How to Become Civil Servant Canada, Join Services?

How can I become a civil servant in Canada?

Many applicants are curious as to how to get into the "iron rice bowl" system and become a civil servant in Canada?
In fact, the Canadian civil service system is similar to China. It belongs to the category of jobs with good benefits. However, it is not as difficult to enter the system as the domestic army.
Access to the civil service in Canada depends on work experience, background, and resume. So let's find out today.

I. Structure of the Canadian Government

1. Federal government (national sovereignty is owned by the Prime Minister)

Provincial government (local governing is the responsibility of the governor)

Municipal government (local may be the responsibility of the mayor)

2. Organization relationship from bottom to top: unit-branch-division-ministry

II. What are the Basic qualities of civil servants?

The work of civil servants is not as easy as everyone thinks. Although it will be less stressful than enterprises, they will also work overtime when they are busy. Especially corporate finance department, need to do government budget and apply for department fund report to ensure that the problem is solved and compare with other cases, do option analysis, cost benefit analysis, risk management to mitigate risk, and also need to work with other departments and lawyers, etc. Experts meet to discuss the plan until the optimal plan is reached. Therefore, the requirements for civil servants are still very high.

1. Reputation

Reputation is more important for people with high positions. In the interview, you value your team ability, the potential to change the status quo, to be able to trust and lead everyone to new heights. Especially when changing jobs, reference check is very important. Therefore, when you first enter the department, you should ask questions, take the initiative to learn to do more, and continuously accumulate your own reduction.

2. Problem solving skills

No matter what you do now, adjust yourself to solve possible future problems. Problem solving must be a response and ability to deal with potential future uncertainties.

3. Networking skills

Strengthen and expand your social circle, respect, be serious, and be gentle with others. For example, Yang Yong, Jin Yong's novel The Condor Heroes, is a good example. He wouldn't arrogantly seek help everywhere because he had nothing at first, and he wouldn't turn a blind eye to others because of his martial arts skills. It is to continue to mingle with various people, and constantly consolidate their status.

4. Leadership

Leadership depends on you continually solving problems, surpassing yourself, and daring to initiate, get out of your comfort zone.

How to apply for a civil servant position in Canada?

Government departments have a wide range of positions, usually divided into external and internal recruitment. There are also differences between permanent and term contracts. The general process of the interview is online application-interview-test-panel interview- written test. The internship will be relatively simple. Only oral interview and Excel written test will be required, and the internship will give you the opportunity to rotate for 2 years. May stay in office.

1. Online application

Apply on the government website, upload your resume and cover letter. The personnel department will review and screen, and the academic qualifications are only a reference.

2. Interview

The personnel of the personnel department will issue interview invitations according to the number of applicants, the time of the interviewer and the urgency of the position. Due to various factors, the time to be notified will vary from 2 weeks to several months. The most important thing is See how well your resume matches the actual job application.

3. Test session

A few days before the interview, I will send you a case to let you make a 10-minute presentation. During the interview, you need to answer related questions and give you a score based on your performance.

4. Panel interview (50 minutes)

5. Written test (1h, report writing)

Of course, in addition to applying online, you can also use the services of a headhunting company. Such opportunities are generally short-term for 3 months, and they are high-strength and unstable, and usually have little chance to stay after the end.

Canada Job Queries and Answers Chart
Job Questions:

 Canada Job Questions

1. Where can I apply for government internships?

Federal, provincial and municipal government websites are generally open for applications from mid-December to January.

2. How long does it take for a government position to go from interview to formal employment?

It usually ranges from 2 weeks to several months, depending on many factors. For example, the number of applicants and the degree of job shortage.

3. Do I need to have a certificate for an accounting position in a government department?

There are many different accounting positions, such as accountant and controller. There is no special requirement for ordinary accountant. Controller must have CA certificate and working experience in accounting firms. This background has great advantages when applying.

4. What criteria does the federal government use to screen for exams and interviews?

When there is a temporary shortage of people, I will choose from the pool, but there will be an interview for about half an hour.

5. What kind of jobs can accounting students apply for in the government?

General accounting tasks such as payroll, auditing, transfer payments and financial analysis. CPA is necessary for controllers, and other tasks are not strictly required. It mainly depends on the comprehensive quality of the individual and whether the work experience in the resume meets the job requirements of the target post.
Becoming a civil servant in Canada Symbol

6. Which positions are suitable for liberal arts students?

The policy analysis direction is more suitable. As a junior post, find the direction you like and then develop further. Most government posts in Ottawa are bilingual in English and French, and are not necessarily needed elsewhere, unless there is a need to communicate with the federal government.

7. Will the government get fired?

It hasn't been in recent years. There will be police stations, the Ministry of Defense, and so on. It still depends on you applying for a specific position.

8. Do I have to work in Canada?

It is not necessary to have nationality, but if it is a federal government job and involves state secrets, it must have nationality. Other positions must be Canadian PR. Internships can be work visas.

9. What factors does the government consider before deciding to hire?

Resume quality, previous work experience and job matching are high. It mainly depends on interview performance. You can apply for a job at any time, as long as you think you can.

10. Is it likely that the accounting and computer majors will be hired?

Accounting and computer majors in government departments are still scarce. Actuarial majors are needed in many departments and will be valued by employees for further studies. The government will pay you to take a professional certificate.

11. What should I pay attention to when preparing for an interview?

Conduct more mock interviews to reduce tension, or mainly focus on thinking about answering questions. After all, English is not a native language.

12. What are the job search resources? How do I prepare?

There are many resources like co-op program in the school, or you can find opportunities on the official government website.

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