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Three Idiots Movie made a big noise in Bollywood: The top students who memorize by rote, or the "bad students" who learn and use?

This is a movie of bollywood cinema whose name has been delayed. It can bring memories back to college time, remember those funny stories that made people laugh, and remember the joys and sorrows of the lush years.


Amir Khan plays the protagonist Rancher in Thre eIdiots Movie

Indian Bollywood superstar Amir Khan plays the protagonist Rancher. With superb acting skills, he reproduces the strongest brotherhood between boys of that era. 

Friends is not only a name, but also the warmest and solidest when we are confused and suffering. In the embrace of the film, the film is even more in a comedy way, while integrating the traditional Indian singing and dancing expressions, showing the current social issues such as the gap between the rich and the poor, the filling education system, and the supremacy of money. It is thought-provoking.


 Who was the character Chatur in the 3 Idiots Movie?

The protagonist of the story, Rancher, a smart and studious boy who is not restricted by rules and regulations, meets the other two boys Fahan and Lanzhu who are striving to become top students in traditional education. 

They are on the university campus and the paranoid courtyard. They have witnessed Joey who committed suicide because he was unable to complete the project graduation. 

They met Chatur, who didn’t ask for more understanding and just memorized them, and went to the dean’s daughter’s wedding to steal food and trick Chatur. 

The speech helped Lan Zhu get rid of the fear of pressure, and encouraged Fahhan to muster the courage to pursue his dream of photography...


The three fools in the movie, but because they violate the standard of traditional education, they have become fools in everyone’s eyes. But in fact, one of them is a genius in the field of engineering, one is a promising photographer, and the other is a promising engineer. 

They are not stupid at all, they just reject the step-by-step life that has been planned for them by their families and society since birth. 

There is a sentence in the movie asking: Why do our parents help us decide what we want to grow up when we are born? 

No one ever asks what we want to do.

Three Idiots Movie poster
A scene from 'Three Idiots'

In stark contrast to the three fools is Chatur, who blindly obeys, memorizes and has no creativity. He does well in two ways. One is to endorse every day and night, and the other is to interfere with others' learning.

 He always Unscrupulously get high scores, his results are among the best, and he values ​​the numbers on the score sheet like life. 

The fact is, if your grades are excellent, then who cares what kind of person you are.


Perhaps we may wonder: Is there no "top student" who can learn and use?

In this movie, Lancher, as a person who never gives up thinking and asking questions, dares to challenge conventions and authority, is a rare person in our lives who dares to break conventions and question authority.

 He applies his engineering flexibly to life. A little bit, he is not a good student as everyone thinks, but he can get the first place in the exam because of his love of engineering and his eagerness to learn.

 He is a veritable "excellent student", but there are so few such people, "Virus" dean teacher Weilu In the twenty-three years of teaching, I have only seen Rancher, and batch after batch of students have come out of the standardized assembly line.

This is like the passage in the movie: Even the circus lion learns to sit in a chair because of the fear of whipping, but you would say that this is "good training", not "good education."

Life is not an absolute math problem. There is no answer to either A or B. However, if you choose to be a well-rounded "poor student", you may behave differently, or your dreams are not understood, and your hard work is not Be supported, but your efforts will never be disappointed.

 A wise man once said that learning is to perfect life, not to enjoy life. Pursuing excellence, success will catch up with you inadvertently.

 The heart is very fragile, you have to learn to coax it, put your hand on the heart, and say to yourself, all is well.

Movie Three Stupid Rape in Bollywood Plot 

Story: A group of men of science and engineering who majored in engineering came to a well-known local science and technology college. This school is very good in science and can be described as the existence of the Indian Lanxiang Technical School. These straight men were playing a strange ritual.

 At this time, an Indian Wu Yanzu came here. This guy didn't want to participate. Others told him that if you didn't participate, we would pee on your door. India Wu Yanzu didn't seem to be afraid. I saw him enter the room calmly, and the operation was as fierce as a tiger. Others felt that you did not respect us a little bit.

We must give you a little color see see, a leading spoon peed at the doorway, and then this person was stunned. This is the first time they have been exposed to the power of science.


