Several Major Symptoms of Viruses in Mobile Phones, like Wangtian

How many of the several major symptoms of viruses in mobile phones you know?

Smartphones have brought a lot of convenience to our lives, and we can accomplish many things through various apps and gadgets in our phones. However, we all know that everything has two sides, and there are advantages and disadvantages. With the increase of applications, applications that threaten the security of mobile phones will also increase, and personal privacy such as our cash accounts will be stolen if you are not careful. Therefore, today I have compiled a few characteristics of viruses that can appear in mobile phones, you can find out.


Inexplicable deduction

I don’t know if you have paid attention to the deduction of your mobile phone. When the phone is inexplicably deducted, the cost within a few days is several times the normal cost. It may be that the virus is playing ghosts.

There are two possibilities, one is malicious deduction virus, you accidentally click on a link to automatically deduct the fee, and another possibility is that the virus runs in the background, consuming a lot of traffic, resulting in increased costs.


The mobile phone consumes power quickly and heats up

In the process of using our smart phones, there are situations such as fast power consumption and fever, which depends on the situation. If the phone consumes power and heat quickly when installing APP, synchronizing data or playing games, this is normal, and this is our autonomous behavior.


Mobile phone Wangtian Virus

But if our mobile phone is in our pocket, or if we are not going to use it, it will inexplicably consume power and heat, and we must pay special attention. 

It is very likely that our mobile phone has been infected with a Trojan horse virus. The virus is stealing our personal privacy and uploading it independently, which will cause the mobile phone to consume electricity and heat quickly.


Frequent advertising pop-ups

When we use mobile phones, advertising pop-ups may appear only when entering the corresponding shopping page. Generally, when using other types of software, the mobile phone pages are very clean.

However, no matter what operation is performed on the software infected with the mobile phone virus, the mobile phone will continuously pop up advertisements.

Even if the background push of the mobile phone software is turned off, a large number of advertisements cannot be avoided.


Increased battery consumption

With the development of mobile phones, the battery storage capacity of mobile phones is longer than before. 

But if you notice that the speed of battery power consumption of the mobile phone suddenly increases abnormally, then you should start to pay attention, because at this time your mobile phone may already be a virus program running in the background.

Of course, most viruses are very covert and don’t easily reveal their existence.

They usually only run in the background, which may be the reason for your phone’s sudden and rapid power consumption. Of course, it does not rule out the existence of hardware and battery aging factors, but it is better to be cautious if you have problems.


Automatic phone call / text

May be you have encountered such a situation, the phone automatically calls or texts. Some people may think that this happens when the phone is accidentally touched when it is in your pocket.

In fact, this is only one aspect. If there are many such phenomena, then it is possible that the virus is doing it.


The above is the phenomenon that several types of mobile phone poisoning will occur, do you remember?

Network security is an issue that every one of us must pay attention to.

The network brings us convenience and the dangers that will accompany it. Regarding network security, if you still want to say something, you are welcome to add a message in the comment area below, thank you.

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