Differences Between Types of Coronaviruses


What are the Main differences between coronaviruses?

 The difference between types of coronaviruses and new coronavirus lies in virus type, clinical characteristics, route of infection and severity of disease caused.

1. Different types of viruses:

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are named for the morphology of the virus, which looks similar to a crown under an electron microscope. Coronavirus has so far been found to infect only vertebrates and can cause human and animal respiratory, digestive, and nervous system diseases such as colds and more serious diseases such as the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).
Real coronaviruses image under microscope
Real Coronavirus image under a microscope
The new corona virus is a new coronavirus strain that has never been found in humans before. In addition to the new coronaviruses found this time, there are six more known corona viruses that infect humans. Four of them are more common in the population and have lower pathogenicity, generally causing only mild respiratory symptoms similar to the common cold; the other two are the SARS corona virus and MERS corona virus that we are familiar with.

Severity of the illness caused:

 Clinically, most coronaviruses cause mild and self-healing diseases, but a few may have neurological complications.

The illness caused by the new corona virus is more serious. A total of 41 cases of pneumonitis with new corona virus infection have been reported in Wuhan, 7 cases have been cured, 6 cases have been cured, 1 case has died, and the remaining patients are in stable condition. All patients received isolation treatment at designated medical institutions in Wuhan.

The difference between a dog parvo virus and a corona virus. Dogs are not mental, and pulled and vomited some time ago.

Difference between dog parvovirus and corona virus

Simple points are generally small stool blood, coronavirus stool is green or orange or paste.

Is coronavirus and parvovirus a disease?

Thank you in advance here! To be clear, are coronaviruses and parvoviruses a disease? Can corona virus be detected with a small test strip? My dog ​​did no minor illness! But now it's not sure if it is a corona virus, nor canine plague! I just don’t eat for 6 days now.

To be clear, are coronaviruses and parvoviruses a disease?

Can corona virus be detected with a small test strip?
My dog ​​did no minor illness!
But now it's not sure if it is a coronavirus, nor canine plague! I just don’t eat for 6 days now! Expand

Canine coronavirus disease: The incubation period of artificial infection is 24-48 hours, and the incubation period of natural cases is 1-3 days. The sick dog is addicted to sleepiness, weakness, and anorexia. It can be seen that vomiting that lasts for several days, and then diarrhea begins. Yellow-green or orange-red, stench, mixed with varying amounts of mucus, occasionally a small amount of blood can be seen in the stool.

Canine parvovirus disease: 2 types of enteritis and myocarditis can be seen:

1. Characteristics of the onset: The source of infection is mainly sick dogs and asymptomatic dogs. Rehabilitation dogs can be poisoned and detoxified for a long time, becoming a potential source of infection for the disease.

Sick dogs detoxify via feces, reaching a peak at 4-6 days after illness, and the virus content tends to decrease after 9-14 days, but the infectivity can last from 30 days to 8 months.

Rickets can cause excretion of feces, urine, vomitus and saliva from healthy dogs. Pregnant dogs can also be transmitted vertically to the fetus through the placenta. Except for dogs, animals such as wolves, foxes, and marten are susceptible to infection.

Puppies are particularly susceptible, with an incidence rate of 91.67% to 100%; the incidence rates of suckling dogs under 4 weeks of age and adult dogs over 5 years of age are 2% and 16% respectively, is common.

2. The main symptoms: the incubation period of this disease is mostly 7-14 days. Clinical manifestations are related to the age, immune status and other factors of the sick dog. The symptoms of elderly dogs are mostly recessive, and the body temperature is generally normal.
This disease can be divided into the following two clinical types:
i. hemorrhagic enteritis type: more common in adult dogs. This type is more common in old epidemic areas. Sick dogs show symptoms of intestinal inflammation, usually vomiting and diarrhea first, in addition to draining yellow or gray thin stools, and then turning into tomato juice-like bloody thin stools, emitting a bad smell. The temperature of sick puppies can rise to 40-41 degrees (adult dogs' body temperature does not increase significantly). Swollen lymph nodes, small blisters in the mouth, and ulcers after rupture.

