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Trump admits defeat and begins the handover process. The US election is finally settled

The tug of war in the US election has been going on for too long.

Throughout November, the whole world was watching the United States. Just before the election turned into a long Korean drama, Trump finally couldn't stand it.

The young man finally lowered his blond head, revealing the paleness inside.


1. The US Election dust settles

On Monday afternoon, CNN received a letter.

Director Emily Murphy (emilymurphy) mentioned in the letter:

The U.S. General Services Administration has already notified "President-elect" Biden that the agency is ready to initiate a formal transition process.

Screenshot of CNN report

This letter is like a clear signal, it means that the US General Services Administration officially recognized Trump's defeat.

Murphy signed the letter "Biden's Victory", a move that meant that the transition process officially began.

With this letter, the Biden team can justifiably coordinate and communicate with current government officials and provide millions of dollars in government funding for the transition.

It can be said that this letter is like a signal light, directly illuminating the chaotic election results in the United States and declaring the end to the world.

Faced with this situation, Trump no longer insists on himself.

He has been tough, calming down for the first time, trying to maintain the dignity of the loser, and tweeted to suggest that Murphy "make the decision that needs to be made."

 "Our lawsuit is still advancing strongly. We will continue to fight and believe that we can win. 

However, for the benefit of the country, I recommend Emily (Murphy) to do what she needs to do in the "preliminary agreement" and said that "I have been informed The team does the same thing. "


Screenshot of Trump's Twitter Although Trump declared on Twitter that Murphy was harassed and threatened, he did not want to see this happen again.

However, according to the content of Twitter and actual actions, Trump's move also indirectly accepted Murphy's initiation of the transition process, and his team will also cooperate.

According to the "Washington Post" report earlier, the General Services Administration is the "lowest-profile" agency in the federal government, responsible for managing the federal building, and is therefore also known as the "landlord" of the US government.

According to U.S. law, only after the General Services Administration confirms that one party has won the election, signs a letter, and officially transfers millions of dollars in funds, the U.S. president’s power transfer process will be officially launched.

2. Why Trump admits election defeat now?

Earlier on November 7, after major US media announced that Biden was elected president, Trump insisted that the votes were tricky and refused to admit defeat.

This put a lot of pressure on Murphy, the director of the US General Services Administration.

However, with the results of the recount of several controversial states, everything settled.

The Michigan State Voting Commission passed Biden with 3 votes in favor and 1 abstention.

None of the two Republican committee members voted against it. Trump originally hoped that there could be a 2 to 2 deadlock so that it could be handed over to the court for a ruling, but now his hopes have completely failed.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected the Republican Party’s request to change the results of 8,329 absentee ballots in Philadelphia, and for the same reason, revoked the only victory the Trump team had won in the lower Pennsylvania court, which was the invalidation of 2,349 ballots in Allegheny County. The command.

More importantly:

The Federal Supreme Court rejected the appeal of the Trump team regarding the Pennsylvania election, which shows that the Federal Supreme Court will not interfere with the state election results.

With this combination of punches down, Trump can basically officially declare his re-election failure.

Seeing that there is no hope of re-election, Trump can only accept reality, at least a trace of dignity.

​3. Biden announces the list of officials

Even if Biden is already in his 70s, his reaction is not slow at all. According to the news from Fox News:

Not long after the dust settled in the disputed state, Biden stepped up to announce the list of future cabinet members and announced to the world that "we have no time to waste."

The officials on the announced list, almost without exception, have served in the Obama administration, and most of them are female roles. Nominate Antony Blinken as Secretary of State.

Brinken, 58, has a deep connection with Biden. He had worked with Biden on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee more than 20 years ago.

Since then, Brinken has been Biden's help in foreign affairs.

Mayorkas (Alejandro Mayorkas) will serve as Secretary of Homeland Security.

He is also the first Hispanic immigrant to be nominated as Secretary of Homeland Security.

From 2009 to 2013, he served as Director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.

From 2013 to 2016, he served as Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security in the Obama administration.


Avril Haines served as director of intelligence.

Haynes served as deputy national security adviser and deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency in the Obama administration.

If the appointment is finally confirmed, she will become the first woman to serve as the Director of National Intelligence.


Jack Sullivan, will serve as the White House National Security Advisor.

He served as Vice President Biden's National Security Advisor in the Obama administration.

Faced with the position he might have, he posted on Twitter on the 23rd:


"President-elect Biden taught me how to defend our national security at the top of the government. Now, he has asked me to serve as his national security adviser. During my tenure, I will do my best to protect our national security."


Thomas Greenfield (LindaThomas-Greenfield) serves as the permanent representative of the United States to the United Nations.

Thomas Greenfield, a 68-year-old veteran diplomat, is the permanent representative of the United States to the United Nations.


