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Laws and Regulations on the Right to Know

In actual life, patients have their right to know about their condition during treatment, and doctors should also protect the privacy of their condition. Caring for, caring for, and respecting patients, and protecting the privacy of patients are the obligations that physicians should perform in their practice activities. The doctor should truthfully introduce the patient to the patient or its practicality, but should pay attention to avoid adverse consequences for the patient. The next step is to bring the relevant knowledge of how the laws and regulations of the patient’s right to know are brought by the editor of Finding Legal Network for your reference.

1. How are the laws and regulations of patients' right to know

The patient's right to know is clearly stipulated in the Law of the People's Republic of China on Practicing Physicians.

Article 22 of the Law on Practicing Physicians clearly stipulates that caring for, caring for, and respecting patients, and protecting the privacy of patients are the obligations that physicians should perform in practicing activities.

Article 26 of the Law on Practicing Physicians clearly stipulates that physicians should truthfully introduce the patient's condition to the patient or its practicality, but care should be taken to avoid adverse consequences for the patient.


Medical institutions and their medical personnel must fully respect the patient's right to know when performing the obligation of notification, pay attention to language art and effects, pay attention to the way of speaking and attitude, be kind to the patient, be gentle with language, avoid vicious stimuli, do not The patient's attitude was cold or ignored. Irrelevant or uncertain words such as "all right", "impossible", and "will definitely" will not be used when introducing the disease.

It is necessary to agree on the ideological work of the patients and to deal with the unreasonable requirements of individual patients. They should be patiently persuaded. They should be considerate and caring, and they must master the principles. Do not tell the patients directly about the deterioration of the condition and the poor prognosis.

Laws and Regulations on Right to Know

Medical staff or superior medical staff to explain. Before the operation, the patient should be told about the operation method and the complications and accidents that may occur during and after the operation.


2. How to protect patients' right to know in law

First, we must use law to provide protection.


To effectively protect patients' right to know, so that patients can see the doctor clearly, in addition to relying on the hospital to strengthen their own qualities, but also to raise them to the legal level for protection, in order to achieve "there is a law to be followed, violations will be investigated.

Although the right to know is clearly stipulated in the "General Rules of Civil Law", this right is the connotation of citizens' personal rights, and the "Consumer Protection Law" has legalized this right (Article 8), and the right to know It complies with the basic legislative spirit of the "General Principles of Civil Law" and should be protected by law.

Secondly, medical institutions strengthen management and effectively guarantee the realization of patients' right to know.


The doctor should choose a relatively quiet environment to inform the patient. If you are constantly disturbed by noise or other information during the notification process, the patient will not be able to understand the notified information or go astray, which will make the patient unable to make a correct decision or difficult to decide. It is best to set up a room in the hospital that is more suitable for quiet conversation to talk with patients or their families.

Should the patient be allowed to carry it during the conversation? Tone or? Like the device, after the conversation is completed, can the patient still talk? The audio tape will be listened back or listened to with other members of the family. The other members of the family will help the patient to consider the medical account and assist the patient to make a decision.


Due to the high professionalism of medical technology, a large number of patients have varying degrees of difficulty in understanding medical terminology. Therefore, the medical side should pay attention to avoiding the use of medical terminology when performing the obligation of notification, and try to make the expression easy to understand without affecting the accuracy.

Finally, the whole society should establish the concept of protecting patients' right to know.


Both society and hospitals must change their minds. Hospitals should respect patients ’right to informed consent, and patients must correctly understand their rights and try to reach consensus with doctors.

3. Can patients or their families enjoy the right to know?

Physicians should truthfully introduce the condition to the patients or their families, but should pay attention to avoid adverse consequences for the patients.


Medical institutions must obtain the consent of the patient when performing surgery, special examination or special treatment, and should obtain the consent and signature of their family members or related parties; when the patient's opinion cannot be obtained, the family member or related party's consent should be obtained and signed.

When there are no family members or related persons present, or in other special circumstances, the treating physician shall propose a medical treatment plan, which shall be implemented after obtaining the approval of the person in charge of the medical institution or authorized person in charge.