Because the sick dog vomited and diarrhea, resulting in rapid dehydration, at the same time showing depression, anorexia, prostration, and finally death due to heart failure and acidosis.

In addition to the decrease in serum total protein, the most significant hematological examination is that the number of white blood cells has decreased sharply within 4-5 days after the illness, at 300 / cm3 or 500-1000 / cm3.

ii. Myocarditis type: This type is common in newly infected areas. More common in puppies aged 3-4 weeks. The condition developed rapidly. A few sick dogs develop mild diarrhea and vomiting, usually with sudden weakness, dyspnea, and arrhythmia, and die within minutes.

The duration of the disease varies, with the short one taking a few minutes and the elderly taking several weeks. Mostly 5-7 days.
It is worth pointing out that clinically, all puppies with arrhythmia should consider the possibility of developing this disease. Due to the severe diarrhea and strong peristalsis of the intestine, subsequent cases of intussusception and prolapse of the anus have occurred.

The incidence of this disease is 20-100%, and the mortality rate is 10% -100%, especially in puppies (9-12 weeks old) who have just been weaned.

What is the relationship between coronavirus and SARS?

SARS is a type of coronavirus. The Coronavirus family is divided into three genera: alpha, beta, and gamma. Beta gene coronaviruses include: beta coronavirus, human coronavirus HKU1, murine coronavirus, domestic bat coronavirus HPU5, Fruit bat coronavirus (HKU9), severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) -related virus and 7 species.

Clinical Manifestations of SARS Virus

The incubation period is 2-10 days. Onset is rapid, with fever as the first symptom. Body temperature is usually greater than 38 ° C, and there may be chills, cough, sputum sputum, occasional bloodshot sputum, palpitations, shortness of breath, or respiratory distress.
This may be accompanied by muscle soreness, headache, joint pain, fatigue, and diarrhea. Patients often had no catarrhal symptoms of the upper respiratory tract. Pulmonary signs were not obvious, and some patients could hear a slight wet murmur.

Extended Information:

1. Transmission of SARS virus

It is excreted through respiratory secretions, transmitted through oral fluids, sneezing, and contact, and transmitted through air droplets. The peak of infection occurs in autumn, winter, and early spring. The virus is sensitive to heat. Ultraviolet rays, Lysol water, 0.1% peroxyacetic acid, and 1% keliaolin can kill the virus in a short time.

2. Prevention of SARS virus

Specific prevention of SARS virus prevention, that is, targeted preventive measures (the development of vaccines and vaccines is possible, but it takes a long time to solve the problem of virus reproduction is its problem) and non-specific preventive measures (that is, prevention of spring respiratory infections) Illness measures, such as keeping warm, washing hands, ventilating, avoiding excessive fatigue and contacting patients, and going to less public places, etc.).

What makes a new coronavirus?

Making of nCoV: Coronavirus is a single-stranded positive-sense RNA virus with a diameter of about 80 to 120 nm.

Its genetic material is the largest of all RNA viruses and only infects human, mouse, pig, cat, dog, and avian vertebrates. A variant of coronavirus is the pathogen that causes atypical pneumonia and belongs to the RNA virus.

I. Clinical Manifestations

Symptoms are usually acute respiratory infections with acute renal failure.

Differences between viruses

There is a genetic difference between the new coronavirus and SARS virus, and it is not as easy to spread as SARS virus. There are far fewer cases of infection of new coronavirus than SARS, and the symptoms of some patients are different from SARS.

Extended information:

What is the Way for spreading of Viruses?

Coronavirus is excreted through respiratory secretions, transmitted through oral fluid, sneeze, and contact, and transmitted through air droplets. The infection peaks in autumn, winter, and early spring. The virus is sensitive to heat. Ultraviolet rays, Lysol water, 0.1% peroxyacetic acid, and 1% keliaolin can kill the virus in a short time.