Image of Trump and Biden

Biden also nominated former Secretary of State John Kerry (John Kerry) to serve as the President's special climate envoy and will enter the National Security Council.


Kerry served as Secretary of State of the Obama Administration from 2013 to 2017.

In addition, the "Wall Street Journal" cited sources familiar with the matter that Biden plans to nominate former Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen (Janet Yellen) as the Secretary of the Treasury.


Biden posted on Twitter:

"Today, I announced the first members of my national security and foreign policy team. They will unite the world to deal with the challenges we face-challenges that no country can deal with alone."

"It's time to restore American leadership. I believe this team can do it."

Can't wait to announce the leadership team, and seize all the time to handover, the strength of the Biden administration is evident.

Once the emperor and courtier, seeing Trump's re-election hopeless, the people around him are gradually leaving him.

In American history, a person like Trump can sit on the presidency.

Once so vigorous, how frustrated now.

Trump, maybe it's time to say goodbye.


Americans are more afraid of the flu than the new crown

Hoarding food and paper and guns, do Americans really panic? The world said that Commissioner Xiaocheng chatted with the local residents about the new crown epidemic that seemed to them "like the flu. Although the public does not have much concern about the epidemic and supplies, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's strict control of the number of tests has caused widespread doubts. The much-maligned health insurance policy of the United States has once again become the focus of discussion with this epidemic.

"The threat of the new crown virus to the United States is still low."


On March 1, shortly after the first death in the United States occurred in Washington State, US President Trump held a press conference dedicated to the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia.

At the press conference, Vice President Pence reiterated the United States. The government's assessment of the epidemic.


Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease expert at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), also said that although there have been cases of death in China in their 30s, most people are only mildly ill and there is no need to worry too much. "This situation is subject to change at any time," he added.



There are currently at least 160 confirmed cases in the United States, distributed in 17 states. Among them, the west coast is the most severely affected area-the first case of community transmission occurred in California; the first death case and several concentrated outbreak sites are located in Washington State. Currently, both states have declared a state of emergency.

The focus of prevention and control in the United States is still the epidemic from abroad. The government has banned the entry of foreigners who have recently visited China and Iran, and advised their citizens not to visit China, Iran, Italy, South Korea and other countries with severe epidemics. 

Although the US epidemic has entered the community transmission stage, the government has not adopted any traffic control or regional isolation measures in the country.


In a relatively relaxed environment, how do ordinary Americans view the epidemic?


Ordinary people: it's like the flu


Although community communication has begun in the United States, the public does not seem to be particularly worried about it. 

According to a national survey conducted by Reuters in the United States on March 2nd, 80% of Americans believe that the epidemic has no effect on them, and most of those who believe that they are affected only feel the impact of work involved such as decline in sales and postponement of meetings.


The situation reflected in the Reuters investigation is also happening in Ohio where I live. 

Perhaps it is because Ohio has not had a confirmed case so far. The residents I asked in the past two days gave me very similar feedback: this epidemic is like a flu.


They are of different ages and occupations. No one expressed concern beyond the normal flu season, no one took any additional protective measures or purchased supplies, and no students changed their spring vacation plans for this.


As for why they are not worried, the answer many people gave me is: Even if the new coronary pneumonia is caused, there will be no serious consequences. 

This judgment is consistent with the message recently emphasized by Trump and several health departments: COVID-19 is bad news for the elderly or people with underlying diseases, but for most people without underlying diseases, "You will be fine."


Infected people can heal on their own, but the comfort of this sentence to the people may be too much. 

The 14-day (possibly longer) incubation period of new coronary pneumonia, as well as symptoms that are no more acute or visible than the symptoms of influenza A and Ebola, have cast a mild appearance on the epidemic. 

Even after the news of the first death of a new crown patient in the United States came out, everyone was not touched too much. One interviewee said to me: "I was surprised, but after hearing that it was an elderly woman, I felt normal."


The deceased was actually a man in his 50s. However, when Trump announced to the public, he said "a very good lady". Most of the people I asked did not notice the president's mistakes.


Many people have received emails from companies or schools about the epidemic. The content is mostly warnings and suggestions, and there are not too many work or school suspensions around. 

The cancellation of individual large-scale events is mostly due to the independent decision of the organizer, rather than government orders, and the emotions triggered by the cancellation of the event are first frustration and annoyance. 

Also, secondly, concerns about the spread of the epidemic. But they don't know. Ohio has only sent eight suspected cases to the CDC as of March 3.

"I am more worried that I have the flu." Interviewee M is a student. He has been coughing for four or five days. 

M has not been to the most severely affected countries. He believes that if he has a fever, he is more likely to have a common cold, flu, or even an "air allergy" than the new coronary pneumonia.


Like M, most of the people I asked said that if you have a fever, you will first follow the flu treatment at home instead of going to the hospital, which is consistent with the mild disease treatment recommended by the CDC. When I asked if I would go for a test, most people frankly did not consider it. 

