mediterranean Sea is the main route of the southern route of China’s One Belt One Road, and Qom is the only place where this railway line must pass. Italy Lombardy and Milan are the only places where the southern route of the Belt and Road radiates across Europe. 

It can be said that Italy is the hub for the Belt and Road Initiative to enter southern Europe. Japan is the end point of the eastern route of China's Belt and Road Maritime Silk Road


06 are closely related to oil and gas pipelines

On the oil pipeline, both Italy and Iran stepped on petrodollars valves and pipelines. 

The Shiite forces supported by Iran and Russia cooperated to trap the United States in the core area of ​​the Middle East, leading to the collapse of the Sunni pipeline that the United States planned from Qatar through Syria into Europe. Since then, 

Italy has rejected the Poseidon pipeline planned by the United States and Israel, and became the first country in the Western G7 to join the “Belt and Road” initiative. "--"Blood Drink. Gazed at Eurasia with bloody eyes, the teacher of justice fought against the demons on earth.

Source: Chinese Media


Why are Russians so Low in English? Because Russians don’t even bother to speak English 

The average level of English in Russia is very low, especially for people over forty years old. If a foreigner travels to Russia, if he does not speak Russian and is not led by a tour guide, there is basically no way to communicate with locals in English.

The average level of English in Russia is very low, especially for people over forty years old. If a foreigner travels to Russia, if he does not speak Russian and is not led by a tour guide, there is basically no way to communicate with locals in English.


German and French more Important than English

In the past, English was far less important than German and French in continental Europe. The Russian aristocracy was more fluent in French than Russian. 

At that time, French culture had a dominant position in Europe and Napoleon had just swept across Europe, which contributed to the spread of French culture. It is fashionable to speak French among the upper class society and intellectuals in Tsarist Russia. It is also basic cultivation.


German is popular in Russia as a technical language. In the 1920s and 1930s, the Soviet Union was so vigilant against Britain and the United States that English was called the "enemy language." But there is no defensive heart against Germany. 

After the launch of the "Rapallo Treaty" between the Soviet Union and Germany, the Soviet Union and Germany began a full-scale cooperation based on the Anti-Versailles Alliance for more than ten years, which greatly contributed to the Soviet-German military cooperation. 

The frequent exchanges between the officers of the two sides greatly looked at each other. National defense force. This state continued until Hitler came to power. German was the first foreign language of the Soviet Union at that time, especially military technology foreign language.


In 2006, an author visited Moscow and St. Petersburg with a delegation. In Russia, it is difficult to understand Russian, and the status of English is not as good as German and French. He lived in the Chinese Embassy in Russia. 

An official used a rhetorical question to clarify my confusion: Moscow and Washington were one of the two major centers of the world in the past. Can I see Russian or other languages ​​everywhere on the streets of Washington?


There is another reason for language differences. English and Russian are still very different on many levels-from letters to grammatical structures, English does not change suffixes to express different meanings like Russian, which makes it more difficult for Russians to learn English.

More Impact of German than English in Russia

Russians have a long history of neglecting language learning. In Russian primary and secondary schools, it is free to choose which foreign language to learn. Most Russians choose to learn German. 

It can be said that German is their first foreign language. For example, Putin the Great learned German. Moreover, the Russians have strong national self-esteem. They think Russian is the best language, and foreign languages ​​are not as important as we do.


Comparison Chart of Russian English German

Since Russia began to hold the unified national college entrance examination in 2009, foreign languages ​​have always been selected subjects, and the only available languages ​​are English, French, Spanish and German. 

With the close relations between China and Russia, the status of Chinese in Russia has been continuously improved. Starting in 2015, Russia has piloted the Chinese subject test for ninth grade students (middle school graduates) nationwide, and will list Chinese as a foreign language test subject for the Russian college entrance examination in the future.

Most Russian schools still have not improved the level of English teaching. They jumped from grammar to foreign language songs, from songs to words, and then from words to unrelated texts, and then ran grammar tests. 

