What is Islam? Is it a Cult or Religion?

Is Islam a Religion or Cult?

If it is said that the world has the most controversy, the most intense religion, and the world’s most headachesome and most respectable religion, it is estimated that everyone will choose Islam. Since the moment when terrorists hijacked planes and hit the World Trade Center almost 20 years ago, Islam is an obscurity, it has not fallen down, and has even died. It has been leapfrogged by Kalofi (non-Islamists). It has become a hotspot for the hot search of news all year round, the most prominent soup medicine that tears the world’s ethnic groups, and it has become a synonym for love and hate in the world. This organization, which has been forgotten by civilization for a hundred years, finally made it withered in the hands of its extreme disciples and grandchildren, and the iron tree blossomed all over the world. Of course, this is not a good word.


Ancient Religions

The three ancient religions in the world, Christianity has been completely secularized, Buddhism continues to stay in the philosophical speculation of the Eastern nations, and Islam still maintains the traditions and dogmas inherent in the Middle Ages.

The characteristics of civilization are still monolithic. Into the outside world, everybody is blind, but everyone has a blind impression, but they all have a common understanding:

Muslims are still a rather mysterious group, even the secularized Muslims (the boss of Quni), He still adheres to strict rules and regulations, and the humility and fear of doctrine in his heart is beyond words.

So what kind of dogma is Islam really as horrible as our general public thinks?

The view that Islam is a cult can be divided into the following:


1. A Muslim who has given up Islam must worry about being killed by another Muslim

This is the primary commandment of Islam. Because of this, few Muslims give up their faith. This simple fact casts the shadow of cults on Islam. It’s hard to avoid talking about the importance of this cold fact about Islam.


This practice is widely followed throughout the Islamic world today, and the most commonly cited source of Islamic theology in support of this practice is Bukhari Hadith Article 6922:

Allah’s Messenger said, “If anyone changes his (Islamic) faith, kill “Death him.” The http://WikiIslam.net website states: “In Islam, abandoning faith is a serious crime. The punishment for apostasy prescribed by the Prophet Muhammad is death.”


In Afghanistan, NATO had to use European asylum commitments to lift Said Musa out of prison for committing a crime of reforming Christianity.


However, Hua Tianjun consulted with Queenny ’s boss. In the eyes of such “moderate Muslims”, this precept is used in Islamic countries and is a tacit understanding among family members, not a universal truth in the Islamic world.

If a Muslim has arrived in a non-Islamic country and his family has agreed to it, the believer has not spoken words that discredited the prophet and the founder after the apostasy, and the religious community can open and close his apostasy. .


2. Muslims are encouraged to commit violence in the name of Islam

The Muslim theological classics of the Qur’an and the Sunnah are full of words that encourage devout Muslims to commit violence in the name of Islam. Some scholars have done statistics. The two classics that advocate violence account for more than 60%. It can be seen that the core of the entire religion is “to show the greatness of Allah with sword and blood.”

Here are just a few points:


• Where to find unbelievers and kill them there (2: 191)

• Fight against disbelievers close to you (9: 123)

• When opportunities arise, where to capture the mate and kill them there (9: 5)

• No religion other than Islam (3:85)

• Jews and Christians are debauchery; they must be cruel (9:30)

• If the property owner criticizes Islam, crucify them or cut off their hands and feet (5:33)

• Punish unbelievers, tailor fire coats for them, boiling water will be poured on their heads, and their internal organs and skin will be dissolved by boiling water (22:19)

• Don’t want to be in peace with the disbelievers; when they meet the disbelievers, they should be killed (47: 4)


In addition to the Muslim theological classics mentioned above, Islamic social norms also encourage violence. It is widely noted that Friday is the day when jihadist attacks are most likely to occur in Muslim societies. This is because Mullahs are using Friday’s pulpit to encourage their flocks to commit violence in the name of Islam.

In Muslim society, even the media are involved in inciting violence. The Middle East Media Institute has translated thousands of articles from print and electronic media. These translations are full of statements that directly incite violence in the name of Islam.


But these claims were answered differently in front of the boss, who would quote other non-violent verses to deny outsiders’ allegations of violence against Islam, and consider outsiders to be out of context.

When people come up with these translated verses and discuss with him, he will say that it is because the prophet must use violence to integrate his team and tribe in order to establish his own country and army.

What if there is no iron-like discipline? Can quickly destroy the deadly peace of Asia and Africa?

It’s as if a country has a country ’s laws, which are “pioneer politics.” When the Islamic world is large enough and peaceful, Muslims will let go of hatred and start to promote inclusiveness. In the Middle Ages, the Islamic world Is it more tolerant than Christian Europe?


Although the boss of Queenie talked about this issue lightly and ignored the high taxes imposed on Kafir by medieval Muslims, his views can still be used as a very valuable reference.


3. Islam does not allow any criticism or change

Islam believes that anyone who criticizes or attempts to change Islam has committed blasphemy. The crime of blasphemy is a major crime under sharia law. Therefore, any Muslim who criticizes or attempts to change Islam has to worry about being killed by devout Muslims.

At the end of 2013, in Denmark, an 18-year-old Muslim named Yahya Hassan recited a poem criticizing Islam on television and received countless death threats. What happened to Theo Van Gogh in Amsterdam. He produced a short film about Islamic women. When Van Gogh went to work one morning, he was murdered by a devout Muslim named Mohammed Bouyeri.

During the trial, the killer told the court that Van Gogh insulted Islam. “My motivation for doing this is purely my belief,” Boyeri continued. “The law that ordered me to kill anyone who insulted Allah and the prophets was my motivation.” The tragedy of the French “Charlie Weekly” also made the world see the bloody facts

To make matters worse, Islam encourages devout believers to “spontaneously” implement Sharia law. This means that any devout Muslim, if found to have done something he believes is offensive to Islam, could commit atrocities anywhere in a flash.