M also said that if he goes to the hospital, the doctor may recommend him to be tested, but that will incur a lot of costs. Compared with the extremely small possibility, M thinks it is not worth it. 

M knew that the test itself was free, but he firmly stated that once he went to the hospital, he would incur a large amount of "don't know where it came from" expenses.


Is there a stockpile panic?

Although news of stocks out of stock, food, and even toilet paper and bullets are flying in the Asian online community, most American residents have not felt any shortage of materials that could "affect their lives". 

There will be people preparing for the end of the world at any time: a photo of a California resident hoarding hundreds of bullets and a video of an American wanting to buy Shuanghuanglian appear on the Internet, but the behavior of these people cannot be taken as a whole Proof of the situation.


The cut-off of masks across the United States is obvious, but this cut-off started before the first case of human-to-human transmission in the United States. 

A number of North American volunteers who assisted Wuhan confirmed that the shortage of masks and the substantial price increase first appeared at the end of January. 

Many volunteer organizations have adopted the method of appealing to compatriots to purchase materials and send them to designated warehouses to raise materials. 

These materials have provided vital help to Wuhan, but they also mean a large number of retail channels.


By early February, it was difficult to buy masks or other materials that could be donated across borders at reasonable prices and up to standards across the United States.

But these have not had a major impact on the lives of American residents. Of the ten U.S. residents I asked, only one had considered whether to buy a mask and gave up instantly when he saw the price of Amazon masks. 

He said that American residents did not have the habit of wearing masks during the pandemic outbreak, because wearing masks is not only uncomfortable, but also easy for passersby to avoid themselves; more importantly, wearing masks may be useless.


Similar to Europe, well-known doctors in the United States and mainstream media have all promoted that ordinary people do not need to wear masks. They believe that the negative effects of incorrect wearing and the "false sense of security" brought by masks will increase the risk of infection. 

Wearing a mask all the time is more effective than washing your hands frequently and not touching your face.


Regardless of the masks or protective clothing purchased for personal use or assistance, they did not occupy the supplier’s share of the regular supplies originally provided to the hospital.

Hospitals and other health institutions have sufficient masks. In the words of one interviewee, “use and usual It's just as wasteful, and people passing by want to take some."


At present, about 100 cases of diagnosis in the United States have not brought much pressure to medical institutions, but as the number of confirmed diagnoses has increased almost without suspense, many relevant personnel have expressed their concerns to the media about the future situation. 

What is puzzling is that in the absence of a large shortage of medical supplies, the protective measures of American medical staff seem to be very simple. Even when patients are transferred from the elderly center where the epidemic is most concentrated, they do not wear any protective clothing.

In the same way, cleaning supplies such as alcohol and disinfectant wipes are non-emergency daily necessities in American homes. 

Although store shelves have been emptied in many places, people who bought wipes only once in a few months did not feel these scarce supplies.

A salesperson at a pharmacy said that there have been cases where individuals bought all the individual items recently, but due to the fast replenishment, they did not feel the difficulty in scheduling.


Challenged detection capabilities

People who are not worried about symptoms and supplies are worried because of the CDC. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the US policy of strictly controlling the number of tests has aroused many doubts. 

There are currently no public channels to know the exact number of people tested, because the CDC has stopped publishing relevant statistics on February 29-472 people are the last statistics released by the CDC.


Although the current testing progress is not clear, I have to admit that 472 appears to be an insufficient number even on February 29, especially when compared with other countries. 

Some media pointed out that the United States and South Korea are The first confirmed case was announced on the same day.

6 weeks later, South Korea has completed more than 100,000 tests, while the United States has fewer than 500.


The diagnosis of a female case in California further pushed the CDC's overly strict testing standards to the forefront. 

On February 19, the woman was sent to hospital for treatment. When she arrived at the hospital, her symptoms were already serious. 

The doctor intubated her and set up a ventilator. Because the woman's symptoms are highly similar to the virus infection, the hospital suspected that she was probably infected with the new coronavirus.


California Department of Health does not have the authority to implement virus testing

Since the California Department of Health to which the hospital belongs does not have the authority to implement virus testing, the hospital can only apply to the CDC for testing. 

But because the patient has neither traveled abroad recently nor contacted people returning from foreign countries; her condition did not meet the testing standards for the new coronavirus at the time.


Because of this, the female patient did not receive testing in time. It was not until the fourth day after admission that the CDC finally agreed to the test, and the result was positive-she became the first case of community transmission in the United States.


Previously, in order to be tested, two criteria must be met while clinical symptoms appear: close contact with a confirmed patient, or a history of travel in the affected area. 

In view of the delayed diagnosis in California, the CDC has added a new standard to the original standard. No history of exposure, but severe acute symptoms can also be tested.