Medical physicians should be approved by the hospital and obtain the consent of the patient or his family members for experimental clinical treatment.


The above is the relevant content on "How are the laws and regulations of the patient's right to know" organized by the editor of the French website. From the above, we can know that in law, the doctor should truthfully introduce the patient to the patient or his family, but should pay attention to avoid negative consequences for patients. If you still have questions about the above, you can consult a French lawyer online.

Indian anti-corruption sacrifices magic wand

    Avand Kjeriva, founder of the “change” organization that actively promoted the birth of the Right to Know Act


    Members of Indian civil society organizations hold various activities to promote the Right to Know Act to the public

    In the rankings published by the international anti-corruption organization "Transparency International" in 2005, the Indian government ranks in the bottom of the 158 countries, only 88th.

The Indian government has shown a sharp anti-corruption sword: the Right to Know Act. According to a Reuters report on the 16th, with this "amulet", Indian people today do not have to worry about the application documents "sinking into the sea" when they go to government departments, and they don't have to worry about being asked for "red envelopes".


    Change procrastination

    The 55-year-old painter Naru Laar accidentally lost the "rational supply card for daily necessities" issued by the government a few days ago, and the cost of supporting his family doubled immediately. In India, people must use this card to buy rice, beans, and flour rationed at a discounted price. He had to rush to complete the card replenishment procedure.


    Indian people know that because of the prevailing winds of corruption, wanting to do something through government departments is like rushing into a “mine mine”. Many officials will not let go of any opportunity to ask for “red envelopes”. everywhere. The efficiency of handling affairs is even more of a headache.

A business that should be completed within 10 days, after several departments "playing a ball", at least three months to complete. International financial institutions report, "It takes at least 3 months to register a company in India, and 10 years to close a company." The people ironically called these greedy, lazy officials "Babs" (Indian colloquialism, which means "Mr").


    But Lal was very lucky this time. After filling out the application form, he was told that he had the right to monitor the work flow of applying for card replenishment at any time because the "Right to Know Act" had taken effect.

What surprised Lal was that the day after he filled out the form, he was taken to the office of the competent official by a polite civil servant and brought a cup of tea. A few minutes later, a new card was handed to him.

Lar said excitedly: “For the poor of us, the Right to Know Act is like a magic wand. If it were changed before, the officials would at least ask me to ask for a“ benefit fee ”of 100 rupees.” Lar Living in the slums of New Delhi, you can earn up to 200 rupees a day (1 US dollar is about 46.6 rupees).


    Anti-corruption has a weapon

    The Right to Know Act provided the sharpest "weapon" for the Indian people to fight against the "bureaucratic army". The Right to Know Act, which came into effect last October, stipulates that Indian citizens have the right to obtain information from the government.

The Act has a very broad definition of information. In addition to intelligence related to national security, cabinet documents, and content protected by courts, citizens have the right to request access to any other information in any form. The “change” of a civil society organization that actively promotes the bill declares: “Now, it ’s the officials who are afraid.”

The member of the organization, Manisi Szodia, said: “The Right to Know Act gives every ordinary The right of citizens-you can open the doors of government documents, materials or offices, which is a very effective means of fighting corruption, although corruption cannot disappear from India in a short time. "


    Now, as long as the people pay 10 rupees, the relevant departments must reply to the application for passports, driving licenses, ID cards and water and electricity installations within the deadline. If no response is received within 30 days, the applicant has the right to appeal.

If there is no response in another 30 days, the person in charge will be fined 250 rupees per day with a maximum limit of 25,000 rupees. This penalty will be deducted from the salary of the person in charge. If civil servants provide false or incomplete information to citizens, they will also be fined 25,000 rupees, a figure equivalent to the monthly salary of most senior government officials.

At present, about 1,500 volunteers have set up "information centers" in important government agencies in 47 cities, specializing in processing more than 14,000 "right-to-know applications."


    It didn't take long for the "Right to Know Act" to be implemented, and officials at all levels have begun to complain. According to reports, government departments are brewing amendments to the bill on the grounds that some people who read the documents will alter and write them up.