What is the Preventive approach form Viruses?

There is specific prevention for its prevention, that is, targeted preventive measures (the development of vaccines and vaccines is possible, but it takes a long time to solve the problem of virus reproduction is its problem) and non-specific preventive measures (that is, prevention of spring respiratory infections)
Measures such as keeping warm, washing hands, ventilating, avoiding excessive fatigue and contact with patients, and going to public places with fewer people, etc.).

What is coronavirus weak positive? 

Patient information: Male 1-year-old Beijing Chaoyang District Condition description (onset time, main symptoms, etc.): My teddy bear, one and a half years old, vomiting, diarrhea, has been on a hunger strike for 4-5 days, and is mentally weak. Go to the I Love I Love Pet Hospital Puppy was weakly coronavirus positive! Infusion injection for 2 days did not ...

Patient Information: Male 1 year old, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Condition description (onset time, main symptoms, etc.):
My teddy bear, one and a half years old, vomiting, diarrhea, has been on a hunger strike for 4-5 days, and has lost energy.

The infusion injection has not improved for 2 days. I think Know what a coronavirus is weakly positive, and what is the difference between small and warm dog oil? Can it be cured? Will it endanger the dog's life? Please love people who know how to help me, and help me sincerely thank you!

How can I help from Corona?

I want to know what is a weak positive coronavirus, and what is the difference between small and warm dog oil? Can it be cured? Will it endanger the dog's life? I am very worried now. Please love those who love dogs and know that friends can help me. Help me a little bit and sincerely thank you all!

I want to know what is a weak positive coronavirus, and what is the difference between small and warm dog oil? Can it be cured? Will it endanger the dog's life? I am very worried now. Please love those who love dogs and know that friends can help me. Help me a little bit and thank you sincerely.

Symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea, lack of appetite, and loss of energy. The weak positive reaction detected at this time is indicated by the middle and early stages of the onset of coronavirus. Coronavirus is a virus that attaches to the roots of intestinal villi. It continuously erodes the intestinal villi and eventually causes the intestinal villi to fall off. This causes disease.

The clinical manifestations are diarrhea and vomiting. The difference between them and the small ones is that the small viruses attack the intestines The villi's head is different from canine fever in nature. Coronal and small are gastrointestinal diseases, which are used in humans to equal gastroenteritis.

Canine fever

Canine fever is a comprehensive disease, including the respiratory system, digestive system and nervous system. The danger of these three diseases is canine plague> Small> Coronal. Generally, the coronal is better. Drip, water and food can be cured in 3-4 days.

During the drip, it depends on the nutrient solution glucose and water in the drip to maintain it. Life, if it is a regular pet hospital, the ratio of drips completely meets the needs of dogs, so there is no need to be afraid of water and food breaks.

Water and food breaks are to let the intestinal tract rest, so the intravenous method is used, and the antiviral serum is also injected at the same time. After treatment, the water intake was gradually restored, and the water intake gradually increased to the normal drinking water amount.

If the water was not spit or pulled, you could resume eating, and the food intake gradually increased to normal. These three diseases can be life-threatening if not treated well, but if treated properly, the coronal can be cured in 3-4 days, and the small 7-10 days can be cured.
Dog disease is difficult to say, mainly depending on the dog's constitution, and Sooner or later when the disease is found, canine plague has the highest mortality rate, close to 70%, and there will be various sequelae even if cured.

How is coronavirus transmitted?

For animals transmitted to humans, Mr. Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that this time the coronavirus was transmitted to humans by humans and caused by humans eating game.

On December 8, 2019, the first case of unexplained pneumonia was officially notified.

On the morning of December 26, 2019, Zhang Jixian, director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, accepted four abnormal pneumonia cases. On the 27th, Zhang Jixian reported the situation of the four to the hospital leader in a timely manner, and the hospital quickly reported to the Jianghan District Disease Control Center.