The next day, the dean was licking the freshmen's enrollment and told them a short story. I saw that he held a pen in his hand and told everyone that the pen was opened and can be used in space. Scientists have spent one million dollars to develop such a pen. I am waiting for the excellent ones to take this pen away. Who wants it? Everyone raised their hands. And India Wu Yanzu stunned the dean with a word. He said that since ballpoint pens can't work in space, why don't you use pencils, won't you save a million dollars? 

The dean ran away desperately after hearing this.

At this time, a man in science and engineering who was studying helicopters took advantage of the dean to pass by and asked the dean if he could tell him his graduation time. I was the brightest boy in our village and everyone wanted to come to my graduation ceremony. The dean said yes, and immediately called the student father, but he said that your son is not a useful tool, and that he can't graduate this year, so neither you nor your villager will come.

 The guy asked the dean to look at my work, and I was almost finished. The dean didn't listen at all, and finally the dean left and left the painful guy.


The guy talked about the guitar and sang songs at night. The main idea of ​​the lyrics is whether you can live for yourself for a moment and don't always live under the shadow of others.


The next day, Wu Yanzu from India took the guy’s drone. After his improvement, he could finally fly + video. He hoped that this could surprise the person, but the camera found that the desperate science man had committed suicide in the dormitory. .


The boy’s father came to the school and cried in pain while holding his coffin. The dean also attended the funeral. His expression was also unacceptable. Indian Wu Yanzu told him, congratulations, the boy’s cause of death was judged to be Suicide, hanged and died of suffocation. 

But people only knew this, but didn't know how much pressure he was under. Under this education system, no one pays attention to students' interests. 

How much has their psychological pressure been hit? 

Of course, the dean refused to accept him and drove out Indian Wu Yanzu. The dean took the Indian Wu Yanzu to a classroom and told him u can u up, no can no BB, you can teach you, come, the stage of this class is left to you.


The guy was operating like a tiger again. Finally, I told you a truth. When I wrote the words on the blackboard, I asked you to check what it meant. You only want to find it quickly. When you think of competition, no one is out of it. To do this with the desire for knowledge, I will tell you that these two words are the names of my friends, you can't find them.

 The dean said that I asked you to teach engineering. The guy said that you teach engineering more professionally. I was teaching you how to teach students. After finishing speaking, I ran away, leaving the dean alone in the wind.


Within a few days, the dean filed a complaint with each student’s home. In India, Daniel Wu went to two good friends’ homes. The first one was a man with glasses. After arriving at his house, he found that the man with glasses had a high talent for photography. 

Praise, his father came out and told him I beg you, my son is going to become an engineer, don’t delay my son’s future. Then he went to another thin friend’s house, which was even worse, father I was sick in bed, my sister could not get married without a gift, and the whole family relied on the mother's pension. 

In this state, the mother has become a bitter wife, and she only hopes that her son can make more money in the future, but she will not think about the child’s psychological state.


Three people were walking aimlessly on the street, and they happened to see a married man, so the three were going to have a meal. The embarrassing thing happened again. The dean was found at the wedding and they were scared to death. Slipped away


The exam is approaching, and a scheming boy in the school is messing up. This person quietly stuffed pornographic magazines into other people’s rooms when everyone was reviewing, disturbing the review status of others, and getting the top rankings in the exam. 

One happened to be discovered by our Indian Wu Yanzu and decided to take care of this scheming boy. It just so happened that Boy was going to give a speech. 

The Indian Wu Yanzu replaced his speech while he was not paying attention, and changed all the dedication inside to engage. So this kind of embarrassment happened during the speech. Dedicating to students, becoming the dean and engaging in students all his life


The scheming boy was very angry. He found these instigators. Daniel Wu from India told him to read it. 

This is the drawback of duck-filling education. You have lost the ability to think, and you only know to memorize the manuscript. Scheming Boy was not convinced and said that we would make a bet and let us see who can live better in ten years.


Two idiots went to check their grades. These two difficult brothers were the first to last and the second to last. They felt very bad. Where is Daniel Wu from India? I got the first place in the exam. 

