Theories and Methods of Highway Speed Design

Theories and methods of highway speed design. Book Review

"Theory and Method of Designing the Speed ​​of Highway Operation" is a book published in June 2010 by the People's Communications Publishing House.


Book name:    Theory and method of highway speed design

Author:    Wang Shuangjie, Zhou Ronggui, Sun Xiaoduan

ISBN:    9787114085123

Category:    Transportation

Number of pages:    250

Publishing house:    China Communications Press

Date of publish:    2010-06-01

Framing:    Paperback

Open:    16 open


Brief introduction of

"Road speed design theory and method" is written based on the author's years of relevant scientific research accumulation and the latest research results, and strives to reflect the latest theory and technology of current road speed.

The charts, data and conclusions contained in "Theory and Method of Highway Operation Speed ​​Design" are obtained through a large number of representative field tests of actual vehicles, indoor simulation system simulation, special engineering project trial design inspection and other studies.

Theories and Methods of Highway Speed Design

The main contents are: basic theory of highway operation speed, highway operation speed models at all levels, highway operation speed safety design technology, highway operation speed safety evaluation technology, highway speed limit and speed control technology, etc.

The book provides a complete set of technologies including highway design theory, key technologies, applicable methods and index systems.

"Highway Operation Speed ​​Design Theories and Methods" is informative and rich in content.

It can be used as a reference for technical personnel related to highway survey and design, scientific research, and construction management.

It is also suitable for relevant professional teachers and graduate students in universities and scientific research institutions.

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