On the 28th and 29th, the outpatient clinic successively treated 3 patients from the South China Seafood Market. Symptoms and lung performance were consistent in 7 patients before and after. Zhang Jixian immediately reported to the hospital again. The hospital attached great importance to it and immediately reported it.

 Although the Wuhan South China Seafood Market is called the Seafood Market, there is a large amount of wildlife trafficking in the market. The source of the new coronavirus in Wuhan this time is wildlife.

On December 30, 2019, Li Wenliang, a doctor from Wuhan Central Hospital, released a message in Wuhan University's clinical class 04 class that "seven SARS cases have been diagnosed in the South China Seafood Market", reminding classmates who are clinicians "to let family and loved ones pay attention to prevention".

In order to prove that what he said was true, Li Wenliang also sent out a group of clinical pathogen screening results and a CT scan of the patient's chest that read "Highly positive indicator SARS coronavirus positive" in the group. An hour later, he added in the group:
"The latest news is that the coronavirus infection is confirmed and the virus is being typed." For this reason, Li Wenliang was called the "whistleblower" of the epidemic. However, on January 3, 2020, the reason for "posting false statements on the Internet" was sent out by the local jurisdiction to be warned and admonished.

On December 31, 2019, 27 cases of pneumonia were found in Wuhan, of which 7 were seriously ill, and the remaining cases were stable and controllable.

The clinical manifestations of the cases were mainly fever, a few patients had difficulty breathing, and chest radiographs showed invasive lesions of both lungs. Many of these patients worked in Wuhan South China Seafood Wholesale Market, which was closed by investigation the next day.

On January 1, 2020, the official Weibo of Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau announced that recently, some medical institutions in Wuhan had discovered many cases of pneumonia, and the Municipal Health and Health Commission issued a briefing on this. However, some netizens publish and forward false information on the Internet without verification, causing adverse social impact.

After investigation and verification by the public security organs, eight illegal personnel have been summoned and handled according to law.

On January 3, 2020, a total of 44 patients with unexplained diagnosis of viral pneumonia were found, of which 11 were severe cases. Some of the cases were operated by Wuhan South China Seafood City. National and provincial health and health commissions sent working groups and expert teams to Wuhan.

On January 8, 2020, Li Wenliang encountered an unexplained patient with viral pneumonia and was infected. 

And on the morning of February 1, 2020, the news of his confirmed diagnosis of new coronavirus pneumonia was announced on his Weibo. In addition, several of his colleagues and parents were infected with the new coronavirus pneumonia.

On January 13, 2020, the WHO notified a case of Wuhan pneumonia in Thailand, the first case outside China. This female patient came from Wuhan.

On January 20, 2020, the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission held a press conference, and Zhong Nanshan served as the leader of the expert group.

On January 21, 2020, the first meeting of the scientific research group of the new coronavirus joint prevention and control working mechanism, Zhong Nanshan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a well-known respiratory expert, served as the team leader. At the outbreak of SARS in 2003, medical workers represented by Zhong Nanshan fought against SARS through long-term efforts.

On January 22, 2020, Academician Li Lanjuan advised the State Council on the closure of Wuhan, and was the first person to propose the closure of Wuhan to prevent the large-scale spread of the virus.

At the same time, Academician Li Lanjuan also suggested that the country gradually give the younger generations after the epidemic Establish correct life orientation and life values, hoping to leave high-paid, high-welfare and high-status positions to scientific and military personnel with both talents and talents.

Academician Li Lanjuan once created the atypical pneumonia "Zhejiang Miracle". He managed 0 infections without serious sequelae.

In the early morning of January 23, 2020, Wuhan announced that the city would be “closed” from 10:00 on the same day. 

Public transportation would be suspended. For no special reason, citizens must not leave Wuhan. Some citizens rushed out before the city was closed overnight.

10 hours before the city was closed, at least 251 trains and nearly 300,000 people left Wuhan by rail. After Wuhan announced the closure of the city, at 13:00 that day, a total of 7 regions in Hubei Province also announced the closure of the city and the closure of public transport facilities such as railway stations. Subsequently, more cities have gradually entered the closed state.