This result made the two fools dumbfounded. This is like a schoolboy who always said, oh, I don’t review, oh, I’m better than anyone after I scored a score on the exam. 

The Indian Wu Yanzu is Is there any way to be smart? 

In addition to these two fools, there are two others who are also very foolish. One is the dean and the other is the scheming boy. The scheming boy only got the second place, and he felt that he could not get the first place after he was so neat. 

The dean was dumbfounded because of how this thorn can still get the first place. India Wu Yanzu and the dean bet that if the two fools can finally find a job, the dean will shave off their beards, and the conversation is full of contempt for students with weak grades.


In order to retaliate against the dean, the thin idiot ran to the dean’s door and pissed a pee. The dean found him in class the next day. The dean asked him where he was last night. He said he was reviewing the excavator. 

For the deep structure and principle of, the dean said, how do you start the machine, and the guy said toot. It seems that this girl didn’t run away, so the bitter dean decided to expel him and forced him to write a letter to the family. It basically means that I was expelled from school. The guy thought about the family he couldn’t open the pot and thought about his mother. 

Hope, but now he is facing expulsion. He repented and apologized to the dean countless times, but it still didn't help. He just jumped downstairs, who couldn't think of it. Fortunately, the rescue was successful and his life was safe, but he was also in a wheelchair.

Later, in India, Daniel Wu told two good friends to stick to what you want, to live the life you want, and not to live the life others want you to become. The idiot who loves photography confessed to his father and said that he did not want to be an engineer. 

What he really likes is photography. Finally, he convinced his father that he was no longer forcing him to be an engineer. He supported him in photography and paid for him to buy a camera. Parents hug each other and cry bitterly;


The thin man in a wheelchair also impressed the interviewer who was looking for a job with his sincerity, and he successfully got a good job.


The dean did not give up. He still wanted to fail the thin man, so that he would not be able to obtain a diploma if he failed in the end, and he would not be able to participate in work. 

So her daughter taught him a lesson, telling him that you think your brother committed suicide?

 No, he doesn't want to study engineering, just want to be a writer, but you have insisted that he study engineering without asking him what he really likes, even if you ask him only once, then he will not die. After her daughter's words, the dean seemed to begin to change slowly.


At the end of the story, Daniel Wu and two friends in India were expelled from school because they violated school rules. This day coincided with a heavy rain. They met the dean’s daughter. They were about to give birth but were unable to go to the hospital because of the heavy rain. Several people decided together. Delivered her in the school.

 The dean's other daughter remotely gave video guidance, and several elders began to operate. The dean appeared and said that you were so brave and wanted to kill you, but the daughter said that you should not participate and keep a few people busy. In the end, the delivery was successful, and Daniel Wu from India handed the child to the dean. 

A guy who is good at photography also took the scene. At the same time, the guy said silently, if the dean says that my grandson will become an engineer in the future, I will punch him. He sucked his chin, and everyone was shocked at the end. He said that you played so well. Go and play football in the future. He will finally respect the children's interest.


The dean was convinced, and he gave the pen that he had not given in 32 years to Wu Yanzu in India, and finally admitted the excellence of others and the mistakes of his own education. Everything is happy.


At the end of the film, Scheming Boy has not forgotten his ten-year gambling contract. He showed off to three people that he has a mansion and beauty and career, saying that all of this is thanks to the scientist who has more than 400 patented inventions, and he is still humiliating. 

After the humiliation, Daniel Wu in India was proud to be driving away, and then he was dumbfounded. It turns out that Daniel Wu in India is a scientist with more than 400 inventions.



The film is full of joy and thought provoking at the same time. The purpose of education is to achieve oneself and follow one's own interests, not to live the life others want you to live. Don't laugh at you for being promising and others are not, because the difference in values ​​is the furthest distance in the world.


Bollywood Robot 2.0: No singing and dancing, no overtime,  an Indian movie to watch

When it comes to the impression of Indian movies, the first one is that the way they dance is awkward. The second is that the duration of the movie is usually very long. The Indian film broke these two "Indian film" goals. This is an Indian film with no singing and dancing performances and lasting no more than two hours.