Considering that the United States has entered the stage of community transmission, and there are more asymptomatic and mildly infected people, some voices pointed out: 

Will too strict standards cause large-scale missed inspections? 

On March 4, the CDC updated relevant information again, announcing that it would no longer give clear testing standards, and medical staff in various places should make their own judgments.


On the other hand, the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration recently issued statements announcing the decentralization of testing powers to local medical institutions, stating that US laboratories will have enough materials to complete one million tests within this week.


However, the relevant laboratory personnel told Politico that the testing materials are not equal to the actual testing capabilities. 

Due to personnel and site constraints, the final more practical number of tests will be about 5,000 a day. With the decentralization of more authority, the difficulty for people who tend to go out for testing will be greatly reduced.


The test for COVID-19 is free, but this does not mean that going to the hospital is free. According to data from the U.S. Department of Commerce in 2018, 27.5 million Americans do not have health insurance, and more people have very poor insurance.


According to preliminary calculations by Business Insider, the cost of a single visit without insurance ranges from US$149 to US$1,151 (not including any testing, treatment, and drug costs), and the average cost of one day of hospitalization is US$4,293. 

At present, there is no clear standard for the specific cost of a single test. In response to the New York Times, a government official said that the test cost may vary from state to state.


The test fee of $3271 for suspected patients in Miami circulating on the Internet is not representative: the patient chose to test first and was diagnosed with influenza. 

The entire medical treatment process does not include any testing for the new coronavirus, and his insurance has a very high personal share. cost.


In response to the problem of medical expenses incurred by the new coronary pneumonia, New York State announced on March 2 that the New York State insurance company will waive all expenses incurred for testing for new coronary pneumonia, including emergency medical expenses, emergency medical expenses, and general medical expenses. 

State governments and large insurance companies such as CVS Health are also actively discussing adjustments.


Two days later, Vice President Pence announced at a press conference that Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance will cover the cost of new coronavirus testing, "because this is basic medical benefits." But he did not elaborate, and there is no insurance. What should I do.

The White House will usher in the first rescue dog: In addition to Trump, all previous U.S. presidents have loved dogs like their lives

The president's dog keeping has obviously been linked to love, sense of responsibility and even governing ideas. Now that the White House is finally about to usher in a dog that has gone four years ago, it's no wonder the crowd is cheering.


American Presidents love for dogs infographics

 How much do American presidents love dogs?

After several days of voting, the overall situation for the 2020 US presidential election seems to be set. According to many media reports in the United States, Biden took the lead with 270 votes and is about to become the next new owner of the White House.


Regarding the new owner of the White House, one of the most concerned questions of the American people turned out to be-"Does Biden have a dog?"


The United States is a large dog-raising country. According to statistics, there are nearly 70 million pets in the United States, with an average of 1.7 pets per household. 

Generally speaking, anyone who has a house in the United States will keep a dog.


They believe that keeping a dog can not only help people reduce stress, but also promote human society. 

Keeping a dog is regarded as a manifestation of love, responsibility and affinity, and can add points to the master, and the president is no exception.


As a result, dogs have almost become the standard equipment for the owners of the White House, and the White House even has a special website to commemorate these "first dogs of the White House."


1. Former US President Truman once said: "If you want to have a friend in Washington, you have a dog."


Bush also said: "If you need a friend in this intriguing society, then get a dog."


On November 30, 2018, Bush, the 41st President of the United States, passed away due to illness. 

During his funeral, his beloved dog lay in front of Bush's coffin and refused to leave for a long time.


Its sad look moved the world, and people were moved by its loyalty.


In 2012, Bush Sr. suffered from vascular Parkinson's syndrome and was in a wheelchair with limited mobility. 

In April 2018, after his wife Barbara passed away, Bush's health went from bad to worse. In addition, he fell and couldn't take care of himself.


In June 2018, a service dog named "Sally" came to him to take care of his daily life.


Sally is a professionally trained service dog responsible for caring for disabled soldiers. 

It can open doors, fetch things, answer the phone, and knows to press the emergency button for help, and act as a "crutch" when Bush Sr. wants to stand up.


In this way, Bush passed away after being taken care of by Sally for 6 months.


Sally’s social platform updated the last photo, which read: "Mission completed."


After learning this story, countless people were moved to tears.

The dog's love is deep, and the emotions and bonds between the dog and the owner are always moving.


Almost all U.S. presidents for a century have brought their dogs into the White House.


Although Sally was raised by Bush Sr. after leaving office and failed to move into the White House, Bush Sr. had two dogs during his stay in the White House.

In his free time, Bush would take them for a walk; when he was busy, the dog would lie down at the desk and play ball, looking like a peaceful year.


Next, let’s take a closer look at the “top dogs in the White House” with the editor.


In 1906, Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, played with his pet dog in the White House.


In 1929, Harding, the 29th President of the United States, was on the balcony of the White House with his pet dog "Boy".