In this regard, many non-governmental organizations expressed strong opposition, they worry that restricting the scope of public information will allow corrupt elements to take advantage, thereby greatly damaging the authority of the law.


    Avand Kjeriva, the founder of the "change" organization, said: "To accuse someone of scribbling official documents is just a boring excuse for those" babbs ".

Every document is a whole, if someone wants to know his Why the passport was not issued in time, it is obviously not enough to provide only some materials. "As a leader of the" grassroots have the right to know more "movement, Kjeriva won the" La Nobel Prize "this year. "Monte Magsesense" Public Service Award.


    Difficult to accomplish overnight

    Transparency International, headquartered in Berlin, is a global supervisory body for corruption. In its rankings published in 2005, the Indian government ranks 88th out of 158 countries, with Indonesia, Mexico and other countries in the same rank. The survey revealed that more than 20% of Indian households said that they had paid bribes at least once in the past 12 months.


    Former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi once pointed out that less than one-tenth of every rupee the government uses for development actually reaches the hands of the beneficiaries, and this ratio is still high. A recent survey revealed that Indian police officers can earn more than $ 400 a month by taking bribes from truck drivers.


    As the highest institution to fight crime, the Central Bureau of Investigation of India was established from 2003 to June this year and has filed investigations on nearly 3,000 corruption cases.

But Kjeriva pointed out in a nutshell: "The number of cases filed is not important. What matters is how many officials involved are finally convicted. It is important to know that less than 5% of the convicted persons are the last. This is the most dangerous thing. "


    Earlier this month, more than 700 Indian civil organizations launched a massive campaign to promote the Right to Know Act to the public, hoping that everyone can realize and defend their rights.

Santos Kumari, a 22-year-old member of the "Change" organization, said excitedly: "Now, it is 'Babus' time to ask for our time." But things are obviously not so optimistic, although the Right to Know Act is regarded as India The government has taken a big step in fighting corruption. But bureaucrats who are good at finding "the way to make money" also have their own tricks. There are reports that government officials are considering setting up a network of information offices across the country, which will generate many official positions.


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 Spiral Virus Definition Meaning Description and Solution

Spiral virus, the network worm can be spread through the email OUTLOOK, modify the file Wsock32.dll in the Windows system in charge of email sending and receiving. 
It differs from other network worm programs in that it can continuously send the network worm program itself over the network continuously, and the name of the file sent changes.

Common name:    Spiral virus

Technical Name:      I-Worm / Hybris

Virus type:     Network worm

Danger level:      Medium
Impact platform: WIN95, WIN98, WINME

Table of Content

  1.      Basic information
  2.      Description
  3.      Solution

Virus Infected object description

The virus is the world's first self-decomposing virus body into a number of program blocks (plug-ins) of variable size, which are hidden in different locations in the computer to avoid virus detection software.
The virus has aggregated these fragments into a complete virus, and then spread and destroyed.

The file names used by the network worm program to send attachments are: AAFIAAFI.EXE, AAMAAAMA.EXE, ADGAADGA.EXE, AIEAAIEA.EXE, AIGAAIGA.EXE, etc. 

Since the network worm program can be changed, there are many program block (plug-in) files of the network worm program in addition to the main worm program file. 

The length of the main file of the main worm program is 10000 bytes, and the length of the changed block (plug-in) file is 25088 bytes. The number of bytes of the file of its block (plug-in) is not fixed.
Viruses: Spiral Virus Representation

The virus modifies the value of run = in the [Windows] project in Win.ini, and points the value to the directory where the network worm program is located. 
The network program is placed in the Windows directory in the form of hidden files.

If the system is infected by this virus, when the system time is September 16 and 24, your computer’s screen will be covered by an image that is always on the top, the image is active, rotating, black and white Meet the spiral circular figure. 
Although the keyboard, mouse, etc. of your computer can be used at this time, because the pattern is always on the top of all graphical operation interfaces, it will have a great impact on users' use of the computer.