Students could not receive systematic English teaching and did not have enough practice to strengthen grammar and consolidate new words. 

In this way, many people think that English is too difficult because of years of unsuccessful learning experience and finally give up trying.


In Russia, the awareness of using English is generally low. Many tourists are shocked when they first arrive in Moscow. The subways in the Russian capital are only prompted in Russian. 

It is said that the subways and some buses in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou all have foreign language prompts.


The point is that English is not necessary to live in Russia. The film is dubbed in Russian, and the book is translated into Russian. 

The most popular tourist destinations in Russia, Turkey and Egypt, do not speak English, and there are many people who speak Russian. If you travel to Europe, just report to a tour group. English is not useful at all.


However, complaints return to complaints. Data shows that the overall English level of the Chinese is not as good as that of the Russians!


According to a survey of the 2014 World English Proficiency Ranking (70 countries, 910,000 people participated in the test), Russia ranked 39 in English proficiency and China 47.

So you will find that in Russia you speak English and no one cares about you too much. Unlike our country, a foreigner speaks English, and a bunch of girls come up to practice oral English with you. 

Nowadays, English is the internationally accepted language in the world. This is indisputable. Therefore, when Russians speak English, their self-esteem is hurt.


When a man first went to Russia, I didn’t know that the sky was high and the earth was great. Sometimes he called home on the tram. 

When you talked with your mother in a native dialect, a Russian uncle in front turned around and said to you: "Here is Russia, please speak on the phone in Russian", I petrochemical on the spot. The mother over the phone asked me happily, "My baby, there is a furry talking to you? What is it?" My Nono said: "He asked me to talk to you in Russian."


The British once concluded that they must speak English when dealing with the aboriginals in the colonies. The British never speak aboriginal languages. Even if the aboriginals do not understand English, they must speak English to them until they understand English and fall in love with the elegant London. accent. During the period of Tsarist Russia, Russian was stipulated as the "obligatory national language" and was enforced nationwide. 

Schools must speak Russian, national languages ​​must be banned, and official documents must be in Russian. Do you know how to deal with the national languages ​​of the republics in the Soviet Union? The most effective method is to speak Russian, speak Russian, and always speak Russian.


For Crimea, Russia or Putin reportedly killed two heads of state. The tough guy Putin will do this today.

The reason is that Russia needs a strong-handed political strongman to support its status as a major power. Moreover, Crimea’s gains and losses are related to national sentiments. Geographically speaking, Crimea is an important outlet for Russia. As long as we keep it, we can still maintain a strategic advantage over Turkey on the Black Sea coast and continue to maintain a huge influence on the Eastern European plains.



This territory is related to the lives of the two Russian tsars. Although the United States opposed it and the West was hostile, Putin eventually merged them.


If you talk about the world’s political celebrities, there is a Russian girl who bears the brunt. Her name is Poklonskaya. She became the Attorney General of Crimea in 2014. 

Once the nomination was announced, she immediately attracted numerous fans around the world. The young people of the island country are even more fascinated by her, claiming that she is the realistic version of the Japanese anime girl. 

Coincidentally, the birthday of the beauty prosecutor is the same day that Crimea joined the Russian Federation in 2014. She once claimed to be "the happiest person in Crimea".


On March 18, 2014, Crimea joined the Russian Federation 

It has been more than 3 years now, but the reality is not optimistic. In February of this year, US President Trump visited Ukraine and also called Putin: I hope you will return Crimea to the Ukrainians. 

Western societies generally do not buy into Russia’s merger with Crimea. 

The European Union has recently begun a new round of economic sanctions against Russia and Crimea.


Then, why does Russia have to merge Crimea despite the opposition of various countries? What kind of enmity does Ukraine and Crimea have? Is Putin's move a blessing or a curse?

The Black Sea Gateway to Eastern Europe

The Crimea Peninsula is a major European hub, located on the northern shore of the Black Sea, with a total area of ​​26,100 square kilometers and a population of less than 3 million. 