However, although the audience's perception of this movie is very different from that of Indian movies, he still continues the brain-opening function of India and is full of "curry flavor".


1. The Robot 2.0 Movie Theme is open

Compared with the style of domestic film and television works, which has always been a remake of classic film and television dramas, the innovation of India in the film theme can be said to be unique, and even open-minded. Although their film and television works are not necessarily excellent, at least they dare to try innovation.


"Bollywood Robot 2.0: The Return of Rebirth"

 The film tells that a large number of birds died of radiation in India due to excessive radiation from mobile phones. 

In this environment, "bird lovers" have launched a series of retaliatory actions against interest groups such as mobile phone manufacturers through suicide and the symbiosis of souls with birds.

Although the topic of mobile phone radiation should have attracted the attention of the society long ago, this movie uses mobile phones to avenge bird lovers and put this issue before the public in the form of film and television works. 

This has made many viewers unconsciously engender the idea of ​​"put down their phones and pay more attention to their relatives" when watching movies.


The mind-opening theme can only be said to be full of Indian curry temperament. After all, it is difficult for ordinary people to think of revenge through mobile phones to reveal such social topics in reality.


2. The plan is open to the brain

In addition to the theme of the brain opening, the movie "Bollywood Robot 2.0" also highlights the characteristics of the Indian brain opening in the scene. 

The various special effects in the film make countless viewers feel the symbolic movements of India.

In the first half of the film, the mobile phone in a city in India suddenly turned on the airplane mode, and all the mobile phones flew into the sky in an instant, and then mysteriously disappeared.

 In this scene, the audience can take a look at the real "mobile phone flight mode" for the first time.


A bit shocking Scene in the Robot 2.0 Film

Secondly, as a robot, Seven Brothers incarnates countless Seven Brothers at the end of the film, which once again shows us the so-called "many and powerful".

 Although the scene seemed "a bit shocking", it is undeniable that facing the dense scenes of these seven brothers, the laughter of many people is still puzzling.


Poster of Indian Bollywood Movie Robot 2.0
Robot 2.0 Film Poster

At the end of the film, Zidi and Dr. Environmental became two giants fighting on the football field. Although some people suspected trying to keep up with Hollywood commercial films, the scene was full of Indian joy, not seniors, but a wave Powerful cottage style.

3. Postscript of the Robot 2.0 Cinematic Movie

Although "Bollywood Robot 2.0: Rebirth Return" is full of Indian "curry flavor", it is undeniable that the intention of this film is particularly novel. He unfolded in this way. 

People can pay attention to the radiation of mobile phones and reflect The distance between family and friendship brought about by the disappearance of all mobile phones.


Second Half of the Bollywood Movie Robot 2.0

However, in the second half of the film, it can be said to be a flaw. When the seven brothers appear on a pigeon in the climax, the film is more and more nonsense in the direction. 

At the moment of the decisive battle, the seven brothers used the hearts of bird lovers to kidnap the birds, which completely worsened the film’s “environmental protection” behavior.



In any case, this movie is still a good movie, which can be used to observe and reflect on the relationship between people and mobile phones.

Vibrant and festive colors, that auspicious red green and yellow palette

The colorful, long-awaited Indian festival is coming soon. A series of lovely holiday moments like Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Dusshera, Karwa Chauth, dhan Teras, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, etc. are waiting for us.


We also celebrate many other festivals, such as Durga Puja, Ramnavimi, the main festival of the Jaen community Payou Mountain, Teej, Eid al-Fitr, Christmas, Guru Prab, etc. -During this time, in addition to countless fasts, rituals, and lunar events like Katik Pornima.


It's time to start preparing for the festival

With such a string of awesome celebrations and sacred occasions, it pays to be prepared for this fun and busy time. 

In addition, the annual wedding frenzy will also break out completely at this time of the year. Therefore, you have to prepare your holiday wardrobe-the choice of clothes, as well as gifts, accessories, things you need for pouga/worship, etc.


Indian Festival Colors
Festive Colors

Do you have any plans?

 Are you buying new dresses, suits and Salwar suits for the holiday, or are you going to buy upgraded and redesigned Lehengas and Kurtis clothes from your existing wardrobe?

