High Salaries Benefits to Civil Servants of Various Countries

What are the high salaries and benefits for civil servants in various countries?

When it comes to civil service exams, experienced partners may know how fierce the competition is. After all, there is the "iron rice bowl" guarantee, which is literally a thousand soldiers crossing the wooden bridge. 

Is the civil servant profession so popular around the world?

In South Korea, civil servants are called "God's profession". Due to the stability of the profession and good social security and retirement system, the popularity of the civil servant profession is no less than that in our country. In the past few years, the percentage of Korean civil servants admitted for admission was 1100: 1.

In 2016, the average annual salary of Korean civil servants was 59.9 million won (approximately RMB 365,000), and after retirement, they can receive pensions at 76% of the wages of the three years before retirement, while the average pension of ordinary people is only the salary of three years before retirement. 50%.

And the civil servant profession is also the most popular in the blind date market, it is easier to find the target marriage.

The treatment is so good, and the test conditions are of course more demanding. The higher the position, the more exam subjects. The most basic position may only need to take 5 exams, and the intermediate position may have to cope with seven or eight subjects. Naturally, escaping military service will also be rejected.

The Indian civil service exam is arguably the hardest in the world because its admission rate is too low! Nearly 500,000 people take the civil service exam each year, but the number of final admissions is only about 300 - 600.

The exam is divided into three steps: the first test, the main test and the interview. It takes one year to complete the test, but each Indian has only four chances in the life, so they will do their best every time. It is equivalent to stepping into a high society.

The subjects of the exam are all-encompassing, including domestic and international affairs, history, geography, Indian economy, psychology, science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, botany, and so on.

After you have finally passed the initial test and entered the main test, there are still nine exams waiting for you, each full three hours.

Although the exam is difficult, the number of people applying for the exam is still increasing year by year.

Because in India, once you become a civil servant, you can not only enjoy official residences in accordance with your level, but also special cars equipped with sirens. The government will also provide civil servants with chefs, nanny and other service personnel, and there will be an extremely generous pension after retirement.

If you enter the top 60 in the exam, after two years of training, you can become the regional chief executive, which is equivalent to the local leader. If you enter the police system, the starting point is the regional police chief. It can be described as "one step up".

In Europe, the enthusiasm of civil servants has not diminished at all. Although the salary is not too high, the treatment is very good.

For example, in France, civil servants enjoy no less than 25 kinds of subsidies, and these subsidies are dazzling. What kind of bicycle subsidies, clothing subsidies, shoe subsidies, small decorative subsidies, and subsidies for buying underwear or lost clothes? And all kinds of strange subsidies.

Although the income of civil servants may be relatively low at the beginning, about 1300 Euros to 1,400 Euros per month (equivalent to about 10,000 yuan), but civil servants can receive 13 months of salary every year, which is still quite impressive. Envious.

However, it is not so easy to become a civil servant. In fact, the entire vocational system in France is basically a school decision.

If you want to obtain a senior civil servant position, you must have a graduation certificate from a prestigious university. If you pass the exam, you will obtain a civil servant internship status, but you will also have to study for four years.
Salaries and Benefits for Government Servants or Civil Services Workers of a State

Only the winner will get the position of a senior civil servant.

Due to the tight employment situation, more and more young people choose to apply for civil servants, and even the post-doctoral examinations in the Senate Communication Room have shown how fierce the competition is.

In Australia, civil service examinations are cumbersome and unimaginable. First, the examination is divided into many parts, including telephone interviews, IQ tests, text skills tests, laws and regulations tests, and interviews are divided into two parts: individual and group.

The interviewer also requires that the three interviewers cannot be of the same gender, and one of them must have a mother tongue other than English. The interviewer's different countries, races, and genders must ensure that the interview results can be more fair and objective.

In order to apply for a civil servant in Australia, in addition to being an Australian citizen or having permanent residency, you must also have work experience, especially community welfare work experience.

Therefore, civil servants in Australia are basically older or have a certain economic foundation, because civil servants in Australia are basically contract workers at the beginning. They do not have pension insurance benefits. Only when they have vacancies can they apply for employment again.

However, once hired, it is a life-long system. Unless it breaks the law, it will not be dismissed. The annual salary of an ordinary civil servant is about AUD 90,000 to 150,000 (RMB 450,000 to 760,000).

Similarly, Germany will not be dismissed once hired. Civil servants in Germany are not considered to be high-income groups, and perfect laws and supervision systems have eliminated the possibility of gray income. However, many people are willing to apply for civil servants. According to surveys, 32% of college students want to be public servants after graduation.

This is because the benefits of civil servants are very good. Not only do they not need to pay social insurance and endowment insurance, they are also very stable from the effects of the economic crisis. However, because of stability, it is very difficult to get promoted.

Although civil servants in many countries are very popular, there are also those who have been left out. For example, in the United Kingdom, civil servants have even been ranked in the "Twenty Least Popular Occupations".

First of all, this is because British civil servants have high requirements. British people have a traditional sense that "well-educated people are more suitable for leadership."

The second is to have a wealth of social experience, and the third is that the examination is too long. To become a civil servant, you must go through three rounds of examinations, and each round takes about 4 or 5 hours to complete.

Not only that, the salary of British civil servants is lower than the average social level, so civil servants applying for admission in the UK are generally not for the "iron rice bowl", but have the ideal of working in politics.

Civil servants are also unwelcome to the United States. According to surveys, only 3% of college students in the United States want to be civil servants. Compared with other occupations, although American civil servants have good benefits, their salaries are not high and they are slowly being promoted. The preferences is of young people.

And regardless of the size of the official rank, some civil rights, such as the right to privacy, must be waived. In addition, the law clearly stipulates that gifts and banquets that do not exceed US $ 25 can not be accepted. Although it is not known how they are implemented, it can be seen that there are really many restrictions on officials.

The situation of civil servants in each country is different. For example, the number of overtime workers in Japan is the highest in the world, with an average of 39 hours of overtime per month.

Civil servants are one of the highest paid occupations in Russia, and 42% of them consider civil servants to be the most attractive occupation.

In Spain, in order to get the "iron rice bowl", many people have to choose the profession of civil servants regardless of salary cuts. Affected by the economic crisis, security is the focus of their consideration.

It is almost time for the annual graduation season, and countless graduates are about to step out of the school's door. Nowadays, the employment situation is getting more and more severe.


However, no matter what occupation you choose, there is no established so-called "good" and "bad". From your own heart, do what you want to do while you are young!

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