About 60% of them are Russians, about 25% are Ukrainians, in addition to some Tatars and other ethnic minorities.


Its name is derived from the Tatar word "Krim", the name of the early Khan king of the Tatars.

For Crimea, Russia-Putin Killed 2 Heads of State

The Crimean Peninsula is surrounded by sea on three sides, the Sea of ​​Azov to the east, the Black Sea to the west and south, and there are many bays and natural harbors along the coast. 

There is an 8 km wide Perekop Isthmus to the north and Ukraine, and the Kerch Peninsula to the east. 

Russia faces each other across the Kerch Strait, which is 4 to 15 kilometers wide. 

The port of Savastopol, where many wars broke out in history, is at the southern end of the Crimea Peninsula and is also the base of the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet.


As far as Russia and Ukraine are concerned, the Crimea Peninsula is a contending place because of its excellent strategic location. 

Regardless of the Huns who shocked Europe or the Mongols who slaughtered the country, the powerful nomads must first control the Crimean Peninsula if they want to attack Europe from land.


Judging from the map, the Crimea Peninsula is like an open web. Whoever controls Crimea controls the Black Sea. The Crimea Peninsula is the pinnacle of the Black Sea.


Historically, the Pacific Ocean can be directly connected across the Black Sea, and the ancient East-West commercial trade relied on this golden waterway for a long time. 

For modern Russia, from the Crimea peninsula to the Turkish Strait of the Black Sea, Russia can directly reach the Mediterranean, and then into the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and other oceans. 

Crimea is the maritime window of Russia’s southward strategic direction. 

The major maritime throats of major countries on the road are also the bridgehead for Russia to exert influence and power on the countries along the Mediterranean Sea.


From a more practical point of view, the Crimea Peninsula is an important barrier between Russia’s Voll River Basin Economic Zone and the large oil fields in the Caucasus. The Black Sea is the gateway to the sea. 

If Crimea is lost, Russia’s economic hinterland will open to the south. It may be cut off the important economic pillar of the Caucasus oil field. 

In World War II, Hitler's German army went straight to the Caucasus after capturing Crimea.

From a strategic point of view, once Crimea is lost, Russia will not be able to bear it.

To shed the last drop of blood for Crimea

Because of its strategic position, Russia shed all its blood in order to obtain Crimea.


The Kria Peninsula has a long history and the earliest inhabitants were Celts. After the 7th century BC, the Scythians invaded Crimea. 

In the following 2000 years, Crimea has changed its masters, and has successively experienced the conquest and occupation of the Greeks, Goths, Huns, Khasas and the Byzantine Empire. 

In the 13th century, the descendants of Genghis Khan conquered this land and wiped out the Kievan Rus, the source of today's Russia, in the eastern European steppes in the north. Crimea was included in the Mongolian Golden Horde.


As the strength of the Mongols weakened, the Crimean Khanate came into being.


However, a stronger Ottoman Turkish Empire emerged on the southern shore of the Black Sea, and the Crimean Khanate surrendered to the power of Turkey and became a subsidiary. 

The Principality of Moscow, re-bonded on the fragments of the Mongol Empire, should not be underestimated. 

After the establishment of the Romanov dynasty, the Principality of Moscow began to expand into Ukraine. Ukraine was annexed by Russia in 1654. 

After that, Russia's goal turned to Crimea, and the czars desperately needed to go to sea.


Beginning in 1676, over the next 200 years, 11 Russian-Turkish wars broke out between the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Turk Empire.

 Through an average of one war every 19 years, Tsarist Russia seized large areas of Turkish territory. 

In 1768, when the Fifth War broke out, Russia finally got its wish and became the new protectorate of Crimea. 

n 1783, Emperor Catherine the Great kindly declared that Crimea and Russia were united.


The Russians have a gluttonous pursuit of territory, so the annexation of Crimea is not the end. 