What is the solution against Spiral Virus?

For KV series users, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest KV2004 version, and open six monitoring programs, especially to open mail monitoring when receiving e-mail, which can effectively prevent viruses from carrying out computer systems. 
Users who have been infected with this virus can use KV to kill directly.

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Cell Phone Poisoning. The Phone seems to have a Virus?

Suddenly, the mobile phone can receive more than 90 text messages with unknown verification codes within 1 minute at 9:30 pm,

The battery drains much faster than usual. Your phone can continue to be used for up to two days after being fully charged, but if you notice that the battery's battery is depleting faster than before, your phone may already have a virus, and the phone is carrying them in the dark. 

This is the reason why the battery is quickly depleted, inexplicably interrupted during the call. If your phone is often disconnected or you encounter strange interruptions in the conversation, you may have to pay attention.

Of course, you may just experience unstable signals, problems with my telecommunications provider, and bad weather may also affect your call quality.

However, if this situation is repeated again and again, he may be a virus. Many viruses will adversely affect the phone's call quality and make strange calls. 

If you have a phone call that you haven’t dialed before, you should be alert.

Some viruses specifically send messages and make phone calls, and this is how they replicate.

Step by step reading

We often hear about computer viruses. In fact, mobile phones also have viruses. In the Internet era, there are a lot of personal information on our mobile phones. Once the mobile phone is infected with viruses, it is easy to leak privacy.

So, how do we judge whether the phone is infected with virus? 

People who are poisoned will experience dizziness, vomiting and other uncomfortable symptoms. The same is true for mobile phones, which will send us an "uncomfortable" signal. It is probably already infected with a virus.

Eight manifestations of viruses in mobile phones, prevention and solutions

Symptoms of cell phone poisoning

    1. Abnormal phone freeze

    When the network is normal, the phone suddenly becomes very stuck, and the running speed is obviously much slower than usual. It always takes a long time to open a page, and it even needs to be refreshed several times before it jumps out. Looking at the background data of the mobile phone, it is found that the storage space is significantly reduced, which may be that the operation of the mobile phone virus consumes a lot of storage space.

    2. Inexplicable deductions

    I don't know if you have paid attention to the deduction of your mobile phone. When the mobile phone is inexplicably deducted, the cost within a few days is several times the normal cost. It may be that the virus is playing ghosts. There are two possibilities. One is a malicious deduction virus.

 If you accidentally click on a link, the fee will be automatically deducted. 

Another possibility is that the virus runs in the background and consumes a lot of traffic, resulting in increased costs.

    3. Speed ​​up power consumption

    At the same frequency of use, mobile phones consume more power than usual. For example, the battery can be used continuously for a whole day before, but recently it can only be used for half a day. The mobile phone may already have a virus. The virus in the mobile phone is in the dark box operation, causing the battery The loss is faster.

    4. The call is inexplicably interrupted

    Inexplicable interruptions often occur when talking with others on mobile phones. We first check whether there is a problem with the mobile phone signal and the operator. If it is interrupted repeatedly afterwards, it is likely that there is a virus in the mobile phone, which will adversely affect the quality of the call.

    5. Inexplicable software appears on the phone

    There are some softwares of unknown origin and unheard of on the mobile phone desktop, and various kinds of messy advertisements pop up from time to time. This is probably because the mobile phone automatically downloads a wave of unwanted software when browsing irregular websites. These unwanted software often Carrying a virus.

    6. The phone automatically shuts down and restarts

    If you are playing a mobile game or chatting, the phone will shut down automatically after a black screen. Sometimes, while playing, the phone automatically restarts. If these situations occur frequently, it means that the phone has been infected with a virus.

    7. Phone fever is abnormal

    Malicious viruses will place a greater burden on the performance of mobile phones. If the mobile phone is running at a low speed or is not in use, the mobile phone is very hot and feels hot. It may be infected with the virus.

    8. Mobile phones often pop up ads

    When logging into the browser, the mobile phone often pops up advertisements, or often receives some advertisement text messages with links, and the possibility of the mobile phone being infected with viruses is very high.