On January 23, 2020, Wuhan Urban Construction Bureau convened a special conference for the Central Construction Bureau and other units to hold a special meeting. On January 24, the relevant design plan of Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital was completed.

In January 29, 2020, the construction of Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital was completed. Entered the ward installation period. On the morning of February 2, 2020, Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital was officially delivered to the military. The total building area of ​​the hospital was 33,900 square meters, with 700 to 1,000 beds set up. Patients began to be treated on February 3. Vulcan Mountain Hospital takes only 10 days from solution design to completion and delivery, which is praised as the speed of China.
On January 25, Wuhan City decided to build Wuhan Thunder God Hill Hospital in addition to Vulcan Hill Hospital, and delivered it to use on February 8 and transferred it to the People's Liberation Army. 

The total construction area of ​​Thunder God Hill Hospital was 79,700 square meters, and a modular design was adopted. , Including the medical isolation area, medical staff living area, integrated logistics area three major areas, a total of 1500 beds.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year's Day on January 25, 2020, 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions initiated a first-level response to major public health emergencies. At the same time, in the afternoon of the same day, many local citizens received notifications to cancel the entertainment activities such as New Year's greetings and parties. Masks were required to be worn in public places.

On the afternoon of February 1, 2020, a reporter from CCTV News went into the warehouse of the Wuhan Red Cross to visit the reception and distribution of materials and conducted live interviews, but was interrupted in the public eye, causing a lot of dissatisfaction. At the same time, Red Some other adverse events of the Cross were also exposed by the masses.

On February 1, 2020, there was also an outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza in poultry in Hunan, with more than 4,500 broiler chickens dying. All the sick and killed poultry in the area were subsequently harmlessly treated. At the same time, three textile mill employees in Tongzhou District, Jiangsu Province, were investigated at the request of the person in charge who returned to work early. The persons in charge were sentenced to five days in administrative detention on February 2 the following day.

On February 3, 2020, the first case of a new coronavirus death occurred in the Philippines.

The patient was a 44-year-old man who recently arrived in the Philippines from Wuhan. This death was the first case of a new coronavirus death outside China.

On February 4, 2020, three leaders of the Hubei Red Cross Society were punished due to the inaction and inaction of the Hubei Red Cross Society in the receipt and distribution of donated funds and supplies, and the Zhangqin Red Cross Party Group was dismissed. Group member, full-time vice chairman position.

At 2:58 am on February 7, 2020, Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, was unfortunately infected during the fight against the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, and died after a full rescue. After Li Wenliang's death, some public welfare organizations in the society donated like his family. At the same time, with the approval of the Central Committee, the State Supervisory Committee decided to send an investigation team to Wuhan City, Hubei Province, to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the problems reported by the masses involving Dr. Li Wenliang.

At 2:00 pm on February 8, 2020, a press conference was held in Shanghai. Health and epidemic prevention experts emphasized that the currently identified pneumococcal transmission routes of new coronavirus infection are mainly direct transmission, contact transmission, and aerosol transmission (suspected). The virus can survive for several hours on smooth surfaces, one day at a suitable temperature and humidity, and five days in a suitable environment.
Direct transmission refers to the infection caused by the patient's sneezing, coughing, talking droplets, and exhaled gas directly inhaled.
Aerosol transmission refers to the mixing of droplets in the air to form aerosols which cause infection after inhalation.
Contact transmission refers to the deposition of droplets on the surface of an article, contact with contaminated hands, and then contact with the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, nasal cavity, eyes, etc., causing infection.