After that, Russia continued to beat the Ottoman Turkey, and in more than half a century, it grabbed the Balkans in the west and the Caucasus in the east. A large area including the mouth of the Danube.


The Russians’ expanding territorial ambitions made the entire European continent deeply frightened, so the two brothers of Britain and France joined forces to support Turkey against Russia. There was a big brother behind, and the Ottoman Empire became more rigid. 

In 1853, the war broke out again. The following year, Britain and France also joined the battle group. Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Sardinia formed an alliance to fight Tsarist Russia. 

This war between Tsarist Russia and European powers triggered by the struggle for control of the Balkan Peninsula was the largest international war before World War I and the first modern war in human history.


The war lasted for 3 years. With the fall of the Sevastopol fortress on the Crimea Peninsula, the Russian army was defeated. After that, the countries signed the "Paris Peace Treaty," which stipulated that the Black Sea was fully neutralized. 

Foreign warships were prohibited from passing through the two straits of the Black Sea without Turkey's consent. This clause is still in force.


The war that took place on the Crimean Peninsula profoundly changed Russian history. Tsar Alexander I was defeated and committed suicide with embarrassment. 

The momentum of Russia’s overall expansion was curbed. Russia had to carry out reforms. 

The serfdom reform in 1861 caused Tsar Alexander II to lose his life. In 1867, Russia suffered a financial collapse. It sold Alaska cheaply for $7.2 million.


The Crimea peninsula is related to the lives of the two czars, and Russia really sheds its blood for it.


After more than 10 years, Russia once again fought with Turkey, achieving a complete victory and a shame, and firmly controlling Crimea.


In the Soviet-German War that shocked the world, the Savastopol Fortress blocked the German attack for more than 200 days and became a rare and eye-catching record of the Soviet army, which was obviously declining at the beginning of the war.


In 1954, Khrushchev, secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, was whimsical. 

In order to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the merger of Crimea and Russia, Crimea was allocated to Ukraine. Today, the seeds of tension between Russia and Ukraine are also planted at this time. .


In the Soviet era, it didn't matter that it was just a basket of eggs, but when the Soviet empire collapsed in 1991, Crimea's ownership became sensitive.


In the end, Crimea joined Ukraine as an autonomous republic, and was recognized by the international community. The Russians regretted it and cherished it.


However, Russia is obviously overwhelmed by the dilapidated domestic economy, and it has no time and strength to make any demands and meanings on Crimea.


Crimea enters Russia again

Because of the long historical relationship between Crimea and Russia, the Crimea issue has become the most sensitive nerve between Russia and Ukraine. 

The two countries have had continuous disputes until the signing of a treaty of friendship and cooperation between Russia and Ukraine in 1997. 

Rimia remained on the territory of Ukraine as an autonomous republic, and the tension between the two parties was eased. 

However, Ukraine still needs to provide a port for the Black Sea Fleet, allowing Russia to station the Black Sea Fleet in the port of Sevastopol until 2017.


After the Orange Revolution broke out in Ukraine in 2004, the relations between Russia and Ukraine were once again overshadowed. 

Ukraine accelerated its approach to Western countries, which aroused Russia's alertness and hostility. 

As NATO continues to expand eastward, Russia’s living space is constantly being squeezed, especially after the three Baltic countries joined NATO. 

For Russia, NATO has begun to control the Russian sphere of influence in the Soviet era, and then Ukraine has also flirted with NATO. Russia is directly affected. Forced to the corner.


In 2014, Ukraine’s political chaos revived and the civil war broke out. Revolutionaries broke out on the streets to oust the pro-Russian president. Then pro-Russian and pro-Western armed forces began to fight, and the Ukrainian civil war broke out. 

The West was ambiguous about this, but Putin directly sent troops to the Crimea peninsula by means of thunder, and subsequently promoted the Crimea referendum.


In March 2014, Crimea and Savastopol announced their accession to the Russian Federation, and Crimea once again returned to Russia.