Coolidge, the 30th president of the United States, also has two pet dogs, one white shepherd dog named "Rob Roy" and the other Chow Chow named "Tim".

The 31st President Hoover, his pet dog was called "King Tutt"

Franklin Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, loved dogs like his life.


It is said that during a visit, Roosevelt accidentally dropped his pet dog "Fara" on the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. 

In order to retrieve Fara, he even ordered a destroyer to be sent to rescue him.

Roosevelt and Farah went with him, and even the bronze statue that people later erected for him also had a little Farah next to him.

The cute little guy below is the pet dog "Feller" of Truman, the 33rd President of the United States.


Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States, raised a Weimaraner named "Haidi".


The 35th President Kennedy loves dogs even more, raising a total of 6.

Lyndon Johnson, the 36th President of the United States, has a dog named "Yuqi". Elderly people often play with their grandchildren and pet dogs while handling official duties and enjoying family happiness.

The 37th President of the United States Nixon and his wife had several dogs.

Among them was a Cocker Spaniel named "Checkers", which was given to him by his supporters.

On September 23, 1952, when Nixon was a candidate for vice president, he gave a speech that decided his career. That speech was named after his pet dog "Checkers", which shows how much he loved it.


Ford, the 38th President of the United States, his big golden retriever "Freedom" was very honored to give birth to a litter of puppies in the White House.

Carter, the 39th President of the United States, has a Springer Spaniel. This is a gift from his daughter Amy's teacher after they moved into the White House.

The 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, his mixed-breed collie was called "Lucky" and often accompanied him.


Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, has a Labrador "Buddy" and a cat "Sock".

A cat and a dog often play on the grass of the White House, and they are also loved by Hillary.


The 43rd President of the United States Bush Jr. has two Scottish purebred dogs named "Barney" and "Miss Beazley".


The two dogs like to chase and fight on the lawn, and they are also intimate with the president and his wife.

By the 44th President Barack Obama, their family did not have a dog because the eldest daughter Maria is allergic to dogs.


After entering the White House, in order to continue the dog-raising tradition of the White House owners, the Obama family spent several months observing various dogs, and finally chose two Portuguese dogs-"Bo" and "Sony".


"Sonny" was also selected as one of the top ten most influential animals of 2013 by Time magazine.




2. There are always exceptions. The 45th President Trump is the maverick.

 Trump once said, "I don't mind raising a dog, but I don't have time to spend time with it. What do you think it would be like to walk my dog ​​on the White House lawn? Is this right?" 

Then he shook his head and put out an iconic Disdain expression.


He also told the truth. Although many people suggested that he raise a dog because it was "conducive to political image," he "has no time" and "feels fake."


With this self-willedness, Trump has also become the first president of the United States who has not raised a dog in the White House in the past 120 years. This is often made a big fuss by Biden.


Therefore, after the election, Biden answered on the website a question that the American people are very concerned about-he will lead his two pet dogs "major" and "champion" to move into the White House, of which the "major" will also become the first to live in the White House A rescue dog.

The Bidens have two dogs, one is called "Major" and the other is called "Champ".


In 2018, Biden and his wife Jill met the rescue dog Major at the Humane Society of Delaware.


After going to the association to take care of him for a while, the couple fell in love with the major and decided to adopt him.

"Champion" is a German Shepherd, which was purchased by the Bidens from a commercial breeder as early as 2008.

He named it Champion because Biden's father told him when his life was full of challenges, "Stand up, champion!"


The major and the champion have become close friends. They always follow Biden or his wife Jill in the public eye from time to time. Biden will often post pictures of two dogs on social networking sites.


When the results of the general election came out, the Bidens opened a Twitter account for the dogs and named them "The First Dog Champion and Major Biden."


The account greeted everyone with a dog's tone:

Friends, do you know? My brother champion is the first rescue dog to live in the White House! We are so excited to be able to explore the West Building of the White House together and play in the Rose Garden together!

In fact, early in the campaign, Biden used dogs to canvass votes.


On his social networking site Instagram, there is a short video canvassing votes. In the video, there are multiple dogs wearing Biden cheering clothes or cheering scarves. 

At the end of the video, there is a photo of the Biden couple and their dogs. It says "Let the dog go back to the White House".

I don’t know if this trick played a role in Biden’s victory, but at least, emotionally, Americans bought it.


American netizens praised Biden's dog raising.


The dog beside Biden looked confident and proud.

There is hope for Biden to promote legislation prohibiting cruelty to animals.

Can't believe that a president will not raise a dog ( satire of Trump)




The major and the champion are beautiful. Has anyone opened Facebook and Twitter accounts for them? They should have one. ( already have)

Now I know why I like Biden so much! I am very happy that Biden is an animal lover!


The president's dog keeping has obviously been linked to love, sense of responsibility and even governing ideas.