On February 8, 2020, using the new coronavirus-infected pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan (the fifth edition) as a guide, the first phase of the new crown-free plasma treatment of 3 critically ill patients was carried out in Jiangxia District First People's Hospital, and the patients received treatment. After 12 to 24 hours, laboratory tests showed that the major inflammation indicators decreased significantly, the proportion of lymphocytes increased, blood oxygen saturation, viral load and other key indicators improved overall, and clinical signs and symptoms improved significantly. New crown special free plasma products are plasma donated by high-priority new crown virus specific antibodies donated by rehabilitation patients, processed after virus inactivation, and tested against new crown virus neutralizing antibodies and multiple pathogenic microorganisms. Treatment of patients. From the perspective of clinical pathogenesis, most patients with neocoronary pneumonia after treatment and rehabilitation will produce specific antibodies against neocoronavirus in the body, which can kill and clear the virus. At present, under the premise of lack of vaccines and specific therapeutic drugs, the use of this special-free plasma product to treat neocoronavirus infection is the most effective method, which can significantly reduce the mortality of critically ill patients.

On February 13, 2020, Zhong Nanshan's team detected a new coronavirus in the stool of patients, and academician Li Lanjuan's team also made a similar discovery. At the same time, medical experts also found that patients with new coronary pneumonia will develop severe respiratory failure. Compared with SARS, their respiratory failure progresses faster.

Coronavirus will seriously attack the lungs, causing the lungs to be covered with pectin-like secretions. In severe cases, the ventilating function is completely lost, and the concentrated oxygen can not enter the blood, and it can fibrosis the lungs, whiten the lungs, and irreversible fibrosis, unless the lung is transplanted, and the patient is also severely attacked by the heart.

The treatment of such patients is more difficult than before. Not only that, but the coronavirus also attacks the kidneys and testes of patients, which has a certain impact on male fertility.

On February 13, 2020, Ma Guoqiang ceased to hold the posts of Deputy Secretary, Standing Committee Member, Member of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, and Wang Zhonglin, Secretary of the Jinan Municipal Party Committee, took over as Member of the Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee.

Jiang Chaoliang ceased to hold the posts of Secretary, Standing Committee and Member of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, and Ying Yong took over. Many other officials were also removed from the virus, such as Zhang Jin, secretary of the Party Committee of the Hubei Provincial Health Committee, and Liu Yingzi, director of the Hubei Provincial Health Committee.

The outbreak of the virus had a great impact on the Chinese economy

Due to the severe epidemic situation, some commercial activities were forced to stop, enterprises were forced to resume work, and many medical staff and various staff struggled on the front line, tired of their jobs, and even Some people have died forever. At the same time, the deceased who died of new coronary pneumonia shall not hold farewells or perform other funeral activities, shall not use burial or other methods to preserve the remains, shall not be transported, and shall be cremated nearby.

As of February 11, 2020, a total of 1,716 medical personnel were infected, but there have also been incidents of escape. For example, Li Wenjie, director of the Zhangjiajie Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, left the post for fear of being infected, and took his family to Thailand to escape. Dismissal, there have also been some unscrupulous traders selling fake and shoddy masks, or coaxing prices to send money to the country, etc., and even use the epidemic to carry out fraud. For example, the artist of the Lehua Entertainment, Huang Zhibo, was suspected of using false sales masks to implement online fraud. There are even people who know the infection and spread the virus maliciously. The state has also issued policies to combat these acts.

At the same time, there are difficulties for one side to support. The outbreak of the new coronavirus has caused many domestic companies and citizens to donate materials. Due to the epidemic in China, it has also affected the tourism and normal economic exchanges in some countries. The state has also assisted China for various reasons, such as Russia, Pakistan, Japan, Iran, etc. Russia has aided China with a large amount of materials and sent experts to China. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zaharova was in the news. In the press conference, Chinese was used to encourage China to fight the epidemic. Pakistan was not rich, and also tried its best to assist in the epidemic. Iraq suffered from the war, but raised 70 tons of materials to aid China. When Japan donated supplies, it wrote ancient poems on donations. The Japanese Proficiency Test HSK Office donated 20,000 masks and a group of infrared thermometers to universities in Hubei. The eight letters were written in the letters: Mountains and Rivers Exotic, Wind and Moon Same Day. The medical materials jointly donated by the four organizations including the Japan Pharmaceutical NPO Corporation Human Heart Association, Japan Hubei General Chamber of Commerce, and the like stated that Qi Yue was undressed and she was in the same clothes as Zi. The Japanese Maizuru city aided Dalian materials, and wrote the first ancient poem: Aoyama is in the same cloud and rain, and Mingyue was once the two towns, so it also won the favor of many people in China. After donating supplies, Japan also had an outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia, and the kit of materials donated by China to Japan read: "Put me a peach, and report it to Qiong Yao."