For the people on the Crimean Peninsula, a strong Russia is obviously more attractive than a Ukraine that has diplomatic relations with foreign countries.


Hold the czar's coffin board

Today, it has been three years since Crimea belonged to Russia. During these three years, most Western countries have expressed protests and disapproval of Russia’s merger with Crimea, especially the Ukrainian government.

 Pain. President Trump's trip to Ukraine also specifically addressed Putin.


But for Putin, this place hardly needs to respond. In the past three years, there have been many interpretations about the Russian Thunder’s method of accommodating Crimea, either from Putin’s personal perspective. 

The President of the Russian Federation is a secret police and has always been a tough style. It is imperative to send troops to Crimea. Moreover, he came to power. After that, whether it was the Chechen War or the Georgian War, Putin always shot when it was time to do it, and he was never ambiguous. 

This is his personal style and an important reason for Putin's huge and stable national popular support.


Western countries’ countermeasures against Russia’s merger with Crimea are to increase the scope and duration of economic sanctions, and make Crimea, a new member, also the target of sanctions. The direct impact of this round of sanctions on Russia is obvious. 

On the one hand, Russia's domestic economy continues to decline, domestic capital outflows continue, and international crude oil prices are also falling. However, in the long run, the Russians don’t take it seriously. 

Even the shock therapy that year was able to survive, would they still be afraid of sanctions? Moreover, Russia has gradually controlled the entire European energy supply chain through its huge energy advantages. No matter how low the price is, energy is in my hands.


Not only is it true, after Russia merged with Crimea, it immediately announced to the people of Crimea that it would increase investment in the livelihood of Crimea, and started building a Crimean sea-crossing bridge that year. 

This large project with an investment of 3 billion U.S. dollars will bring Russia and Crimea closer together.

 In agriculture and tourism, the Russian Federation government has also increased investment and has given billions of large sums to promote Croatia. The economic revitalization of Crimea.


Although European and American countries are severely sanctioning, the 2016 annual income of the Crimean people has increased by 21% year-on-year! The Crimeans received tangible benefits.


Western countries still insist on the policy of non-recognition, and the European Union has recently called on UN member states to boycott Crimea’s entry into Russia. 

However, Russia is single-minded and only put Crimea in its pockets. The tremors are ignored. 

Moreover, although Russia's economy is down, the domestic people's support rate for this move is as high as 80%.


The reason is that Russia needs a strong-handed political strongman to support its status as a major power. Moreover, Crimea’s gains and losses are related to national sentiments. 

Geographically speaking, Crimea is an important outlet for Russia. As long as we keep it, we can still maintain a strategic advantage over Turkey on the coast of the Black Sea and continue to maintain a huge influence on the plains of Eastern Europe.


Russia cannot lose Crimea, just as the West cannot lose Jerusalem, otherwise, the coffins of successive tsars may not be able to hold on.

Dynamic map changes in the global landscape after the 16th century, the northern purple region is Russia


Dynamic picture: On December 25, 1991, the Soviet Union disintegrated, and the capital Moscow became the capital of the largest member country of the Russian Federation, splitting 15 countries.


Greed for territory is something deep in the bones of polar bears

In the mid to late 15th century, the young Moscow Principality had an area of ​​only 240,000 square kilometers, almost the size of Guangxi. More than 500 years later, Russia covers an area of ​​more than 17 million square kilometers, which is 1.7 times the size of Canada, the second largest country in the world, and occupies nearly 12% of the earth's land area.



Trump, who was visiting China, was checked by the British media (Russia, Sex, Spy and Scandal)

It has been a year since Trump was elected President of the United States. During this year, he was exposed to multiple scandals, but the development of the plot has also experienced many reversals. The British Channel 4 recently aired the documentary "Trump and Russia: Sex, Spy and Scandal", which hit the core of the Trump scandal and revealed the latest inside story about the scandal.

