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Movie Bumble Review and the Character Hornet

Bumblebee is an action sci-fi movie directed by Travis Knight, starring Hayley Stanfield, Jorge Landenberg Jr., John Senna, Dylan O'Brien, in 2018 It premiered in Germany on December 3 and will be released in mainland China on January 4, 2019. The film is an outgoing movie of the "Transformers" series of movies, which tells the tortured bumblebee to find his hiding place in a garbage dump, and encounters an 18-year-old girl who is experiencing a life bottleneck and trying to find her own life. The story of Li Watson.


Main character:        Hayley Steinfeld

        Jorge Landenberg Jr.

        John Cena

        Jason Drucker



Can Transformers change their sex?

The reason why "Bumblebee" can get a good reputation and get a score of 7.4 on Douban. In fact, it is not only a change in the way the "Transformers" series is bombarded, but more importantly, it is already "Transsexual", from the previous male orientation to the current female orientation.


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    ▪ Box office revenue

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Basic Information

"Bumblebee" is an action sci-fi movie directed by Travis Knight, starring Hayley Stanfield, Jorge Landenberg Jr., John Senna, Dylan O'Brien, in 2018 It will premiere in Germany on December 3 and will be released in Mainland China on January 4, 2019.

The film is an outgoing movie of the "Transformers" series of movies, which tells the tortured bumblebee to find his hiding place in a garbage dump, and encounters an 18-year-old girl who is experiencing a life bottleneck and trying to find her own life. The story of Li Watson.




Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Michael Bay, Steve Davis, To m DeSanto

Other translated names

Bumblebee Big Movie, Bumblebee Independent Movie, Transformers Gaiden: Big

Types of

Action Science Fiction Movies


Wasp, Transformers rumored Bumblebee, Transformers independent film: Great


Hayley Steinfeld, Jorge Landenberg Jr., John Cena




Dylan O'Brien

Production time



  114 minutes

Production company

Paramount Pictures

Release time

December 3, 2018 (German premiere)

Production area

United States



Production cost

    $ 135 million


     United States: PG-13

Filming locations

     United States

Dialogue language



  Taravis Knight




     Christina Hosen

Online play platform

    Tencent Video, iQiyi




After the Autobots lost to the Decepticons in the Cybertron Star Civil War, Optimus Prime sent its members to all parts of the universe in search of a safe haven for rebuilding the army. Bumblebee was sent to earth and lost its voice when it landed in California in 1987. The Hornet disguised itself as a Volkswagen Beetle and was rescued by Charlie Watson, a young girl who was experiencing the pain of losing her father. She became friends with the Bumblebee, but soon discovered that he was being hunted down, and at the same time, a secret government organization "Seventh District" led by Agent Jack Burns also targeted him. After the Decepticons members betrayed the "Seventh Zone" and captured the Hornet, Charlie and her neighbor Mimi and Agent Burns teamed up to rescue the Hornet and defeated them before the Decepticons conquered the earth.

Cast List

List of actors in the Bumblebee Movie

        Hayley Steinfeld as Charlie Watson

            Dubbed Zhu Rongrong

        Jorge Landenberg Jr. as Mimo

            Dubbed Horse Zebra


        John Cena as Agent Burns

            Dubbing Feng Sheng


        -As Hornet

            Dubbed by Dylan O'Brien and Li Nan


        Jason Drucker as Otis

            Dubbed Ju Haoyang


        -As Optimus Prime

            Dubbed by Peter Cullen and Ren Yaming


        -As a rebound ball

            Dubbed by Justin Thelocks and Hao Xianghai


        -As smash

            Dubbed by Angela Bessette and Yang Chen


        Pamela Oldron as Mother Charlie

            Dubbed Liu Qianhan


        John Ortiz as Agent Powell

            Voice acting Ren Yaming


        Grace Dasanne as Tina

            Dubbed Yan Mo?