Now that the White House is finally about to usher in a dog that has gone four years ago, it is no wonder the crowd is cheering.

Multinational leaders congratulate Biden on his election: Trump lost, but he refused to accept

Just now, Biden defeated Trump and became the 46th President of the United States! At 8 pm Eastern Time on the 7th (9 pm on the 8th Asian time), Biden addressed the nation in Wilmington, Delaware.

Just as Biden officially announced his victory in the 2020 general election, becoming the 46th president of the United States.

Kamala Harris became the 49th Vice President of the United States and the first black female Vice President of the United States.

The two revised their Twitter certifications: the President-elect and Vice President-elect of the United States

The vigorous US election has finally come to an end. This is definitely the most unusual US election in a century.

1. Major American media, including CNN, NBC, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post, Fox, etc., have published relevant reports:


"USA Today": Biden won the presidential election


"New York Times": Biden beats Trump

The Washington Post: Biden defeats Trump


Associated Press: Biden defeated Trump and entered the White House, saying it was time to heal

CNN: Biden, win!

"Los Angeles Times": Biden is elected president, Harris will become the first female vice president.


The smile of the 77-year-old man lit up the entire United States today.

German Chancellor Merkel, Canadian Chancellor Trudeau, French Macron, Indian Prime Minister Modi.

Leaders of many countries tweeted congratulations and congratulated Biden on his election.

The spokesperson of German Chancellor Merkel, Stefan Sebe, tweeted a statement congratulating Biden on his victory.

"Congratulations! The American people have made their decision. Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States. I sincerely wish him luck and success."


Image of Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau congratulated Biden and Harris on Twitter.

"Congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Our two countries are close friends, partners and allies. I really look forward to working with you and making progress in this regard."


British Prime Minister Johnson congratulated Biden and Harris on their victory on Twitter.

It is worth mentioning that Johnson, who seems to be Trump's closest major power head.

"Congratulations to Joe Biden for being elected President of the United States, and to Kamala Harris for his historic achievement."


Indian Prime Minister Modi tweeted to congratulate Biden on his victory.


French President Macron tweeted two tweets in English and French to celebrate Joe Biden's victory.


Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga issued a tweet congratulating the Democratic presidential candidate Biden for his "election as President of the United States."

"I sincerely congratulate Mr. Joe Biden and Ms. Kamala Harris. I look forward to our joint efforts to strengthen the Japan-US alliance."





South Korean President Moon Jae-in tweeted to congratulate Biden. "Congratulations to Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris. Our alliance is strong, and the bond between our two countries is rock solid. I look forward to our cooperation for common values."





After the election, Biden took the stage as the newly-elected president and addressed the nation.


Obama and Biden
Obama and Biden


Biden sighed in his speech: "They gave us a complete victory, a convincing victory."

"We won the most votes for president-elect in the history of this country. 74 million."

"I promise to become a president who seeks unity instead of division."


2. Faced with such a situation, Trump refused to admit that the election was far from over.

The White House stated that Trump is not currently preparing to make a defeat speech, nor does he have plans to invite Biden to the White House. However, Trump issued a statement saying that his campaign team will initiate a lawsuit next Monday.


 Dissatisfaction of Trump

Trump expressed dissatisfaction with three consecutive messages on social networks, announcing that he "won the election with a great advantage" and obtained 71 million "legal votes"

The Trump team claimed to have filed lawsuits against several key swing states.

Before the election, he bluntly stated that there is a possibility of cheating in mailing ballots and criticized the mailing ballot system. If the legal process is brought to the Supreme Court, the current 6:3 conservative judges' dominant proportion will be very beneficial to Trump.

At the same time, the involvement of the Supreme Court will make this election dispute last longer.

In theory, as long as the result has not been determined, Trump can continue to stay in the White House.

Some netizens joked that Trump can also be elected president in the following ways:  

Netizens left messages inn social media with emotion:

Trump: I will change my name to Biden now


If you are Li Hua, and your friend Donald Trump lost the election, please write to comfort him


 The 75-year-old model worker Trump begins a long road to appeal


 Your friend Trump launched a drop chip


Trump has lost the president, but we have lost the joyous comedians!


With the help of friends from Pinduoduo, I am still 270 votes short of the President of the United States. Help me cut!


I saw the newcomer laughing, but the old man crying.

Yesterday, Trump appeared at the White House for a press conference. In his speech, there were a lot of lack of facts, as well as all kinds of wild accusations.

In the end, I was cut off by the host. Except for Fox News and CNN, other major American media cut off the live broadcast.


Trump's lost back

Live speeches were pinched, and Twitter postings were hidden... Now Trump seems to have tasted the taste of failure.

On November 7, local time, Trump supporters began to hold protest demonstrations in the capitals of many states in the United States.