Infographics on Trump Checked by British Media While China Visit

Trump and Russia: Sex, Spy and Scandal

Hua Ge said: 

It has been a year since Trump was elected President of the United States. During this year, he was exposed to multiple scandals, but the development of the plot has also experienced many reversals. 

The British Channel 4 recently aired the documentary "Trump and Russia: Sex, Spy and Scandal", which hit the core of the Trump scandal and revealed the latest inside story about the scandal.


World Chinese Weekly columnist: HE shore


The world kisses me bitterly, I repay it with song


1. Porn archives 

US intelligence agencies firmly believe that the Russians carried out cyber attacks on Hillary Clinton's campaign team and leaked relevant documents to help Trump win the election. 

A key question is whether Trump’s campaign team has a cooperative relationship with the Russians. Many clues to this scandal can be traced back to the 2013 "Miss Universe" beauty contest.


In November 2013, Donald Trump held a gorgeous "Miss Universe" pageant in Moscow.

This beauty contest gave Trump a chance to interact with Russian elites. His local partners are the billionaire real estate tycoon Alas Agalarov and the star son of Agalarov Emin.


How good is the relationship between Trump and Agalarov? On the weekend of the beauty contest, Emin was about to shoot a MV, and Trump made a cameo in the form of "The Apprentice."


The style of the previous second of this MV is still like this:



It becomes like this in the next second:

Trump's line is: Emin, wake up! You are always late! You only have a beautiful face. I'm tired of you. you are fired!


"You are fired!" is Trump's iconic line in The Apprentice.

It is conceivable that when Trump came to Russia and experienced the Russian oligarchic culture, he must have a feeling of seeing each other late. He admires authoritarian strong men, and people like Putin are very attractive to him.


Trump and Russia

At that time, Trump hoped that Russian President Putin could also attend the "Miss Universe" pageant, but Putin did not come. 

However, on the day of the game, in an interview on November 9, 2013, Trump declared that he was in contact with Putin and praised Putin.


Trump praised Putin in this way: "I do have a relationship with Putin. His performance and his image are great! Look at what he has done on the Syrian issue, see how he handles the problem, and compares him with him. Than, our president pales in comparison, this is no joke."


Later, someone broke the news that Trump did something shameful just a few hours after accepting this interview.


This is the magnificent Ritz-Carlton Hotel in the center of Moscow. During the 2013 "Miss Universe" pageant, Trump stayed here. 

Someone broke the news that Trump participated in some abnormal pornographic activities in the top-level presidential suite of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, which was photographed by Russian intelligence agencies as a peg to coerce the future US president.


The man's name is Christopher Steele, who used to be an officer of the British MI6. In 2016, he compiled a set of memos called "pornographic archives," and Trump's peachy incident at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow was also included. 

Those who opposed Trump hired him to investigate Trump's relationship with Moscow.


However, Christopher Steele declined to comment publicly on this set of memos.


However, Trump himself and many people who have been in contact with him believe that this "peachy news" is false, because spies are everywhere in Russia and Trump himself is also very vigilant.


On January 11, 2016, Trump emphasized during his campaign: "Be careful, because you don't want to be on TV." "There are surveillance cameras everywhere."

That being said, don’t underestimate Russian agents, especially don’t forget that the leaders of this country are also agents. How could they waste this great opportunity in vain?


The investigation found that Russia did try to lure Trump that night. When Trump and his party went to Moscow to participate in the "Miss Universe" pageant, the Russian side sent them a contact person who was probably sent by the Russian Federal Security Service ("KGB" was its predecessor). 

This contact told Trump’s security chief Keith Schiller: “We will arrange some entertainment for Mr. Trump, and call some girls to his room later.” Keith Schiller refused. 

Not only did a security guard be arranged at the entrance, but also security guards were arranged at the entrance of the hotel, front and back. So, what the Russians hoped to happen did not happen.


2. Heroes are sad for money

The "pornographic archives" claimed that sex is Trump's weakness. However, he has a bigger weakness-money.


