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Canadian Prime Minister Details

The Prime Minister of Canada is the leader of the party with the most seats in the lower house of the Canadian Parliament and the highest official of the Canadian government. There is great power in the lower house of parliament. Political parties in Canada require every member of Parliament to observe the party's discipline, and in parliament the decision is to follow the decision of the party leader.

Official residence:    24 Sussex Road
First Prime Minister:    John Alexander McDonald
Current prime Minister:    Justin Trudeau

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    2. Current Prime Minister

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Job profile of Prime Minister of canada

The Prime Minister of Canada is the title of the Canadian Government Head. Canadian nationals who are 18 years of age or older are eligible to run as Prime Minister of Canada. Since 1951, the prime minister's official residence has been at 24 Sussex Drive in the capital Ottawa.

Term of office of Canadian PM

Member of the Canadian House of Commons
24 Sussex Road

The period cannot exceed 5 years, but the Prime Minister can at any time ask the Governor to dissolve Parliament and re-elect a new lower house and government. If the Prime Minister and Cabinet do not have the trust of the House of Commons, they will resign to the Governor.
The ruling party has more than 50% of the seats in the lower house, and the prime minister and cabinet are the majority government.

Duties and powers of Canadian PM

The Canadian Prime Minister has great power in the lower house of parliament. For example, in terms of diplomacy, the President of the United States does not have as much power as the Prime Minister of Canada. The power of the US government to pass international treaties belongs to the US Senate. Domestically, members of the U.S. President's cabinet are required to vote in the House of Commons. Moreover, the United States has no party discipline, so the president cannot control any voting by fellow members.

The Prime Minister of Canada has government appointment powers, such as the Governor of Canada, members of the Cabinet, ambassadors, members of the Upper House of Parliament, the chairman of Canadian state-owned enterprises, Canada Post, a judge of the Canadian Rail Supreme Court, and agencies of the Canadian Federal Government.

Current Prime Minister: Justin Trudeau

 Born in Ottawa in December 1971, Bachelor of Arts and Master of Environmental Geology from McGill University, and Bachelor of Education from University of British Columbia. Elected for the first time to the Commonwealth Representative in 2008 and re-elected in 2011. Elected Liberal Party leader in April 2013. On October 19, 2015, he led the Liberal Party to defeat the Conservative Party by a large margin to win the election. Trudeau is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada.

The 43rd Federal House of Representatives election in Canada is held on October 21, 2019, and the Liberal Party led by Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada will continue to control the Canadian government.   

Canadian Prime Minister Details PM Canada

Previous Prime Ministers of Canada

1. John A. Macdonald   July 1, 1867-November 7, 1873
Canadian Prime Minister in 1867 and 1963
Canadian Prime Minister in 1867 and 1963
Liberal-Conservative Union
2. Alexander Mackenzie   November 7, 1873-October 8, 1878 Canadian Liberal Party
3. John A. Macdonald   October 17, 1878-June 6, 1891 Canadian Conservative Party
4. John Abbott   June 16, 1891-November 24, 1892 Canadian Conservative Party
5. John Thompson   December 5, 1892-December 12, 1894 Canadian Conservative Party
6. Mackenzie Bowell   December 21, 1894-April 27, 1896 Canadian Conservative Party
7. Charles Tupper May 1, 1896-July 8, 1896 Canadian Conservative Party
8. Wilfrid Laurier July 11, 1896-October 7, 1911 Canadian Liberal Party
9. Robert Borden October 10, 1911-October 11, 1917 Canadian Conservative Party
10. Robert Borden October 12, 1917-July 10, 1920 Conservative Party of Canada / United Party of Canada
11. Arthur Meighen, July 10, 1920-December 29, 1921, Canadian United Party / National Liberal Party and Conservative Party
12. William Lyon Mackenzie King December 29, 1921-June 28, 1926 Canadian Liberal Party
13. Arthur Meighen June 29, 1926-September 25, 1926 Conservative Party of Canada
14. William Lyon Mackenzie King September 25, 1926-August 7, 1930 Canadian Liberal Party
15. Richard Bedford Bennett August 7, 1930-October 23, 1935 Conservative Party of Canada
16. William Lyon Mackenzie King October 23, 1935-November 15, 1948 Canadian Liberal Party
17. Louis St. Laurent November 15, 1948-June 21, 1957 Canadian Liberal Party
18. John Diefenbaker June 21, 1957-April 22, 1963 Canadian Progressive Conservative Party
19. Lester B. Pearson April 22, 1963-April 20, 1968 Canadian Liberal Party
20. Pierre Trudeau April 20, 1968-June 3, 1979 Canadian Liberal Party
21. Charles Clark June 4, 1979-March 2, 1980 Canadian Progressive Conservative Party
22. Pierre Trudeau   March 3, 1980-June 30, 1984 Canadian Liberal Party
23. John Turner   June 30, 1984-September 17, 1984 Canadian Liberal Party
24. Brian Mulroney   September 17, 1984-June 25, 1993 Canadian Progressive Conservative Party
25. Kim Campbell   June 25, 1993-November 4, 1993 Progressive Conservative Party of Canada
26. Jean Chrétien   November 4, 1993-December 12, 2003 Canadian Liberal Party
27. Paul Martin   December 12, 2003-February 6, 2006 Canadian Liberal Party
28. Stephen Harper   February 6, 2006-October 19, 2015 Conservative Party of Canada
29. Justin Trudeau   October 19, 2015-present Canadian Liberal Party

Prime Minister of the Country Canada

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