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"News World" magazine was founded in 1989. It is a journalistic journal headed by the Anhui Daily Group, and an authoritative academic journal in journalism, culture, education and sociology.
Organizer:   Anhui Daily Newspaper Group
Publishing Cycle:    Monthly

Table of Content
    1. Journal Information
    2. Introduction
    3. Magazine sections
    4. Call for Papers

News Magazine / Journal Information

Place of Publication: Hefei, Anhui Province
Language: Chinese;
Folio: Big 16
ISSN: 1005-5932
CN: 34-1090 / G2
Post code: 26-100
Current title: World of News
Founded: 1989

News World Magazine / Journal Introduction

International standard issue number: ISSN 1005-5932, domestic unified issue number: CN 34-1090 / G2, publicly issued for domestic and foreign. This academic journal is an important carrier for disseminating advanced socialist culture and an important window to show the academic level of scientific research such as journalism, culture, education, etc .

It is a platform for the media industry to conduct business training and improve the basic literacy of journalists. An important bridge for communication. 
This journal is a statistical source journal of the comprehensive evaluation database of Chinese academic journals, a full-text journal of Chinese journals full-text database, a journal of Chinese core journals (selection) database, and a journal of Chinese academic journals (CD-ROM).
"News World" is a comprehensive academic journal for journalism, education, economics and other industries. 
The magazine has been rated as "Excellent Journal in East China" for many years. It enjoys a good reputation in the press and publishing circles, and is loved by many new and old readers at home and abroad. 
The editorial board members of the journals are all professors and doctoral supervisors from famous universities in China. They are experts, scholars and authoritative persons in the fields of journalism and education in China.

The papers have been reviewed and approved by 2 domestic peer experts. The authors include professors, doctoral supervisors, researchers, doctoral students, and postgraduates, as well as staff, experts, and scholars engaged in the field of education research. Science and technology workers, graduate students, and doctoral students all have important reference values. 
The newly revised "News World" focuses on various institutions of higher learning, actively explores China's higher education teaching reform and development ideas, and studies various educational and academic journals with the main characteristics of higher education teaching.
Business of News and Magazine Image

Journalism World is the only journalistic journal in Anhui Province. It was formally launched in 1989. After 20 years of development, the magazine has now become a more influential publication at home and abroad. This academic journal is not only an important carrier for disseminating advanced socialist culture, but also an important window for demonstrating the academic and academic level of journalism, culture and education. 
"News World" magazine has covered 31 provinces (municipalities) and autonomous regions in Hong Kong and Macao, and has been rated as "Excellent Journal in East China" for many years. 
It has been collected by the National Library of China and domestic and foreign famous university libraries. Purpose of running the journal: To disseminate cutting-edge theories and share media resources.

Magazine Section

Professor rostrum, PhD forum, two-course education, higher education theory, natural sciences, vocational education, new theory of education reform, sports and art education, comprehensive forum, field survey, book reviews, etc.

Magazine Section representation of Generic Publications of the world

Call for Papers

In response to the requests of many contributors, the journal decided to further expand the scope of soliciting manuscripts and more widely absorb excellent manuscript sources. All kinds of domestic institutions of higher learning, vocational colleges, adult colleges, etc., those who are qualified to engage in higher education, including teachers, researchers, administrators, and doctoral students, graduate students and all sectors of society who care about higher education. Anyone can contribute to this journal.

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