Manhattan is the number one pursuit target for American real estate companies. In the 1970s and 1980s, Trump made his first attempt in this field. The basis for his election as president is his successful business experience here. However, those successes were all in vain.


From the late 1980s to the early 1990s, Trump borrowed madly. He borrowed more than 3 billion U.S. dollars, and he personally guaranteed about 900 million U.S. dollars in loans. 

When the loan period came, he couldn't pay back. By the beginning of this century, many companies under Trump’s name had gone bankrupt, and the loans borrowed from major U.S. banks had run out. 

He became a “financial outcast” Trump’s reputation on Wall Street was discredited and forced to Projects like the "Trump Soho" Building in Lower Manhattan are looking for new sources of funding.

The "Trump Soho" Tower is a typical building that real estate tycoons are willing to build in the past fifteen years. Although his golden name is hung on the front door, he has not invested any funds for this project at all. The funds come from other sources. 

The funding for this project came from a company called Belloc, which has a deep connection with the former Soviet Union.


In the management team of Belloc Group, there is a Russian-American man named Felix Setter.


Seth has been acting as an intermediary between Trump and Moscow. The most recent time was at the end of 2015. There were many attempts to build the "Trump Tower" in the Russian capital. The following email from Seth was exposed.


Setter wrote in the email: "Let us make the'Trump Moscow Tower' a reality! At the same time, improve the relationship between the two countries so that everyone can see that business is better and more realistic than politics. 

Putin should mean that too. We It will help him reach this consensus. It will help achieve world peace while making big money."


This email seems to prove that business and politics are the same thing in Trump's world.


Today, Belloc Group is accused of fraud in the United States. However, it is only one of a series of partners Trump has dealt with with the former Soviet Union. In the sinful capitalist world, the dividing line between government and gangs, spies and businessmen is sometimes blurred.


3. Trump Tower meeting

This is Donald Trump Jr., Trump's son. He knows better than others that the Russians are eager to help his father. Why do you say that?

The man in the middle of the picture below is named Rob Goldstone. He is Goldstone and the star partner Trump met through the "Miss Universe" contest-Emin Agalarov's British publicist.

On June 3, 2016, just a few days before the U.S. Democratic National Convention, Goldstone sent an e-mail to Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower’s campaign headquarters. 

• Agalarov brought a letter. This email is very important and deserves to be quoted in its entirety. Goldstone wrote:

"Emin just called. This morning, the Russian Attorney General met with his father, Alas Agalarov, and offered to provide the Trump campaign with some proof of Hillary Clinton’s crimes. 

The official documents and information of its transactions with Russia. This is obviously sensitive information from the top, but it is part of the Russian government’s support for Mr. Trump."


Donald Trump Jr. replied: "You say that, I like it." He agreed to meet with the Russians at Trump Tower. During the investigation, Donald Jr. said afterwards that he attended the meeting to find out whether the Russians had any clues about Hillary Clinton.


Trump said that he had no knowledge of the meeting. If you really don't know, then you can only say that he has the supernatural ability of an unknown prophet.


On June 7, 2016, the night when the specific arrangements for the meeting with the Russians were determined, Trump and Donald Jr. attended a press conference and made this "prophecy": 

"I may publish it next Monday. For a major speech, we will discuss everything about the Clintons. I think you will get a lot of information from it, which will be very interesting."


Two days later, that meeting was held in Trump Tower. The person in charge of the Russian side is the lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. She is an activist who opposes sanctions against Russia for trampling on human rights.


The heads of Trump’s side are Donald Jr., Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Those who attended the meeting said that they had not obtained useful information from the Russians. However, intelligence experts saw the typical Russian strategy. The content of that meeting is not important. 

The important thing is that the Russian side expressed its willingness to provide some illegally obtained information. It wants to know whether the Trump side is willing to accept this information and whether the Trump side is willing to play. This is their step. The test before the next step. Trump's answer is yes.


