Are Media Operators themselves Spoiling Brands with Fake News?


Are News and Media Houses becoming Brand Spoilers?

These days using media houses for brand promotions is increasing more then ever. In this pursuit people are using cheap media houses that use social media as character assasinators, brand promoters. Bogus narrative setters. For the brand promotion thing it is always helpful for brands but for political purposes and branding devil as divine it is becoming curse on humanity.

Setting Fake Narratives and News, Infographics

What is fake news?

We can understand the fake news concept with answers to the underneath questions:

Q 1. What is the Responsibility of media while operating?

Ans. While operating the media responsibility is to report the matter as its is. But these days there are brokers who political leader Mr. Subrahmanian Swamy brand as presstitutes. But those might be big media houses in the main stream. 

But there are also little mushrooming inferior quality alternative media houses which take any dirty assignment for the greed of money.


Q 2. How Degeneration of society by Cheap Media takes place?

Ans. The dawn of such cheap media filth came form the rise of The Lallan Top which the mass brands as The Dallan Tope. If one watches its videos on social media they can see its so deliberate to assassinate the character of anyone and spread fake news. 

They come in the garb of pro-women and have women channel also but to assassinate the character of those women who are torch bearers and ideal of all women and always successful. They are only good for mud slinging and filth creation on rivals or enemies. They take women for granted and make them scapegoats. They think they  will be able to bring women in combat mode with their narratives and use them as 'biological weapons'.

 These people otherwise like such women and the ideologies of them but when they get assignments to assassinate the character of women they get a women who perhaps relative of the channel owners and she vomits foul. 

She now forgets everything and tells that how Kangna told her father if he slaps her she will slap back. Children may say anything in little childhood but in the whole program there is nothing but only foul for Kangna.

She also points out how Kangna was happy to see girls smoking and being free and liked the lifestyle, despite this channel seems following communist ideologies and being funded by them. In the entire video divine is set as devil. 

The things about the actress is good but scantily paid personnel and owners of the channel use their little brain to degrade a personality.

Above all, they set the comments to off so that they could allow only selective comments to publish. Besides there were also only their favorable comments from new accounts which indicates fake accounts by some IT cell in their support.

And also, not only comments were off but replies to comments were also off so that under no circumstances anyone could post their reality viewable to public. 

Such is the fear in the corrupt minded people and they themselves know how wrong they are doing. But its a matter of money for the hungry and naked, else starvation and nudity. 

Q 3. What is fake news powerhouse?

Ans.  On many posts in social media there are fake accounts supporting them and criticizing their enemies. This means that fake media mongers are now also creating a total hub of spreading fake news. This, we can call fake news powerhouse. The above examples says everything, in this context.

Then again for Shaktiman actor Mukesh Khanna who was depressed of #Metoo events and incidents opined that women should not go out to work. They immediately came up with vilification and pointed out social media people accusing him. After all this happens only as these cheap channels contaminate the brains of weak minded people.

Like this, if a women failed in love may say “no one should ever love”. This does not mean we should vilify her. We should rather try to convince her about love. After all she says that in depression. In this way such cheapsters contaminate the minds of people.

The channel owner also fights with a little child over his ideology if a girl is roaming with random guys. Everyone has the right to opinion and possess their own culture. 

The boy has his opinion. He never went to the girl and said or did anything but only expressed his opinion, and that too when solicited. But showing his cheap mentality the channel owner started forcing his agenda on him. 

This way religions like Islam should surrender communism. So its not only mainstream media but also cheap media which is involved in setting harmful narratives.

These are the ones who use the word 'khulasa' and themselves plant fake news. Viewing some pics of Congress leader people showed his flirtatious life. But only these were the ones who came with 'khulasa'. They told they were his sisters. They also saw pic the same way as others. The pics were about 80 years old and the channel workers are not above 50 at all. But their khulasa is that those we re sisters. They never gave any source from where  they came to know them as sisters. There must be some source and that must be verifiable. But there was none. This way they did all khulasa. Initially, people believed but later thought for a moment and seeing their conduct as such always they came to know the fact.

These were the ones who vilified Dr. BRC and got backlash form people. Next they were seen with direct advertisements of pharma companies.

These are the ones who before court order starting taking part of the wealthy accused in SSR death case.

These also opposed a Hindi YoutTube channel telling the reality of Commonwealth and its states who are such wealth. They even denied the basic reality of facts and tried to give a cover to the needy despite when such information is very common in the intellectual domain. Even the commonwealth trust official site user generated information explains 'the big game' which is about creation of Pakistan. The Hindi channel reverted with a new video calling them British Agents. There is no wonder why Dallan Tope is now the first synonym of fake news, second being fake news itself.


Q 4. What is the awareness of fake news in the mass?

Ans. Now the public is getting aware of fake media and cheap promotions and character assassinations. Now if anything is supported by the mass defined Dallan Tope (prompting Pimp Big Gun) people already believe it as fake. If they vilify an individual people believes they must be very good people. 

If they praise any brand, people believe there must be something bad about it. So, now the advertisers are getting dis-utility. People start abusing the beneficiaries the moment they see this channel promoting them.

These are also referable as Bhadwa Tope by some in social media.

Q 5. Are media people claiming alt news and fact checkers genuine?

Ans. Seeing the above case study of 'Dallan Tope' we know that evil and greedy hungry people may also be in the hide of fact checkers with this new way of spreading and supporting fake news and undermining genuine news.


Q 6. How to get rid of fake news and media?

Ans. In a very short span of time this channel became one stop shop for all evils in mass communication but soon it started giving dis-utility to its advertisers.

Such channels are always seen setting their own narratives rather than reporting. They contaminate the brains of naïve people and also of weak minded people. But the best of people can be affected. This is as information creates perception and perception creates personality and action. And after all who would like such poor and money hungry people to set up their personality and make themselves as they desired. 

We always want good environment. We want good food good clothing and good living and working spaces. If we get bad environment we become sick. We should never stay in such filthy environment. This holds good in every aspect. Thus, the only way out is blocking such evil and sick forces.

Q 7. What is the affect of fake news on children?

Ans. As children are developing individuals they can catch any narrative and make it as their own. It is easy to teach children what you like. Thus, in case if children watch such channels they will develop in synchrony of such evils. Thus, is it crucial to keep children away form such evil media / social media channels.



We should always be on vigil as these fake news mongers are greater evil than all others. Even President Trump is most fed up with these only and tossed the term 'fake news'. Humans cannot live life created by others' perception that they themselves do not follow but force on good people with manipulative information treating them like filth, and that too so cheap people and with nefarious motives. When they can destroy the life and peace of American President, we should understand and junk them, block them and never see their faces.



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