8 top Jobs in Canada in 2022


What are the Most Sought After Jobs in Canada in 2022?

Canadian Business Magazine publishes official survey data each year based on Statistics Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada, and recently they have high-paying and promising jobs in Canada Data analysis was performed. The following are the 8 best job rankings summarized by our editors. Students who are looking for a job in Canada must not miss it.

1. Utilities Manager 

This position should also start from a basic level post. As they often deal with water, electricity, natural gas and other fields, they need to have a diploma or degree in related majors such as electrical engineering, oil and gas engineering.  
The utility manager is mainly responsible for daily operation, supervision and management of water, electricity and gas facilities. According to available statistics, the average annual salary of this position is $ 115,000.  
After accumulating years of work experience and certain management capabilities, this position is eligible to apply for this management position. In addition to a bachelor's degree, to take up this position, you need to obtain a professional certificate of a certified engineer.

2. Public Administration Director

The income of the director of public administration is very good in any country, both at home and abroad.  
Director of Public Administration is mainly responsible for supervising, managing, implementing and execution of public policies and control plans. 
In order to engage in this profession, you need a bachelor's degree in related stream such as business administration or management, public relations and social sciences.
This position belongs to higher paying government department officials. According to statistics, the average annual salary of this position is currently more than $ 1,00,000.

3. Practitioner Nurse

Occupational nurses have more in-depth professional studies than ordinary nurses.  
The average annual salary for this occupation is currently around $ 85,000.  
Nursing staff can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medicines to patients like doctors, but their main responsibility is to act as nurses to take care of patients' daily care. For example, practitioners need to have a bachelor's degree or above, related work experience, and may even require the relevant graduate diploma.

4. Telecommunications Manager 

To be competent in this position, not only must have solid professional skills, but management skills are also necessary. The main tasks of the telecommunications industry manager are to diversify telecommunications business traffic and manage other technical tasks.  
According to the available statistics, the average annual salary of this position is $ 88,000.
In addition, obtaining a degree or diploma in a major related to electrical engineering is also the entry threshold for this professional position. 
It is also very beneficial to have a Co-op internship experience while at school.

5. Real Estate Manager

If we want to buy a house in Canada, we must find a professional real estate agent to complete this transaction. Of course there is need to pay a commission to this manager. 
In Canada, there is a large demand for immigrant people to buy a house, but brute force sales alone cannot do real estate management.

The average salary for this position is $ 1,05,000. A senior real estate manager generally has 5 years of industry work experience. 
The manager also needs to have a related professional license for real estate and financial product sales. They also need an undergraduate diploma or degree in a business related major.

6. Economic Development Director

The director head of economic development is mainly responsible for the economic development of towns and their surrounding areas. It requires employees to have a university diploma in business development such as urban planning, economics, business management, marketing, economic development
There is also need of senior management experience. In addition to this, in recent years, many employers are also requiring applicants to obtain a Certified Economic Developer Certificate issued by the Canadian Economic Developers Association. The salary of the economic development director depends on the size of the city and the size of the staff in the economic development department. 
Generally speaking, the larger the city, the higher its salary is. According to the available statistics, the average annual salary for this position is around $110,000.
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7. Lawyer

Lawyers are a popular profession in Canada, but it is not easy to become a lawyer in Canada. First, there is need to hold a Canadian undergraduate degree or above and also to pass the Law School Admission Test (LAST) exam. 
After graduating from the law school, the next step is to pass the professional examination of a provincial lawyer. Then a lawyer after completing the internship for a specified number of years, the career of a lawyer after the internship is logical. 
In addition, being a lawyer in Canada requires a high level of English, which is not easy for all immigrants.

8. Pipefitting Supervisor

Before becoming a professional, you need to go to the college to learn related professional courses. The work of a pipeline installation supervisor is similar to that of most mechanics. Of course, to be qualified for this position, in addition to being proficient in pipeline installation, you also need to have excellent leadership and management skills.  
After graduating from the apprenticeship, it takes several years of work to accumulate experience.  
According to the data available, the average annual salary for this profession is currently around $90,000.

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