There is no evidence that this meeting discussed the implementation of cyber attacks against the Democratic Party. 

However, only a week later, the Russians began to publish the files they obtained through cyberattacks. 

Although Donald Jr. denied that the Russians offered help, his father actually encouraged them by inviting the Russians to conduct a cyber attack on Hillary Clinton's personal email server.


On July 27, 2016, Trump said during his campaign: "I tell you, Russia - if you are listening, I hope you can find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will Received a huge reward from our media."

Like Donald Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort also deny "linking to Russia" and participating in Russia's cyber attacks on the Democratic Party.


4. Deeply trapped in "Tong Russia Gate"

The list of people involved in the "Russia Gate" incident in the Trump campaign is very long. Foreign policy adviser Carter Page went to Moscow at the height of the campaign. Some people say that he met with high-ranking Russian officials there, but he denied this.

The man on the left in the picture below later became President Trump's national security affairs assistant. He sat next to Putin at a dinner held in Moscow in December 2015.


This awkward handshake scene was filmed by Russian television. The TV station also spent nearly $50,000 to ask Flynn for an interview, but Flynn did not declare the income.


Jeff Sessions, the current Attorney General, secretly met with the Russian ambassador to the United States at least three times during the campaign.

Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, held two key meetings with senior Russian officials after the election. He did not report this either.


However, in the Trump "pass to Russia" incident, there is a name that is particularly eye-catching-Paul Manafort.


Paul Manafort has worked in Russia and Ukraine for many years, and his foreign clients are not ordinary people. In the past ten years, Manafort spent most of his time playing for the then pro-Russian Ukrainian President Yanukovych, and Yanukovych paid him at least $21 million.


It is said that during his stay in Ukraine, Manafort proposed a plan that would greatly benefit Putin to the highly powerful Russian oligarch Oleg Teripaska.

Oleg Teripaska is one of Putin's most important oligarchs. An Associated Press document shows that in 2005, Manafort sold Teripaska a series of services he could provide, one of which was to enhance Putin's image in Washington.

Both Manafort and Teripaska claimed that they never tried to promote or represent the interests of the Russian government. 

In 2014, Manafort's client, President Yanukovych, stepped down in a bloody riot. Two years later, Paul Manafort appeared in Washington and offered to play for Donald Trump for free. 

From April to August 2016, Paul Manafort served as Trump's campaign manager.


It was Roger Stone, a business partner he had worked with for many years that brought him into Trump's circle. 

According to Roger Stone, Manafort is willing to play for Trump for free because once he wins the election, he will have many opportunities to make money.


Let's sort out the relationship again. Manafort is a Washington lobbyist who has served for the President of Ukraine for 10 years. He has close ties with Putin, especially with the Russian oligarchs, who in turn have close ties with Putin. 

Such a person suddenly appeared at the door of Trump's presidential election team and offered to play for Trump for free. What else can you think of?


In August 2016, the media claimed that Manafort had undeclared illegal income while working in Ukraine, which Manafort denied. After that, he resigned from the Trump campaign. 

At this time, US intelligence agencies not only increased their vigilance against Russian interference in the election, but also noticed Trump's reaction to this.


On October 19, 2016, during a television debate on presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton said that Russia was behind the cyber attack and that the instigator was the highest leader of the Kremlin.


Trump’s response was: “She doesn’t know if this was done by Russia, China or others.” Hillary Clinton said:

“This is not what I said, but 17 intelligence agencies said it.” Tron Pu repeatedly said: "She doesn't know. Our country doesn't know."


The election results stunned the Democrats. Just before Trump entered the White House, as the outgoing president finally broke his face with Moscow, the Russian scandal began to take center stage.


In response to Russia's interference in the US presidential election, Obama announced on December 29, 2016 the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats and a series of retaliatory sanctions. 

Afterwards, Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak received an important call. On the other end of the phone is Michael Flynn, who is about to be Trump’s national security assistant, who was once a guest of Putin.

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