 What gift would you give to your mother-in-law for Karwa Chauth? 

What are you going to wear to participate in Garba and Navratri events? 

Well, we all have a large list of options and plans, but it would help if we categorized some common aspects-such as color.


What is the right color for the festive holiday?

Choosing the right clothing for holidays and gifts is a difficult task-but if you know some basic knowledge-such as which colors are auspicious. Which colors are suitable for such festive occasions. What Indian colors are considered sacred or sacred And so on.


Let's talk about these colors, they not only make you radiant and cheerful, but also pass the test of Indian Auspiciousness or Shubh


Wedding Favorite-Red

One of the most popular colors in India because it is associated with Madurga or the Supreme Goddess Shakti-red is a variety of positive conditions considered to be Shubu or sacred.

 Red is considered a hue that symbolizes passion, enthusiasm and passion-red is closely related to Indian weddings-it is used as or in combination with cream/white (popular in Bengal and Gujarat communities), green (in Rajasthan) Gharchola Sree from Bang and Gujarat) and other bright colors.


The entire palette of red-including pink, magenta, red wine, and vermilion (a symbol of marriage for Hindus), including peaches, oranges and orange-is considered suitable for festivals and weddings.


Therefore, it is safe and useful to choose any color or shade of red for such events-or as gifts for brides, guests, etc. 

Hue is also known to invite good luck and happy atmosphere-so it can also be chosen in the selection of home decoration and worship items.


What is Fertility color-green?

One of the most important colors in the Indian festival armory is green-vivid, bright and soothing. 

This cool color tone is auspicious because it symbolizes growth, fertility, joy, success and more. Of course, in the context of India, the general color of jealousy is not so bad.


Green is used in combination with red and other wedding/festival favorites, and is also used alone-especially during Eid al-Fitr and Ganesh Chatuchi. Most harvest festivals-for obvious reasons-like green and its entire charming palette.


In many Maharashtra weddings and ceremonies, people wear green top hats-and they are also a popular choice of clothing on festivals and festivals before the wedding, such as Karw Chauth (KarwChauth) .


How is red and green combination important in Indian festivals?

This color combination is considered very auspicious and a favorite of many brides across India. 

Gharchola sree uses this color pair, as do many popular South Indian Surreys. The red and green Kanjivaram Sarees are also very popular.


How are Mustard yellow, orange and related colors in Indian Festivals?

Other favorite festivals in India include turmeric, which is considered the epitome of Hindu symbolism. 

Fiery colors are also earth and ground-saffron, yellow and orange represent courage, bravery, growth, rebellion-and an important element of earth and fire.


From Haldi rituals to mehendi, you will also see these colors embodied in various wedding functions of Indian Saree.

 And, needless to say, they are indispensable in all Indian festivals on the gorgeous Silk Border or the Great Nafratri Lehenga, or the typical Red Surrey for the newlyweds, for her the husband fasted.

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Penis Cakes in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India for All Girls Bachelorette Party Celebration Ideas with Dick Shaped Cock Cakes

Dick Cakes in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India are one of the most celebrated cakes in the girls pre-wedding HEN parties. These are a sub-set of bachelor party cake. The ideas of male anatomy penis cakes is to enjoy male anatomy and all naughtiness of adulthood and youth for the partying girls who do dirty partying at this pre-wedding celebration moment before they are going to get married and assume family and wife responsibilities. This day girls get together and perform all odd stuff during this all men naughty party. A huge cock cake is the centre of this party. There can be cakes such as double-dick cake or one piece male organ cake or man's private part cake. These male private organ cakes are in life like size and structure so that the party girls may enjoy them eating during this kinky adults party of all females. 

HEN Nights Bachelorette Party Idea with a Penis Cake for Bride to be
A Bachelorette Party of Girls Penis Cake

Let us know the details of these modern bachelorette parties' prick cake in India:

1. Which cake is most celebrated in bachelorette party of adult girls in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India other than a Bachelorette cake?

Other than bachelorette cakes there is double-dick cake which is most celebrated by parting men or boys in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India. 

Just as boys celebrate with breast cake, so do men with bachelorette party cake or simply bachelorette cakes.

