Why in History Humans face Death on Every Virus Outbreak?

In the history of viruses, human beings face the front line of life and death with every outbreak

At the time of the virus's outbreak, because everyone was unclear, some people pointed out the seriousness of the matter, but many people didn't take it seriously. With the gradual maturity of the incident and the advocacy of the official media, many people gradually realized the seriousness of the matter, but only stayed "knowing it", and I do not know why they are the enemy of such infectious diseases with extremely low mortality.

There was once a work "10 possibilities for human extinction": asteroids hitting the earth, nuclear war, big solar outbreak, plague (virus) ... Many people know about nuclear war from film and television works, and after the nuclear war, the human earth was bleak, It ’s like hell on earth. In fact, the plague (virus) is a real hell on earth. In front of “it”, nuclear war is just an appetizer!


A total of 70 million people died in World War II. Remember this number. How many people died in the Great Plague in human history?

1. Spanish flu

Spanish influenza is the second most deadly infectious disease in human history. It had infected about 1 billion people worldwide and killed 25 million to 40 million people (at that time, the world population was about 1.7 billion). The average lethality rate is about 2.5% -5%, which is fatal compared with 0.1% of general influenza, and the infection rate has reached 5%.

The origin of its name is not because the flu broke out from Spain, but because about 8 million people in Spain were infected with the disease at the time, and even the king of Spain was infected with the disease, so it was called the Spanish influenza.

The Spanish influenza has completely disappeared within 18 months, and the disease has never been truly identified.

2. Black Death

As everyone knows, the Black Death is another name for plague, and what we mean by Black Death here is the plague that plagued Europe in the mid-fourteenth century.
Its early symptoms are swollen lymph nodes in the groin or underarms, and then blue-black herpes appear on the arms and thighs and other parts of the body. This is also the source of the black death. Almost all patients die within 3 days. Few people survive, and patients usually do not develop fever.

According to statistics, about 55 to 75 million people died in the epidemic in Europe, Asia, and Africa, while about 25 million people died in Europe alone, accounting for one-third of the European population at that time, causing only terror The two world wars of the 20th century are comparable.

3. Smallpox

Smallpox is a severe infectious disease caused by smallpox virus infection in people. People who have not had smallpox or have not been vaccinated against smallpox can be infected with a high mortality rate after infection. Smallpox virus is a type of poxvirus.

After a person is infected, there is no specific cure for it. Patients will have hemp on their face after they are cured. The smallpox virus has a brick-like appearance, about 200nm × 300nm, has strong resistance, can resist dryness and low temperature, and can survive for months to a year and a half on the bark, dust and quilt.

At that time, Europeans had a smallpox mortality rate of 10%, while American Indians had a 90% mortality rate due to their first encounter with smallpox. Smallpox continued to be popular in the Americas for decades, causing the death of about 20 to 30 million Indians and the decline of the entire Indian civilization.

Humans are really vulnerable to the virus. Although this coronavirus has a low lethality and is extremely contagious, if a terrible mutation occurs during transmission and the lethality of the strain increases, the consequences will be incalculable!

Some people say that now that medical technology is so advanced, cancer can be cured, what is the virus?

Then you are really wrong. After hundreds of years of research in human beings, it is a matter of time before cancer is overcome, and the entire period from the outbreak to the disappearance of the virus is only six months to one or two years. It is difficult to study vaccines and special effects in a targeted manner. medicine.

SARS in 2003 was not confirmed to be infected by bats until 17 years. As for why it suddenly disappeared in June, it was said that the weather was warming, but there is no evidence to prove that no special medicine has been developed so far.
Types of Viruses and Infections


In addition to affecting daily life, the virus came by chance this time. Before that, Americans had fought hard to contain China and tried to curb the rise of the world's second strongest country. At the same time, they launched the MY war to kill one thousand enemies. Self-damaging eight hundred strategy. However, at the same time as the MY war reached a preliminary agreement, the virus struck. If the virus cannot be extinguished within a short period of time, the purpose of the MY war has not been achieved, and this incident will be easily accomplished.

Imagine that if China is classified as a quarantine area and blocked for a few months, all sea, air and air commerce and transportation will be interrupted. The first is computer and electronic products, electrical equipment, clothing, machinery and equipment. Every aspect of life will be affected. Inside, no one can stay aside, some people are simply laid off, and some people will become "old Lai".


1. We can not say much about how to deal with the virus. In a word, go out less, eat more food, wear a mask, and enhance immunity.

2. There must be a country before there is a home. If the skin does not exist, Mao will cling to it and make some contributions to the best of his ability, such as donating things and donating to relatives and friends to spread the virus hazards and coping methods.

3. Don't trust the rumors, use them with ulterior motives, put a rumor site: a more authentic verification platform.


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