    If the above symptoms appear on your mobile phone, it may be a virus in the mobile phone. If you want to further confirm whether it is poisoned, you can use a third-party antivirus software to detect it.

How to prevent cell phone viruses?

     1. Scan code carefully and connect to WiFi

    The mobile phone scan function is very convenient, but for QR codes of unknown origin, especially advertising QR codes, don't just scan them casually. 

Similarly, free WiFi in public places should not be connected casually. It is best to turn off the WiFi function in time to prevent the mobile phone from automatically connecting to the secret WiFi.

    2. Reject illegal connections, websites

    Do "three don'ts", don't browse informal websites, don't just click on the ad link that pops up on the website, and don't download unknown software on it. 
When you need to download software, it is best to download and install through the application store that comes with the phone or a regular third-party software website.

    3. Regular antivirus

    Install safe and reliable anti-virus software in the mobile phone, regularly clean up the mobile phone garbage, detect whether the mobile phone is infected with virus, and protect the mobile phone from virus attack in time. Once you find software or text messages of unknown origin, uninstall and delete them as soon as possible.

Mobile Phones Virus

3. How to deal with cell phone poisoning?

    1. Format the phone, or take factory reset, so that all the data in the phone is completely cleared, and the virus is also handled to a large extent.
    Eight manifestations of viruses in mobile phones, prevention and solutions

    2. If restoring the factory settings has not solved the problem, then only the flashing machine, it is best to go to the mobile phone professional after-sales service center to flash the machine. Of course, the trenches can choose to change their phones.


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 Microbiology Department Course Details Evaluation

As one of the core basic courses of life sciences, microbiology has an important professional status. The establishment of an open microbiology course that advances with the times will help college / university resources contribute to society in the important biological application field of microbes, and also help science and technology workers who need to understand relevant knowledge to carry out scientific research in a short time. Related Information.

What is the Course Overview of Microbiology Subject?

 Microbiology is one of the core courses in life sciences, and its research objects include single-cell organisms of prokaryotes and eukaryotes, cell populations of these single-cell organisms, and non-cellular life entities.

This course will teach the morphology, nutrition, reproduction, metabolism, genetics, classification, ecology, evolution and application of microorganisms. The audience of the course can be undergraduate and graduate students of any schools of Life Sciences or anyone interested in microbiology.

 This course will be based on the ninth edition of the English textbook Prescott ’s Microbiology. If you ca n’t get this version of the textbook, you can also use the earlier version of the Prescott ’s Microbiology textbook or use the Chinese textbook for comparative learning. Courseware is also mainly English and Chinese, because we believe that learning and proficiency in professional English is essential for basic research and application of microbiology and life sciences.

What are the Teaching Objectives of Microbiology?

Through the study of this course, master the connotation and basic knowledge of microbiology, and can be related to the specific problems of microbiology in research and application. Through bilingual teaching, students will be familiar with keyword vocabulary in related fields and improve their understanding of English literature.

Micro biology Department Course Details Evaluation

Generally what are the Course Outline of Micro Biology?

