British Civil Service Positions are sought after by Foreigners

Are British civil service positions very sought after by foreigners?

According to a Global Broadcasting Network report, the registration of national civil servant examinations has just ended in 2017. Judging from the registration situation, the popularity is still undiminished, and the hottest positions have attracted nearly 10,000 applicants.

How does the UK view civil service positions?

British civil servants are also divided into different levels, namely junior employees, junior managers, intermediate staff and senior managers. In most cases, more senior civil servants are appointed directly by the British Cabinet. There are more open recruitments in the first three levels. The application process for civil servants in the UK is roughly the same as general work.

The first round is to fill out an application form online, attach a resume and a recommendation letter, and then be asked to do a series of online tests, mainly to check the basic ability. Depending on the level of the position you are applying for, the difficulty and evaluation criteria of the test will vary.

As far as the content of the exam is concerned, there are nine common situations in the job. Each situation will have three to five questions. You need to choose from the options the most appropriate response method. The test only needs to be done once within 6 months. If you apply for more than one job, you can skip the second application. After the test, you can wait for a call at home.

If your resume and online test pass, the application department will send you an email to arrange an interview. Interviews are usually 30-60 minutes, and sometimes applicants are also asked to make personal presentations. If the interview is successful, the relevant department will send you an offer, but before passing the job, you must pass a personal information check. In fact, it is to check your case, whether there is a criminal record, suspected harm to the society, and so on.

The application requirements for civil servants in the British government are very simple. A bachelor's degree in high school is sufficient. A grade of C or higher is sufficient. It feels much simpler than college. Although the starting salary of civil servants is not high, only about 19,000 pounds, but as long as they graduate from high school, they have the opportunity to enter government departments, and after the project is over, they can apply for the rapid training of management student programs, which is still very attractive.

The fast management student training program is aimed at British university graduates, and covers many fields such as technology, finance, engineering, human resources, and administration. Moreover, applicants do not need to have British nationality, and foreigners can also apply. Foreigners are not only eligible for civil servants, they are also very popular. If you are of Asian and African descent and are studying at a British university, you can also apply to the British government's intern program which is open to ethnic minorities for 6-9 weeks. The salary is 300-350 pounds per week. But in general, the civil service profession is not very popular in the UK. Among the most popular employers ranked by the Times in 2016, the first is the accounting firm PwC and the second is German supermarket chains, the third is charity organizations; the fourth is the British administrative department, not to mention the large number of graduates who have plans to start a business or travel around the world.

Civil servants in the United Kingdom do not calculate wages based on seniority, but on the basis of rank. If you are only AA level, the annual salary is only about 16,000 pounds, and the middle management is only 30,000 pounds, which is not as high as the average salary of the British society. Not only that, but before the British Chancellor of the Exchequer Osborn, he decided to limit the salary of civil servants in the next four years, and most of the civil servants also endured the policy of suspension of salary increase. The British Ministry of Defence has stated that the standard of civil service staffing is too low to fully hire the experts they need, and they can only outsource part of the work to consulting work. I feel that state secrets will be leaked if we are not careful.
UK Civil Services Jobs in the Great Britain
Although the most attractive feature of civil servants is job stability, in the past few years, the jobs of British civil servants have been quite unstable. Since 2010, the number of British civil servants has fallen sharply.

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