        Vanessa Rose as Mean Girl


        Ricardo Hoyos as Tripp

            Dubbing Jin Yonggang


        Stephen Schneider as Ron


        Marcella Bragio as Neighbor


        Antonio D. Charity as Bill the Mechanic


        William W. Barbour as Neighbor


        Isabelle Ellingson as Mean Girlfriend # 1


        Tony Toste as Roller Coaster Rider


        Meghan Barrett as Partygoer / Mean Girl


        Boston Rush as Otis' Dojo Friend


        Nico Abiera as Boardwalk Patron


        Sierra Anne Murphy as Boardwalk Teenager


        DJ Sauceda as YoYo Kid


        Felicia Stiles as Party-goer # 1


        Rick Richardson as Sheriff


        Jeff Redlick as Neighbor


        Mateo Garcia as Otis Dojo's Friend


        Etienne Vick as Townie


        Agustin Reiter as Boardwalk Teen


        Andrew Spach as Drunk Guy


        Matthew B. Henry as Sector 7 Agent


        John Lobato as Party-Goer


        Thomas Stewart as Townie


        Joseph Krachenfels as Sheriff


        Heidi Michaelis as Neighbor


        Logan Fromme as Ride Enthusiast


        Yianni Apostolopolous as Teen Partygoer


        Joe Schwartz as Boardwalk pedestrian


        Steve Dakota as Townie


        Ed Moy as Karate Instructor


        DeMark Thompson as Sector 7 Agent


        Christian Hutcherson as Howie


        Glynn Turman as General Whelen

            Dubbing Zhang Yunming


        Paul Black as S-7 Agent Scott


        Sachin Bhatt as Pilot Hutton


        Krystin Goodwin as News Reporter


        Matthew Dunn as S-7 Agent Marks


        Gregory Schwabe as Sector 7 Tank .50 Cal Gunner


        Tim Martin Gleason as Charlie's Dad


        Paul Kennedy Jr. as Lance Corporal Martin


        Chris Markle as Corporal Taylor


        Mika Kubo as Mean Girlfriend # 2


        Brandon Wardle as Party Goer # 3


        Pablo Zavala as Neighbor


        Nick Pilla as Young Agent


        Samantha Falco as Camper


        Andrea Lea Martzipan as Boardwalk Patron


        Ryan Day as Party-Goer


        Martin Ezidro as Camper


        Stephanie Holden as Teen Partygoer


        Courtney Coker as Young Agent # 1


        Emilee Bickert as Mean Girl


        Jace Areff as Karate Studio Friend


        Jesse Stoudt as Boardwalk Pedestrian


        Michelle Fang as Mean girl / Party-goer


        Robert Chestnut as News Cameraman


        Logan Hunt as Young Agent # 2


        Rachel DeAngelis as Boardwalk Goer


        Sasha McCulloch as Boardwalk Teenager


        Evan Barney as Teen


        Jiana Alvarez as Teen Partygoer / Mean girl


        Deena Trudy as Sector 7 Agent


        Dustin Richardson as Neighbor


        Antonio Rosa as Sector 7 Agent


        Mia J. Stewart as Party-Goer


        Ronnie Yelverton as Townie


        Kevin Kent as Sector 7 Machinegunner


        Lars Slind as Humvee Driver


        Michael Masini as Actor


        Chloé Boudames as Mean Girl


        Spencer Holmes as Sector 7 Army Soldier


        Antoine Holmes Sr. as Sector 7 Army Soldier


        Jett Mann as Boardwalk Patron


        Tom David as Sector 7 Agent


        Maximilian Merritt as Smoker Boy / Partygoer


        Christopher Mark Rodriguez as Sector 7 Agent


        Anna MacDonald as Mean Girl


        Apollo Garza as Sheriff Deputy


        Lan Calleux

        Uncle Hank

            Dubbed by Zhang Wentian


        Lenny Jacobson as Roy

            Dubbing Chen Zhe


        -As Lightning

            Dubbed by David Sobolov


        Walker Brinskele as Party Goer


        Damon Hoffman as Soldier


        Reuben J. Lee as

        Army APC .50 Cal Gunner