Week 1 Introduction

1.1 Introduction to Microbiology Research Objects

1.2 History of Microbiology

1.3 Main branches of microbiology

Week 1 Introduction

Week 2 Prokaryotic microorganisms

2.1 General characteristics of bacteria

2.2 The external structure of bacteria

2.3 Internal structure of bacteria

2.4 Absorption of bacterial nutrients

2.5 Structure and function of bacteria

2.6 Structural characteristics of archaea

Week 2 Prokaryotic microorganisms

Week 3 Cell structure of eukaryotic microorganisms

3.1 General characteristics of eukaryotic microorganisms

3.2 Structural characteristics of fungi

3.3 Reproduction and evolution of yeast

3.4 Common molds and their characteristics

Week 3 Cell structure of eukaryotes

Week 4 Virus

4.1 The concept of virus

4.2 The structure of the virus

4.3 Reproduction of virus

4.4 lysogenicity

4.5 Common viruses and diseases

Week 4 Virus

Week 5: Nutritional growth and control of microorganism

5.1 Nutritional requirements of microorganisms

5.2 Nutritional types of microorganisms

5.3 Reproduction strategy and cell cycle of microorganisms

5.4 Influence of environmental factors on the growth of microorganisms

5.5 Growth of microorganisms under natural conditions

Week 5: Nutritional growth and control of microorganisms

Week 6: Nutritional growth and control of microorganisms

6.1 Microbial cultivation methods and growth curves in the laboratory

6.2 Method for determining the number of microorganisms

6.3 Physical, chemical and biological methods for controlling microorganisms

6.4 Antibiotics and microorganisms

Week 6: Nutritional growth and control of microorganisms

Week 7 Overview of Microbial Metabolism

7.1 Important principles and concepts of microbial metabolism

7.2 ATP-the main energy currency

7.3 Electron transfer and oxidative phosphorylation

7.4 Metabolic pathways

7.5 Metabolic regulation

Week 7 Overview of Microbial Metabolism

Week 8 Microbial catabolism-energy release and storage

8.1 Decomposition of glucose into pyruvate

8.2 Fermentation

8.3 Tricarboxylic acid cycle

8.4 Anaerobic breathing

8.5 Photosynthesis

Week 8 Microbial catabolism-release and storage of energy

Week 9 Microbial anabolic-energy utilization

9.1 Principles governing biosynthesis

9.2 CO2 photosynthesis

9.3 Biological nitrogen fixation

9.4 Peptidoglycan synthesis

Week 9 Microbial anabolic-energy utilization

Week 10 Microbial Molecular Genetics

10.1 The classic experiment of discovering DNA as genetic material

10.2 The classic experiment of discovering DNA as genetic material

10.3 Classification and structure of bacterial genes

10.4 Transcription of bacteria

10.5 Bacterial protein translation

Week 10 Microbial Molecular Genetics

Week 11 Regulation of bacterial gene expression

11.1 Different levels of gene expression regulation

11.2 Regulation of transcription initiation

11.3 Regulation of transcription initiation

11.4 Regulation of transcriptional extension

11.5 Regulation of Translation Level

11.6 Regulation of complex cellular processes

Week 11 Regulation of bacterial gene expression

Week 12 Microbial genetic variation

12.1 DNA mutation and classification

12.2 Detection and isolation of bacterial mutants

12.3 DNA damage repair

12.4 Transposition elements

12.5 Bacterial transformation

12.6 Bacterial engagement

12.7 Bacterial transduction

Week 12 Microbial genetic variation

Week 13 Microbial classification and evolution

13.1 Classification of microorganisms and the theory of three domains

13.2 The concept of microbial "species"

13.3 Microbial diversity

13.4 The status of microorganisms in the evolution of life

Week 13 Microbial classification and evolution

Week 14 Microbial Ecology and Applied Microbiology

14.1 Distribution of microorganisms in the environment

14.2 Microorganism and element cycle

14.3 Food Microbiology

14.4 Microbiology and Industrial Microbiology

14.5 Applied Environmental Microbiology

Week 14 Microbial Ecology and Applied Microbiology
Preliminary knowledge

This course hopes that the learner can have a certain foundation of cell biology and biochemistry, but it is not a mandatory requirement.

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Review of 'RRR' Film: Telugu Cinema Superstars N.T. They are Rama Rao Jr. and Ram Charan shine in an incredibly interesting epic

Roaring tigers, flaming arrows and revolutionary enthusiasm can be seen in the bold action adventure of director S.S. Rajamouli.


Author: Joe Leydon


Multiple icons


Entertainment on DVV

Average Rating: 4.7


Right to Tollywood: "RRR", spectacular and bolder than the mainstream action adventure epic, is rapidly entering the international market as viewers marvel at their landscape, receiving their emotions and singing music while having fun. times involved in his unlimited courage. 

