Australian Government Announces Immigration Majors

Australian government announces immigration majors, adding 36 new occupations

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Introduction to Oz Immigration

The Australian Government's immigration department announced the latest occupation list. The 189 independent skilled immigration occupation list has changed significantly, adding 36 new positions! This is undoubtedly great news for the group of international students who mainly rely on independent skilled immigrants!

This morning, the Australian government's immigration department released an updated list of occupations.

189 Independent Skilled Immigration Occupation List Changes, 36 New Posts Added

This is undoubtedly great news for the group of international students who mainly rely on independent skilled immigrants!

After this heavy reform, there are 212 occupations on the list of occupations eligible for 189 independent skilled immigrants.
The Australian Immigration Service Occupation List mainly updates the 189 independent skilled immigrants, 190 state sponsored skilled migrants and 489 remote state sponsored skilled migrants. It is effective immediately.

189 Skilled Migration Visa

 The Australian 189 Skilled Migration Visa is commonly known as Independent Skilled Migration. It does not require state guarantee and relative guarantee. After successful immigration, you can settle in any area of ​​Australia.

The premise of applying for the 189 visa is that the occupation belongs to the MLTSSL medium and long-term occupation category, and its own score is 65 (if the spouse adds points, the occupation that requires spousal assessment is also on MLTSSL).

Let's analyze specifically what occupations have been added after this change:

1. Art Category Australian Visa

Six new professions have been added to the art category, namely: art management, entertainment management, dance performers, music directors, performers and art directors. This change gives some art students the possibility of immigration.

  1. Optional majors in this category (partial)
  2. Master of Music Studies (Conducting)
  3. Master of Music Studies (Performance)
  4. Master of Music Studies (Opera)
  5. Master of Music Studies (Creative Sound Production)
  6. Master of Music Studies (Pedagogy)
  7. Recommended institutions (partial)

Monash University

Monash University's Bachelor of Music degree program provides students with a very good learning environment and opportunities, surrounded by high achievers in the field of music art.

University of Sydney

 After graduating with a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Sydney, students have a wide range of career options, such as performing solo, chamber music, orchestral or ensemble performers, as well as music education, creators, researchers or writers, etc.

University of Queensland

The University of Queensland's Bachelor of Music degree provides an opportunity for students who want to develop in the field of music to combine theory with practical skills.

2. Science and Engineering Australian Visa

Five professions have been added to the science and engineering profession: statistician, economic analyst, mining engineer (233611), petroleum engineer (233612), and professional engineer, mining and petroleum majors have returned to the immigration list, which is also in line with the current Australian mining industry. There is something to do with starting a recovery.

Optional majors in this category (partial):

  1. Master of statistics
  2. master of applied science
  3. Master of geostatictics
  4. Master of Mining Engineering
  5. Master of Engineering
  6. Master of Engineering Science (Petroleum Engineering)
  7. Master of Petroleum Engineering

Recommended institutions (partial):

  •  Australian National University
  •  University of New South Wales
  •  University of Melbourne
  •  Macquarie University
  •  Department of Petroleum Engineering, University of Adelaide
  •  University of Western Australia (UWA) in Mining Engineering

According to the Good University Guide, UWA's engineering graduates earn an average starting salary of AUD 69,000 (about 350,000 RMB).

From the perspective of long-term career development, the local government encourages graduates of engineering majors to stay in the job because of the abundant energy storage in Western Australia itself and the large number of job vacancies in the engineering category.

3. Science Category Visa of Australia

There are 20 more majors in science majors, all of which were previously kicked out of the state guarantee list. This shows that Australia attaches great importance to scientific talents.

Optional majors in this category (there are many majors in this category, only a few are listed here):

  • Master of Philosophy-chemistry
  • Master of Biomedical Engineering
  • Master of Biomedical and Health Science
  • Master of Professional Engineering (Biomedical)
  • Master of Medicine (Sexual and Reproductive Health)

Some recommended institutions:

  •  University of Melbourne
  •  University of Sydney
  •  Monash University

4. IT and other categories Australian Visas

IT is the founder of the Internet age. In order to enhance Australia's competitiveness in the Internet era, IT has two majors-Multimedia Specialist, Software and Applications Programmers nec. Software application programming is back on the list of 189 independent technical migrants.

In addition, there are three other special categories. Trainers, tennis coaches and football players have also become immigrant professions.

Optional majors in this category (partial):

  1.  Master of Information Technology Management
  2. Master of Computer Science
  3. Master of Information management
  4. Master of Interactive Multimedia

Some recommended institutions:

  •  University of Technology Sydney
  •  Queensland University of Technology
  •  Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Australia Government Announces Immigration Majors

STEM professionals continue to become popular

STEM is the abbreviation of the English acronyms of four disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

It is not difficult to see from this list of new occupations that Australia attaches great importance to the introduction and retention of STEM talents. I believe that students who choose STEM majors will definitely have more advantages in the skilled immigration in Australia.

Some occupations value work experience and ability more

 In addition to the qualifications of some occupations, the number of years of work and experience requirements are also specified. Enter the ANASCO Code in the search field of the list to query the specific needs of the occupation.

Taking 361112 Horse Trainer as an example, the specific needs of this profession are as follows:

There is no education threshold for this occupation, but an AQF Level 3 certificate is required, including at least two years of on-the-job training, or an AQF Level 4 certificate (ANZSCO Skill Level 3)

For those who want to immigrate through vocational training and work experience, it points out a new career development direction.
In all, the 36 additional positions of 189 independent skilled migrant.

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