        Barry Alan Williams as Boardwalk Patron


        Rose Maria Wilde as Party Goer


        Megan Price as Amber

            Dubbing Wu Fengchun


        -Fly over the mountains

            Voice acting Andrew Morgado, Li Nan


        Natalie Conneely as Camper


        Manny Avina as Karate Student


        Anthony Latona as Agent Crest


        -As Alsie

            Dubbed Grey Griffin


        -Decorated with shock waves and sound waves

            Voiced by Jon Bailey


        -As Wheeljack

            Dubbed by Steve Blum


        -As an ambulance

            Dubbed by Dennis Singletary


        -As Brawn / Decepticon Soldier

            Dubbed Kirk Baily


Employee list

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Michael Bay, Steve Davis, Tom DeSanto, Brian Goldno (executive), Steven Spielberg (executive), Chris Brigham (executive ), Mark Vahradian (executive), Ron Ames (deputy)

Director Taraves Knight

Associate Director (Assistant) Mike Gunther, Jason Iman, Kit Conners, Brian Leiria, Mollie Stallman, David Waters, Jeff Hubbard, Judd Greener, Frances Stafford, Steve Love, Jason Iman, Rhys Summerhayes

Screenwriter Christina Hosen

Photography Enrique Chediak

Soundtrack Dario Marianelli

Edit Paul Rubell

Casting Directors Denise Chamian, Ruth Lambert, Robert McGee

Voice Director Zhang Yunming

Art Director Sean Haworth

Art Design Maya Shimoguchi, Richard Bloom, A. Todd Holland, Sebastian Schroder, Gustaf Aspegren

Styling Design Leslie D. Bennett, Tanya Cookingham, Tina Roesler Kerwin, Kelvin R. Trahan, Polly A. Powers, Lizbeth Williamson, Vanessa Blanchard Lee, Autumn Butler, Martina Kohl, Tijen Osman, Debra Schrey, Elaine Thomas, Jeremy Bramer, Kimberly Carlson, Nanci Cascio, Caitlin Martini, Prescilla Jean Olay, Beate Eisele, Lisa Poe, Robert Mrazik

Costume Design: Dayna Pink

Visual effects Jensen Smith, Anthony Lupoi, Ivan Busquets, Samir Joao

Recordings Jonathan Fuh, Judah Getz, James A. Moore, Thomas Pinney, Eric Adahar, Matt Cavanaugh, Joel Erickson, David Jobe, Jonathan Klein, Ralph Osborn, Ethan Van der Ryn, Anna Behlmer, José Antonio García, Brandon Jones, Bob Lacivita, John Maynard, Tim Walston, Devin Donaghy, John P. Fasal, Veronica Li, Dawn Lunsford, Mark Paterson, Tobias Poppe, Jesse Rosenman, Alicia Stevenson

Set decorators Anne Kulkian, Lori Mazuer

Character introduction

    Charlie Watson

    Actor Hayley Steinfeld

        A female high school student who is good at repairing cars, is in adolescence. After suffering the loss of her father, she rescued the scarred bumblebee in an abandoned field in a Californian seaside town, but she soon discovered that the bumblebee was being pursued. After the Hornet was caught, Charlie and her neighbors began teaming up to rescue the Hornet.



    Actor Jorge Landenberg Jr.

        Charlie Watson's neighbor, in love with Charlie, is more like a cannon fodder. Pursuing Charlie wholeheartedly, after the Hornet was arrested, he and Charlie teamed up to rescue the Hornet.



    Actor John Cena

        The US military officer is responsible for investigating some little-known secrets. When the hornet, an alien and seemingly dangerous steel warrior, appeared in front of Burns, the sense of mission and responsibility of a soldier made him crazy about the hornet Hunt.




    Dubbed by Dylan O'Brien

        The members of Optimus Prime were sent to the Earth to find a hiding place due to the Cybertron Star Civil War, and lost their voice when they landed in California. The Hornet disguised itself as a Volkswagen Beetle and was rescued by Charlie Watson, a young girl who was experiencing the pain of losing her father.