However, some countries and regions fell into trouble in this incident. For example, some Western media deliberately discredited China in this outbreak. The Wall Street Journal published an insulting article "China is the real" sick man in Asia ", which caused dissatisfaction among the people. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded The Wall Street Journal reported an apology and revoked three Wall Street Journal reporters' press cards in Beijing.

There are also Indian bans on export of masks and cotton, Indian hacker organizations launched attacks in the medical field to fight the epidemic, and Indian dignitaries went to southern China to carry out activities. While Taiwan bans masks, it is also trying to use the epidemic to take advantage of the robbery. Taiwan's "Vice President" Lai Qingde not only visited the United States, but also hoped to expand the so-called "international space" in Taiwan. On February 9, 2020, the Eastern Theater of the Chinese People's Liberation Army organized sea and air forces to conduct combat readiness cruises, and launched a variety of weapons and equipment, such as destroyers, bombers, fighters and early warning aircraft, to test the multi-arms integrated joint combat capabilities. The air force cruised through the Bus Straits and Miyako Straits and conducted targeted combat exercises. On the afternoon of February 10th, the official Weibo post of the Chinese Air Force released multiple photos and a 17-second video showing the pictures of multiple H-6K bomber formations flying. During this period, multiple F-11 fighters were escorted and equipped. The article said "Today, see God of War again!". It can be seen from the picture that all bombers and fighters are equipped with missile weapons. There are reports in Taiwan that there are multiple PLA fighter planes, almost following yesterday's route, crossing the Bus Strait from the southwest waters. PLA fighter planes have been detouring for 2 consecutive days, which is quite rare.
As of February 15, 2020, the outbreak of the new coronavirus has resulted in 66,576 confirmed diagnoses, 1,524 deaths, and 8,101 cures. The data is still being updated.

According to the report of the Beijing Health Commission, the overall treatment rate of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital was 87% and the total effective rate of Chinese medicine treatment was 92%.

After the spread of coronavirus in China, confirmed cases have appeared in various parts of the world. The global epidemic prevention situation is not optimistic. Due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Ukrainian citizens returning from Wuhan chartered flights have also been blocked by local residents. Fearing infection with the new crown virus, hundreds of local residents blocked the roads, and some threw them into police escort buses. Stones, projectiles, etc.

On January 21, 2020, the United States announced the first confirmed case of new coronavirus infection. 

The patient returned to the United States from Wuhan on the 15th, went to a medical institution on the 19th, and was confirmed on the 20th. "Some 14,000 people died of influenza in the United States may have died of the new crown virus." Some public opinions, such as "the United States is the birthplace of the virus," have also caused the United States to quickly spread rumors. A Japanese media report on the 21st made "the flu is actually a new crown virus." Questions about the "new crown virus has spread in the United States", and even "new crown virus is a US-made biological weapon". In order to refute these sensational "conspiracy theories", US politicians aimed at Russia for the first time, but were attacked by Russian officials responded directly to pure rumors.

On February 19-20, 2020, 28 cases were diagnosed in Iran in the Middle East and 6 died.

On February 21, 2020, three cases of coronavirus pneumonia were found in Italy, and increased to 157 cases on the 23rd. Italy adopted the "cities closure" measure. However, on February 23, about 15,000 people in Ivrea, Italy ignored the threat of the epidemic. Participated in the annual "Orange War", causing concern. At the same time, many other European countries have confirmed cases.

On February 24, 2020, 763 cases were diagnosed in South Korea and 7 people died.

