Divisions of the US Government Agencies Job Personnel and their respective Roles

What are the specific divisions of US government agencies and their respective roles?

US Government Agencies: Federal administrative agencies, also known as administrative ministries and cabinet ministries. The State Council is the head of all Cabinet ministries. The Secretary of State is the chief diplomatic adviser to the President. He is responsible for overall guidance, coordination, and management of US foreign affairs. The Cabinet Department has a ministerial responsibility system. There are divisions (bureaus) and offices under the ministry. The agencies within the ministry generally fall into two categories: business management agencies and agency management agencies. Due to the different historical development and responsibilities and authority of each ministry, the setting of the business management agencies of each ministry is quite different. The administrative organs of the various ministries are roughly the same. Generally, there are organ affairs management; personnel, budget, finance and public relations agencies, as well as the general counsel's office, the inspector general's office, and local dispatching agencies that accept affairs related to the regulations of this department. Departments (bureaus) within the ministry are led by assistant ministers (directors), and assistants are led by assistant ministers everywhere.

State Council Ministries

  1.  Ministry of Defense
  2.  Ministry of Finance
  3.  Ministry of Justice
  4. Ministry of the Interior
  5.  Ministry of Agriculture
  6.  Ministry of Commerce
  7.  Ministry of Labor
  8.  Ministry of Education
  9. Ministry of Energy
  10.  Ministry of Transportation
  11. Department of Health and Public Services
  12.  Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
  13. Veterans Affairs Department

State Council

The State Council is the executive branch of the federal government in charge of foreign affairs and concurrently responsible for some internal affairs. In September 1789, it was reorganized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is the earliest ministry-level agency established in the United States government and holds the leading position among government ministries.

The executive head of the State Council is the Secretary of State, who is appointed by the President (with the consent of the Senate) and is responsible to the President. He is the second highest executive after the President and Vice President. He is also the principal adviser to the president on foreign affairs, the chief of the Cabinet meeting and the National Security Council.

Government of the United States of America
 The State Council has officials such as the Deputy Secretary of State, the Deputy Secretary of Political Affairs, the Deputy Secretary of State for Coordinating Security Assistance Programs, the Assistant Secretary of State, and the Assistant Secretary of State. The State Council has a large body with a secretary of state office, regional divisions in charge of regional affairs in Africa, Europe, the Far East and the Pacific, Latin America, the Near East, and South Asia, and specialized divisions in charge of economics and commerce, intelligence and research, legal counsel, and public affairs. In the world there are many embassies, delegations, consulates, consulates and missions to the United Nations.

The Dutie of Job Workers of State Council Personnel

The specific duties of the State Council

The duties of the State Council are to supervise the work of the US ambassador and consul network and foreign officials worldwide, to assist the president in signing treaties and agreements with foreign countries, to arrange for the president to meet with foreign envoys, and to advise the president on the recognition of a new country or government.

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