What are the Levels of The US Government Job Officials at Service?

The 10 levels of U.S. Government Job Officials?

According to the OPM policy rules, the federal civil service rank is divided into three levels: General Directory (GS), Senior Administrative Directory (SES) / Administrative Level (SL), and Administrative Directory (ES).
The administrative directory has the highest level, which is divided into 5 levels: the first level of the administrative directory has 21: 15 heads of the federal administration, and the other 6 are U.S. trade representatives, director of the budget management office, director of the national drug control policy office, and national intelligence director, chairman of the Federal Reserve System. 

The salary of the first-level administrative directory official in 2008 was $ 191,300.

 The second-level administrative directory is mainly the deputy heads of various administrative departments, the head of the military service of the Ministry of Defense, and the chiefs of important independent agencies (such as the chief of the Central Intelligence Agency). The heads of the administrative agencies (such as the Director of Federal Aviation of the Department of Transportation). In 2008, the salaries of level 2 administrative directory officials were $ 172,200. The level 3 administrative directories are mainly subordinate heads of the administrative department (such as the chief prosecutor of the United States), etc.

Leaders of important independent agencies (such as the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission), heads of subordinate important administrative agencies (such as the director of the Federal Investigation Department of the Department of Justice).

In 2008, the salaries of Level 3 administrative directory officials were $ 158,500. Level 4 and 5 administrative directories Officials and so on, the rank is relatively lower.
The assistant ministers and chief inspectors of various ministries are mostly 4 levels of administrative directories, and their salary in 2008 was $ 149,000. Level 5 administrative directories are lower-level officials. Most of the deputy heads of important independent agencies (such as the deputy director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) belong to this category. The salary in 2008 was $ 139,600.

Under the administrative directory, there is the senior administrative directory / administrative level. These civilian ranks and salaries are slightly lower than the level 5 administrative directory. They are on par with the military officers. Those who hold technical professional positions.

The general directory is divided into 15 levels, from newly hired staff to middle managers. This level of the 16/17/18 general directory has been replaced by the high-level administrative directory. Most federal civil servants belong to this level.

The following is a rough comparison of the federal civilian civil service ranks with the U.S. military ranks:

SES / SL <-> Admiral (O-10), Lieutenant General (O-9), Major General (O-8), Brigadier General (O-7)
Level 15 General Catalog (GS-15), Level 14 General Catalog (GS-14) <-> Colonel (O-6)
Class 13 General Catalog (GS-13) <-> Lieutenant Colonel (O-5)
Class 12 General Catalog (GS-12), Class 11 General Catalog (GS-11) <-> Major (O-4)
Class 10 General Catalog (GS-10) <-> Captain (O-3)
Class 9 General Catalog (GS-9)
 Class 8 General Catalog (GS-8) <-> Lieutenant (O-2)
Level 7 General Catalog (GS-9) <-> Ensign (O-1)
Class 6 General Catalog (GS-6)
 Class 5 General Catalog (GS-5) <-> 9/8/7 Sergeant (E-9 / E-8 / E-7)
Level 4 General Directory (GS-4) - Level 1 General Directory (GS-1) <-> 6/5/4 Sergeant (E-6 / E-5 / E-4)3/2/1 Soldier (E-3 / E-2 / E-1)
It should be noted that the President and Vice President are elected officials, and therefore do not belong to federal civil servants. The US State Department implements the rank of diplomat, which is different from ordinary public affairs and will be introduced later. In addition, some federal civil servant positions require Requires certain academic qualifications. Even if they are newly hired for the federal government, they do not start with GS-1. For example, FBI agents must hold a four-year college degree, and they belong to the GS-10 level from the beginning of their work, already. 
Therefore, the ten-level officials of the US government are equivalent to China's deputy section chief positions.
US Govt Officials Levels Grade or Cadre
U.S. officials above the tenth level can be said to be all officials except grass-roots civil servants. Ten levels is basically the lowest official level, it may be the mayor of a small town, the mayor of a small city. Like the county head (county head), governor, that's all local senior officials.

(107th) The Senate has more than 20 standing and special committees, including:

  1. Rules and administrative committees
  2. Appropriation committees
  3.  Agriculture, nutrition and forestry committees
  4.  Military committees
  5.  Banking, housing and urban affairs committees
  6.  Budget committees
  7.  Business, Science and Transportation Committee
  8.  Energy and Natural Resources Committee
  9.  Environment and Public Works Committee
  10.  Finance Committee
  11. External Relations Committee
  12. Government Affairs Committee
  13.  Judicial Committee
  14.  Labor and Human Resources Committee
  15.  Special Committee on Ethical Standards
  16.  Indian Affairs Committee
  17.  Intelligence Committee
  18.  Small Business Council, 
  19. Special Committee on Older Persons, 
  20. Veterans Affairs Committee, and more

United States of America Government Jobs Information

The House of Representatives also has more than 20 standing committees and special committees, which include:

  •  Government Reform and Supervision Committee
  •  Agriculture Committee; Appropriation Committee
  •  National Security Committee
  •  Banking and Financial Institutions Committee
  •  Budget Committee
  •  Economic and Educational Opportunities Committee
  •  Business Committee
  •  International Relations Committee
  •  House of Representatives Supervision Committee
  •  Judicial Committee
  •  Resource Committee
  •  Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
  •  Procedure Committee
  •  Scientific Committee
  •  Special Intelligence Committee
  •  Small Business Committee
  •  Veterans Affairs Committee
  •  Official Code of Conduct Committee
  •  Fundraising Committee, etc.
Officials of the US Government

In addition, the Senate and the House of Representatives also have four joint committees, namely the Economic Committee, the Library Committee, the Printing Committee and the Taxation Committee.

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