 A 61-year-old female infected with infection in Daegu, South Korea refused to be tested after the symptoms of fever appeared. She also ran to worship at Xintiandi Church. Close contacts were even more As many as thousands of people almost wiped out the church. The aunt ’s operation of the gods also made the Xintiandi Church famous, and caused widespread concern about Korean cults. Hundreds of participants participated in these cult activities each time. Due to the cult activities, the phenomenon of "super spread" appeared. Daegu City announced or even entered a state of emergency. However, led by the minister of the Korean Christian Federation South Korea ’s Pan-National Struggle Headquarters (referred to as the Pan-Douban) still forcibly held a rally in Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul on the 23rd. Due to concerns about the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the rally was prohibited in Gwanghwamun Square and other places. Judicial treatment policy, but Pan Douban held a rally for two consecutive days. Quan Guangxun even said, "Are you infected with virus among you? Come to worship next week, and the Lord will heal you." It doesn't matter, our destination is paradise, we are the ones who defeated the death. "Subsequently, Seoul Central District Court has issued an arrest warrant against Jeon Kwang-hoon. The epidemic also caused the flight from South Korea to Qingdao to be full.

In Japan, 838 cases have been confirmed. As early as February 5, 2020, 10 people on the luxury cruise ship "Diamond Princess" were diagnosed with the new coronavirus. Passengers and crew members without symptoms were required to leave the ship for isolation for 14 days. A total of 3,711 people were carried on board. Because the Japanese government has basically adopted a laissez-faire response to the Diamond Princess, which has caused the epidemic to spread explosively on board, it has also made the Japanese government criticized by domestic and foreign public opinion. In the end, in the face of the out of control situation of the Diamond Princess, Japan still had to release passengers and disembark. At this time, a considerable number of passengers were not sick and became ill in the enclosed space on the ship. It can be said that it is more dangerous to disembark the passengers than to begin with. Already.
On February 15, 2020, tens of thousands of participants were crowded together during the annual "Okayama Nude Festival" held in Okayama, Japan, but no one wore a mask. The next day, 11 regions of Japan were held as scheduled. The marathon competition with more than 100,000 people participated. China has taken measures to close the city against the epidemic situation, but under the current situation, the closure of the city will cause a severe blow to the Japanese economy and will not be conducive to the daily lives of the Japanese people. It is only 5 months from the Tokyo Olympics and Japan ’s It can be said that every effort is made, and such a huge investment also means that Japan is not willing to postpone or even cancel the Olympic Games.

On February 24, 2020, experts from the China-WHO joint inspection team said

 Many people say that there is no way without medicines and vaccines, and China's approach is to use whatever you have, and save lives as you can. The Chinese method is the only method that has proved successful. We must recognize that the contributions of the people of Wuhan are owed to you by the world. UN Secretary General Tres said: In order to prevent and control the epidemic, the Chinese people have contributed to all humanity by sacrificing normal life. I am grateful. At the same time, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of China adopted a decision on a comprehensive ban on illegal wildlife trade and the abolition of bad habits of wild animals.

On February 25, 2020, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a notice that Chinese tourists were repeatedly unfairly treated in the United States due to excessive US epidemic prevention measures and the domestic security situation in the United States. Chinese citizens must not travel to the United States in the near future.

On February 25, 2020, Tianjin University's laboratory announced that it has developed an oral vaccine for the new crown virus, but it has not yet been clinically tested.

References: People's Daily Online-Breaking Five Rumors of a New Coronavirus. Telling You How to Protect Yourself

Options: A: Are there formed nuclei B: Are there any cell structures C: Are there cell walls D: Are there any genetic material

Options: A: Are there formed nuclei B: Are there any cell structures C: Are there cell walls D: Are there any genetic materials

C Coronavirus has no cell structure and is inherited from RNA. It relies on host cells to replicate and is highly variable. E. coli also has no cell structure but a cell wall. Both have genetic material
Difference between dog parvovirus and corona virus.

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