Tips to Get UK T2 Visa. Only Few Job Types in Britain

Tips for UK T2 visa: List of jobs in short supply in the UK

The T2 work visa is an immigration route for many overseas people to borrow to work and live in the UK. According to official British statistics, as of September 2015, the number of people who came to the UK through a work visa in the past year was 54,174. So is it possible to obtain a British work visa for any job? The answer is no.

The UK Home Office will list the jobs that are in short supply based on the jobs currently in short supply in the UK. Once the jobs are listed on the list, employers do not need to place job advertisements, and they can apply for overseas workers to come to the UK if their skills do not reach the level required by the government.
UK T2 Work Visa

The UK Department of Home Affairs has commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to carry out irregular surveys and studies of jobs on the UK ’s short-term job list, and then report to the UK Home Office. MAC will analyze the statistics published by the National Bureau of Statistics of the United Kingdom and the set by the British Immigration Advisory Committee, including changes in employment levels, changes in median hours of paid work over three years, changes in new hires over one year, return to work, etc. 10 labor shortage indexes to conduct research and report recommendations. In its latest report released in March this year, MAC suggested that the nurse position should remain on the list of jobs in short supply in the UK.

Jobs on the UK Shortlist

In addition to nurses, the current list of short positions in the UK includes: electronic engineers, mining engineering and energy production managers and production directors, software programmers, social workers, animation and game producers, and IT technical engineers.

The jobs of chefs that the Chinese care about are still on the government's tight job list. The UK Department of Home Affairs has set specific guarantee certification codes and related employment guarantees and application conditions for each position.
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Let ’s highlight the requirements for hiring overseas chefs that more people are concerned about.
Requirements for Hiring Overseas Chefs

According to government requirements, if restaurant employers need to hire overseas chefs, they need to meet the following requirements and regulations:

• The annual salary of this chef must be at least £ 29,570 after deducting expenses such as room and board;

• The chef position cannot work in fast food restaurants, Standard Fare outlets or restaurants that provide takeaway services;

• The overseas person to be hired for this chef position must have 5 years or more relevant work experience;

• Each restaurant can only apply for one executive chef, one chef or one professional chef; each restaurant has four kitchen staff members and can apply for one assistant chef.

Among them, fast food restaurants refer to the fact that in order to ensure the speed of service provided by the restaurant, the food in the restaurant has been prepared in batches in advance, and is not prepared according to the different needs of customers. Biaohuai paid restaurants refer to chain or franchised restaurants, whose menus have been uniformly designed and do not need to be created by the chefs themselves; or restaurants that use ready-made ingredients and sauces to make food instead of using fresh ingredients.

If any employer with a job security qualification intends to hire a qualified overseas chef, the employer can apply to the UK Home Office for a job security certificate for the overseas chef's work visa in the UK. When applying, the employer must provide the Ministry of the Interior with a recommendation letter from the former employer of the overseas chef, proving that the overseas chef has 5 years or more relevant work experience overseas. Restaurant employers should also explain to the UK Home Office why people with sufficient experience are required to perform the job in the restaurant; why inexperienced people are not qualified for the job, and other issues the Home Office needs to understand.
UK T2 Visa for jobs in Britain

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