Original soundtrack

Album information

Album type: original soundtrack, film and television music

Singer: Dario Marianelli

Record company: Paramount Music

Release Date: December 21, 2018





1. "Cybertron Falls"

2. "Bee on the Run"

3. "Shutdown"

4. "Charlie"

5. "Meeting Bumblebee"

6. "Dropkick & Shatter Arrive"

7. "Chasing Mom"

8. "Optimus Prime's Message"

9. "Desert Council"

10. "Dad's Old Videotapes"

11. "Army Meeting"

12. "A Driving Volunteer"

13. "Pranking Tina"

14. "Bee in the Kitchen"

15. "Kitchen Chaos"

16. "Double Ambush"

17. "Charlie Sneaks Out"

18. "Death and Resurrection"

19. "Bee's Had Enough"

20. "Ron's Driving"

21. "Marina Tower"

22. "Charlie Dives In"

23. "Saying Goodbye"

24. "Not Quite There"

Production and distribution

Early publicity

In 2017, the film officially began its pre-preparation phase and was scheduled to be released in North America on June 8, 2018

On July 14, the film announced the starring list; on July 31, the film announced that the film will be changed to December 2018 Released on the 21st

August 8th, the film side released a set photo of the heroine Hayley Steinfeld; November 13th, the film side announced the film titled "Bumblebee: The Movie" (translation " Bumblebee Movie ")]

On December 24, the film released its first still.

On April 26, 2018, the leading role appeared in the CinemaCon Paramount Promotion Conference; on June 5, the film released the first pilot Chinese subtitle trailer; on June 13, the film released the director’s special feature

July On the 14th, the film released a set of stills

On July 20, the main creator showed the film at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con; on August 6, the film released a poster; on August 7, the film released a still

On September 24, the film released the official Chinese version of the notice; on September 30, the film released a batch of stills; on November 8, the film released the Taiwanese version of the Chinese promotional video

On November 12, the film released The poster of "The Return of the First Generation" was published; on November 28, the film released a special production of Classic Return.

on December 4, the film officially finalized the film to be released in mainland China on January 4, 2019, and released File poster.

On December 9th, the film party held its premiere in Los Angeles

On December 10th, the film side released a preview of "With You" version

On December 12, the film side released a Dolby version poster

12 On the 13th, the film released the Chinese version of the IMAX poster

On December 14, the film was held in Beijing At the press conference, the main creators appeared on the red carpet

On December 17, the film released the "Outstanding Encirclement" clip; on December 18, the film released the "Heroes Origin" notice; on December 19, the film released again Director's Special

On December 20, the film released the "Life and Death Guild" clip and the producer's special

On December 21, the film released the preview of "Chih Bee Cloud"

On December 23, the film released a group Film still.

On December 24, the film released the "Earth Allies" version of the poster

On December 26, the film released the "Fast Speed ​​Hurricane" feature film

On December 28, the film released the ultimate trailer and the Chinese red carpet interview Special feature.

On December 29th, the film released the "Family Bumblebee" feature film.

On December 31, the film released the preview of "Do Not Have Fun".

On January 1, 2019, the film released the "Three Change King Kong" clip.

On January 2, the film released the Japanese version of the special edition and posters

On January 3, the film released the "Firepower Full" preview.

Leading company

Production unit

1. Paramount Pictures (USA) (produced and produced)
2. Allspark Pictures (production)
3. Tencent Pictures (China) (co-produced)


1. Paramount Pictures (USA)
2. Paramount Pictures (France)
3. United International Pictures (Argentina)
4. Universal Pictures International (Netherlands)
5. Paramount Pictures (Netherlands)
6. Paramount Pictures (Argentina)
7. United International Pictures (Singapore)



Release date

Country / Region

Release / release date


December 3, 2018 (Berlin) (Premier)


December 13, 2018

Indonesia, Mexico

December 19, 2018

Australia, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Lebanon, Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, Thailand, Ukraine

December 20, 2018

Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, Lithuania, Turkey, United States, South Africa

December 21, 2018

UK, Ireland

December 24, 2018

South Korea, Sweden

December 25, 2018


December 26, 2018

Argentina, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, China

December 27, 2018

Spain, India, Romania

December 28, 2018

Colombia, Denmark

January 3, 2019

Mainland China, Finland, Norway

January 4, 2019


January 8, 2019


January 11, 2019


March 22, 2019


Box office revenue of Bumble Movie

"Bumblebee" was released in Mainland China on January 4, 2019. The first day box office harvested 111 million, won the single-day box office championship, plus the morning night box office, the cumulative box office harvested 119 million.