However, the boss of Quinny has a different argument. He believes that most Muslims are serene and will not intervene in these political vortices, and human nature has a mentality of maintaining their beliefs. Do you listen to others’ stigma? Will the Pope be happy?

Apparently, the quinny boss confuses personal resentment with personal violence, and uses “extreme Muslims” to deny the exclusiveness of violence in Islam.

To sum up, Islam hides a very strong incompatibility, and this view that is incompatible with the human civilization of the 21st century has made him step into the quagmire of cults, causing profile and criticism in all parts of the world. Of course, many political leftists will be Muslim platforms. They will continue to use the terms “moderate” and “minority extremists,” and define Islam as “a minority of extremists. They use the name of peaceful religion to fight against humanity.” “Islam is misunderstood by them and is also a victim in itself.


Islam and Terrorism

In addition, as most “moderate Muslims”, they also hate the terrorists, thinking that they are not doing the true teachings of Allah, but for the outside world’s assertion that “a mouse poop has broken a pot of soup”, I hate it too much.

Muslims of Islam

After each terrorist attack, moderate Muslims will also be distressed, but immediately the words turn around and they will say, “The easiest way for us to vent is to focus on the point of anger, and simply type the words” kill the green religion “on the keyboard.

But ask yourself, tens of thousands of retweets, and hundreds of thousands of people’s attention, do you really believe that this can solve the problem?

Then he said blindly, “Nothing to do with xx”, “They are very few”, “European people died because of XX incident”, “Religion that is peaceful in nature”, “Most Muslims are peaceful and kind”, The doctrine is blablabla. “No amount of discourse can even improve the perception of others.


As an independent individual, since being a moderate Muslim group can bring various social benefits (beef and mutton subsidies, additional independent cafeterias, extra points for college entrance examinations, praying during work hours will not be deducted, etc.) that is also shouldn’t they also bear the corresponding social responsibility?


In fact, most Muslim believers have shied away from their responsibility in recent years. Once a violent incident occurs, they will shirk responsibility to “a very small number of people”.

No one here requires ordinary and peaceful Muslims to clean their portals with a knife But calling for the expulsion of terrorist membership, cursing, or announcing that attackers and organizers targeting civilians are destined to be inferno.

The public needs your voice, and improving the stereotypes of Muslims also requires your voice. But moderate Muslim representatives have chosen to keep quiet on such matters.


Here is an inappropriate example to counter the fallacy of moderate Muslims:

For example, Shanghainese and Beijingers are excluded, and locals look down on the presence of such people?

Of course, there are many people, but there will be many Shanghainese and Beijingers who come out and say that I am also a local. I think this view is mentally handicapped.

These local families have a house, a car, and even outsiders. Read silly, how does a city without outsiders develop?

Such answers and situations are also very common. If you contact more people, you will find that Shanghai people and Beijing people are exclusive or non-exclusive. There are good people and bad people. Most people don’t add xenophobia to all Shanghainese and Beijingers.

Conversely, there is very little such atmosphere in Muslims. For example, some terrorists here exploded yesterday. Today, there are extremist slaughter villages. Tomorrow they will manage other grocery stores to sell wine or promote female circumcision. A group of people draw comics.

Muslim Religion

Few peaceful Muslims have stood up and said, “This group of people are crazy. They are cults. We must be absolutely different from them. They misinterpret the doctrine blablabla. We have to renounce them!” The reality is that once someone opened a map cannon and attacked the whole Muslims, there will be Muslims saying how can you do this, most Muslims are peaceful and kind, a small number of people do not represent us all, you misunderstand us.

However, extremism has caused evil in some places. Those non-radical Muslims will definitely not say aloud that they are doing a good job, but most of them also choose to be silent. They are not likely to publicly express their views and it is difficult to see their position.

This kind of thing happened again and again. What do you make people of other faiths think about it?

The argument often heard is: “Muslims are mostly good people, and extremists do not represent all Muslims.” At the same time, those who hold this argument will use other religions or similar events in modern society to demonstrate this theory.

Some Muslims have shot and bombed buildings, and children who have grown up in Catholic religious families have serial killers; some have imprisoned abductions in Muslims, and handsome Christian priests have also liked to insult choir boys; Muslims do not respect equality between men and women.

Domestic violence enthusiasts

On the other hand, every terrorist wanted and detained at Guantanamo prison is a Muslim, but it cannot be said that Muslims are terrorists.


From the beginning, I also felt that their logic was correct. I felt that something was wrong over time. The child who grew up in a Christian family said that I became a serial killer because of my psychosis.

The Catholic priest said that I molested the little boy because of my childhood experience. Domestic violence enthusiasts said that I smoked my husband’s whip because I enjoyed this kind of play, which made me want to stop. When Muslim extremists encounter bad things, they will say that this is our tradition and our teaching.

Did you find a difference? Extremists and terrorists will say that I have followed the teachings, and it is my belief that made me do this. Is it wrong now to say that extremists do not represent Muslim culture?



So, is it true that Islam is clear and true? Is it really a wronged white lotus? Is it a piece of white paper used by ambitionists? Perhaps people with a little conscience will cause deep thought. A religion that stays in the Middle Ages, but has no choice but to cope with the rapid changes of contemporary society. Such a game of history and reality, terrorists and extremism may be the mantis arm blocking the car, or the lever that overturns the car. It’s really hard to speculate. The way forward is whether the east wind overwhelms the west wind, or the turban covers the T-shirt.




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