Can Transformers change their sex? Bumblebee

Bumblebee: Can Transformers change their sex?

The reason why "Bumblebee" can get a good reputation and get a score of 7.4 on Douban. In fact, it is not only a change in the way the "Transformers" series is bombarded, but more importantly, it is already "Transsexual", from the previous male orientation to the current female orientation.


Since the release of "Transformers 5" in 2017, even hardcore fans of the "Transformers" series, it is estimated that they will not spend any more money to watch the sequel of "Selling Copy" shooting.


After all, just looking at the scores of the five official stories on Douban, you know how terrifying this series of word-of-mouth declines.


However, anyway, Paramount and Hasbro learned well, and finally no longer let "sell copies" use "Transformers" as the battlefield of visual bombing, but let Nike son Travis Knight direct the extra story "Bumblebee".


Legend of the Magic String

The brother who had filmed "Legend of the Magic String" once rejected 150 billion properties, only to bury his head in animation.


He thought that after filming "Legend of the Magic String", he could honestly be the president of Nike, but after watching "Bumblebee", he felt that he would still regard 150 billion as dung and choose to be a film director.


The reason why "Bumblebee" can get a good reputation and get a score of 7.4 on Douban is actually not just a change to the treatment of the "Transformers" series.


More importantly, it has actually “transsexualized” from the previous male orientation to the current female orientation.


Just take out any of the five "Transformers", the protagonist is male, the first three are Shia Labov, the latter two are Mark Walkerberg.


Women's status in the film is synonymous with sexiness. They are just vents when male hormones are developing. They have no independent emotion at all. The most typical one is Megan Fox.


But in this "Bumblebee", the protagonist is the girl played by Hayley Steinfeld.


The film not only sets up various obstacles and levels around her own growing troubles, but also makes her a hero to save the world. Even the black brother is just a little loser in front of her.


The Main story of Transformers

So the cancer of the straight men who was in the main story of "Transformers" was almost completely cured. The scenes of mechanical battles that have entered the sky have been reduced to a minimum. The original high mechanical sense of the fragmentation deformation process has also been changed to the G1 blocky deformation mode.


Movie Bumblebee

Instead, it is the delicate and healing family story of the heroine, and the "taming dog" jokes when the heroine gets along with the bumblebee.


Especially the latter, not only can get a large wave of female audience preference, but also has a "vibrato" paragraph, such as the heroine is teaching the bumblebee how to quickly transform and hide that paragraph when meeting a stranger, edit it a little Can make headlines for tomorrow's vibrato.


In order to comprehensively "transsexualize", Bumblebee's originally handsome and tough natal car was changed from Chevrolet Camaro to a heart-warming Volkswagen Beetle car.


However, to be honest, this "transsexual surgery" is not a combination of men and women. Although the fourth and fifth parts of "Transformers" were badly criticized, this does not mean that girls are always the taste of iron powder.


For the true "Transformers" iron powder, the first part of the official story may be the correct way to open. The kind of hard-working live-action movie that does not lose its feelings, mechanical texture and lack of plot promotion, also scored 8.2 points. Not surprising.


As for "Bumblebee", it is still too cute for the otaku iron powder, especially the grand cosmic sense that is inherently lacking in the single works, but it also makes people always want to call Optimus Prime when watching the bumblebee being beaten's arrival


However, whether it is Paramount or Hasbro, it is imperative to create a "transformer universe" in an all-round way. Led by Marvel, the pleasing sequel model of "Film Universe" has been out of control.


Warner United DC took a large number of its comic book heroes

Universal used its horror thriller movie to start the "Dark Universe" series; 20th Century Fox and the "X-Men" series can be dug; Sony Columbia stared at " The copyright of "Spider-Man" is not released; as for Disney, the entire Marvel belongs to them.


Paramount, as one of the six major Hollywood companies, is naturally reluctant to lag behind. Not only can it attract the attention of the "Film Universe" series of IPs, but only "Transformers" can be arrogant.


But Paramount is obviously not stupid enough to let "sell copies" to continue to direct "Transformers", but the restart and further processing of the series is imminent. Therefore, it may be the king to make the single transformers in the original series into a foreign movie.


Take "Bumblebee" for example. The reason why this movie is girl-oriented, full-blown and delicate, has taken into account today's movie-watching groups and fun. Marvel's Black Widow has been indispensable in many of his series of films, and evil characters like the clown girl can even be the protagonist.


As for DC, "Wonder Woman" has already been made into a blockbuster as a single series. Obviously, the number of female viewers is already not to be underestimated.


So let "Bumblebee" tell the story of a young girl's growth, and then add some cute bridges, which can naturally attract many passers-by and girls.


It is said that before the release of "Variant 5", Paramount has determined to create 14 series of stories, and more than seven sequels and derivative works will be lined up for production after "Variant 5", showing that "Bumblebee" is only the beginning Array, famous coffees like "Optimus Prime" and "Megatron" are likely to produce single movies.


But compared to Marvel and DC, Paramount ’s “Transformers Universe” does not have such a solid heel, and it is actually a bit stretched to want to expand it into a “movie universe” on a large scale. After all, the "Transformers" story is an animated series originally made by Hasbro to sell toys. In the final analysis, it is a promotional advertisement.


Although there have been series of cartoons since then, when it comes to the capacity of the story, the "Transformers" series is far inferior to the character warehouses of Marvel and DC.


What's more, the film with mediocre box office like "Change 5", bad reputation, and a cold reception in the North American market made Paramount feel cold about the strategic layout of "Transformers". The "Transformers 6", which was prepared to be released in 2019, has also been withdrawn indefinitely and will be released indefinitely.


The appearance of "Bumblebee" is actually a trial product. If the box office is good, of course, the "Transformers Universe" will continue to be launched. However, if this complete "transsexual" chapter is not waiting to be seen, maybe Cyber Tan Planet is really going to close.


And now it seems that whether it is in North America, mainland China or the world, "Bumblebee" has a pretty good box office and word of mouth. The freshness of rotten tomatoes is even as high as 93%. Many people predict that "Bumblebee" will be Monolithic series are also possible.


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