January 5 single day Re-entering the 158 million box office, nearly 70% of the box office occupancy rate continues to be the single-day box office champion, and the cumulative box office revenue in the two days of release is 277 million.

On January 12, the total box office in mainland China exceeded 600 million.

"Bumblebee" was released in North America on December 21, 2018. The first day of the box office harvested 8.46 million US dollars.

The three days of the show received 21 million US dollars (including 2.85 million US dollars in advance box office), the first week of the box office harvested 35.5 million US dollars.

December 31, the three-day weekend box office revenue was 20.5 million US dollars, still ranked third in the weekend, with a cumulative box office harvest of 67.67 million US dollars.

On January 4, 2019, the first day of the box office harvested 3.94 million US dollars, and the cumulative box office harvested 88.29 million US dollars, ranking fifth in the Friday box office list.

As of January 11, the North American box office cumulatively harvested 101 million US dollars.

Bumble Movie review

In "Bumblebee", director Taravis Knight returned to the original material itself, setting the film's story background in the 1980s, the era when "Transformers" first became popular. At the same time, he also restored the Hornet to its original form-Volkswagen Beetle instead of Ford Mustang. In Baye's series of movies, because of the agreement between Paramount and Ford, the Hornet was set as the Chevrolet Camaro.

The director's actions inject some elements that the series is losing, that is, love for the original material. In addition to the love for the original material, the director also injected a lot of emotion and effort into the film, the most prominent performance is the relationship between Charlie and the Hornet.

Hayley Steinfeld explained Charlie's corner very well, and the audience could easily resonate with her adolescent struggles and bereavement. The film has excellent effects on both the emotional and visual levels. The relationship between Charlie and the Hornet is the core of the emotion, and the CGI special effects that balance the scale and pattern perfectly show the action scene.

As a prequel, this is the first film about the sound of the Hornet. Although the plot is very short, Dylan O'Brien brilliantly showed the character's youthful courage. Angela Bessett and Justin Thelocks equally well expressed the voices of "powder" and "rebound ball", and there was also a great joke between them. The CGI effect of the entire film is very superb. Knight and his visual effects team reproduced the appearance of Transformers, which is commendable.

Review of Bumble Movie

Although the film failed to completely get rid of the inferior texture of the previous series of the series, this inferior texture only appeared in the smallest places, more for the humorous effect, and did not affect the overall effect of the film. All in all, "Bumblebee" took a big step on the basis of the declining "Transformers" series of films. Director Taravis Knight has brought love and respect to the series, injecting it with new vitality for a new generation of audiences.

To some extent, "Bumblebee" is indeed a breakthrough than the first few parts of the "Transformers" series, such as its narrative, such as its interaction with the human protagonists in the film, such as its new beetle shape, etc.

The human perspective in the film is equal to that of the Autobots. The Autobots meet the earth and the frustrated girl's growth and healing.

The "Transformers" series relies too heavily on the vision and the style of the light. However, the story of "Bumblebee" is ultimately too simple. Whether it's the bumblebee's amnesia or the female one's frustrated stalk, audiences have been commonplace in countless Hollywood and Korean drama stories.

The directors and screenwriters have not found new entry points, nor have they found ways to rejuvenate these old stalks. Amnesia turned the original cute bumblebee into a baby that needs to be guarded. It is really awkward to be cute, and it is easy to make mother love overflow, but there is sometimes an immediate sense of the upgraded version of "Super Cha Cha".

The director is a bit distracted by focusing on the narrative and interaction of the film. The fighting scenes that the "Transformers" series relies on are severely marginalized. Except for the mother star battle scene with a limited opening time, there are only a few singles fighting alone.