Girls enjoy these while watching a male stripper performance in full wild mode.

All Girls Bachelorette Party Cake
The Male Factor Huge Organ Cake

2.  Why choose bachelorette party cake for bachelorette parties of females in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

As bachelorette party cakes are centre of attraction of male private organ and girls love it all the times, it creates a kinky celebrating environment for all girls parties in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India.

Huge Penis Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas Image
Cock Lovers Bachelorette Party Cake


3. Do boys also celebrate their private or personal parties in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India with a penis shaped bachelorette cake?

Yes, boys in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, India also celebrate their private parties with a bachelorette party cake where they treat it as a part of masculinity and masculine celebrations and pleasure for enjoyment. Some of these may be gay also and LGBT enthusiasts. 
This is as these are a part of adult products online  which  are in trend in modern advanced adult females.

Penis Shaped Bachelorette Party Cake Image
Male Naughty Organ Shaped Bachelorette Party Cake

4. Do gay men also like bachelorette cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

Yes, almost all gay men in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, India like bachelorette cake as they love cocks being gays which is a a part of their sexual attraction and observation. 

A Double Dick Cake Idea
A BBC Cake

5. What is the delivery availability of bachelorette party cake in third world countries like India?

Many service providers deliver bachelorette cake in third world countries like Brazil, China and India. But China still lags much behind in this, even behind Philippines.

Naughty Girls Parties Bachelorette Party Cake Photo
Bachelorette Cake with Dick and cum

Bachelorette party cakes are in vogue in the entire Asian-continent, specially due to sexual revolution in India and nearby countries in the recent era along with globalization. 

Some venues of celebration may also provide this purchasing service or making it availability to their partying clients.

A Bachelorette Party Cake Photo
Boob Fucking Dick Inside Bachelorette Cake

Such venues also play strip tease for boys and girls many a times. 

Bachelorette Party Cake
Bachelorette Girls Cake

6. What is the general size or weight of a bachelorette cake?

A bachelorette cake is mostly measured in Kg weight and generally they are not in preparation or being served for less than 2 Kg. This is, as this is the minimum weight to make them real life-size and make it firm as it should ideally be for true fun.

Bachelorette Party cake for bride to be
Bachelorette Party Cake for the Bride

7. Where can I find the best bachelorette cake images?

You can find the best bachelorette cake images on sites selling penis cakes or on image sharing sites.

This sellers mostly use to display their sales inventory or production in their bakeries.

Image of a multi dick cake
Huge Dick Cake for Ladies HEN Parties

8. Regarding Penis Cake, does size matter?

Yes, size matters in male dick cake as females have no satisfaction and they want it more and more. So for most women, barring very few exceptions, size definitely matters. 

Even for male party celebrators size definitely matters. The minimal should be as life-size only.

Image of an Erect Penis Cake
Peek a boo cake

9. Do old women like penis cake ideas?

Definitely all age group of women like penis cake ideas. 

As they say women never get old from heart, hence, there is no age for women to deny penis shaped cakes. They love them at all ages, sometimes much more than youngsters.

Huge Penis cake image
Dick in Underwear Cake for Ladies

10. Which material is used to make cock cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

Mostly cock cake bakers in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India use sweet fondant material and cream to prepare them. 

Lousy edible material spoils the fun, hence mostly fondant based cakes are in use for male anatomy cakes.

Party Girls playing with a big dick cake
Horny Party Girl riding her guy's dick in cake

11. What is the price of Penis cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

Price in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India of big penis cake starts around USD 54 or INR 3,300 for a piece weighing 2 Kg. So, it approximates to 1,600/Kg.

Ladies Party Penis Cake for Bride to be and Bride's Maid
Male Private Organ Cake

12. What is the counterpart of this bachelorette party of girls playing with big dick cakes?

The counterpart of an all females bachelorette party is an all male bachelors party which is based on the concept of why should girls have all the fun. 

There they use boobs shaped cakes for groom-to-be and his party boys.

Thus during these women empowerment and girl power times its a must for girls so girls are more into adult partying in the modern times.