Telugu Cinema Triumvirate of Superstars N.T. Rama Rao Jr. and Ram Charan and director SS Rajamouli whose combined names are the reason for the title with three consonants. The film is an unstoppable and intoxicating celebration of film excess even after 187 minutes (including intermittent or, as the name card announces, "InterRRRval"), will leave you happy, not tired. What, to be honest, is wrong to say about some comic book movies from the two great universes.

RRR movie Poster

 2 Main Heroes of the RRR Film

Remember, the two main heroes here don't have to be superheroes. They are, in fact, flesh and blood people from Indian history: Komaram Bheem, a revolutionary leader and guerrilla warrior from the Gond tribe during the British Raj. Alluri Sitarama Raju, a similarly rebellious rebel who regularly leads his unprivileged followers to attack police stations to obtain weapons. Since then, there has been no record of these two men meeting in real life. But hey, when did the filmmakers let the facts interfere with the exciting story? There is no record that they have superhuman abilities other than cunning and charisma. But Rajamouli didn't care. In the 1920s, according to "RRR" - which also means "Rise, Roar, Rebellion", when the entire title finally appeared on its first screen - Raju, referred to here as Ram, was a very clear firearm for Andhra Pradesh, who He hid as a member of the British army in the hope of arming his countrymen. 

He had previously shown his false loyalty to the crown - and more or less built his superiority over man by beating, beating, beating and otherwise manipulating thousands of protesters to capture the man holding the stone in the photo washed away. . police base. In most action movies, this sequence meets as a much higher climax. In "RRR", however, it is nothing more than a lifting sling.

 How RRR Story and Screenplay Goes On

In the Adilabad forest, the working hero Bheem builds his own supernatural bona fides, while overcoming the wolf to trap the beast. Unfortunately, the wolf eliminates the tiger from the equation, which continues to hunt Bheem. 

RRR movie poster

Fortunately, Bheem is more suitable for a big cat, even though the stairs don't work well. The tiger shouted. Bheem groaned. And if you're lucky enough to see "RRR" in the theater as it should be, the next roar you'll hear is a cheering audience. 

The detonator ignites for an explosive gathering of these remarkable men when British Governor Scott Buxton (Ray Stevenson) and his more brutal than his cruel wife, Catherine (Alison Doody), sneak into the village of Gond accompanied, of course, by a contingent. to armed soldiers. 

Catherine attracts a little girl named Malli (Twinkle Sharma) and admits that the child is a fun game that entertains guests at their beautiful house in Delhi. It's not good for the baby's mother or for anyone in the village when it comes down to it. But Buxton has enough muscular strength to force his wife's iron grill. He didn't get shot just because he didn't want to waste expensive bullets on "brown waste."


RRR film scene

At this point, you may be asked to bring up rude things on the screen. But don't worry: Bheem promises to travel to Delhi and capture Malli with the help of local supporters. It won't be long before the news of Bheem's impending arrival reaches the British authorities and Ram will take less time to voluntarily find and arrest a potential troublemaker. But fate (along with the shamelessly contrived script of Rajamouli and fellow writers Sai Madhav Burra and KV Vijayendra Prasad) threw both men into a turn when they both saw a boy caught in the Delhi River and the burning railroad fell into the water. 

The two men rush to the well-placed bridge, Ram on horseback, Bheem on a motorcycle and improvise on the rescue with details of another series of actions that fall off the jaws.

And it all takes place in the first 40 minutes of the film.


It's unfair to shake too many seeds and ruin all the fun by providing more details about the plot or the description of the scenes. (Just wait until you see what Bheem is doing in a truck full of inhuman troublemakers.)

Suffice it to say, Bheem and Ram have made a deep friendship without knowing the truth. birth or big plans of each other and they were very happy together until they were gone. and then they will do it again. 

There are two enthusiastic sequences of singing and dancing, where the boys rejoice in their bromance and play like the feverish dreams of Stanley Donen, who directs the remake of the action movie "Singin' in. The Rain."


Effectiveness of Jr. NTR, N.T. Rama Rao Jr in RRR

Known to many as Jr. NTR, N.T. Rama Rao Jr. is effective. and pathetic like an ordinary person who achieves the extraordinary and at the same time turns into a hero. (He also laughs, especially Bheem's shy but mysterious romance with the British beauty, played sweetly by Olivia Morris.) Even better, he has the sensational chemistry of the more conventional spirited Ram Charan. 