Nothing new, the human heroine was blown up again and again, and stood up again and again unharmed. Especially at the end of the climactic drama design, it is clear that Bumblebee can locate and communicate with each other through a single message. Non-grinding Haw must use human satellite launch equipment to contact colleagues to buy time for the bumblebee’s turnaround, and the battle and scenes of this launch tower. It seems familiar to everyone. What's embarrassing is its audience positioning.

The "Transformers" series has always been masculine, this time it has been strategically adjusted, adding the warmth of the little girl's growth, trying to please the female audience.

The overall sense of layering of the film has also declined, and the choice of actors and the rhythm of the story are more suitable for the young people. There is nothing wrong with winning the participation of the new generation, but the risks are obvious. After all, the "Transformers" series of films has been in development for more than ten years. The first teenage fans have already been in their mature years, and the first mature fans have reached the middle age. The King Kong movie series has more than ten years of old audience, and these talents are the backbone of this series of consumption.


Text / Dream of Poems

With the continued decline in the reputation of "Transformers", if this well-known series of films wants to continue, in addition to the visual bombing, what is more needed is to be able to come up with new breakthroughs, and grow into a girl The main line of "Bumblebee" is certainly not a novel story, but the youth and emotions of the movie in science fiction really add to the theme of an already tired subject.


Although Michael Bay created a new golden age that belongs to "Transformers", he has not been able to give this series of lasting vigor like "Harry Potter" or "Avengers". The presentation of the walk made the "Transformers" series finally become a visually rotten film full of embarrassing commercial atmosphere. It is undoubtedly a wise choice to change the coaching in the face of the already eroded situation. In "Legend of the Magic String" The up-and-coming Travis Knight, what he brought to the audience is an extraordinary "Transformers".


As Travis Knight of Nike, from "The Legend of the Magic String" to "Bumblebee", although his movie does not show much talent for ghosts, he is very good at using various elements to carry out A reasonable combination, which is different from Michael Bay ’s visual stacking in this film, Travis Knight played his own good hand, nostalgia and youth blend, and a young girl who met after meeting the bumblebee In the past growth, although these materials may seem familiar at first glance, they are all reasonably integrated into a science fiction movie.


In "Bumblebee", the background of the movie is set to the 1980s. The full retro style makes you change from music, clothing, and Chevrolet to classic Beetle even if you have not experienced that era. On the bumblebee, I felt a retro meaning that belonged to that era. The meticulous details on the details of the era gave the former gorgeous Transformers a new coat. The film is no longer a blindly advertised visual, but Hope to seduce empathy in the retrospect of the times.


In the 1980s, the heroine in the movie is a young girl who is hurt and marginalized at home, and Bumblebee is a classic car with a scarred beetle, Travis Knight Through this delicate emotional sketch, we see not only the growth process of a young girl reconciling herself in loneliness, but also a friendship bond across species, which also benefits from this bond The strength of the bumblebee under the cold steel is enough to warm the heart.


"Bumblebee" is a sci-fi movie that is neat and tidy. Although he didn't bring a refreshing touch, the warmth of the armor that made people immersed in the old days still casts the true soul of this movie.

This Bumblebee, as the official proclaimed, is a soft restart

It is not a rumor of the "Transformers" series, but through the independent film "Bumblebee", a new series of "Transformers" is established again. ".


"Bumblebee", a cute pet sucker, was once released in North America. It once got 100% freshness of rotten tomatoes. Now it has a fever, but it still remains at 93%.


However, careful inspection will definitely find that rotten tomato freshness is only allowed to be scored by professional film critics. Rotten tomato also has a popular popcorn index. The popcorn index of "Bumblebee" is 79%, which is not excellent.


Moreover, "Bumblebee" apart from the domestic box office, the box office in several major Western countries did not reach the expected burst, applauded or not, but "Sea King" box office all the way.


I can understand such a high score in North America. One of the reasons is estimated to be the gas supplied by the explosive shell. Even the round table knights came out of the explosive shell. From a domestic perspective, the Black Cat Sergeant was quite put into the Journey to the West. in.