A Bachelorette Party Penis Cake Photo
Horny Girls Penis Cake with Cum

13. Are Dick Cakes Popular in USA UK Canada Australia?

Yes, dick cakes are very popular in almost all English speaking countries like Brazil, United States of America, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and also in the European Union or EU like France, Denmark and Italian regions. Italian Breast Cakes are very popular.

Women's Party Dick Cake for Blowjob Party
Male Private Organ Cake

14. What is the ideal price of a male organ cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

Male down there private part Cock Cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India is as the same price as normal big cock cakes or willy cake, which is as follows:


Cake Weight in Kg.





Product Price

US$ 50,


US$ 65,


US$ 80,


US$ 110,


Generally Prices Include VAT


All Girls Party thick penis cake image
A thick penis cake

15. Where can I buy Cock Cake from for a bachelorette girls' party in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

A cock shaped cake or a male anatomy private part cake is very popular in bachelorette parties of adult women. You can buy these male cock cakes in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India from online bakery operators or can seek a local adult cakes bakery, online or offline. 
You may need to compare the price-rates which is easily possible doing online. 
It is a very good idea for a females party or a lady's pre-wedding HEN party.
You can also observe them as a good gift for the bride to be, while her last HEN Night Out.

A huge cock cake image
Erect cock for girls' deep throat fun

Q 16. What is Lund Cake?

Ans 16. Lund Cake is a frost cake. Bakers use ingredients like cream, butter, powdered sugar, spices, milk, vanila, and permissible food colors.

 It has human skin shade of colors or color. 

These life like male anattomy cakes are very popular among young boys and girls. Lund cake price is also similar to that of an ordinary cake.

Bakery guys can give them hap-penis shape on topper and make them cake for women's parties. 

This is as penis cake ideas can always be girly and naughty, just you need to have deep wish and will.

Sometimes, you need to dig deep to see the human skin tone shades as in a rainbow while the topper may be plain as in fig. below.

Penile Cake Picture
Picture Image of Dick Shaped Cake

Q 17. What is a multi penis cake?

Ans 17. A multi penis cake is a cake where the cake topper shown several penises.

Girls also call it as multi-dick cake. These multi penis cakes are also in cup shapes, where females call them multi-dick cupcakes.


A Multi Dick Cake for Adult Girls Party
A Multi-Penis Cake

Q 18. Do Delhi Girls celebrate bachelorette party with a penis cake?

Ans 18. Yes, all modern Delhi and NCR resident girls celebrate their bachelorette party with a male anatomy penis cake.

Online Delivery packet of a penis cake
Penis Cake delivery packet

All Girls Party Dick Shaped Cakes
An Erect Dick Bachelorette Cake

5 Top Bachelorette Cake Ideas in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India

1. Design for Bachelorette Cake Smash

HEN Night Out Cake
Cake for Naughty Girls Parties

2. Idea for a HEN Parties Cake

A Penis Shaped Cake

3. Phallus-Shaped Cake for Females 

A Naughty Party Girl Cake
A Naughty Girls Cake

4. Male Thing Cake For All Females Parties

Horny Girls' Naughty Party Cake
A Naughty Girls Party Cake

5. Kinky Party Girls Cake Design

Cum on Penis Cake for bachelorette Party
Penis cake with Cum

5 Top Penis Cake Images

1. Girls Yank Him to Cum Cake

Big Naughty Dick Cake
Guy Comes on Pussy, Dick Cake

2. Male Anatomy Pleasure Cake for Female

Very Big Double Dick Cake
Masculine Pleasure Cake for Your Feminity

3. Dick Fun Cake for Dirty Party Girls

Bride and Girls Taste the Penis Cake
Penis Taste Cake for Bride

4. Ladies Kitty Party Cake

Image of a Dick Cake
Female Desires Dick Cake

5. Tasty Dick and Cum Cake

A Multi Penis Cake
Huge Penis Cake


During the modern times there is a lot of development going on and modern class elite women have all the facilities to get all fun.

Thus, the elite adult girls in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, India celebrate their power and competence with elite status symbol enjoyments which involves a bachelorette party dick cake which is mostly a boobs cake at their pre-wedding bride to be fun parties.

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