What is OABCD in NOC in Canada?

What exactly is 0ABCD in NOC Skill Levels in Canada?

NOC is short for National Occupational Classification. All job positions in Canada are classified in the NOC. Each NOC code of the NOC is a 4-digit number. For example, the NOC job code of a financial and investment analyst is 1112. In the NOC job code, the meaning of each digit is also different. Let me briefly introduce what each number means.

The first number of the NOC number represents the type of technology to which the position itself belongs. The specific classification is as follows:

In addition to management positions (except for positions where the NOC starts with 0), the second number of the NOC number represents the technical level to which the position belongs. There are five technical levels in the NOC, which are category 0 (management position) and category A (professional position ), B (technical positions), C (intermediate positions), D (labor positions).
About 0ABCD NOC Canada

What is the role of NOCs in BCPNP (Provincial Nomination) and Express Entry?

In the BCPNP (Provincial Nomination) scoring system, different NOC positions have different points. E.g.25 points for NOC category 0 and category A jobs.
If the NOC number of the position itself starts with 00 (Senior Management Position), there will be an additional 15 points.

Among the BCPNP's immigration categories, the International Graduate International Student category and SkilledWorker technical work category requirements must meet Category 0, Category A, or Category B positions.
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Entry Level and Semi-Skilled

Entry and semi-skilled job categories can be applied using C or D positions. If the position of the applicant belongs to one of the 113 highly demanded positions of the BC government, there will be an additional 10 points in the BCPNP scoring system.

In the Express Entry system, although there is no specific scoring standard for the technical level of each position (the relevant work experience of 0, A, and B positions is the same as the extra points in the system), but the applicant must meet A certain level of NOC technology can be applied, and only 0, A, and B positions meet the application requirements of the express channel. The Federal Skilled Worker and Canadian Experience Class under the Express Track require applicants with relevant work experience positions to be NOC 0, A, or B.

The Federal Skilled Trades category requires applicants to have relevant work experience in one of several NOC Class B skilled worker positions prescribed by the government, such as electric welder (NOC 7237), chef (NOC 6322), plumber (NOC 7251) Wait.

Does Language matter in Canadian Jobs and Immigration?

In addition, in the express track system, each immigration application category will have different language requirements for the position according to the technical level of the position. The Federal Skilled Worker category requires all applicants to have an English level of CLB 7 (IELTS 4 6), while the Canadian Experience Class requires applicants who use 0 and A positions to have CLB 7 in English. Applicants for category B positions need English level CLB 5.

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In summary 

If you want to apply for skilled immigration in Canada, you must prepare in advance because the choice of position has a crucial impact on the application. You should consult a professional before graduating, or even before choosing a major. If you want further inquiries on how to choose a position and rapid immigration, contact an expert.

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