This time, "Bumblebee", as the official proclaimed, is a soft restart. It is not part of the "Transformers" series of rumors, but through the independent film "Bumblebee", a new series of "Morph" is established King Kong.


If this time, "Bumblebee" and the Transformers model inside can succeed, then it will continue to be used in the next "Transformers" movie (distressed explosion 1 second).


This time, "Bumblebee" restores the Transformers G1. It can be said that it is very hard. After the Cybertron War, I believe it will make many original parties excited.


This time, director Travis Knight was a big fan of Transformers when he was a child. He previously made the stop motion animation "Legend of the Magic String" and nominated Oscar for the best animated feature film.

It is worth mentioning that, Travis Knight is still the standard rich second generation. His dad is the co-founder of Nike, so some netizens joked that if "Bumblebee" is unsuccessful, Travis Knight will inherit billions. The family is miserable.


Since the director is a loyal fan of Transformers, so in his movie, whether it is a Bo or a gang of Transformers character image, they have achieved exactly the same shape as the original G1.


And in the Cybertron War, many of the characters of the childhood madman two factions all appeared in a glimpse.


Needless to say, Optimus Prime, the shape is simpler than the mechanical complexity of the explosive shell, the head shape is more round, the expression is more kind, with a touch of worry.


The protagonist Bumblebee in Cybertron is just a B-127, but the initial B letter has a coincident connection with the subsequent Bumblebee.


In Bopai, it also includes the female automaker Elsie.


Bopa scientist jacks.


Bo faction commando Dahan.


The amiable white angel ambulance.


On the crazy side, I also saw a lot of familiar shapes. After turning into the live-action version, there was no violation, and even recovered the imagination of the live-action version when I saw the Transformers.


For example, the shock wave of the wild Cybertron garrison commander, the large piece of iron skin, makes people relive the 80s divine drama "Transformers".


Among them, the most restored one is really a sonic wave. In the G1 animation, the sound wave can be transformed into a Sony Walkman recorder, and the cassette in front of the sound wave can be turned into a robot dog. It was reproduced in the "Bumblebee" Cybertron battle.


Da Cong watched this "Bumblebee" for the first time in North America, and it was like looking at a complete book for young people, and even said that the film is very childlike, and there are many compositions and paragraphs in it, which were taken by the director before. Stop motion animation.


In terms of story plot, the film customized the growth history of the Hornet on the earth. The background time was set in 1987. The film set the time in this era. The purpose of playing the love card is already obvious. The G1 was broadcast from 1984. A total of 98 episodes, the final episode ended in 1987.


Therefore, the background time of "Bumblebee" was set in 1987, quite the end of the G1 cartoon series, and the illusion of being directly converted into a live version after an interval of 32 years.


And in 1987, the director also attached a lot of symbols about the United States in 1987, such as the popular bands of that period, which were well combined in the film. Among them, "take on me" must have been heard by everyone.

Bumblebee was inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy

The combination of the film's age and music, "Guardians of the Galaxy" has done so, and even said that perhaps "Bumblebee" was inspired by "Guardians of the Galaxy", and also played such a retro pop music feeling card. In this way, the hearts of a group of middle-aged American audiences were earned.


The hostess Hayley Stanfield used to participate in Cohen Brothers' "Thunder" at the age of 14 years, resulting in her receiving multiple nominations and awards at various film festivals, and then starring in the very familiar "Departure Again" New York Meets You ".

This time Haley played a high school student of the same age, and met the amnesia bumblebee. The place where I think the man and the machine fit very well, but also the place where people are touched is that the two are so cherished.


In the film, Haley lost her father's heart and refused to reconcile with the world. Even her favorite diving was no longer confident.


In the movie, the father left her a red convertible that was under repair. Haili tried to repair it but failed to succeed. Such a setting actually implies that Haili has never been able to survive the loss of her father.


Bumblebee, when he first came to the earth, suffered an unfriendly attack from the people of the earth, and was later chased by the gangs, resulting in the loss of voice, and the memory chip was lost.


The night the bumblebee was awakened in the garage of Haley’s house, just like the aliens were scattered in another country, lonely and helpless, the mood of the bumblebee at that time coincided with the mood of Haley at the time. "ET", the new bottled aging is also quite good.