They called for so-called "peaceful protests" in the capitals and major cities of the 50 states in the United States.

Some law enforcement officials said that some Trump supporters who participated in the protests carried guns.


The madness of these supporters is not without reason.

Judging from the political stances of Biden and Trump, there is a high probability that Biden will overturn the decisions Trump made during his tenure.

Prior to this, Biden promised his supporters during the campaign:

I promise that I will "get the United States back on track" on the first day in office.

All Trump’s “wrong decisions” must be “returned to the right track”.

Biden has promised to return to the WHO on the first day he takes office.

In addition, it is possible to return to organizations such as the Paris Convention.

After four years of tossing, it is estimated that people all over the world will be tired.

However, this time-honored battle between the US president has also opened up the eyes of the people of the world.

It is foreseeable that Biden's road to office will never be smooth sailing.

What will happen in the future? Sister W is looking forward to it with 


Biden's "true face"

Biden's seemingly glamorous back is also covered with scars and feathers. Looking at it this way, he probably experienced the worst things in life: his wife and young daughter died in a car accident, plagiarism was reported, repeated presidential election failures, he was hospitalized with brain tumors, white-haired people sent black-haired people, unconscious His second son married his eldest son's wife who died young... Many people say that Biden looks like a gentle and friendly old man.

These days, the whole world is paying attention to the same thing: the US presidential election


According to today’s news, Biden revised the Twitter certification: the United States was elected president.


If the votes are valid, Biden has won more than 270 electoral votes.


In other words, Biden won.

Speaking of the United States, one has to talk about the famous "White House Elderly Group"-Hillary, Biden, Trump.


Biden and Nalia

It is said that Jiang is still hot. These three "elderly people" with an average age of over 70 years old, fighting for the position of president, they are no worse than the young ones.


In the United States, Biden has an unpleasant nickname called "President of the Basement".


Many young Americans look down on him, thinking that his campaign strategy is to hide in the basement, wait for Trump to make a mistake, and then automatically become president when the time comes.


Some people say that he is like an old man sweeping the floor, and his stuttering has prevented him from being as clever as Trump, and his poor physical condition makes him look weak.


Many people even say that he has dementia.


So who is Biden? Why can he run for president?

1. Biden was born in 1942 and is called the "silent generation" according to the American generational division.


The parents of this generation suffered from the Great Depression and World War II successively, and their desire to bear children was very low. This also makes the "silent generation" extremely small.


There are very few whites, and Biden is one of them.


In 1952, the Bidens moved from their hometown of Pennsylvania to Delaware in order to make a living.


My father got a job in car repair, and my mother took care of the children and performed housework, barely making ends meet.


Biden, who was only ten years old, began to feel the deep malice in this world since then.


Because of his severe stuttering, he was constantly ridiculed by the new classmates around him.


He ran home and asked his father, why did he do this?


Dad just replied: "You talk too much, just grow up."

At that time, Biden, in order to get rid of the stuttering problem, began to frantically learn to recite poetry.


After graduating from university, he developed a strong interest in law and joined the local Delaware Bar Association.


At that time, young Americans had a crazy love and curiosity about politics, and Biden was no exception.


After graduating from his Ph.D., he got married and had children. He was unwilling to be just a small local lawyer. His ambitions began to show gradually.


In 1972, Biden, who was less than 30 years old, announced that he would run for the post of Senator from Delaware.

In the eyes of everyone at the time, it was simply a dream.


Want to have no age, have no experience, have no background, and have no connections.


Why was Biden elected?

He thought of a trick, using all the relationships he knew at the university, begging them to help him distribute flyers and shout slogans.


Then, through the step of "opposing the Vietnam War," we can have targeted in-depth conversations and communication with people who can help us to reach consensus.


He used his whole body cells to do his best to bring people from different positions to his own position.


Obviously, this "sincere flattering" approach works very well.


In November 1972, the senator election ended. Biden finally defeated his strong opponent Boggs by more than 3,000 votes, shocking everyone's jaws.


Biden's political career has officially begun.

2. But God seems to like to joke with Biden.

When he was immersed in the joy of a successful campaign, his wife drove his three children to the supermarket for shopping and had a serious car accident.


God took away the lives of his wife and young daughter Naomi. Although the other children survived by chance, they were also admitted to the hospital with serious injuries.


Biden, who was so busy taking care of his two sons in the hospital, was unwilling to give up everything he had worked so hard.


As a result, Biden takes a 1.5-hour train from Wilmington to Washington to work every day, and then rushes back to take care of his sons at night.


This kind of life will last for five years.


Until Biden and his current wife Jill entered the palace of marriage.


In June 1987, Biden, who had been in the Senate for 14 years, announced that he would participate in the US presidential election.


And confident that he can achieve a big victory.


But the reality is not as smooth as he imagined. After the scandal of Biden plagiarizing other people's works at the university was exposed, various acts of academic misconduct were also picked up.


