Envying Civil Servants of Other Countries

Do you envy the comparison of "civil servants" treatment in various countries?

In China, "civil servants" has always been the most popular job in everyone's mouth. This job has always been a job that everyone envyed, jealous, and hated. Let's not mention the iron rice bowl. All kinds of paid holidays are everyone's envy. Every year, some people in Asia struggle for a position, but how about civil servants in some countries? In fact, according to the editors, civil servants in some countries are also quite ridiculous. Let's not talk too much nonsense, hurry and take a look at the civil servants of other countries.


    United States Civil Servants

There are relatively more civil servants in the United States, so you don’t have to worry about giving up your ideal job for a stable life. And civil servants are not the first choice of most people. Their salary level is divided into "multi-level and multi-grade", and two people in the same position also receive different amounts of money. However, the average annual salary of $ 61,000 is definitely higher than mid-level in the United States. Although not a lifetime appointment, the probability of being fired is very low. Even if you perform poorly, it will give you an adjustment period of about a year, and will not let you go directly.


    Russia Civil Servants

Putin's request for "severe penalties" for civil servants can be said to be commendable. In Russia, as long as you are in this team and have enough rules, you will definitely not worry about eating and drinking. The salary level of Russian civil servants has always remained above the average income of Russians, plus they are more or less a "gray income" that is not illegal, so it is a very good job to be there.


    India Civil Servants

Because of the existence of the "caste system", being admitted to the civil service is the fastest way for them to enter the upper class.

When the per capita annual income in India was only 460 US dollars, the annual income of civil servants had reached 7,000 US dollars, and various subsidies were numerous. Transportation subsidies, child eugenics fees, food subsidies, communication fees, special hardship areas, grassroots subsidies.

There are many types, and there are also a lot of money. The lowest level of transportation subsidies is 400 rupees, which is about 10 dollars.

Perhaps in order to stop their mad test of civil servants, India’s civil service exam is known as the most difficult in the world, with an admission rate of one-thousandth, and regulations stipulate that each qualified college student can only take the test four times in a lifetime.


    Germany Civil Servants

In a census in 2010, 20% of young people targeted for civil servants. Among them, the impact of the economic crisis on stability is the main reason for the fever of German civil servants. One characteristic of German civil servants is that the country is hired for life.

Why Envying Civil Servants of Other Countries

In addition, they will not arrange a unified examination, which positions are missing, they will temporarily arrange the examination and choose the best admission. You need to work for 40 years in a row, including college time, and then you can get a pension after graduation. Various allowances, benefits, and flexible working time settings have made the German civil servant position a sweet meal.


    Korea Civil Servants

The popularity of civil service examinations is comparable to that of China. Korean university graduates are very enthusiastic about civil service examinations. According to a survey report recently released by the Korean Statistics Department, 43% of South Korean youths most want to go to the work unit is a state agency.

Retired civil servants can receive an annuity based on 76% of the salary for the three years before retirement, while the general national annuity is only 50% of the salary for the three years before retirement.


    Norway Civil Servants

Norway is a welfare state. Employees in the public sector and employees in the private sector must participate in a unified and centralized universal insurance plan. The payment standards are exactly the same. Everyone must pay 8.2% of the salary income to the country as a social security payment.

No matter what industry you are employed in, as long as you participate in social security and pay according to regulations, the same standards apply to unemployment, medical care, maternity, and family welfare.


    Thailand Civil Servants

Former Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai of Thailand had stipulated that civil servants should be elected one day each year to work in national costumes, because this can promote the sales of local national costumes and boost employment.


    Brazil Civil Servants

In Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, civil servants may be fired for gossip. Gossip mainly refers to various unconfirmed rumors, such as rumours that wages are about to rise.

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