What is Reiki Healing Science?


What is Healing Science of Reiki?

It is a gift of love from the universe. By connecting the infinite healing energy of the universe, the healer can help himself and others without consuming any of his own energy.

Reiki can be used to deal with physical discomfort, emotional distress, and spiritual issues. It can be used to deal with any issue. The only taboo is the unified taboo of all "magic" - the violation of the free will of other lives. Some people use Reiki to cure all kinds of diseases that can’t be done by mainstream medicine, and some people often use Reiki to create “small miracles in one minute”. Get to the car and make difficult communication full of love.

The customer feedback I get is also various: some people are usually very tired at high-intensity work. After receiving Reiki, they have a lot of energy to spend easily. Some people have a better connection with their female energy.

Share a recent feedback:

Last night was the first time I received Reiki, and I had never experienced and contacted it before. I was nervous and curious. I felt a resonance beating from my knees in bed, meditating to accept Reiki, relax myself as much as possible, and consciousness is getting blurred.

Just when I was about to fall asleep, I was awakened by an energy. There was no exaggeration. The body was shaken first, and then an energy entered the entire chest and ran to the top of my head. It made my head hurt a little. After a while, the energy seemed to calm down, feeling warm, and fell asleep after a while, waking up feeling particularly powerful. thanksgiving.

Japanese Healing Science of Reiki

Reiki cannot completely replace mainstream medical treatment

They belong to different levels of work. However, as more and more people recognize it, some western countries have integrated it into the hospital's treatment system. Data show that as early as 2007 In the United States, more than 800 hospitals provided Reiki services.

The healer is just a channel, but in my experience, the life status of the healer itself will still affect the healing effect - the characteristics of the healer’s own bloom, like the frequency of sound, can trigger on you The resonance of the corresponding potential makes this potential visible.

How much reiki can help is affected by the overall state of consciousness of the user and the recipient, the clarity of the intention, and other factors. Reiki healing is very gentle, it will not force you to deal with issues that you are not ready to deal with, there is no risk of "excessive exertion", so everyone can use it, even children.

So if you are not ready to deal with a deep subject deep in your heart, Reiki is only gentle to help you relax. But if it's ready, it can help you unblock and let life flow in a whole new way.

Most people receive more or less physical sensations when receiving healing, such as slight vibration, warmth, coldness, heavyness and unobstructedness. Some people also see the picture. Occasionally, some people feel nothing, or have a weak physical feeling, and they are puzzled-is it because they have not received energy?

Relationship between body sensation and energy

In fact, the relationship between body sensation and energy is a bit like the relationship between cell phone ringtones and cell phone signals. When the phone is muted or the volume is low, the information is still available. When I first came into contact with energy, nothing felt normal, and energy arrived. With exposure to energy work, the sensitivity of most people increases. But then again, there is no need to pursue a strong, dramatic experience (this is a unified response to questions like "how do I not feel", such questions will not be answered separately).

A few years ago, I could not feel energy, but I chose to continue exploring. There is no deliberate pursuit of strong energy somatosensory, but the subtle somatosensory naturally develops.

I often receive energy healing from various healing therapists, and I often heal myself. The nourishment of the overall life state occurs unknowingly, such as feeling more and more power in life, more and more action, more and more sensitive and open body. There are some long-term here with me Customers who receive Reiki healing also have the feeling that their lives have become more open.


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