Under pressure, he had to withdraw from the presidential election.


Misfortunes never come singly. At this time, his brain was found to have two tumors. The hospitalization for surgery lasted seven months.


The first presidential election failed completely under such embarrassing and helpless circumstances.


But how could Biden give up easily? This is not his style at all.

3. Since then, Biden has put away his arrogance and pride, and began to "cultivating oneself" in the Senate, which lasts for twenty years.


On the surface, he seems to be standing still and wanting, but in fact, every day, he is silently preparing for the future.


In January 2007, Biden regained his strength and formally announced his upcoming election for the 2008 US presidential election.

However, Biden failed again.


But Obama, who became president, was optimistic about Biden and offered to invite him to be the vice president of the United States to help him.


Naturally, Biden will not let go of such a good opportunity.


After all, this is the closest position to the president, not one of them.

But Biden's family seems to have a curse in it.


Whenever he was promoted, something big happened in the family.


When he was 73 years old, his most beloved eldest son Beau Biden, was diagnosed with brain cancer and unfortunately passed away.


Joseph Biden's son Beau Biden
Beau Biden

Biden was irritated again, he announced that he would no longer participate in the 2016 presidential race.

It just didn't happen for a while, and Biden's home made headlines again.


The reason is that his eldest son Beau Biden just died, Beau's wife fell in love with his other son Hunter.


My brother fell in love with his sister-in-law, and this kind of bloody plot at eight o'clock was actually staged at Biden's house.


Not only that, Hunter still takes drugs and alcohol all the year round, he takes the bar as his own, and all kinds of sex hunting cheats and scandals.


Biden personally sent him to a drug rehabilitation center twice, all of which ended in failure.


Beau, his most beloved and outstanding eldest son, passed away, leaving behind a Hunter who was in sharp contrast with Beau.


The difference between these two sons is one in the sky and the other underground.


There was a fire in the front yard and the back yard, and Biden couldn't tell.


4. But these are nothing to Biden.

After all, after living to this age and experiencing so many ups and downs, a strong heart cannot be possessed by ordinary people.


Since his sons are unreliable, Biden can only rely on himself.


A former colleague of Biden once described him: "Biden always seems to be very polite and friendly, and every day he is required to talk to an ordinary person on the phone.


He doesn't look down on anyone, and he likes to talk to anyone because he wants information that no one else has yet. "


In this way, we can see how careful his mind is.


When he was 75 years old, after working in the White House for eight years, Obama awarded him the "Presidential Medal of Freedom," which represents the highest national honor, and said that "Biden is the next President of the United States."


When Obama personally put the medal on him, he shed tears with excitement.


There are too many mixed emotions in these tears.


But among them, there must be a regret and unwillingness.


After many years, he once again remembered that when his son Beau died, he said to him: "Dad, you must become president."


This biggest wish has not been realized yet, so I dare not close my eyes easily. 


5. In April 2019, the 77-year-old Biden officially announced that he would once again participate in the US election.


Biden knew better than anyone that this would be the last time in his life running for president.


If you can't go up this time, there will be no chance in this life.


Some people say that no American politicians are "clean."


This is true.


People who are "clean" really can't get to this position.


Biden's seemingly glamorous back is also covered with scars and feathers.


Looking at it this way, he probably experienced the worst in life:


His wife and little daughter died in a car accident, plagiarism was reported, and they failed to run for president for many times. He was hospitalized with a brain tumor. The white-haired man sent the black-haired man to the hospital. 

The unconscious second son married his eldest son who died young.

Many people say that Biden looks like a gentle and friendly old man.


In fact, he is instead a ruthless character who has ambitions and wrists, who will never give up unless he achieves his goals.

It is not easy to be a president at 78 years old. Don't take his true colors lightly.

According to Biden's attitude towards China will he benefit China's development once he is elected president?

The United States is about to usher in the 59th presidential election. Biden and Trump are competing fiercely for the election. According to the current situation in the United States, Biden has the best chance of being elected the next president. 

After Biden is elected president, will he benefit Asia and China's development? 

What is Biden's attitude towards China now? Let's take a look at the real situation.

The United States is now facing the three major pressures of the new crown epidemic, riots, and economic recession. Whether Biden or Trump can be elected has become the topic of most concern to everyone, but everyone looks better at Biden. The reason why the United States has come to this step is because of Trump's inaction, so Biden's chances of being elected will be higher.


The United States has always regarded China as the number one "blocking stone" for hegemonism, and so many presidents have always been hostile to China. In addition, Biden often used China to make a fuss about China in the past. In fact, he wanted to gain American support by attacking China. 

It can be seen from this that Biden's attitude towards China is also relatively unfriendly, and there is also a development towards China. It is unfavorable, so China should be fully prepared to prevent the U.S. from making bad actions against China.

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