The case may be too serious to suggest that Charan came in with the authority and certainty of God unless he was physically or emotionally hurt. But if Ram "bowed" to the bow and arrow of Lord Rama's statue. , does not seem more like an act of sin as an example of professional good manners.


John Woo's echoes abound in the "RRR" as the themes of loyalty, betrayal, and identity change are repeated, giving the most strong anchor for the serious and deadly commitment of this era. Sometimes your mind can tell you, "That's not fair!" But every time that happens, your heart will answer, “What? I'll take more!.."


British Raj in RRR Film

RRR runs on a relatively simple starting point. There is a "fire" - an angry young Ramaraj police officer (Ram Charan), whom the British respect and at the same time fear. Over the years, he's done everything, he's the one who kicks them the one they want to catch, and yet he's the one who doesn't have enough respect because of the color of his skin. Then there's 'water' - a sweet, simple, innocent Bheem (Jr. NTR) with brutal energy, but using it only when it serves its purpose. 

Movie banner of RRR

It's a tribe of Gondo who comes to town to rescue a young woman named Malli, who is kidnapped by Lady Scott (Alison Doody) to become a singer and songwriter "on (her) mantelpiece." But that's just the beginning of the story.

Rajamouli's new phone cards seem to be building a whole new world. Because, although it is based on two revolutionaries in history, the RRR has a story that is completely untrue. 

Bheem and Nizams Fighting

Delhi in 1920 became its new canvas. Bheem may have been fighting the Nizams, so one of them considered it necessary to warn the British not to despise him. But he also found refuge for Muslims in Delhi. 

Ramaraju looks like a well-trained soldier who blindly follows instructions, but he also seems to have a past that no one but his uncle (Samuthirakani) knows about. Scott (Ray Stevenson) may think that 'brown junk' even deserves a bullet that would ruin them, but Jennifer (Olivia Morris) seems prettier. It's not a movement of freedom where you shoot the other face, it's about using your hands as weapons.

1st Half of RRR

The first half of the RRR runs like a watch. There's the emotional core of Malli, there's a song and a dance with Naatu Naatu (that makes you laugh) and the friendship that Enough explores, there's even some laughter every time Bheem tries to make friends with Jennifer. Film freedoms are removed, but it's not as striking as later works, half of which delay the film. Some scenes seem frustrating because we already know what the protagonist doesn't know. 

The way in which Ramaraju's fiancée Sita (Alia Bhatt) is woven into the story is, in addition to transforming Char Charan into another appearance, also forced into a smooth, colorful story. 

After the way Bheem was addressed effortlessly, though he didn't say much, Ramaraju's way of opening the story seemed overwhelming. The climax leaves many wishes. But the good thing is that the film can surprise you. Rajamouli also managed to use some tropes wisely in the first parts of the film in later parts.

No little Rajamouli has managed to prepare what people have dreamed of - a commercial action drama that will make you very happy. Height also seems to be an obstacle, thanks to the tight scenario. 


VFX could be better in some ways. Jr. NTR showed the best performance of its career. She is as beautiful as Bheem, especially in the emotional aspects and her despair to see that Malli come in handy, as well as her love for Ramaraj.

 Ram Charan was also doing well and going soulfully into the changes his character was going through. The roles of Tarak and Charan require some chemistry, whatever they do. Alia Bhatt, Olivia Morris, Samuthirakani, Ajay Devgn, Shriya Saran and others play their roles well. Olivia in particular can win your heart. 

Alison and Ray hurried to their work. Keeravani's OST for the film may not be for everyone, but he is good at BGM. Senthil's work with the camera is also great. 

Scenes shot for RRR

RRR is by no means perfect, because after Rajamouli shot some scenes, you wonder if he could have done a better job with others. But if you want a good game full of action, watch it this weekend. Especially if you are a fan of the main characters.

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