If you still remember the plot of "Transformation 1", in fact, the male host in "Transformation 1" is the same as the female host of "Bumblebee" in the same age as the high school student. It also needs a car to complete its adult ceremony. The wasp has a deep friendship.


However, of course, the settings of the female hornet are more rich and three-dimensional. Haili finds spiritual comfort with the psychological shadow of losing her father, and the sam of "Change 1" is just an ordinary high school student.


Although the narrative of the film is very complete and clear, and the actors also lacked the roaring symbol of the explosion shell, but the reputation of the film is not good or bad. Some of them are not problems. There are indeed areas that are worth discussing and improving.


1. We should be honest about the explosive shell. To tell the truth, at the beginning of Transformers, the surprise and quality of the film must be affirmed, although the fresh index of Rotten Tomatoes for Transformers 1 is 57%. But everyone can see that the popcorn index is 85%, which is more popular than "Bumblebee".


On Douban, "Transformers 1" even got a high score of 8.2, which is considered a classic

At the time, Bangbei opened his own original high-speed rotating fighting scene. In "Transformers 1", several action scenes were talked about by people. Even if I watch "Transformers 1" today, there are many Action scenes can make people see the blood boiling.


Compared to the action scene of "Bumblebee", in addition to the shocking Cybertron at the beginning, it is hard to find the feeling of such a decisive moment in the end, but the cumulative time for people to enter into a long stream of emotions.


Straightforward, viewers who want to see the big action scenes have a feeling that they all took off your pants but let me see this.


2. Although in the movies after Transformers 3, Boom Bay completely abandoned the story, and directly turned the "Transformers" series into his explosive test field, it caused the viewer's visual fatigue, and the shape of Transformers can be used in a pile To describe the broken copper and iron, the explosion shell completely lost control.


But I still have to be sure about the action scenes of Bangbei in "Change 1-2", which can be described one after another, with a small play in five minutes, a lore in ten minutes, and the final city battle is also very bloody.


The action scene of "Bumblebee" is quite satisfactory, which should also be related to the production cost budget. "Bumblebee" is the movie with the least budget of the deformed series, so the Bumblebee only faces two main mad enemies, Cyber The Tanzanian war was just a flash in the pan, and the final decisive battle was a bit rushed and quite satisfactory.


The most important thing is that many viewers may not be used to this quiet and simple "Bumblebee". In the middle of the film, there is no fight for more than half an hour. Among them, the egg throwing part and the diving part. It is indeed a bit lengthy, which slows down the rhythm of the film.


3. I know that many people will like the setting of cute pet bumblebee, but still feel that this cute pet is a bit too much, there is the illusion of a stopwatch rhubarb dog after the bumblebee loses memory, especially the section that lifts the house upside down, It really feels that the relationship with the plot is a bit too detached.


In fact, throwing eggs and messing around at home, and training the bumblebee to disguise at the beach, these three sections of functionality are all expressing the cute side of the bumblebee, which will appear a bit repetitive and verbose. It is deducted.


4. Tower! tower! tower! The key element of the final battle still needs the tower! Hollywood action movies are really keen on Tower.


Refusing to complete the statistics, "Reunification 1" is to use the signal tower of a building as a portal.


In Transformers 3, a signal tower was also built with the height of the building.


There is also the decisive battle of "Grand Theft One", which must be a tower.


In short, whoever can take control of the tower will win. Tower's routine is already a bad element for Hollywood commercial action movies.


To take a step back, if "Bumblebee" really wants to use the tower's success or failure to decide the outcome, don't just choose a small port signal tower to duel, it seems too stingy. Since the location is in San Francisco, it ’s a pity not to send a signal to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge (well, budget is limited)


All in all, this time I stand on the side of the public rating, the Bumblebee ca n’t have more than 7 points, I hope to see the success of "Bumblebee" next time, add the "Transformers" budget, and shoot more solid, more The classic Transformers series comes.


It is said that the next independent movie that may be Optimus Prime, ah can't expect more!

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